1. Why will Osun state not rank 29th in waec when the teachers are dying of hunger? The pensioners are suffering. shio!

  2. You can now see that the man has got nothing to offer osun state. Osun west was supposed to provide the next governor but because of the federal power and might ,Tinubu imposed the man on the people of osun state to become governor candidate.
    Apc is a failure in osun state therefore,people should be wise not to vote this man because they are birds of a feather that flock together.
    The sprits of those who had died in the the course of getting their pensions , gratuities and salaries will never forgive Aregbe his men.

  3. 1. When you pay the areas just ensure to pay with interest or you loose election.
    2. Also ensure you take the salary areas to those who have died of hunger in their graves. Wicked politicians!

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