Obama EXPOSES Trump’s Hypocrisy

>>Following news that Donald Trump cancelled
a meeting with Taliban leaders at Camp David only days before 9/11. Some of his old tweets toward Barack Obama
have resurfaced for good cause. Now Trump was very critical toward Obama when
it came to negotiating with terrorists and I want to read some of those tweets to you. This was a tweet from January 13th of 2012,
Trump had tweeted, while Barack Obama is slashing the military, he’s also negotiating with our
sworn enemy, the Taliban, who facilitated 9/11. That wasn’t the only tweet there were several
of them. I’m not even gonna read all of them to you
but one other one->>Slashing the military like in an alley
and shipping them, not even including the budget part.>>Pathetic Barack Obama is sweetening his
offer to the Taliban. And then he said, read the art of the deal. Little plug for his book, so it goes on and
on. Look, what I found fascinating was the damage
control we saw from Mike Pompeo the morning after Trump had tweeted about the meeting
falling apart. And so let’s go to the first video. Here, he is speaking to Jake Tapper. And Jake Tapper asks him, what if this was
Obama?>>I can’t help but think that if a democratic
president had talked about having the Taliban come to Camp David to negotiate a peace process,
that was not already a done deal, that you, as a congressman, as a soldier, as a veteran
as a West Point graduate, that you would be rather upset.>>Yeah, Jake, you’re just wrong about that. I’ve been fully supportive of this effort,
the direction that we have taken the state department, the effort, President Trump has
given us guidance to go deliver on a something I think is important, it’s valuable. I think the timing is just right. We’ve made enormous progress. I know who the Taliban are, and I know who
Al-Qaeda is. And I’ve seen that UN report, I will tell
you that they described that Al-Qaeda leadership as being happy about the conditions Afghanistan,
well, a lot of them are in their graves. And so make no mistake about it, we will continue
to punish, we will continue to pound, we will continue to fight, we’ll continue to protect
the American people, we will never construct a deal. If I was worried about Barack Obama and President
Obama, it was because he was prepared to leave without ensuring that we can protect America,
this administration will never do that.>>So that last statement perfectly summarizes
one of the reasons why Trump is gonna stay in Afghanistan. I mean, that is the kind of influence that
surrounds him in the White House. And at the same time, come on, let’s keep
it real. We know the situation would be very different,
the response from someone like Pompeo would be very different toward Obama, if Obama were
doing the exact same thing that Trump is trying to do.>>But when you say this is the group that
surrounds Trump, it’s frankly the group that surrounds both parties.>>Yeah, definitely.>>In terms of the blob, what is sometimes
known as the blob, which is this sort of diplomatic and intelligence, and military communities
within Washington. They have the same mindset that Pompeo just
said right there, we can’t leave until we’ve secured the zone. But we have nothing to do to be able to do
that. So we’re just not gonna leave.>>So we’re just gonna punish and pound them.>>Punish and pound them.>>And using a soldier’s death as an excuse
is actually kinda offensive to the memory of that soldier because it has nothing to
do with one tragic event. It has everything to do with the foreign policy
mentality of the United States in a bipartisan fashion. And it does wrong to the memory of the soldier
to say that he was the reason or his death was the reason that we’re staying.>>Right, and Obama got elected and there
were all sorts of promises when it came to changing foreign policy, changing the course
of foreign policy in America. But in reality, Obama expanded Bush era foreign
policy. Drone strikes increased under him. Our civil liberties continued to be violated
under the Obama administration. So you’re absolutely right. And there is this notion that if you don’t
play ball with the military-industrial complex, especially if you’re a democrat, you’re weak
on national security. And when you think about that, that is a criticism
that’s perpetuated by the right-wing, and democrats just fall right into it.>>It’s cuz they’re terrified of the military-industrial
complex, that huge apparatus that you’re talking about, which is even more influential in Washington
than I think people realize. And what’s fascinating to me about how Jake
Tapper framed that question is, he started it off the exact right way. Isn’t there hypocrisy, would you not be extremely
critical if this was President Obama? But then he goes as a soldier, as a veteran,
as a West Point graduate. As if there’s something wrong with diplomacy
with the Taliban. And that’s what’s frustrating about the entire
media coverage of it. They are anti-peace, consistently, and they
are anti-diplomacy, consistently. That’s a bias you see on Fox News, MSNBC,
CNN repeatedly, they want belligerence. They were so orgasmic about when Trump dropped
that mother of all bombs in Afghanistan, and they’re silent, radio silent that Trump within
the first year I think in office already surpassed Obama in drone strikes civilian deaths in
Syria and Iraq. So this is just increasing, increasing, and
increasing. And unless we have someone who’s a radical
in the right sense in office, it’s not gonna change because the power of the presidency
in this regard has gotten completely out of control.>>And while you thought that Trump might
be someone who would reject the establishment consequences of this.>>Mm-hm.>>Because his intellectual curiosity only
extends to cable news.>>Right.>>If cable news is reinforcing what you just
said in terms of putting forward a belligerent pro-intervention, anti-peace mindset, then
that’s the feedback that he gets. The only feedback that he gets while he’s
sitting in bed.>>It is interesting though because if I recall
correctly, back when Obama was president and when he did wanna do these negotiations, and
when he was getting criticize from the right-wing for being part of these talks. Of course, Fox News criticized him, but MSNBC
was kind to him, CNN was relatively kind to him. They were a lot more in favor of working with
and negotiating with so-called terrorist under the Obama administration, but when it comes
to Trump, it’s amazing to see how those very same cable news hosts change tune, right? Where all of a sudden they’re the ones, no,
you shouldn’t be negotiating with terrorists. This is offensive, this is terrible. But you shouldn’t change your perspective
on these peace deals, depending on who the president is at that moment. And one other thing I wanted to give Trump
credit for in a weird way. There are moments where he pushes through
the pressures of the military industrial conflicts. Remember, he was about to do an air strike
on Iran, and he called it off last minute. And the reason why he called it off last minute
is because he went with his instinct and realized, okay, Pompeo’s pressuring me to do this, Bolton’s
pressuring me to do this. This is not the right way to go about it. And so luckily, that wildcard component of
Donald Trump work to our favor in that case. But yeah, he is surrounded by people, much
like democratic candidates in the past by people who want to push for perpetual war,
who want us in Afghanistan, pretend as if there’s some solution in sight when really
there isn’t.

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  2. LoL, the Republicians would have gone crazy and called for the immediate impeachment of Obama if he did any of the daily idiotic things Dotard does. Puff & Stuff is such a ridiculous liar.

  3. These Turks hate Obama, he is half white and droned their allies overseas.I see they half a new self loathing white guy as a token , must be a communist for sure.Did he make his nephew get a real job?

  4. Obama who was given a Nobel Prize for peace then bombed Syria, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, that Obama?          Obama the assclown that just bought a billion dollar mansion by the beach dispite claiming the oceans are going rise and kill everyone in 10 years????

  5. I didn't know TYT was pro terrorist
    Y don't Ana and Ema wears a burqa
    wtf really
    Taliban are Terrorist period
    I wonder sometimes if TYT is a parody channel? So spiteful and anti American..

  6. If you are honest with yourself and only look at the fact and throw your biases out the window you cannot deny that Obama is one of the worst presidents we have ever seen and Trump is one of the best, if not the best. The only reason they have to say Obama is better than trump is “we like him more”. Or “he is black”. That is it. Black people should be ashamed because there are some black people out there that could have done well as the first black president but Obama made blacks look like idiots and there will forever be a black cloud over the first black president forever. Obama took this country to the brink of destruction and I am surprised that Trump was able to save it and do it as good and as quick as he has

  7. Who in their right mind asks to meet the Taliban at Camp David. Wtfreak, Crazy tRumpaDump. A man with no country. I know my roots.


  9. The reason cable news may have been less critical of Obama as compared to trumpy should be self evident. In case it got by anyone trumpy is a moron, he knows almost nothing concerning forigen policy. Obama was exactly the opposite. Really who cares what happened then. Let's deal with now. Now we're stuck with trumpy, so scream loudly any time trumpy has any type of foreign policy change please.

  10. Don’t get me wrong trump is disgusting but obama is a like him just sophisticated. We dropped more bombs in middle east like in Yamen. Non of the people responsible for economic crash went to jail. Lot of Americans lost their homes. Stop putting him on beadle stool. For god sake. US is planning on a third world war just wait an see. The oligarchs now Americans are fed up. Thats why we are over throw Venezuela and probably involved in Hong Kong protests. Its interesting how police is becoming more militarized. If you read history u will understand my point of view. U know whats interesting all these philanthropist oligarchs giving their money go charity but don’t stand up against war. How altruistic of them!!! Im being sarcastic. They don’t because they are bunch of psychos pretending to care. Bernie 2020

  11. Finally, TYT talking about Military Industrial Complex. Sweet! Bernie is the only one talking about that out of all of the candidates.

  12. Real Young Turks: Cenk Ungar the devilworshipping Muslim.
    Quote: The infamy of executing this century's first full scale ethnic cleansing belongs to Turkey's Young Turk government during World War I. In their highest councils Turkish leaders decided to exterminate every Armenian in the country, whether a front-line soldier or pregnant woman, famous professor or high bishop, important businessman or ardent patriot. All 2,000,000 of them.
    Democide had preceded the Young Turk's rule and with their collapse at the end of World War I, the successor Nationalist government carried out its own democide against the Greeks and remaining or returning Armenians. From 1900 to 1923, various Turkish regimes killed from 3,500,000 to over 4,300,000 Armenians, Greeks, Nestorians, and other Christians.'

  13. "Never forget…"
    Yeah, sure.

    Here's my hot take, since these folks hate abortion so much:
    War is abortion. They will send their own adult children to go to war for something "the media" and hostile politicians tells us to be angry about. They don't give a damn about "the troops" when they keep sending them to die. They don't give a damn about "protecting America." And they don't give a damn about "freedom." All they care about is maintaining power by any means necessary. (And I was a "troop" myself, so don't give me that crap about "not speaking until I've defended my country.") They can't be reasoned with, they can't be bargained with. You know the rest.

  14. Good morning Trump Haters,,,, have you realized yet? We the people do not give a rats shit what you think about Trump. He's the President of the USA and just like we didn't listened to the right bash Obama, we didn't give a shit about them either. We are the independent, self thinkers who call themselves Americans. We don't give a shit about your hate indoctrination, we care about America's success regardless of who's in the oval office.

  15. TRUMP DIDN'T EVEN WRITE "THE ART OF THE DEAL!" And I'm about 99.9% sure that he never read the whole thing either. Furthermore, the man who did write that book now despises Trump and wishes he hadn't composed it for him

  16. "Punish and pound them…" Pompeo's language sounds suspiciously like that of a playground bully. And what the hell happened to Trump pulling us out of the Middle East? That was one thing I actually agreed with him on.

  17. If you want peace in Afghanistan then get out. Bring our troops home. Afghanistan never attacked the US, we invaded them. The only reason we are there is to build bases from which we can launch an attack on Iran from the east. We already have bases on the west side of Iran in Iraq.

  18. Trump want to secretly meet with the Taliban for a peace deal. This is something out of Dangerous Rendezvous
    Which is ironic as in that episode, the secret meeting was being taken place in Greenland

  19. the biggest hypocrits on air are tyt and they have the balls to accuse others of hypocrisy. tyt sucks bigly! the rule for radicals is to accuse them of what you do.

  20. TYT having fun lying, that's new. lol —-> Breaking News: Republicans sweep NC, get ready for the meltdown video of 2020 from TYT.

  21. Even when they give trump credit for something the haters still can't be happy about anything, that is why you are and always will be haters. Probably because so many people hate you.

  22. what do you call someone who keeps doing the same thing, repeatedly, and expects different results?
    a moronic repugnant, repugnants!

  23. I wonder if the Americans asked the British and the Russian before venturing into Afghanistan. Just like the Russian and the British, American are in for a long haul( Bush, Obama, Trump and the next president) and it is for sure they will come out of it put to shame.

  24. TYT is full of hypocrites—-> why do socialist care what Trump does? Just keep working on your socialist breadline agenda, that will not work. lol

  25. You guys are here to get the politics of the day. I'm here look at Anna because I can't stop drooling over her .Anna is fine as hell. Don't judge me I'm only being honest and most of you guys need to come out of the closet on this one too… type in "coming out" if you are with me.

  26. Is TYT talking about the Obama who helped the bankers take home owners for billions of dollars and removed Americans Rights behind closed doors? Only the insane would point at Obama as a beter roll model 😑👎

  27. This administration is filled with liars, thieves, projectors, carpetbaggers and ugly people who profess their Christian values

  28. I'm sorry, but I thought this was about Obama's response to Trump's proposed secret meeting with the Taliban at Camp David.

  29. TYT! You guys need to figure out who's side your on.. it's the constant talking out of the side of your neck's. Oh! i get it" your really with Trump! Ooooh got it.

  30. So many politicians are showing they have no conscious and their lust for money TRUMPS morals…… Nancy Pelosi included for blocking impeachment efforts. We need to get these walking dead, soulless, heartless zombies OUT of government. I wish AOC could run for president.

  31. Trump had better stop de-funding Planned Parenthood…we all need the morning after pill, dealin with him. He doesn't need one; he has Fox

  32. I so wish we could bring back Obama. A little intellegent sanity, a loving family in the White House, would be so NICE! Not a thrice-married philandering, tax-cheating, xenophobic prick, with a dangerously easily maniluplated egomania.

  33. I geel sorry for michelle obama. Her daughter's are both on drugs and they say they were spotted at a truck stop at 3am turning tricks for dope.still having a racist mother explains it

  34. All lies about 911…. how it happened! Pres. Obama hands was tied because of the Contractual deal Bush 2 and the GOP who was in control of House. Obama tried to change the Bush Policy!

  35. American at war is good for the American economy. Always follow the, NEVER for a millisecond get distracted you the news (or its hosts) or politician’s Oscar worthy performances that America is EVER at was for any other reason than financial profit. Moral authority?! Religious conviction?! lol WHO?! Where is it written in history? The civil war in 1860 wasn’t about slavery the south could have kept their slaves under the condition of join the union. The news entire purpose of faning a secret motive or hidden agenda in any of their stories is to expand the 30 attention span of Americans from changing the channel through emotion (personal passions/ anger) which translate to ratings. We all have bills to pay, soldiers coming home will need jobs, medical – psychological resource, more children will be conceived, thus schools will be more understaffed and supplied. So, before you throw the baby (finance) out with the bath water (bad publicity) express your opinion based on your [personal] moral authority, religious convictions, and.posterity of your family and NOT the speech writers of politicians & news hosts.

  36. I’m convinced TYT hates America. Just like Ilfaced Omar and Cotex. America first! These terrorists need booted from this great country. Disrespectful ungrateful squad of terrorists, the lot of you. 2020 is ours and it’s so fun to watch you all squirm knowing that you have no chance in 2020, thank the Lord. MAGA

  37. Obama hurt your civi liberties? OMFG this coming from a child who knows NOTHING about what occurs during negotiations regarding national security. You want some one radical and I assume that means Bernie sanders? Give me a break.

  38. Taliban had nothing to do with 911. 911 was a mossad/cia operation. How do Americans accept the blatant lies of the official zio narrative and not hold the real perps accountable? They don't give a shit about Afghanis. Securing the Opium fields are a priority for the cia and the oil/gas pipeline through to Europe in a pathetic attempt to cripple the Russian economy too bad they're losing all the wars they started, while stealing the natural resources of the country.

  39. Pompeo would say anything.
    He must didn't get the memo.
    Trump butt is in the fire.
    If I were you I would jump off The SS TRUMP SHIP with the quickness.

  40. The reason you don't want to continue the deal with the Taliban is that the Taliban Leaders you are negotiating with are not the ones who control the young turks. And no it's not an insult, it's a description of the separation between the Taliban leaders in Bahrain and the Taliban commanders who are fighting in Afghanistan.

  41. Why continue to negotiate with the Taliban. They are killing our troops, our military men and women are there trying to help them and they continue to disrespect them and kill them when they get the chance. We do not negotiate with terrorist, not any of them that are killing our troops. Wake up men and women in the white house and stand up for our troops. Bring them home now!!

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