Palabana: A Community On The Move

every morning the pulse of life begins in Mahna Mahna we work le to prepare for school with milk our cows will open shop but out here there are no school buses no paved roads no highways in remote towns around the world distance is a barian time and enemy but alemana is a community on the hoof here we have bicycles long reliable bicycles Mary is to rise before the silent walk five miles to school now she peddles Mary dreams of becoming in us Java travels 50 miles to purchase still with his bicycle he can carry 220 pounds tour literally strengthens his community Georgina is a 68 year old daily farmer with a bicycle her farm delivers twice as much milk to the dairy core eight miles away out here bicycles build connections during students and their dreams craftsmen and their customers farmers and their features I provide fresh milk I help my family I treat the sick I grow my business I ride to school I carry water I care for the children we are palawan and we on the move around the world communities like Paula Banner a struggling struggling to move forth but a simple bicycle can change everything you


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