1. Has anyone ever noticed how Nigerian authorities always look dumb and inept? I listened for anything of substance that useless police chief could say as he addressed the public just hear if it would inspire any kind of confidence, but it didn't. It was horrible. He couldn't offer any assurance. Imagine mass murdering terrorists on the loose in a community killing scores of people and displacing the locals, and this police commander's response was that they were going there to assess the situation, but then can't even reach the community where the terror occurred because of mud road/ bad roads. What kind of confused and shitty country is this? They've not even mentioned an a out man hunt for the perpetrators of this acts of terror. They've not even talked about apprehending them at all cost, bring them to justice, or issuing a standing kill order on the perpetrators once spotted. They are just talking in circles, as if afraid to offend someone. Fuck these bastards for real.

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