North Korea’s Mass Games highlight diplomatic progress with advanced technology

For the first time in half a decade, the Mass
Games were held in North Korea as part of its founding anniversary celebrations. But this latest version was very different
from the ones held in the past. According to our Park Hee-jun, there were
visible tech-upgrades and the theme focused on economic reform. North Korea’s iconic gymnastics performance,…
the “Mass Games” kicked off on Sunday,… to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the regime’s
founding. Under the theme “Glorious Nation,” tens of
thousands of gymnasts and acrobats danced in highly synchronized formation. Among the crowd were North Korean leader Kim
Jong-un and his wife Ri Sol-ju,… as well as foreign VVIPs, including Li Zhanshu , the
number-three man in China, sent by Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The Games are making a comeback for the first
time since 2013,… when the North Korean regime celebrated its 65th anniversary with
the “Arirang Mass Games.” This year’s event is notably developed technology-wise,…
seen through advanced lighting, drones, laser shows, and fireworks. While performances of years gone by conveyed
strong anti-U.S. messages,… this year’s Games highlight a starkly different tone. They are focused on the regime’s initiative
toward rebuilding its socialist economy. They also emphasize the major developments
on the Korean Peninsula, mainly the historic inter-Korean summit with South Korean President
Moon Jae-in at Panmunjom. The stage was filled with clips of the leaders
holding hands and signing the Panmunjom Declaration. It also showed images of a unified Korea,…
reflecting hopes of achieving peace on the Korean Peninsula. The Mass Games will continue at the North
Korean capital’s Rungrado May Day Stadium throughout September. Park Hee-jun, Arirang News.


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