One Nation One Election: BJP Government for the next 50 years? | Ep – 98 The DeshBhakt

1 is an interesting number. In the last match, our top-order batsmen scored one run each. One man single-handedly led BJP to victory in elections. Everything stressful starts with ‘one’. Elections are the most cumbersome exercise in our country. An estimated amount of Rs.60,000 crores were spent in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP won with a majority and Rahul Gandhi led Congress suffered a humiliation. Value for money! Interestingly, our healthcare budget is also around Rs. 60,000 crores Muzaffarpur’s Sri Krishna Medical College is struggling with the stench of garbage, phenyl and human corpses. Both instances have one thing in common when it comes to funding. Sources of Election funding are mostly anonymous and ledger of healthcare expenditure is also anonymous Can One Nation One Election’ emerge as a solution to all these problems? Let’s discuss ‘One Nation One Election’ in this episode of TheDeshBhakt What is ONOE and why is BJP interested in implementing it? One Nation One Election was BJP’s first proposal after coming back to power. Opposition parties are celebrating holidays after the elections. On the other hand, BJP has already started prepping for the next one. They are not preparing to deal with healthcare crisis, lynching or communal disharmony The Government has a unique way of cherry-picking issues. Basically, three types of elections are held in India – Lok Sabha Elections, Assembly Elections, and Local Body Elections. Lok Sabha Elections are held once every five years and there are approximately five Assembly Elections every year BJP called for an all-party meeting after coming back to power. Mamata Banerjee wasn’t able to attend the meeting as she was shopping for Kurtas. Mamata Banerjee- ‘This a planted story’ The government suggests simultaneous elections across the country They want us to choose MPs, MLAs, CMs and PM all at once Nehru will be held accountable for the next five years of polity This is not a new proposal, the first few elections were simultaneous in our country. Law Commission released a report on this in May 1999 and Niti Aayog recommended ONOE in the year 2018 Atal Bihari Vajpayee, LK Advani, and Pranab Mukherjee took up this issue previously. It is a good proposal. However, the question is why this is being attended right after the elections? ONOE has a lot of benefits. Modi will quit campaigning mode and work in PMO; Rahul Gandhi will take fewer holidays; and Mayawati will be seen once in every five years. However, there are a few demerits. Elections are the festivals where we have the opportunity of greeting our politicians We can give them some feedback. ONOE will make accountability impossible. These days, it is difficult to ask questions. You can argue that ONOE will save taxpayers’ money But if the country goes for simultaneous election then we need to spend Rs 4,500 crores on new EVMs In Elections 2019, ECI expenditures came up to Rs. 10,000 crores Rs. 50,000 crore was spent by political parties. Most of which was unaccounted money We should put a cap political party’s expenditure if we want to save money. It won’t make any difference if Modi’s PR is done through a mobile phone camera instead of a DSLR Other than BJP, how many parties vouch for ONOE? ‘Why is everyone silent?’ ONOE will end up benefitting national parties. Or should I say our only national party…? Experts believe that ONOE will reduce accountability, push the country towards a presidential form of democracy and regional issues will suffer. Very similar to how water-crisis lost attention to communal topics. Data shows that BJP performs better in Lok Sabha Elections as compared to Assembly elections. Surely, simultaneous elections will benefit one specific party Amit Shah is a great strategist, just like MS Dhoni. Both have a great win ratio, are good captains, and good finishers. BJP argues that parties are in campaigning mode throughout the elections. This leads to a governance paralysis. Model Code of Conduct prevents them from announcing major policy decisions. Fun fact: Demonetisation was announced right before assembly elections. MCC prevents you from announcing decisions, not working on them. BJP is worried because they love promotions For example, half of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ funds were spent on publicity. People are saying BJP wants ONOE because they want to govern for the next fifty years. India TV VO- ‘Amit Shah has said that BJP has to stay in power for fifty years.’ Ravishankar Prasad-‘ After the 2019 elections, no one can defeat us for the next fifty years.’ The question is, why is BJP is working so hard when they have fantastic election machinery. The problem is ONOE’s implementation Niti Aayog says that we need constitutional amendments to implement ONOE What if the government gets dissolved before its term? Will there be re-election? Will President rule be imposed? Why should we conduct assembly elections if Lok Sabha gets dissolved before term? We would have to synchronize elections if we want simultaneous elections. DeshBhakt says that the Government has a good opportunity. The opposition is on the verge of collapsing. We can focus on important issues. Politicians shouldn’t be investing time on big issues like One Nation One Election It can focus on smaller issues like Water Crisis, Healthcare and Farmer Suicides. We have bigger issues to adhere to. – One Glass of Water, One Dollar=One Rupee, Each One Plant One, One child policy The irony is that issues are forbidden in our temple of democracy- Parliament When the nation is suffering from communal disharmony, overpopulation and water crisis, We are discussing elections. After failing in each subject, our concern is the class monitor. Comedians are doing Journalism, Journalists are doing comedy. Batsman have turned politicians and politicians have turned batsman New India is a weird place… This was a very technical episode. Our democracy is suffering because of these technicalities DeshBhakt wanted to untangle the issue of One Nation One Election for all fo you. Do give us your feedback in the comments below. We try to read all the comments. Thanks to our Patreons for supporting the channel Patreon is our platform through which I connect directly to you via phone. Log in to to become a Patreon and share your ideas with us. Like Share and Subscribe and please hit the bell icon to get the notifications. More episodes coming up!

  1. aapka desh main jaise halat hain humara bhi kuch kuch aisa hi hain.Allah humein iss halat se mukti de.from Bangladesh

  2. Sir, aapke videos lit 🔥 hai, jin logo ko civics accha nahi lagda h unko apke videos dekhni chahiye❤

  3. The problem the pawns of USA Narendra Modi. , Rahul Gandhi,Arvind Kejriwal want to implement what their masters say
    As the control of the US elites on national parties is more and local parties is less so they want to conduct elections simultaneously.

  4. Sir ji
    Accountability to ab bhi nhi h naa
    Election k baad government to ab bhi five years k lie hi bnti h naa or tb bhi 5 yrs k lie bnegi…?
    Correct me if I'm not right

  5. Sir I request you to make a video on hindi imposition, the ways followed by present and previous central governments on South Indian states and also the reasons for conducting many centralised examinations only on English and Hindi. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. Bihar corrupt state hay..vaha log angavadi ka khana Bhi khud kha jate hay….usme modi kya kare..jab karmchari , cM , public hi chor ho….jese log hote hay desh Bhi vesa hi hotA hay…kuchh kam nai hay tumhe..

  7. Requesting for a video on nepotism because I have started loosing it why only a actors son gets a chance to become an actor a cricketers son gets a chance to play sooner although they may or may not have caliber… But on the other hand a engineers child yet has to give an entrance exam is there a LAW which I am missing or since they are amongst the high tax payers so government is not taking any actions

  8. Just 1 question, why your every video is against BJP and no word about Congress? I am seeing another Dhruv Rathee 😀

  9. Orissa & AP is best example where in Loksabhal BJP won few seats but in assembly regional parties clean sweeped. So this argument that it will benefit bjp in one nation one election is highly unlikely.

  10. Your point is absolutely correct, tackle the basic problems first. And the opposition should be equally strong so that the they can question the govt. Rather we see stupid battles in parliament. You really changed me viewpoint on this. I don't know if there is anything on connect rivers plan, if not please make one.

  11. If BJP wants one nation one election why does it not set the example first and hold national and assembly elections in the states that it rules.
    The hypocrites won't do it. They want to usurp other states as well.

  12. Aakash BJP is right this time. It causes a lot of economic loss. Ok Modiji may win in 2024 but after that he would lose.

  13. Bhagwa pahan kar vote mangta hai ye ho hi jayega.Andhbakhto ko lagta hai ki modi musalmano ki auqat dikha rha isiliy vote isi ko milna chahiy.Jab itna hi musalmano se nafrat hai to musalmano se tel lena band karo aur gaumutr dalo gari me😀.Ek dusre k bina koi exist hi nhi kar sakta is sristi me .JAGO ANDHBHAKTO .JO gali diya mujhe uski maa maregi .


  15. If this one-ness were to come true in our country, dont be shocked when a tyrant government and dictatorship comes out of it.

  16. Comedians doing journalism
    Journalists doing comedy
    Batsmen doing politics
    Politicians doing batting
    Wah wah desh bhakt ji! Khoobsoorat!

  17. Bahut badhiya Bhakt Sahab aise hi bolate rahiye aur Ravish Ji ko bhi Lijiye sath mein Hamara To Yahi request hai ki Ravi Singh ke sath BJP ke Koi Neta ko batao to maja hai dhanyvad

  18. Akash Bhai mere tarf se
    Bjp , Congress ke maa ke chute
    Modi ke maa ke chute bol Dena in video or age Mera name bhi bol Dena yogesh patil
    Sala yaha educated youth jobless hi or ye sale election election kilte hi
    Akash Bhai Kam se Kam ye bol Dena ke yogesh gese youth in party ko gale dete hi

  19. Stop wasting your time on politics just go and help people who need help in rural areas. I think you got paid from political party otherwise why would talk about bjp or Congress. People are dumb because they don’t care all they care about their daily life. So stop those blulshit. People of India they won’t change.

  20. Whenever I came across you channel i always found something logical, something new and lots of issues then I lost in my dreams that kya hoga esa desh ka……

  21. One Nation we all agree.
    But not one religion, one language, one cast, one position, one food, one drink, More importantly One and only One GOD!!!

  22. بہت بہت خوب سر جی🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷💕💕💕💕💕💕💕🌷🌷🌷🌷✔✔✔✔

  23. #Banerjee🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  24. #Khuda Apko Accha Rahke Sir ji💕💕🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  25. Brother for your kind information, by doing all these and defaming government,you can't be next modi..only you can be next Kanhaiya Kumar

  26. Major issue hai bhai ye bhi, Kafi issues like nafrat failana, Hindu Muslim, Hindutava etc are results of these elections happening all the time. One time election would solve some of these issues. Saves jyada bakwaas election times me hoti hai, Public ki yaddasht kam duration ki hoti hai, wo kam 5 sal me ek bar sunenge to better hai and kam pe Jayda Dhyani dense.

    Rahi bat operational issues ki like ek govt girl to kya Karen he, are bhai parliament ya assembly chuni hai junta ne, chief minister ya prime minister nahi. Assembly and parliament can solve among themselves how to resolve. Aur desh me tine padhe like samjhdar log hain, Saab mil ke sochenge to solutions b Nikolai janege.

    Ek bar ka pain agar lia Jae to lambe Samay k liye Fayda ho Skta hai. Hamre desh k problem hi yahi hai k koi long term nhi sochna chahta.

  27. Aabe tujeee sabb kuch hi galat dikhtaaa hai inme fir to God bhi chuitya hai jisne pm banaya inko sala tum mp ke election mein kyo nahi kadeee hotee ya ravish Kumar ko kadda karoo tum sala itna distract kyo karteee hoo. Loogo koo .. …….YouTube pe bakwas karni or TV channels pe bahut asan hai. Sala election ladooo tum fir Peta chalegaaa tumkooo

  28. Can u give me the and sir pls..
    BJP k koi bhakto ne fela k rakkha h aur galat direction me logo ko daal te rahete h…
    Ye jab fact h hi Nahi to kyu isko accept kre ham
    Economy is not struggling…the business models are changing.

    Below is a very interesting insight :

    Often heard nowadays that " indian Economy is struggling ".

    Sit back & dispassionately think "is the economy really struggling or are business models struggling ?

    Some food for thought:

    1) Car sales are going down… but Ola / Uber are rising.

    2) Restaurants are going empty… but home delivery is rising

    3) Tuition classes are not getting students but online studying is rising

    4) Traders are struggling but online market sites and reference based direct selling are breaking all records in sales.

    5) Old commission based businesses are snivelling… but online services, at low cost, are finding takers.

    6) Cell phone bills have reduced & internet penetration is increasing.

    7) Stable (read "Govt Jobs") are dwindling but "Start up" jobs offering equity & Flexi work time are expanding.

    8) Jobs seekers are reducing but *job creaters are on the rise*.
    Working 40 hrs a week for 40 years is trend of past. Working for few years and spending quality time in contributing to society is the trend..

    The bitter truth is what we are experiencing is a transition phase
    & Any transition is painful for the "well set"…
    "The masters of the past".

    It's challenging for those who's business models are based on ancient data….

    Sunil Gavaskar style 35 not out cannot win one day matches today.
    We need a Rohit/Virat style today.

    It's a mystery for those who have never looked beyond traditional methods or have assiduously resisted change of any kind.

    Economy is not struggling…
    Business is Changing.

    Well written Article ✌🙏💡

  29. "Agar parliament mandir hai aaj ke date mein, to mudde hai chaappal — bahar hi choot jate hai." Goddamn gold! Akash, please consider starting a website too. I'd love to read your writing. 🙂

  30. Maza aya, 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄🙏 itna sannata kyu chhayi hay bsnti.. yeh gola bohot lool hay😄😄

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