1. This coming from a multi millionaire who lives in a house surrounded by tall gates and body guards. With guns. You don't speak for all of us, we protect our families and loved ones ourselves.

  2. Next on The Ellen Show, we talk to a gangster rapper, and then the star of the latest serial killer movie. Right after this commercial break, sponsored by the makers of anti-psychotic medications whose side effects include homicidal tendencies.

  3. "Oprah praises people who hide behind kids and exploit them in order to take our human rights away" Yaaay!

  4. Kids,  you are nothing but a puppet on the string for Democrats.  If Democrats cared about American people they will close the borders, so illegal drugs that kills in millions will not enter US via Mexico.  If you ban the guns criminals will smuggle them from Mexico to your Sanctuary Cities.  Democrats are not about Gun Control, or Drug Control; they are about People Control–just the way they are using and controlling YOU!

  5. David Hoggwash is a dirty little liar … here are two different interviews of him giving two entirely different accounts of where he was during the shooting …

  6. Ok so what do we do after we ban these so called "assault weapons" and shootings still occur? Do we sit idly by and say we did all we could or do we continue this trend of blaming the guns and broadening the ban? How about we look at other factors involved and try to think about the implications of a gun ban.

  7. Mightbi suggest you practice what you preach Ellen . No more armed security in your studio or your home . Have your bodyguards unarmed . Same for Oprah.

  8. We 94 million gun owners do not Value human life less than guns, we just think more guns are a better way of protecting it, and the numbers back It. To those who argue the 2nd Amendment is outdated. At the time when freedom of press was written, they could have not fathomed the amount of personal media platforms either. Do you want to give that up? The purpose is to grow with the government in weapons technology as a system of checks and balances to keep the people in power, the government works for us. If you think tyranny is never a possibility in modern society, look at your fellow countries.

  9. I will vote for Oprah if she runs for president. In fact, most people I know of are saying they would vote for her too. America needs someone like Oprah to change the racist course this country is heading in!!!!!

  10. Americans are no longer safe not because of guns but because of Seriel killer youth.  They must be stopped from murdering in cold blood with no remorse.  Aiming their targets at places where they know there is no guards or guns.  we all need to get a carry permit to protect ourselves from these Seriel killer Youth of today. We are petrified of how unsafe we are now .

  11. First of all, both Oprah & Ellen have armed bodyguards. They both think that they are better than the rest of us – "we are both important people that deserve protection, you riffraff don't deserve it." Do a quick search on Youtube & you can find videos of Oprah stating that she wants white people to all die off. So Oprah is a racist that promotes white genocide, which is why she wants white people disarmed.

  12. the only civil rights being violated are of all american's 2nd amendment rights by un american people like oprah.

  13. wonder if all these HOLLYWOOD people will give up their ARMED BODYGUARDS? I doubt it. But yet they want all our guns Wonder why? It's CONTROL No defense or Help for the American citizen.

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