People Powered Politics

In chaotic times is when true leaders arise. It is not during times of comfort. So many people aren't making it and it's a direct result of the type of representation they get. The health of one community directly impacts the health of another community. We have flawed laws now that discriminate against people. That bar the success of people. All of us are regular, everyday Americans. We've got teachers. We've got veterans. We've got scientists. When I became a part of Brand New Congress it was
no longer just me running for Congress. It was us. We all do whatever we can to help each other out. We give each other advice. Resources. By knocking on doors, by having conversations, by phone banking. Our legislators are bought. They ask for money from the same industries, the fossil fuels, insurers, the pharmaceuticals. I don't have anybody writing me a $75,000 check. I have gotten over 8,000 small dollar donations. That's really the choice that we have right now. Power in the hands of thousands and millions of voters or a very few financial elite. This is the beginning. Because the message that we sent the world tonight is that it's not ok to put donors before your community You go in as a group that has the ability to move a voting bloc. We will represent people and not politics. Repeal and replace Congress. All of them. Maybe not all of them. We'll keep… Five. Twenty.

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