Obama's Epic Rant On Trump's "Populism"

  1. I'm not fooled by Obama.

    I agree with his message 100%, but it's all fluff. He had 8 fucking years to fix the problems that he addresses in this very video, but he decided to do absolutely nothing about them. More endless wars, more tax cuts for the rich, more "bipartisanship" instead of actually standing for something, more Republican health care plans, more student loan debt, and much more.

    Obama is a fraud and corporatist. #Bernie2020

  2. I would be cynical against large groups of people who rides their emotions without logical reasoning and lack problem solving skills, which I consider as populism.

  3. This guy guy can suck a fat c**k.
    Trump/Pence 2020 🇺🇸
    This guy can barely spit out his own bs without studdering!
    Repeal tax codes???!!! You implement them!!!

  4. I think listening to Obama is a bit like learning maths. A lot of people consider it hard to follow or even annoying before he even spoke. But if you just put your internal brainsloth aside, and just engage with what he is doing and saying, it is incredibly rewarding. I think people like him deserve a much bigger stage. Because it makes the public conversation healthier, less cynical and more constructive. But too often we just listen to three word sentences that sound good because we think that makes for a better conversation in TV. Of course it is easier. But it hurts.

  5. obama literally says he believes rich people should pay their fair share… you do realize republicans believe in low taxes for the middle and lower middle class and less regulations for small businesses and vary in opinion for upper class between moderate or low-moderate… and believe that wth less rampant government spending, the budget deficit could be worked out… BOTH SEEM LIKE INCREDIBLY SIMPLE MINDED COMMON SENSE APPROACHES… republican makes way more sense on the face of it… because its rooted in GETTING OUT OF THE WAY of people doing business, creating things, etc… while democrat… while common sense in its fairness approach of "paying fair share" doesnt have that same individualism…. ultimately neither work in the real world… however its democrats that often bash the republican standpoint as being too idealistic and theoretical… meanwhile obama acts like "paying their fair share" is this down to earth idealistic approach… not willing to accept the same criticism… ultimately he is a clear radical that has on many occasions done seemingly backwards things that nearly ruined the country… almost as if it were on purpose… then you find out… he has this radical leftist philosophy and it explains the backwards decisions he has made… and he talks like he is from the south… just some normal guy with simple drives… meanwhile his decision making process is extremely cognitive and firmly socialist…

  6. What an amazing man & great leader !! Makes your current WH occupant seem irrelevant and somehow tiny in comparison. #shameful #potus45 #liar #conman #scandals #MAGA #KAG

  7. I am absolutely no fan of Trump, but this speech is bullshit. Obama had the opportunity to stand up for Unions, to push for a living wage, or at least, for a Public Option in the Healthcare debate. He never did. He had eight years to make this speech and he never did. The Trans Pacific Partnership would have cost the U.S. jobs, even Obama admitted that. But the last year in Office he pushed for the TPP relentlessly. And now in His post Presidency, Obama is stalling on a Community Benefits Agreement with the South side Chicago neighborhood where his Presidential Library will be built. Trump is full of crap with his "Populist" rhetoric but the exact same is true of Obama.

  8. He is a traitor who sold out the US and supplied terrorist states with money and tech.
    He will hang before it's done. Traitor.

  9. I know I'm a year late but this guy is the biggest lier in the HISTORY of the US everything he talked about he did how do you make 400 thousand a year and leave office with 100 MILLION DOLLARS not counting tax free off shore accounts
    We have to do everything but he did absolutely nothing I DON'T THINK HE CAN TELL THE TRUTH BECAUSE HE LIES SO WELL

  10. lol awkward moment when trump chooses its first 3 people for administration, a gay man a black man and a woman.

  11. Obama is threatened by Trump.

    Trump is now candidate Obama in 2008, who ran on "Change."

    Now, Obama is an old grumpy man saying, "No Change!"

  12. Go Obama @@ Bob Pante – Do you know the exact moment you drank the Trump kool aid? How did you get so broken?
    On what plane of human decency would you want a narcissistic , racist reality star who has ripped off thousands of people and declared bankruptcy 4 times and makes fun of handicapped peopl who loves Putin ?Seriously!! You should be ashamed yourself !!!

  13. funny thing is if Trump talked like and said 20% of things Obama says, he would have no problems beating Hillary.

  14. Sadly, Democrats don't want constructive actions because the Democrat Party feeds off of fear, hatred, and oppression and the Empty promises that they will make things better for the helpless victims. Clearly, if things get better for the "victims", they LOSE their base! Trump is all about a strong, healthy economy where ALL AMERICANS PROSPER. UNITED WE STAND – strong, prosperous, proud; pursuing happiness, not hate.

  15. Obama still giving lectures to others, because his views are right and all that don't agree are wrong? like how he loves to brand these disagreeable individuals unamerican or "this isn't how we do things in America…. " It may be time for some introspection giving the failure of his presidency especially in the areas he presumes to lecture others on, foreign affairs anybody?


  17. Man I wish Obama stayed president…I'm not even American. He is the type of leader the entire world needs.

  18. He will be remembered as one of the greatest of leaders. I hope Trump is remembered as a self obsessed fascist who never won office.

  19. Obama nice job on doubling the national debt to $20 trillion since you took office. Hopefully your clone Hillary can raise that debt to $40 trillion!

  20. Got to love the way Obama tells the American people to get screwed. One, smooth word after the other.

  21. True story, in the 6th grade, half full of diversity, we were watching some anthropology documentary and african tribes were shown, half-naked, bones in their noses, etc. Finally, the nizzers shut up, they were actually embarrassed…

  22. He had 8 years to do all what he says a populist would do, what happened? Why did he not do any of it?

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