Part 6 of President Rodrigo Duterte's State of the Nation Address on July 22, 2019

one is a one estimate begs economic losses at 3.5 billion a day due to traffic congestion in Metro Manila cement I'm reiterate my directive my request my pleadings to the MMD and all concerned local officials in Metro Manila and all other cities to undertake immediate action to ensure the speed Ian's smooth flow of Ziggler travel reclaim all public roads that are being used for private ends Marama done and again I asked secretary and you to see to it that this is enforce if there is a mayor or a governor or come a-knockin you know the dimaggio table is so spent bo saranya give him time and if we cannot if it's a if he is not up to it then topping I'm gonna suspend minagawa they just keep on placing their own constituents just because as a constituent leader the Nutella the only way to do it anyway me I have no problem me I am an init L which means I cannot run anymore me after six years I might lose my head no more challenges in politics no more mountains to climb I will just do my duty and most of my cabinet members are actually military men you know why to cinema woman do not be embarrassed I think I can elongate openness along panini imagine parent meeting meeting link ID toe lumen do not mind ever thickness it in you Mejia Kassadin it to Yin my penchant for military men I want to increase it myself but I was elected by the people not by the military not by the police but why do I have this I said this predisposed to Cassio to San Cielo model a cut epoxy Nobby mualim corruption along corruption kala on military just like any organization and top john general commander in chief corrupt cop corrupt enlarge their oaken sabine Mona you know they will fall so Boracay I sent somato said we go Fontana Mardan is just motto here see Roy yeah it was zero in the killer lap atossa Mindanao Mindanao no Majorca see ago 23 years so all of them passed by Mindanao Villa you know to sunmo and they know that I will not give illegal orders for them to implement alum nila abogado service owned in the economy they were surprised when I ordered she motto to go there to Boracay surprise Almonte no vanya the next day luma Bashir owns a Daily Mirror the gorilla cat said unsub it's not a t-shirt number attuma Tania Naldo owns the location god damn it's a matter of acharya Peduto Sangeeta he said oh forget the adaptogens obviously didn't even at the beginning their own put it said iron go trabajo in Vienna and they did it in six months time of course we I like somato because he makes its place you're with work that is the way how to do it I give you until the last week of the area September to do the clean the clean the LG olomana rabito we have continued to invest the countryside agricultural program that will increase the productivity and income of small farmers and fishermen we shall ensure a full implement a implementation of the rice tariff ocation law including the rice competitiveness enhancement fund this will safeguard the livelihood of small farmers through provisions modern farm equipment and machineries seeds and credit and extension services I also have not forgotten my commitment to live the lives it coconut farmers and further develop coconut industry until the urgent through the urgent utilization of the coconut labor fund that is 100 million they occur very careful until now wala akong aqua look it is really hard to look for an honest man I must admit it but according the Korean Chaya I do not have that it won't co-commentate oh it didn't even know came our coastal everyone this is sacred money this money was taken out of the pockets of the Filipinos arbitrarily well McGovern only Marcelo it to nyan Kaito Kokkola be fun Concha be in Milan taman supreme court they were putting my big guys happy Massino you can no longer trace the the truthful honorable and unplanned Okawa stony no you saved the money you invest the money about the animal more than 100 billion laguna longing you know a no trust fund for the government five billion you know long of dystocia new to reserve the money rather than do it parang sprinkle a big emotion Mineta oh you cannot subpoena supreme court a mozilla you can no longer trace the ideology of the original owner and sometimes it would be I will not up on that until I find him an opossum I have yet I have yet to look for the man the same allocate and this will you know if you sign a corrupt idiot ur Augusto gostoso Bacchus 200 nino deposit O'Connell on let it remain as a remembrance to the people who lost their at that time the opposition five billion Union to improve the economic improvements replanting coconut five million that's a big money paragon a big I'm ready sprinkler Utica became tokoha n in poop on top that's why it only movement NATO foreign debt or not you know your Courtland bump but you are not the number one Commercial Bank in the Philippines what the heck is happening to you you are supposed to finance agricultural enterprises and in divorce market Walla but it waked and to just buy a few workman's or whatever go to the countryside and ask the people if there are cooperatives to Lohani know to form one koala Signal Iduna big I mean yo for replanting of the coconut to revive the coconut industry by Romanian you know para plus the money Nunes Abaco of the coconut levy that is sacred money land bank should go back to land why are you mild in so many commercial transactions boom Mallika you were you were created for and that is to help the farmer in long administration Avila you better decide on that I will give you until the end of July to give me a plan or else I will ask Congress to reconfigure you what not well I am I am asking now Congress populous island if there is no variable time for that for Department and it is just all commercial transaction abolish it and give the money to the congressman for their development funds oh must never got to lumba there it to it I only know it once again Earth's both houses of Congress to pass a more responsive version of the bill establishing the coconut first mass trust fund to ensure the accelerated utilization will coca-cola be fun for the well-being and empowerment of the coconut farmer we recognize the urgent need to ensure the sustainability sustainability and availability of resources and the development of alternative ones in this regard I trust the secret secretary positional fast-track also the development of renewable energy resources and reduce dependence on the traditional energy sources such as coal finally is sustaining or gains in telecine a tional security posture of capable of defending the country from external and internal security threats defense secretary Lawrence Anna together with the gallant men and women in the Armed Forces is at the forefront of this fight we expect support for the initiative legislative initiatives aimed at the strengthening defense-related system such as the proposed national defense up and the uniform personal separation retirement pension bill and the revival of the mandatory ROTC grades 11 and 12 very important Allah ou akbah gara gara 10 out of 10 and amuro namie Optim barrel to defend even his father and mother and brothers and sister otama about the men and the brief of the patriotism and the love of country Ballack soldadito I think military military training would be good for everybody when I see Gilliam shabu man mata the third a extrajudicial killing report to the ICC okay if you can provide me with the good very good comfortable cell heated during winter time I want and male condition during hot weather and a conjugal visits and limited for we can understand each other we are aware of the fact that there are times in a if P and P and P personnel well in the performance of their duties get unjustly soon providing them it is free legal assistance to health and both their morale my fellow citizens to borrow the words of Georgian I can't oh this is mine we are now entering a period of consequences the consequences of what we did and did not do but should have done during my first half Oh metal I assume full responsibility of order as president I cannot pass it they blame to anybody so it's on me though we cannot change the past we will not squander the future I will push harder in the pursuit of programs that we have started but always within the parameters of the law I will not merely cost alone or while away my time during the remaining years of my administration it ain't my style but I will not stop until I reach the finish line then and only then shall I call it a day our goal for the next three years is clear a comfortable life for everybody all Filipinos we have made significant strides and accomplishments signal milestones as a nation the past two years this momentum must continue with greater fair world in the next years and Beyond a dream of glowing days ahead for every Filipino I dream of Philippines better than the one I grew up with this is my pledge and commitment for just three years if I can if I cannot am sorry but I shall continue to comply with my constitutional duty to serve and protect the Filipino untied the last day of my term god bless the Filipino god bless the Philippines thank you very much [Applause]

  1. The one! Integrity, concern, love of the county and countrymen! Very transparent , informative, educational, administration applause 👏🏼 👍

  2. The people of Puerto Rico is also protesting massively in their country due to Corruption of their gov't officials …!!!

  3. We LOVE you PRRD! MAY GOD BLESS AND PROTECT YOU AND YOUR LOVING FAMILY. The PHILIPPINES has been saved from the hands of evil corrupt and dirty shameless politicians…!!! Only if you can be our President forever, Philippines would be a wonderful place to live at.

  4. HAYYYYY…yong isang babae dyan..ganda ng suot nya mukhang pinaghandaan..pero look at text text lng pala ginagawa nya while the president is doing his SONA!

  5. God bless our president! Your patriotic goals and fatherly care for all of us citizens is one of a kind. We will support you in whatever direction you planned good for the Filipinos. But hope you take care of yourself as well so we could seek your wisdom as inspiration even longer than your current term of office. God bless!

  6. Tulo man ako sipon nimo tay kahilak man KO sa imong speech nkkatouch I will always pray for And your family God protect all the time we love tay stay strong and Long live God bless po our beloved pres ever

  7. Tama gyud si
    Tatay Digong diretsahang katotohanan go back to originality of Divine money for agicultural funds… Or tanggal water the Land bank….With reagrds to Youth of the land b etter shaping in Divine Truth of God through the WORD of Most Almighty Living bHoly God..and training early for patriotism for own country..not free fly and Drug addicts becomes its not God's Design and is lousy and defeated life…elders .government national local aware and knows these better things help parents or edlders not realizing thier duties…starts or before marrying must be in Baranggays Org. calls for requiring seminars all necessary things they must know and aware of responsilities with incoming family better if theres Sevants in Church to Integrate.. makes our future families and communities more excellent in now and future. In Jesus Name , Amein !!!

  8. "I dream of glowing days ahead for every filipino"

    yung napaluha ka nlng dahil ngayun lng nakaramdam ulit ng totoong mapagmalasakit at mapagmahal na pangulo😭

  9. Thank you so much best president! Sana I bawal na Yun Coco lumber, at bawal pagputol ng coconut na kinuha Lang ang ubod para gawin lumpia,

  10. Sobrang kapal ng mukha ng mga yellows, wala sana sila diyan dahil puro lang salot at traydor sa bansang Pilipinas. Puro corrupt pa

  11. ☝️ Still… the current administration is doing better than the previous one… not perfect BUT BETTER than others which hard to DENY 👍👍👍
    OBSERVE, be WISE… use your MIND ☝️

    RICH and POOR will benefit on the changes, firm governance, WISE & "safe" even BRAVE decisions & words, and actions/results-oriented government ☝️☝️☝️

  12. from heneral Luna, then President Marcos, to President Duterte.
    bakit parang iisang kaluluwa lang sila..
    we support you Predident Duterte..🙏🙏🙌👏👍

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