NYC Government Traumatizes Gun Owners

Have a gun license? Plan to bring your gun to my hometown next time you fly in? Pack all unloaded firearm and firearm parts in a locked hard-sided container. If you call the TSA, they will tell you, put the gun in a locked container and notify the airline during the ticket counter check-in process. But even if you do this properly, New York authorities will still wreck your life. I declared my gun because I always do. I travel, I fly in and out all over the US with it. Patricia Jordan carries her gun for protection. She correctly followed all the TSA procedures when she flew from her home in Georgia to New York City. It’s in the TSA case, everything’s separate, it’s locked. She was traveling with three teenage girls and wanted her gun in her hotel room. I know that if something happens then I can protect myself. I was glad that she had brought it just in case something did happen. On their way home, Patricia did everything correctly again. At the airline counter she again told the agent she wanted to check her gun, but this time she was told, wait. The next thing I know they’re they’re getting ready to arrest me. For what exactly? For having a gun. I thought I was gonna pass out, I really did. I have my permit, I’m doing everything I’m supposed to right. Of course I started freaking out. She sat there and begged the lady, please don’t arrest my mom, please don’t arrest my mom. she was like crying, begging her not to take me. The police put Patricia in jail and told her, you’ve committed a felony. The minimum was three and a half to seven years mandatory prison for this. Another visitor, Avi Wolf was jailed just for having a gun part, an empty magazine. There were no bullets. it’s just something like this. It is exactly like that instead of a plastic exterior, mine had a little bit of a different make to it but it was exactly that, somebody could have done more damage to an individual with a fork from McDonald’s than with that. Wolf too checked with the TSA beforehand. They told him, just declare it to TSA agents at security. i’m telling them that, just notification I have a magazine here. it’s empty there’s no bullets, there’s no gunpowder. It’s – I called TSA before doing it and this is what they told me to do was to declare it. The next thing I know, they pulled me over to the side and they’re all like, do you know what you have in your bag? I’m like, I know what I have in my bag. I told you what I have in my bag. Fast forward about an hour it was a four for Port Authority police officers are there
the chief of LaGuardia Airport is there like I mean they thought they found
somebody trying to do not 11 repeat two this literally for that after you’ve had
a gun license of course I’ve had a gun license and Georgia everybody there’s
got a gun license now I well sir you’re going to be getting arrested now oh my
god no the other prisoners couldn’t believe why Abby was in jail one guy
beat up his wife this other guys busted a whole bunch of drugs is it like some
what did you do what why are you here it’s like I got caught at security with
an empty magazine what’d they say just laughter is it joke but it was no joke
avi and Patricia were released after a day in jail but they still face that
felony charge I can barely function I had to get on
like anxiety medicine I was throwing up every day months later New York allowed
each to plead guilty to a lesser charge public disorder but it cost each $15,000
in legal fees why is New York City do this to people they need to spend a day
in jail we get them through the system as quick as we can
District Attorney Jack Ryan handles New York Airport gun charges we’re not going
to apologize for enforcing our gun laws we do enforce them fairly and humanely
and as compassionately as we can is it a fair system when it costs them fifteen
seventeen thousand dollars and they spend a day in jail it’s as fair as we
can make it under all of those circumstances even in Abby’s case it’s
an empty piece of plastic whether the magazine is made out of plastic Kevlar
or metal I think as a material to make question of how many bullets at holes
that’s why New York has banned them isn’t what’s material is whether it held
any bullet it didn’t it was empty you can discuss that with the legislature
they didn’t make it a crime only if there’s bullets in it they made it a
crime Patricia had carefully separated her gun from her bullet the officer
could not even find that’s the case I had to stop and
gesture or if it were but yet they said that this was considered a loaded button
in New York the New York law if they’re together they’re loaded and so we have
prosecuted a number of those coated even if they’re not loaded if they were empty
eight and weapon and the ammunition together they’re loaded most every week
New York jail someone who innocently travels with a gun legally licensed in
their state these are people are trying to do everything right they go on the
TSA website they follow the regulations to fly with their gun they go on the
airline website and they follow the regulations to properly fly with their
gun and then New York jails them you’re a sadistic bully lock on these people up
these aren’t threats we know they’re not threats after we check them out we do
not know who they are when we first talk to them give me a
break prosecutors have discretion they could be reasonable with these poor
people who had no idea that they violated New York strange laws but New
York politicians don’t want you to have a gun so they will put you in jail to
send everyone a message you

  1. Those in New York who are responsible for terrorizing law abiding citizens who have a Constitutional(and natural right – God-given) right to carry a weapon in order to protect their life should be stripped of their jobs and thrown into prison as enemies of America and democracy!!

  2. The woman is such a schmuck.
    Pro tip: learn to protect yourself in other ways than a gun. There are tons of legal but highly lethal improvised weapons all around you. Use your brain.

  3. If the NY legislature had half as much common sense as the founders of the country, there would only be one law. Criminals get put in jail/psych ward, and law biding citizens don't! Keep things simple!
    Time to vote the old/dead wood out of government!

  4. Simple, boycott NY and every other anti 2nd ammendment state. Only money talks in this world today. If you live in one of these states you are subsidizing anti constitutional government. Be American, move out asap.

  5. DA Jack Ryan is a Communist prick. He needs to go to jail for violating Constitutional Rights.
    New York is Robbing People

  6. This is a great example why people don't like cops and legislators with their head up their ass. What was the issue? IF he had all the pieces to put a magazine together it could hold more than 10 bullets? Why not confiscate the magazine and the guy's out $40 to buy another

  7. In new york you need a reason for conceal and carry and self defense cant be one! aka they don’t follow the constitution


  9. NY just red flagged 2 gun owners with a felony so wherever they go they are marked. Now their gun can be confiscated and they can never own a gun. Treacherous socialist liberals get their way. If red flagging becomes a federal law all flagged gun owners will have to turn in their guns and they know who you are and where etc.

  10. New York will ignore immigration law but not their illegal gun laws that fly in the face of our second ammendment. I will never step foot in any state that is anti 2nd ammendment

  11. New York is run by lowest form of scum , they should all get massive heart attack or cancer & just die & do the country a favor.

  12. New York doesn’t want “law abiding citizens” to have guns, meanwhile the non law abiding criminals have all they can carry! Make lots of sense! Dumbass liberals cities!

  13. The red flag laws being passed now are much worse. End around all legal rights like unreasonable search and seizure, probable cause, and due process. Total disregard the constitution.

  14. This hostility toward law abiding gun owners is like being hostile to everyone with a legally owned and operated car . Oh look, a drunk driver, or a reckless driver evading the police in their car! Cars are bad. We must make them hard to get and punish those who have one with taxes and regulations. Or the AOC's solution; only government should own cars.


  16. easy pray you think these commie bastards would take there coward ass out to the gang neighborhood looking for felons with guns??


  18. New York is a shit hole. I would sue tge fuck out of them. When people start striking back these cock sucker will back down.

  19. What a mess New York is not nice huh here we go folks this is what it's going to be like the rest of the country our government is bad bad people they don't care about legal people and good people may like the people that are they like illegal immigrants go give him everything look at that shit and going on in San Francisco and that Kate steinle what a bunch of crap unbelievable Civil War only way out of this folks people arm up get ready The Last Resort otherwise we lose this country forever

    Especially NYC. No business no travel no anything New York.. Anti American commie chickenshit pukes

  21. New York is the most corrupt place in the world why would any red-blooded American even want to visit their stay out of New York

  22. The Constitution and our Founding Fathers wanted us to be AS armed as the State, that we should have any bearable arms we could want, as a deterrent to
    tyranny. Civilians owned Warships fitted with explosives and multiple cannons, the Founders contracted to build the first automatic rifle but could not
    afford it, it was something they were doing for the people. There were a slew of "advanced" firearms during the time: Puckle gun, Belton Flintlock, Ferguson
    Rifle, Kalthoff Repeater, Chinese rocket arrows, Hwacha, Hand cannons, Chinese lever crossbow, Duckfoot pistol, German wheel-lock rifles, Rampart guns,
    Volley guns, Death battery, German axe pistols. They had rifles that carried a handful of rounds also like the Girandoni Rifle that held 22-25 shots.
    (Mag limit argument). To suggest that civilians couldn't own any and all arms today and that the Constitution didn't cover them is preposterous. Do you
    believe that they couldn't envision that technology would advance? If you don't agree with these claims then Free Speech is also limited to goose-quill pen
    and an iron gall or carbon-based ink if that argument is consistent.

  23. The fix is obvious; do not travel to anywhere in New York! Stay away from New York and any other state that would trample on your constitutional rights. Make their behavior hurt where it hurts the most; on the bottom line.

  24. They are so broke and bankrupt they are desperate for revenue. That's the only reason I can think of which is ridiculous on its face. Scum bag politicians and constituents all the way.

  25. Why have these people not sought constitutional law lawyers and sued the living shit out of the state of New York? State laws do not supersede the United States Constitution

  26. It is just like getting a ticket which happens all over the country. Aside from violating your constitutional right, it's a revenue generator.

  27. Newyork should be ejected from the Union. Or at least NYC. Absolutely tyrannical and not befitting of the United States of America.

  28. I grew up shooting shotguns into the sky in open fields with the dudes I grew up with.. we just went out and shot our guns for hours last thanksgiving.. I don’t think people in New York understand a diff way of life.

  29. When you think about it California isn’t as bad as New York, still a piece of shit but New York takes the cake on this one.

  30. Gun control is the beginning of tyrany and against the Constitution!!!!! Police carry guns for protection so we can too!!!!

  31. ok where do i begin with this one you wont apologize for enforcing your gun laws. well of course you dont because you have the biggest disrespect for the second amendment next to massachusetts and california. public disorder you were the one that caused a scene in the first place and did alot of emotional damage. fiarly humanely and compassionate they literally followed all of the tsa instructions point by point and they still ended up in jail. so fuck you you communist dumb motherfucking piece of shit. you traumatized them so much even though they had all the correct paperwork to the point where they wont be able to function like a normal productive member of society because of the hell you caused them. lose with with all of that shit. and plus you have some of the worst crime rates in the nation but you let dozens of fraudsters fly under the radar and let tourests get scammed every year. like you give a fuck about preventing crime you dont you only care about appealing to emotion. fiar as you can make it oh please shut the fuck up you not only violate the constitution but literally violate your own god damned laws by fucking over your own non citizens who come to the state in the first place. the magazine part you idiots are the laughing stock of this country and with high crime and restrictive laws on how you can defend yourself its no surprise as to why no one wants to move to your state to begin with. secondly its an empty fucking magazine made of plastic how in christs name will that harm anyone in the first place? ask the legislature yeah the same ones trying to ban free speech on college campuses oh please shut the fuck up. it was an empty fucking piece of plastic that couldnt harm a fly and he had no bullets nor firearm that could fire the gun in the first place. if they are not together they are not loaded a loaded firearm by definition is one in the chamber she did not have one in the fucking chamber you demented middle aged bureaucrat. pretty soon all of new york is only going to be filled with rich anti american oligarch bureaucrats who care nothing about returning to the days of king george. but that should suprise me since your doing everything he did. now your just trying to cover up your bullshit. well if you know they arnt threats and are doing everything the way they should why are you treating them as such in the first place? oh thats right your trying to make it miserable for gun owners to the point where no one can live there then outaw the second amendment all together go back to the u.k you anti american king george loving bureaucrat.

  32. New York and California can kiss my ass. Those places have so many regulations on everything. No wonder people are getting the he'll out of them.

  33. So boycott that communistic state. Fuck all the Eastern states. You all get what you deserve. Just shoot those communists politicians.

  34. At this point you just start buying them illegally. If you need to defend yourself or your family from a real threat you're not gonna care about buying it legally. You need a gun and you need a gun now.

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