Right now the American public is scared and
they should be scared, right? We’re watching this pandemic explode more
and more by the day. More people getting positive test results
back. Members of Congress, you know, Rand Paul getting
positive test results back. Other members in the Senate having to go into
self quarantine. Businesses shutting down. States going on lockdown. Donald Trump lying to us at every turn. We need a leader and you would think that
a leader would be able to emerge from the democratic party, right? I mean, we’re in the middle of a primary. Joe Biden is very clearly the front runner. You would think Joe Biden would be out there
front and center showing the country how different he is than Donald Trump and how serious he
was taking this measure. But since last Tuesday night after his primary
victories, Joe Biden has disappeared. Joe Biden has been nowhere to be found for
seven days, folks. Seven days, that guy has been MIA. On Friday, his camp ,campaign said that he
was trying to figure out how to live stream. You know how to get his message in front of
the public, you know, via camera. He could, you know, they couldn’t really wrap
their heads around that. Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders had been doing live
streams and virtual town halls nearly every single day in the past week. He was doing them over this weekend. Heck, his group was so tech savvy they were
able to bring on guests from different locations and Joe Biden sitting there allegedly telling
us that, ah, we’re trying to figure out how to live stream. And at one point they actually said that they
were having trouble with the lighting because the ceilings in his home were a little too
low so they couldn’t quite get that all worked out and they, you know, wanted him to look
real good because presentation is what matters, not the message. Right folks? Literally no one in this country cares what
the lighting on Joe Biden would look like. All we want is for him to emerge from his
little bunker and tell us what the hell he would do to make things different, to make
things better. What sets him apart from Donald Trump? And he’s not even able to do that and Bernie
Sanders is doing it every single day. Now, never Bernie people are quick to point
out, yeah, but Bernie missed a procedural vote this past weekend, because he was up
in Vermont. A procedural vote that needed 60 votes to
pass. Every Democrat voted against it. So him not voting for it was essentially a
vote against it too. Plus again it was procedural. Had Bernie showed up and voted yay or nay
wouldn’t have mattered because the thing wasn’t gonna make it. So that kind of falls flat. Instead he was out there actually talking
to the American public, bringing on the members of the squad, telling us what they’re trying
to do, what they’re working on. Trying to ease our fears a little bit while
Joe Biden is sitting there trying to turn on his computer and can’t even figure that
out. Folks, this is ridiculous. We need leadership in this country right now
and Joe Biden has proven over the past week he ain’t it and he never will be it. Either he is grossly incompetent at modern
technology and can’t figure out how to live stream to get his message out or his staff
is. Either way in the year 2020 that is totally
unacceptable. My father in his mid seventies right now,
never worked with tech a day in his life is still able to get on there and create a video
and post it to Facebook. Joe Biden could do the same thing. These are all excuses his campaign is offering,
by the way, because the last time they tried to put him in front of a camera to address
the nation about the pandemic, he literally wandered off the screen while reading on his
phone. Just, just walked away, just walked off. They’re hiding him and if you have to hide
your candidate because he can’t be trusted because he is a walking gaffe machine, then
that clearly is not the kind of person that we want at the top of the ticket this year. There is still time to fix this. There is still time to change it. And I know we have a lot of Biden fans here
at Ring of Fire, and a lot of you are good, you know, well meaning people, and I understand
that, and I am not saying any of this to attack you. But I want you all to honestly look at what
has happened in this past week. Has Joe Biden been a leader? We all know the answer
to that
and it’s no, he has not.

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