1. My opinion on Donald Trump. Firstly, he’s hypocritical. He claims to despise Saudi Arabia and denounces them for supporting and funding terrorism. Yet, he signed a $100bn arms deal with them. This isn’t just a newly found love for Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom, supposedly a large terroristic supporter, was not included in the ban. That type of hypocrisy is disgusting. He has LITERALLY switched parties and ideologies SIX TIMES. First he was a Republican, then part of the Reform Party, then a Democrat, then again a Republican, then an Independent, and once again a Republican. This shows how much he doubts even himself. Second, he doesn’t recognize the sanctity of professionalism. When meeting with Chancellor Merkel, he displayed absolutely no sign of respect and even refused to shake her hand! I may be a high school student, but one of the main principles of diplomacy is swallowing your ego. The leader of one of the most powerful nations on the face of this Earth is acting like a child on INTERNATIONAL news outlets.
    Third, he incites violence. His disrespectful attitude against Muslims, Disabled Persons, and Women is terrible. Again, diplomacy is the one thing a President must have. How would you feel if your leader was insulting your religion, special attributes, or your gender? Personally, I would and did feel undervalued. Fourth, he makes ABSOLUTELY no effort to reunite the “United” (ironic , right?) States of America. The country is divided to a point where States want to secede. We can argue about whether they can or not, but that’s not the point. True leaders make an effort to unite a country after a bloody election.
    He blames the media for his problems. If people begin the protest, blame the media. If people begin to present constructive criticism, blame the media. If global warming is happening in front of you, blame the media. If the moon crashed into mars, blame the media. It’s ridiculous. Leaders are meant to take responsibility for their actions, not act like children. To conclude, he has no sense of respect for a wide variety of persons. He makes no effort to reunite a once united country. He blames his problems on a platform which will obviously oppose a government (to get readers). He takes no responsibility for his actions. He acts like a second grader (I’m pushing it even then). I am open to accepting Donald Trump as the leader of the Free World and the President of the United States if he begins to act like a grown-up and takes responsibility for his actions. I don’t mind him not changing his stance on foreign and domestic policies. Act like an adult at least.

  2. Trump is the best president we've had in a lo by time. We pray for him every day. Keep up the great job we love you!

  3. If you think he's the worst president ever you need to get your head out of your rear end because you sure don't have a a clue

  4. I will agree that after a year it is really hard to judge a president. Therefore I do not agree that he was the worst president of all time. However that being said, he is the only president that I have been so disgusted by in my lifetime, I'm 43 by the way. I used to be a republican and I was a registered republican until 2016 because I could not support him. I gave him the benefit of doubt and he has gone way beyond my worst expectations. Therefore I Know That he will be the worst president of ALL TIME in the United States if he lasts long enough.

  5. This just goes to show how blinded most americans are when it comes to politics.
    Wasting billions of dollars on a wall won't stop immigration.

  6. The New York Times got it right, he is the worst president of all time and forever will be the worst president ever

  7. I'm reading these comments . . . All I can say is KOBISFB . . . .That's "Keep on believing it s**t for brains"
    That's kinda like wearing a CHINESE made "MAGA' hat . . .(Take it off. and look at the label . . . That is if ya' can read . . .)

  8. The New York times is not always right and I do believe that 13 months is way soon too judge him as the worst of all time. However I have no doubt in my mind that after 4 years, or god forbid 8 years he will not only be the worst president of all time but most likely the worst of any future presidents!

  9. trump repeatedly accused former President Obama for golfing too much. Fact: Obama did golf a lot; 306 times. Fact: Trump has golfed 140 times already and if he stays President for 8 years it'll be 750 times. He spends 25% of his time in office at his golf resorts. But who cares, right? I didn't care for Obama myself and I'm a republican. But what does matter is we as taxpayers pay tens of millions of dollars every month for trumps vacations. The numbers are unreal, look it up. Not even close to any other President in history. "Drain the swamp" what a joke.

  10. Doesn't surprise me with his attempts to trash the US Constitution but worse yet is his childish daily rants on twitter and the chaos he creates in the WH. BTW notice how Laura Ingraham started to say "Drumph" but caught herself

  11. Doug you are right Trump is impactful. When his lawyer says that "truth is not truth" he flings Truth to the ground. Since Trump came to power at the beginning of the 70th week he fulfilled the Prophecy. In this case the metrics do work. History will show what Trump is doing.

  12. He's not even close to the worst president, he's one of the best, he's not #1 by any means but he's definitely up there

  13. Okay…LOL

    A survey on Trump being the worst president….the entire City of New york voted for hillary basically.

    Uh, that is hilarious!!

    Did New Yorkers every look at a united states map of Trumps win? Most of the map is in red….

  14. Go right ahead and keep the lie alive 170 political scientist ranked. No name at 12.35. he is forty on the list And Lincoln at 95.03 is number one your one historian on fox nonsense shall be totally👍😀😇 disregarded and there are no ifs ands or buts ,wake up people before you all die in your sleep as total fools.

  15. "The Donald" is the ABSOLUTE worst "leader of the Free World" imaginable, and anyone with even 1% of a brain would notice this as well. He;s brought the US of A into disrepute internationally to an extent not seen in, well, EVER, has called the country's best and most loyal allies enemies, has sent confusing, horrifying signals regarding nuclear weapons (as in "If we have them, why can't we use them", and many other frightening things such as "i want to be unpredictable", when questioned about his stance on using nukes), he has started a massive trade war that is already hurting many businesses in his own country, he is spending a hundred billion more on the military than the already insanely bloated "defense" budget, he is almost always angry and insulting about virtually everything and everyone, he has openly attacked the free press in ways that sound like what a dictator might, he hired a bunch of thugs and criminals to work for him (several of whom have now been convicted of a whole range of felonies…), …. and he CONSTANTLY lies about virtually everything from how many people attended his inauguration to ""In many places, like California, the same person votes many times. You probably heard about that. They always like to say 'oh that's a conspiracy theory.' Not a conspiracy theory, folks. Millions and millions of people."" – stuff that is simply off the top of his head with NO basis in fact or reality whatsoever. His attitude towards women.. ""You can do anything to women if you're famous…I just grab her pu ssy"" sums that up rather nicely, lol! He likes to brag about how he created so many jobs – not once mentioning that the rate of job creation for most of his time so far, was below that of the second Obama term. He signed into law GIGANTIC tax breaks for the super-wealthy, grovels like a slave before the feet of his idol Putin, praises ultra-right-wing murderous leaders such as Duterte in the Philippines, he has given credence to dozens of insane conspiracy theories such as the "birther" campaign he waged against Obama, with ZERO evidence to support any of his claims, and ""There were people that were cheering on the other side of New Jersey, where you have large Arab populations. They were cheering as the World Trade Center came down," Trump said during an ABC interview. He added: "I know it might be not politically correct for you to talk about it, but there were people cheering as that building came down — as those buildings came down. And that tells you something. It was well-covered at the time." – absolutely unsubstantiated yet he repeats garbage like that as if they were unquestionable facts, on a regular basis… speaking of facts, he seems to get most of his "alternative facts" from Foxy News and Briebart (whose founder he hired to a prominent position – actions speak louder than words!!), has called global warming a Chinese conspiracy (whoa: talk about completely and absolutely insane ideas, lol!!! Global warming theory and research has been WELL entrenched in scientific circles since the 50s, and indeed dates back to the 19th century and before – ***long** before Chinese leaders could conceive of hatching and promoting vast conspiracy theories designed to hurt the USA's industrial business edge. ( In 2012, Donald Trump claimed that "The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive." – a claim he has repeated recently, lest anyone think he has since recanted on that completely impossible notion) – goodness: the list is so long that it would take several books to fully document. On the positive side of the balance sheet… ok i'm stumped on this one: just WHAT has he done (not counting stuff he has merely taken credit for….) that has had a positive effect on the lives of non-billionaires in the USA? Present me with some well-backed claims and let's take a look at them!!


  17. definitely not the worst prez ever. that is silly. they just don't agree with his views. I don't agree with all his views either, but he is definitely doing something right to get all the hate. its getting silly really

  18. lol "you can't make a judgement on the first year" yet Fox news slammed Obama even before he took oath. Lest we forget, we loose control.

  19. I truly miss President Obama and his policies. He was truly the best in my lifetime. Trump is the most pathetic President seen. Collusion, please see Treason. We have guilty pleas, indictments, and more.

  20. I truly miss President Obama and his policies. He was truly the best in my lifetime. Trump is the most pathetic President seen. Collusion, please see Treason. We have guilty pleas, indictments, and more.

  21. Donald Trump! Why can't that man just once thank the presidents that came before him with leaving him with a total United States debt greater than 70 Trillion dollars. Talk about complete lack of gratitude!

  22. The company that is controlled by a cellphone cartel that screws the people of Mexico. For further info on this check out Adios America! By coulter. It's fantastic

  23. Whoever reads and believes The New York Rag is an idiot! Everybody knows now that all main media is controlled by the CIA (project Mockingbird)

  24. I’m not a liberal but trump is it piece of trash and the worst president we have ever had they need to impeach his dumbass already

  25. Many Presidents in their 1st year don't have it so easy, some Presidents that were the greatest, but had lousy 1st year.

  26. I remember that Ronald Reagan's 1st year was not the best, we were in a nasty recession, he was shot, he couldn't get most of his agenda passed, even Conservative papers went against him, it was doubtful that he would served a 2d term, but he is one of the greatest Presidents to ever occupy the Oval Office.

  27. Trump stick to his guns, he means what he says, even if it's unpopular with some, he stays true to his beliefs. He is a man of action. I admire his chutzpah.

  28. This was a survey taken by The American Political Science Association who are regarded as one of the most honest and non-bias organizations in America. Funny how Fox tries to make it look as thought the New York times did it. Can anyone say "Media Bias"? Fox is considered right wing conservative by many bias checking groups or as we like to call them "Trumpers". Facts will never get in the way of "Trumpers".

  29. Stop disrespecting your President. He is the face of your country guys, the symbol of America. He won by the will of the people and he is in power because he is destined, capable and able to the job . So respect him, and respect the will of the people who believed in him.

  30. surprised ? the rest ot the world knows that already only dumb fat americans have no clue that's why they voted together with rusia their new putin/kim jong as their president

  31. If you can’t succeed in America, you just aren’t working hard enough. Stop blaming Trump. Immigrants are legally coming here without speaking English and still getting good jobs and degrees. It’s not because they’re superhuman it’s because they just worked harder.

  32. Donald Trump is our worst president on this Earth because the Mexicans were born here in USA and he wants to take that away from them and that is wrong

  33. If the 2018 midterm prove anything that Trump is going to be a one turn president. I believe 20/20 Trump supporters going to be in for a big surprise.

  34. Comrads, fox viewers, putin thanks you for your support of our useful idiot, trumpski, code name"agent orange" please continue to self brainwash with foxaganda obey strong white father , he will instruct you on what false reality to believe

  35. I agreed he’s the worse president we ever had ever in USA history, and maybe because his dad was from Germany lol

  36. Actually, the NYT ranking is really the opposite of what is true and is an award, and not a condemnation.

  37. I don't know what he actually did for the Americans but for us outside USA he kept us entertained, like seriously I would never miss a video of trump giving speech. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  38. When Trump leaves office he will be known as the best president the United States ever had, Trump 20/20 and we will keep winning


  40. YouTube is compromised to Fox News is the most watched news agency then why does left-wing news agencies pop up whenever I say anything positive about Trump and my search. I typed in Trump is the best president we've ever had and of course the first four videos are anti Trump videos. They will say their algorithms are not biased but the people need to fight against the fake news and anyone that supports it. YouTube has a right to do as they wish but they must State their parameters and stop lying

  41. I dont know about trump being the worst president in the history of America but in terms of the worst presidents of current first world countries he certainly is pretty horrible.

  42. The reaction from anyone with at least a few brain cells: "So it is true, the NY Times is just propaganda"

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