Poland mourns death of stabbed politician Pawel Adamowicz | DW News

Poles came to mourn the man who led their
city for two decades. Pavel Adam-OH-vitch, a husband and father,
was one of the country’s progressive voices. EU council president Donald Tusk flew to Gdansk,
his hometown, to honor his friend: I want to promise you today, dear Pawel, on
behalf of all of us – Gdansk residents, Poles and Europeans – that for you and for
all of us we will defend our Gdansk, our Poland and our Europe against hatred and contempt,
we promise you this. Farewell Pawel. Many people knew him personally:
For me it’s terrible news, especially since we went to grade school together, just over
there. I thought he would survive. I’m physically devastated. I’m very sad because I saw the mayor very
often. On Sunday, PA-vel Adam-OH-vitch was praising
a fundraising effort for children in need. As the mayor looked out at thousands of people,
a man lunged at him with a knife. The attacker then remained on stage, shouting
that he blamed the mayor’s former party for wrongfully imprisoning him. Then he was tackled to the ground. Prosecutors are charging the 27-year-old suspect
with murder. Just before his death, Adamowicz called Gdansk
the most wonderful city in the world. A lasting message to the people he served.

  1. I do not think this will be a one time thing. With the rise of fascism, nationalism, and Nazi white supremacy all across Europe. These sorts of things, along with the criminality of the right wingers getting hold of political power. And the neo liberal agenda of the rest of the political front. There will be a uptick of such tragedies. Unless something like the French yellow vest movement comes to Poland.

  2. according to me, this is a political matter …the man who killed the president did it too professionally as he would be trained 🙁

  3. The murderer is mentally ill (schizophrenia) and he is a criminal. He robbed several banks and was in jail for 5.5 years. So it was not a political action.

  4. …Let him be with us,to…help…Gdańsk and all,Poland to make it a better,place*sigh*but now that he's…g-gone,it can turn out to be,i-impossible.His life was ended in a terrible way all thanks to the murderer that killed him on stage,Paweł Adamowicz was a happy, intelligent,kind and helpful man.Lets all have a special day to represent his passing…just like the 11th of November,just on the 14th of January…
    Paweł Adamowicz,1965-2019
    Let Gdańsk and all the world be a better place than it is now…And if you want to know the music used on the March of Silence,It's called Disturbing-The sound of Silence-Acapella Vocal or something like that

  5. The murderer's psyche was shaped by prison pathology and not by any party or media in Poland. This man have no connections with political movements in Poland he spent many last years in prison

  6. There was a tragedy, but perhaps it would not have occurred if Mr. Adamowicz did not do business with the mafia reprivatization. The man who completed this "incident" recently left prison and knew exactly what to do. I will add that Mr. Adamowicz was from the extreme left, as they are in today's Europe, just like Mr. Donald Tusk. If people knew who Mr. Donald was. As for the hate speech, it mainly stems from the leftists' lips, accusing the right of the attack. Everyone in Europe knows that Poles have chosen a right-wing government, which is not in the hands of the rest of Europe. I will add that the Poles live well and are not afraid to say what they think.

  7. W Gdańsku upadek rozpoczął nazizm i komunizm. Czas na kolejną, chorą ideologię.

    In Gdansk, the fall of nazism and communism has started. Now it's time for another sick ideology.

  8. This is such an inconceivable tragedy for the Polish people. We cannot belive something like this has happened, it was an act of pure evil and deep-rooted hatred. The guy who did it has been diagnosed with mental problems but clearly he was inspired by far right groups because the Gdansk mayor was a liberal with progressive views on a number of issues like immigration or lgbt rights. So imo the assassination was politically motivated.

  9. You are hate speech spreader my friend from silver screen!!! Man have had mentall problems as well criminal jailed for robbing banks !!! Man was murdered & You trying to twist this all in to your political advantage !!! Shame ON You !!!

  10. Tusk zdrajca, złodziej składek emerytalnych i podatków milionów Polaków!!! Sługus Niemiec i zachodniego kapitału!

    Tusk traitor, thief of pension contributions and taxes of millions of Poles!!! A minion of Germany and west capital!

  11. I’m from Poland and I just want to say he wasn’t a saint but the media bought by Americans make him like he was the greatest man alive. It’s very political and not so obvious as they seem to show in tv.

  12. Macie gdzieś link do nagrania ze sceny w jakiejś przyzwoitej jakości ? Widzę że tu ucięli w najistotniejszym momencie.

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