Pentagon Colludes Against Politicians

the Defense Department of course under the Trump administration is attempting to keep Congress out of any type of action they are taking when it comes to special operations or any type of mission that they're considering abroad which is problematic because you know we kind of live in a country where we're supposed to have a system of checks and balances where Congress is supposed to be aware of what the executive branch is doing what the Defense Department is doing but it appears that they're attempting to make that more difficult now in a May 8th internal memo according to the Washington Post acting defense secretary Patrick Shanahan lays out the criteria for when Pentagon officials may provide congressional offices or committees information they request about operational plans and orders now let me be clear about something this is this is an issue that is of course upsetting Democrats in Congress but it's also upsetting Republicans in Congress as well it outlines eight half-dozen guidelines including requirements that military officials and political appointees evaluate whether the request contains sufficient information to demonstrate a relationship to the legislative function the memo urges Defense Department officials to provide a summary briefing rather than a requested plan or order itself now one of the issues that recently came up had to do with what Shanahan was planning on doing in Iran we had reported on that story last week Shanahan had drafted a plan to send as many as 120,000 troops to the region and of course that was going to unfortunately provoke authorities or I should say politicians in Iran further and possibly even lead to war and members of Congress didn't know about it you had Senator Lindsey Graham feeling frustrated that he was kept in the dark about it people were not briefed on what was going on and so there's this like tug of war happening with the Defense Department and Congress and I just want to note that Trump just said that he is the most transparent president in US history the most transparent president ever and at the same time he's blocking as many as 20 investigations into his conduct and he's also or his defense department is also trying to keep valuable information away from congressional leaders so you know that all Congress is bad because the Republicans are joining in on this a Mac Thornberry Republican from Texas joined Adam Smith Democrat from Washington in saying that the House Armed Services Committee should of course get access to this information so it is not every day that Republicans admonish Donald Trump in fact Justin Amash said that he should be impeached and every Republican has been raging against them and thinking about how they're gonna do retribution even so Thornberry among others said yeah this is not right yeah we have to have that information in order to be able to do our jobs in Congress so that gives you a sense of it and Shanahan being okay with agitating towards war Wow that's weird because he spent a long time as a executive for Boeing right a defense contractor and I know that sometimes people leave government and then rejoined a sector that they were in and make it make a lot of money mm-hmm I know that coincidentally a lot of times their company made a lot of money based on the decisions they made while they were in government right now how do defense contractors make more money well there's a lot of corruption that goes on right and what if there was a war then they probably make a little bit more money wouldn't they well okay so I love that you brought up the military-industrial complex the profit and the the financial incentive in engaging in war so here's the thing the Defense Department is very clearly trying to keep important information away from Congress and Congress does have a way to retaliate and it's a very easy way to retaliate how about you don't approve every single military budget that comes to your desk yeah right well you they just want a blank check to be able to do anything they want abroad with absolutely no checks and balances no unacceptable we're not gonna approve additional we're not gonna appropriate any additional funding for the military for the Defense Department until you guys play ball and give Congress the information it needs to be part of this system of checks and balances breaking news Anna oh my god it turns out Democrats have taken control of the house all right they did that when they won the elections at last November and and they now have been ruling in the House of Representatives since January if they want they could block Trump's defense budget but as we reported to you a little while back when it came up they happily approved it and gave him all the money that he wanted without any checks whatsoever so and and progressives pushed back people like ROH Khanna as always were great and said why are we giving Trump everything he wants on an incredibly bloated defense budget which is bloated last year let alone the requests from this year and Democrats said no no no no this is not the time to fight when I can't wait for the Democrats to finally find the time to fight it's been several decades they still haven't found it thanks for watching this free clip of The Young Turks don't forget to become a TYT member today for more exclusive content join now at TYT calm slash join

  1. Everyone commenting needs to Go to Fox News comment sections and state their opinion there . We are all in agreement here . They troll us and are only getting louder. We need to hit back at home base .

  2. if congress wasn't a bunch of weakling hacks, they know how to correct the defense bitches right quick…cut their funding. Keep cutting until they are coming to you begging to talk every single day.

  3. Coups in Venezuela, we need a coup right here to retake our government and our armed forces the three levels of government are their superiors and not the other way around.

  4. Ana- politicians cant keep secrets, some SF mission are highly classified. the president leaked classified data to the Russians, who can you trust?

  5. Does America have a Government ' Of – By & For the People – If U Do U must have been asleep for your past Life.

  6. Any dictatorship is anti media land of the free homr of the brave the so called constitution is a shredded concept absolute power corrupts

  7. TYT is still on.. When that one moron said 5 days before the election.."I don't see how anybody can vote for Hillary.". I knew then you guys wanted trump to win and he did.. With your help.. I quit watching then..

  8. More proof that the entire usa political n economic process is hijacked by PERVERT genocidal neo nazi professional corruptionist terrorist

  9. need the corporations money first…citizens united…the rest have to donate to one or the other anyway. they dont really matter much. if they dont get the corporations on their side first they will most likely lose. citizens dont matter much.

  10. Thing is for these special operations to be done we don't need some moronic AOC to interfere with the policy of these operations making it impossible to be done.

  11. The Right Left con is working just fine.
    At what time have the Republicans and Democrats not been a combined military force?
    Durring baby bushwacks administration our government claimed that they would not negotiate with Hamas because they had sole controller of the government and military. Are we going to walk into that punch?
    Every day we are providing our selves as incapable of self governance.
    Every day we brake the bond with our neighbors.
    Every day we set stern gawed to eliminate one another.
    How simple and encourageble are we?

  12. Trump stated at the beginning of his term that he would let the Pentagon do as they wish with out oversight.
    Have we forgot all ready?

  13. Gotta love The Young Cucks and their Mental Midget Followers!! Anna Shitsparian is looking absolutely Craptastic!!! Bet she’s doing beastie porn on the side to make ends meet while Chunk beats his choad in the corner!

  14. This is over!! Pelosi has flipped and no matter how many court decisions are won!! Who’s going to arrest these bums??? Barr is trumps personal sissy boy giving lap dances to trump and Putin!! Forget 2020?? We gotta hope we can ever get Ol twitter fingers out of office!! I pray everyone who supported this criminal suffer the way the deserve. Because trump doesn’t care about them either!!

  15. At this point it's like the president is self inflicting American justice as form to bleed out Americas own safety net… self inflicting wounds to America will not hold well.

  16. Trump/Trumpets name that tune; unlimited exec. power. In the past Congress was inert; now it's irrelevant. China/Russia are formulating strategies. Trump sanctioned Russian/China's allies Venezuela/Iran/No. Korea. France/ Germany, the EU, are realigning. Trump's lack of diplomacy has alienated both friends/foe, save MBS/Netanyahu. Global right-wing extremism is on the rise; the "Doomsday Clock" is about to chime!

  17. You must ask permission from Congress, before you do something stupid and send captain crunch to make things worse.

  18. The Pentagon has learned from Trump that they can refuse their legal obligations and almost nothing will happen. Maybe it's time to shut off their money flow until they start following the law.

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