Peter Chapman on Politics Scotland BBC 12/09/2018

that the Chequers Agreement would mean we stay in the single market so that all the issues to do with regulatory consonants across Europe would still be there afterwards there you say because I’ve never had anyone even a supporter of Chequers claiming that. We are claiming that it will allow frictionless trade right across the borders, right across Europe because basically we will agree to the rules and regulations that are existing just now, which we already adhere to right now. And we won’t change them? We may change them in the future. That’s completely unacceptable that you could diverge from regulations in the future that they’ve already said that repeatedly that that’s just not something that they’re willing to accept and most of our exports to the single market are services and even aspects of our traded goods to the single market it had service elements to it like for example if you import an engine from Europe that has to be serviced, the service contracts are part of your arrangement so if you rule out services from the deal it’s not going to do the economy any good at all. This is just typical of the SNP. It’s all negativity. All they want to do is build up grievance between this place and Westminster for their own political ends and we know what their own political ends are. Jackie Bailie ready to be massively positive and tell us that Jeremy Corbyn has a huge positive version of Brexit and if he doesn’t get it he wants to do what most according to all accounts most members of the Labour Party would like him to do and lead a campaign for another referendum? Look let me just say to you I think what we’ve seen from Peter is the confusion and lack of clarity. Oh I thought you’re going to say yeah we’re going to do that. Well let me come on to that but but I do genuinely think the time for kind of political posturing is well past the country needs us to have a degree of certainty about what type of Brexit we should be having that protects jobs that protects industry. There are farmers there are fishermen out there that don’t know what the future holds for them and it’s incumbent on the Conservative Government and yes the Government in Scotland. I’m sorry I don’t understand this we hear this over and over and over again we don’t have any clarity we don’t have any detail well yeah but they haven’t finished the negotiations yet, of course there’s no clarity you don’t go into a negotiation you don’t know what the details are you finished. To be honest most of the negotiation seems to be taking place internally with Tory party not actually with the rest of Europe which is where that negotiation should be. You know that might be an effective cheap shot but you know it’s a cheap shot it doesn’t answer the point I’m making that the British government can’t conceivably have all the details of the agreement that they want to do with the European Union on Brexit because they havnt made the agreement yet. The very point you made at the beginning which was about ensuring that we were prepared there is a raft of legislation about to hit here I expect both governments to be in detailed conversation about how that will pan out what the timescale is you know those things can be taken forward To pick up your point, its only up until recently that the UK government we’re seeing that we would have the future arrangement the future deal with the the EU on the table that it would all be done before March next year and now they’ve finally admitted that they’re not going to get that agreement what we’re looking at is a blind Brexit or an no deal, both of which will be a disaster for our econoImy It’s time to get away from the political posturing and it’s time to get behind the only deal that’s on table which is the Chequers deal which will deliver for the UK and will deliver for Scotland, if only the other parties would get behind it and make it work

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