Olivia Munn on Her 'The Newsroom' Character

I'd give anything they'll rage I grew up loving the news and I was in a military family so that's the kind of one staple you get no matter where you go on whichever you know military base Iran one thing that we touched on a lot on the first season of newsroom was the the pressure that all news is getting right now all newest news organizations are getting to just be the first be the first be the first and in that process and in that race a lot of times it's just a lot of times you lose the real facts so it's really the race to say something not so much the race to say the right factual thing hey money skirt the Dane oh when we have an HR rep who cares what goes on on this floor and on that day sir I will dance upon your grave reciting stock quotes and wearing a skirt I mean the show first came out last season a lot of people were wondering about Sloan and who she was based on you know I know she was never based on anybody and I didn't base her on anybody but as I started getting asked that more and more I started thinking like well the question it really isn't like who is it based on it's more like for me I guess who inspired me as a journalist and why did I want to go into journalism and the one person always comes to mind is Diane Sawyer there are similarities that I never realized that I was bringing to to Sloane but things that were important to me that I didn't want her to wear a lot of jewelry you know I didn't want anything to distract from the information that Sloane was giving I wanted her to wear very clean-cut suits like black preferably and just so that everything was was clean and professional and put together but not distracting and you see that's how Diane Sawyer kind of has her look as well there's a wire report about a drone strike in the FATA they killed five suspected militants excellent you heard me say suspected right talk to your EP the biggest thing with with that I've seen with Sloane this year is that she is getting more involved in news stories and what I love about Sloane so much what we got to see in season one was she's got this great drive for getting out like wanting to tell stories that really matters so she really pushes to do more stories on the administration's anti-terrorism policies and about drones and there's other stories that are important like you know if we have to cover to cover the election where you know Sloane's like yeah I'm here I'm going to be professional but but it's not life or death because it's happening right now and that's what we get to see this season as what she you know when she really gets more comfortable with things and when she isn't as comfortable with certain topics

  1. She use to do a lot of crazy shit on G4tv LOL. Great the she grew out of it to something more than just a slapstick comedic host.

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