Official State Religion In North Carolina?

there are some politicians state
politicians in north carolina representative karl forward and harry
warren and there’s also nine other republican
representatives in north carolina had decided to go ahead in propose this interesting little bell made national news the north carolina uh… state constitution by the way
before i get it any more specifics about their bill just to let you know what
kind of a state were dealing with here the north carolina state constitution
disqualifies those who do not believe in god from public office so of course that is are blatantly
unconstitutional provision but who cares in north carolina today even
bother never read the constitution probably not so by the provisional has been
unenforceable since the nineteen sixty one supreme court decision spot poor ka so verses walk-ins which
prohibited such bands but they don’t care it still technically in the
constitution even though it is illegal stay classy so the bill that they proposed is to have been official state religion
in north carolina now if you have any understanding of
constitutional or if you took a politics or government class in your life or if
you know anything about about the first amendment you would realize that that is the most
blatantly unconstitutional thing you can possibly do so i’ll give you some background on this here’s the first sentence on the first amendment congress shall make no law respecting an
establishment of religion uh… about but uh… cigars are sold on the go they are point in the first sentencing doesnt do
shit and then you know i can do this they are not i don’t wait until we can
do it the counterargument what i’m saying by
the way they go layout debt kant don’t know they
plan to the federal government built up and i’ve done this dates bar well and to be fair originally they were
right the first amendment form the was to the federal government but or all the amendment only apply to
the federal government not to the states but the number of this state’s affectively had established churches going back to around the time we were
found in moving forward a little bit and on then as time went by they serbian courts
are hearing cases about this in particular so for example everson vs board of
education in nineteen forty seven uh… did one of the most major things in
shreveport history which was being corporation the establishment clause
solo burdening the establishment clause of the constitution apply to this state’s individually as well so
it’s not just a restriction on a federal government is also now
restriction on state governments so it wasn’t until the middle to late twentieth century that the supreme court
began to interpret the establishment and free exercise clause in such a manner as to restrict the
promotion of religion by in the states so in the case board of education of
curious joel village school district purses gromit justice david sooner a row for the majority and he concluded
that quote government should not prefer one
religion all to another or religion the take their religion so just like uh… or the federal
government can have been established state religion the states can have established a
religion but also they go a step further and say they say look we can’t establish
ourselves as up militarily eighty s for example you have to allow the home
variety of opinions you have to remain essentially agnostic
on uh… declaring our religion if your
federal government of the state governments so this issue have been settled for years for decades but didn’t do these people that are the state senators in or trial or trying
to pass the laws they bother to read case law and history of the supreme
court before they decided to propose these bills

  1. Yeah me too, please fix that I know its something on your end because all the other channels are fine.

  2. The good news is that the proposal has mostly been met with derision and is unlikely to to get out of committee.

  3. would these politicians be on the side of a state claiming that the new state religion is islam? or judaism? i HIGHLY doubt it

  4. jesus is fiction while science is evidence based truth
    2+2=4, not because jesus says so, but because it is a fact.
    tide goes in, tide goes out…not because jesus says so, but because the gravitational orces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth.

  5. This is crazy, its fine and good if they want to do their prayer/ritual at their meetings but not be trying to force their religion on everyone else here in NC, most of these Christians are fake as hell and mean as snakes judging those of us who study and practice Wicca and other non traditional Christian and positive paths. Theres ALOT of Wiccans here. At least they don't worship satan disguising themselves as Christians, the word "amen" translates from one of the ancient names for Lucifer

  6. Hey dumb ass…. The constitution is based on God given rights. Rights granted by the creator. Politicians are sword to up hold the constitution. They put there hand on the Bible to make this pledge. If they don't believe in God, they can't up hold a constitution that has God given rights, and to swear on a Bible, or to God would be meaningless to them. So in reality, you need a person who believes in God to protect our God given rights and uphold the constitution.  IF YOU SUPPORT THE CONSTITUTION, DO YOU WANT SOME ONE WHO DO'T BELIEVE IN GOD TO PROTECT OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS? WITH OUT GOD THEY BECOME GOVERNMENT GRANTED PRIVILEGES.

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