OJEDA 2020 – Could Richard Ojeda Beat Donald Trump in the 2020 Election?

Richard Ojeda is running for president, and at first glance, he might look like a joke
candidate. His political experience consists mainly in
serving as a State Senator since 2016, and gained major national attention after appearing
in Michael Moore’s documentary, Fahrenheit 11/9. He even made the trailer. Also for his kind of over the top campaign
ads. Ojeda would go on to lose his 2018 congressional
race…to Carol Miller. And as even Ojeda’s supporters point out,
a key reason he lost that race was because Donald Trump came out to support Miller. And indeed he did. And, it seemed to work. So on the face of it, the Ojeda 2020 campaign
would seem hopeless. Just imagine a West Virginia state senator
losing a race for congress, and then going on to become President of the United States. In this video I’ll present # reasons why that
might actually be possible, and in the process, probably tell you just about everything you
need to know about the candidate. At least enough to answer this question: Does he have what it takes? If you want to know if a candidate stands
a chance in an election, unfortunately, the first question you need to ask is can they
raise money? While only time will tell if Ojeda can compete
with Trump in campaign financing, there’s pretty good evidence that he does have what
it takes to bring in money. According to Open Secrets, Ojeda raised 2.2
million dollars in his recent congressional run. That’s a significant lead over the 1.6 million
raised by CAROL MILLER. In fact, the lead looks even stronger if you
actually break it down. He earned more in PAC contributions. Nearly double in large contributions over
200 dollars. And more than ten times the amount in small
individual contributions. Of Carol Miller’s 1.6 million dollars raised,
about a third, $520 thousand was self funding. And unlike most congressional candidates,
Ojeda raised most of his money from out of state donors, a full 90%. Considering the bulk of his income was from
individual contributors, it’s fair to say, he has already inspired a significant amount
of people from around the country. In fact, four out of the five zip codes, and
five of the top five metropolitan areas contributing to his congressional race were from outside
West Virginia. Not only has Ojeda shown that he can raise
money, he’s also shown that that financial support will come for him well beyond his
own state. And part of the reason for that is… When it comes to getting your message out,
campaign contributions are just half the battle. Politicians spend a lot on media buys, but
in presidential elections, a lot of media exposure is actually free, and it potentially
makes a huge difference. In the last presidential election, Hillary
Clinton’s campaign outspent trump by 370 million dollars, 768 million dollars to 398. But in terms of free media, according to mediaQuant,
Trump received 5.9 billion to Clinton’s 2.8 billion. That’s 3.1 billion more for trump. Factor in Clinton’s fundraising advantage,
he’s still up on her by 2.7 billion. Now, a Trump supporter might take issue with
this, and explain that the fake news media was bashing Trump, which hurt, rather than
helped him. But I would contend that with faith in the
mainstream media as low as it is, their perspective factored in much less than the fact that he
had the opportunity to get his message out there. And in fact, much of Trump’s coverage was
fairly unfettered by critique. Instead, his campaign rallies and speeches
were shown, often without filter. You’ve probably heard arguments like this
in the past, but let’s take the further step to ask, why. Why would Trump be shown on cable news more
than Clinton? I think the question is obvious. Here’s Trump talking about the most boring
topic possible, infrastructure. Now here’s Hillary Clinton talking about one
of the most heated and controversial topics in the 2016 campaign: immigration Be honest guys. She’s just boring. The news cares about entertainment value. And Trump is an endless source. To compete, the Democratic candidate must
be interesting, as well, and Ojeda has entertainment value in spades. Aside from being entertaining, this clip also
demonstrates another key factor for Ojeda. Just like Trump, Ojeda is typically identified
as a populist, which is quite demonstrably on the rise in both America and abroad. And just like Trump, he’s not afraid to criticize
his own party. And it’s not just Nancy Pelosi. He’s also had words for Hilary Clinton. In fact, convinced that Clinton would have
been a mistake, Ojeda voted for Trump, despite supporting Bernie Sanders during the primaries. Populism, and being a Washington outsider,
were major strengths of Trump’s in 2016, and it’s not hard to see why. People hate elites and the federal government. As an example, Gallup’s latest poll on the
matter found that 73 percent of Americans disapprove of the way Congress is doing its
job, with just 21% approving. And that’s not an unusual number. Back in November of 2013, congressional approval
hit a historic low of just 9%. To get a figure over 30%, you have to go all
the way back to August of 2009. (31%, 63%) With Richard Ojeda as a nominee, the Democrats
would likely neutralize Trump’s current advantage of populism and outsiderism. As the current president and alleged Billionaire,
Trump won’t look like an outsider compared to a West Virginia State Senator, earning
a salary of just 20 thousand dollars per year. And while being a common man will likely give
Ojeda a leg up, so will his STRENGTH It’s not just a gimmick of his campaign ads. Ojeda is truly a fighter. He served 24 years in the military, earning
the rank of Major. He was deployed in both Afghanistan and Iraq,
and as he likes to mention, tattooed on his back are the names of his fellow soldiers
who did not come home. A strong military record is a huge advantage
to tout against President Bone Spurs, as lest we forget, being president also means being
Commander in Chief. And while Trump has talked about a big game
about punching people in the face… Ojeda has actually taken punches in the face. He was sucker punched while attending a campaign
barbecue in Logan county. Some reported the assailant used brass knuckles. Ojeda suffered eight bone fractures and three
lacerations on his face. After the attack, he stated, “I have faced the Taliban and I have faced
Al Qaeda. I’m not going to come back here and have fear
of people who are not as educated as me. They are not as strong-willed as I am.” He would also say, “I’m a fighter. And I ain’t gonna back down … I’d rather
fight than eat.” But Ojeda is also a political fighter. As a state senator, Ojeda introduced several
bills to give teachers a pay raise. When these attempts failed, he told his fellow
Senators: “If you think teachers across this state
are not saying the s-word, you are wrong.” Indeed the teachers did go on strike for nine
days, and in the end got a 5 percent pay raise for all public employees. His support for the strike made him a working
class hero in West Virginia. Indeed his current campaign platform also
reveals how is strength and policy positions come together. On the front page of his campaign website,
Ojeda calls out congress for corruption, “Year after year congressmen making $175,000
per year suddenly are worth millions of dollars. And when they leave public service, then the
cashing in really begins.” And proposes a three point plan: 1. Anyone elected to Federal public office, or
appointed to the Cabinet, must sacrifice any net worth over a million dollars to charity
2. After retiring from public office, their income
must be capped to a maximum of 250,000 per year for life
3. Elected officials must have the same healthcare
package as every day Americans Trump ran on the idea of draining the swap,
but with these policy suggestions, Ojeda has definitively made himself the most aggressive
anti-corruption candidate the Democrats will likely see in contention. Indeed Ojeda is strong. We can see it in his choice to declare his
candidacy for president immediately after an election loss. We can also see it with a more detailed look
at his congressional loss. Beto O’Rouke has been widely praised, and
even compared to Lincoln, for his near miss loss against Ted Cruz. He lost by just 2.6 percent, while Trump had
defeated Clinton with a lead of 9.0 points. That means Beto closed the lead by 6.4 points. If he did that nationwide, he would of course,
win, and so the argument is that Beto would be a strong candidate. If that argument does follow with any credibility,
let’s see how the numbers break down for Ojeda’s congressional race. Sure it’s probably more likely to see larger
swings in a congressional district than a whole state, but the numbers are still worth
examining. In 2016, Trump won West Virginia overall by
41.7 points. Ojeda’s district voted in favour of Trump
by a margin of 49.3 points, and. In his race against Carol Miller, Ojeda got
43.6 percent of the vote, to her 56.4 percent. That’s a gap of 12.8 points, meaning Ojeda
closed a 36.5 point lead in his district. No other democrat in the country can claim
a vote swing that significant. If closing a 6.4 point gap in Texas makes
Beto a strong contender, what can we say about a man who closed a 36.5 point gap in his district? Ojeda lost because his state and his district
are among the reddest in the country. But in hotly contested swing states like Michigan,
Ohio and Pennsylvania, Ojeda’s blue collar fighting chops might just be what the Democrats
need. Trump was about to route Ojeda in his congressional
race. But in a nationwide contest, what do you think? Does he have what it takes?

  1. this only proves one point to me that people don't like trump because he has an R at the end of his name this dude can a trump like campaign and people loved it but it was because he has a d at the end of his name. you people this is way you lose it fine though I don't care just love seeing the hypocrisy is all.

  2. when will democrats figure out it not about the money lol. first you cry there is to much money. but then you show how people who raised less still won over people who raised more.

  3. Why would I support Ojeda, when he promotes polices that fall in line with what's made West Virginia decline for the past half century?

  4. Libtards are very confuse lol. The person running for president is suppose to win election not lose them. How is a person that got rekt by Trump's minion suppose to beat Trump himself lol.

  5. Considering trump appealed to the working class during his campaign in 2016, I think this guy could be a potential threat. People wanted an outsider out of dc, they got trump. People are probably gonna want someone who is broke ass bitch and worked there way to the top. But idk. This guy seems to come off a little impulsive. Trump hasn’t filled to all his promises like he said. And I don’t understand why people still support him even after all this time.

  6. I want to see what he can do for ALL Americans! I want to see how he will improve our economy. I don’t give two shits if he’s mad, I want to see if he’s caring enough

  7. This makes it hard to figure out who to vote for if he runs him or trump because he is pretty much the dems donald trump different from the rest

  8. Why are evangelicals.. Mormons..? Social networkers? Extreme watever religuons..etc.. Mixed w fossil fuels and owning lands.. And.. Causing people to war ?

  9. Look who’s fucking talking !! Scumbag Wacko trump is actually going to say that Ojeda is crazy ?? Are you kidding me ?? Trump is the most unstable, unqualified, corrupt and batshit crazy President ever !!
    I can not believe how this country has so many stupid idiots that will believe and follow blindly trump.

  10. There’s a chance here if he runs with Bernie. Check it out: Bernie’s entire message is that the establishment is screwing over the working class. That’s why they voted for Trump. Bernie can say “Ojeda represents the workin class willing to risk it with Trump and were betrayed by him.”

  11. The reason he would never make it as a Democratic candidate is that the DNC 100% corporatist. I would love to see a Democrat that actually cared about people more than lining their pockets, but if the DNC can sideline Sanders with out a single problem someone like Ojeda doesn't stand a chance.

  12. My biggest gripe with him is that he was dumb enough to buy into Trump’s bullshit in the first place. How could any reasonable person go from Bernie to Trump? His skills of character discernment worry me. I’d still vote for him if he were my only choice, but I’m a bit skeptical.

  13. A muscular democratic official with a military history, that utilizes hyper-patriotic imagery could actually do well in gaining support from former Trump supports. That's why so many Americans gave Trump their vote, because he didn't abide by the electoral norms, and appeared to have more of a backbone when compared to Hillary, or other candidates. Here we have a tank of masculinity, literally taking punches to the face. I'll bet if he gains traction, he could sway a large portion of America's populous. He didn't announce his presidential campaign a little too early though.

  14. I think the fact that he voted for Trump will be brought up very often during the primaries, especially by progressive candidates. And unfortunately for him, not all Dems are bluedog business Democrats so he has an even steeper hill to climb (regarding the primaries) than in his congressional race.

  15. Ojeda what is he doing to the Democratic Party? I thought that the Democratic Party is a progressive party that advocates a multicultural and working class society. I am not Americans but Ojeda if I caricature it is the white American middle class who voted trump a bit conservative. He has very little chance of winning the Democratic primary. But imagine that he is the candidate (D) in the presidential 2020 against trump. He can take votes in Wisconsin, Iowa, Pennsylvania and Michigan. But do you really think that blacks will mobilize to vote for him? You think California that the big cities of the northwestern United States will mobilize for Ojeda? I have doubts. Ojeda is not a democrat..A sort of dixiecrat who for 50 years left to the Republican Party.

  16. While these hypotheticals are fun to ask, I think the really question is what kind of scenario would lead him to being the Democratic nominee over say Warren, Beto, Booker etc. I don't think Democratic voters swoon over the type of strong man persona Ojeda is going for.

  17. It's true…Trump's speeches were never questioned by CNN or MSNBC, among others. It made no sense to me, until I read about the Pied Piper strategy designed by the Clinton campaign where they decided that Trump would be the easiest candidate for her to run against. Smart people, those Democratic strategists, huh?

  18. Would love to see Ojeda debate the Orange Buffoon because "tough guy" Dawn will literally be shivering and making Nixon's sweat look like nothing.

  19. He would neutralize a lot of Trump's strengths. Trump couldn't call him wacko or crazy in a nationwide contest. Most of all he is authentic. I like him and I take him seriously.

  20. If politics was Fair.. I think that he would have a really good shot at the Oval.. it's not.. and the agenda is against his beliefs and platform.. I do have a favorite politician now..so that's something

  21. Ojeda would do better as a running mate than running for his own candidacy. That being said he should probably run for governor or the national congress before running for the executive.

  22. I like his passion, but I am weary that he lacks the suave or intelligence needed for the Presidency.
    The reality, fair or not, is that some measure of elitism is required in order to become the leader, Africa is a spectacular example, where leaders were elected based on popularity and the ability to relate to the average person, and found themselves inept and unable to meet the demands of ruling. The result being, either a disaster for the economy, or corruption, as the leaders were persuaded by people more intelligent than themselves. Ojeda, is a soldier, not a leader. It will require someone more astute and wily to beat the plague that is Donald Trump.

  23. I am just going to say this right now, if Richard Ojeda is the nominee for the Democratic Party……..he WILL be the 46th President of the United States

  24. Right so in his own state trump mouths him a bit and he does not get elected in his own state and somehow he is going to beat trump in the rest of USA?
    Are you guys for real?
    Zero Chance
    Bring it on I say…

  25. I live in WV, I'm also a combat veteran, and I've met Ojeda in person. Unfortunately he dropped out of the Presidential race. Sadly I guess that in today's political arena you can only get support if you're a new age communist or a corporate lapdog. I can't wait to see which side show freak the Democrats pick that will guarantee 4 more years of the big orange buffoon. So far we've got a bunch of communists and socialists, one of which is a mummy that they roll out and plug in whenever he needs to speak. Let's keep in mind that free shit for everyone sounds awesome right up until you realize that it actually cost you your soul and freedom. And I'm so befuddled by what the Republicans do that I can't even come up with a smart ass comment to describe it. It's much akin to watching a soap opera only set at the circus and all of the characters are played by clowns.

  26. I still do not like that he voted for trump.. Yes, i know he believed in the jobs, but obviously racism and mysagony was not reason enough to not do it.. I still believe Ojeda would be great as head of the EPA, or Opiod commitee.. He is a strong fighter, and i believe he can get quite passionate and focused on one thing.. And he is uncorrutable

  27. I didn't know about this guy until this and I'll be honest, I thought you were trying to boost him as a primary challenge.

  28. If you call yourself a Democrat and vote for Donald Trump, you lose my respect. People's fear of the "Washington elite" is overblown. In a crowded Democratic field, red flags should taken into account.

  29. I think "common men" are overrated nowadays in politics. I rather a boring elite over a loose cannon like this guy. I want someone who is intelligent, articulate, and successful in their field.

  30. We need a [email protected]$$ like this guy, i love trump and all but i think this guy would be great too, lets be honest i think berine is a cool guy but can you really see him standing up to other countries, staying up countless nights etc.

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