1. Trump's solution will be to abruptly pull out US troops and give North Korea a green light to invade South Korea, just like he did with Turkey and Syria. Expect that any day now.

  2. CNN, how are you getting information out of Kim Jong Un? Firing a missile is and should be top secret for any country, so what you are promoting is movement propaganda. Is this "Look over here news" so Americans don't realize the 7 middle eastern wars we are currently in? Humanitarian efforts or control of oil?

  3. Donald… your friend Kim is playing with matches the chubby crazy murderer dictator, your buddy the guy that you have a great relationship with wants to blow new York…be careful.

  4. Too bad your viewers will wait for the bombs to drop to start actually caring about the danger Trump posses. All the fake outrage! OMG. If the outrage was true, the streets would be filled with protests. No protests means nobody cares and they dont actually believe trump is as dangerous as they claim


  6. "How did we get to this point?"- Really CNN? We never left it!!! Trump was /is lying. He has NO relationship with Kim,that's why Trump's done squat in ending what Kim is doing. It's all been talk on just Trumps end.

  7. All armed countries conduct missile testing. Trump's approach to North Korea will go down as one of the best legacies from his first term.

  8. Meanwhile, Nunes is taking legal action because Schiff released his private phone records.
    Just bringing some real news to the CNN anti-Trump propaganda network.

  9. Kim Jong Un is a terrible person for Trump to tangle with! The last thing I want to see happen is a world war. KJU is dumb enough to start a world war!

  10. At least Trump has a Dialogue with North Korea unlike OBUMMER couldn't negotiate shyt with N.K., Americans are surprised Obummer didn't buy N.K. off like he did Iran, Coward Obummer and his casterated husband Michael.

  11. OMG, Yavanovic LIED to congress !!! The proof of this is breaking from OAN !!! Watch this before it's deleted !!

  12. the world is watching the bullies that trump has incites by his bullying them first and they all like to play with nuclear weapons say your goodbyes or there might be no chance to say them later

  13. Fear not , trump has clear strategic plans , like we'll see and hope not , combined with his unmatched wisdom , genius brainpower !

  14. Trump is fooling the american people again… similar to what he did with Russia… by asking his North Korea friend to start firing missiles so we can all change focus and ignore his impeachment… what an evil president

  15. Mr.trump. As much as I don't like you I give you permission to give Kim smuck an early Christmas present. A 10 megaton one should do it! PS. Don't hurt the horse.

  16. What the Chinese want is the US to leave the Korean Peninsula, and replace the US troops with Chinese Troops then you will see a change in North Korea. North Korea is a Puppet state of China where do you think NK got there missile, and Nuclear technology it's been proven in social media every picture of their facility the equipment is all Chinese manufactured.

  17. This is the new Impeachment, to keep undermining our Economy by caring what china, north corea think, stop this bs CNN. you all make us sick.

  18. Can imagine Kim riding one of his missiles whilst singing "a whole new world" one of these days, we need a scarier weapon like a black hole generator as a deterrent or even a satellite which can pull asteroids into a designated target area

  19. Kim has been watching to much lamstreem media and thinks Trump won’t get elected, and if a dem is elected he will have his way again, but Trump will win easily.
    House Speaker @SpeakerPelosi initiated the House impeachment inquiry against @realDonaldTrump on Sept 24, 2019.

    Since then, National Democratic Voter approval of the job @realDonaldTrump is doing has – risen slightly – from 23% to 25%.

  20. You idiots that give this dictator the limelight. How ignorant. With a bleak economic future and broke economy how does HE replace of rebuild. He's destroying his missiles right in front of our eyes. He know if he harm one human they will be destroyed. Hell we don't even have to use nuclear weapons. CNN LAB RATS.

    Truley the beginning to the end to impeachment and the Democrats. That's ok many of them love kiddi sex.

  22. Seems it was reported somewhere that NK had a submarine capable of launching missiles, albeit not very dangerous ones. The US should consider taking out that sub. It is a much bigger threat than land based missiles and subs are expensive as hell. Nobody except US and NK would know it happened and NK would NEVER admit to it. Just a thought.

  23. There's one crucial breakthrough I wish the negotiators could make, and that's to split denuclearization and demilitarization into separate tracks. This administration (and future ones) shouldn't be getting stuck on denuclearization, because they inherit a situation (from Bush and Obama) where the DPRK has already fully accomplished its nuclear capabilities. They have the freedom to start again, from scratch, with a flexible new approach.

    If we can begin stabilizing the relationship over nuclear weapons (safety protocols, arms control, and even ultimately an official "No First Use" policy from the US), it then becomes possible to move forward in the much more immediately productive area of demilitarization.

    For this purpose it is actually desirable that the DPRK has developed a nuclear deterrent, because it makes the conventional deterrence force largely redundant. I would want to use this as an opportunity to challenge (and assist) the DPRK to dismantle this massive – and expensive – and exceptionally dangerous – conventional military force, and ultimately redeploy a million of its soldiers into a new civilian economy.

    If we follow this track for the next decade, we may find that the total relationship on the Peninsula has been "denuclearized", even if the weapons are still there!

  24. Republicans are cool with it… they know tRUMP and kim are in love… today's Republican party isn't your GRAND 'OLE DADDY'S party…
    At the very least they weren't the treason trash they are today..

  25. And their testing verdict is in!

    A fat man wearing a polyester substitute near a missile test still looks like a complete asshat.

  26. Someone needs to send a message to Kim. Can you aim that missile at Moron Lago with aGolf Twitler and his Turd Reich in residence, and we call it a draw.? Even if we do get hit, we are on our own. Dotard cuts ties with all our former allies.

  27. "The relationship is very good, but…you know, there is certain hostility, there's no question about it." …yep, Kim was right on target with his "dotard" comment. And if the Dotard in Chief continues his ineptitude, Kim may be right on target with something else. Impeach this idiot.

  28. Kim is 'provoking' us now but will make a 'deal' with Trump just before the election. It's likely arranged for Trump to appear the hero. Kim knows an America under Trump will continue it's isolationist platform and slacken it's interest in South Korean security. This may be simply part of Kim's plan towards reunification.

  29. They all know, they all are in it… order out of chaos it will happen but it will be a false flag our government will permitted just like 911… Don't be fooled fools!

  30. And send north Korea a special gift I got, a new nuke special like they can have it 😆.👍 but I still can't beat that engine (North Korea needs a hand out like a spoiled little brat having a fit)

  31. Calling Trump dotard is not using insulting language, because the cap fits him perfectly. He's a weak old man who has lost his marbles. In describing Trump, it is actually a compliment.

  32. The CHRISTMAS GIFT is 2 ICBM(s) One for CNN HQ and the Other to the DNC. Trump 2020 Get Nancy to govern and put USMCA to a vote.

  33. Rocketman is playing dotard like a fiddle because he knows:

    1. dotard is in deep 💩 at home – re-election highly questionable
    2. "Rocketman" can make things much more difficult for dotard – dotard needs him to lay low much more than "Rocketman" needs anything from dotard between now and the election
    3. Thus, "Rocketman" can push dotard around until he gives in to save his skin – because for dotard, its always only about dotard

  34. Nobody mentioned the 4 billion budgetary increase requested recently by us from SK to cover its military presence.

  35. Nobody cares. Their missiles couldn't even reach us if we DIDN'T have a defense grid. Because they're losers.

    They have untrained, starving soldiers, outdated equipment, nonexistant wartime experience, hardly any air force, and they just suck in general.

    Soooo sick of these douchebags throwing their little bit of weight around trying to intimidate the rest of the world. They need to be dealt with. Now.

  36. Wow… I never thought I'd say this but I have to agree with ol' Kimmy. If Dotard does mean old senile lunatic then he's describing Trump to a T….

  37. Trump love kim young un by his letter now back flash trump spending to much taxfairs money for his stupid politics. Bankruptcy man will make America bankruptcy delivery WW3. Lock trump up safe America impeach him safe life's.

  38. Theres a special place in hell for trump when ww3 starts next year or after next year I want to see how much the trump lovers love him then cause its gonna to be his fucking fault and if I lose my two mates and my fur friends to to fire I hope history shits on him I'm polyamorous and I love my mates they are my world I can't imagine a world without them cause my mate alpha hunt lives in California my friend kaie yote lives in California my friend kineon lives on west coast if I lose them I don't know what I'll do and my other fur friends this butthole trying to take my rights as a gay furry and gender fluid male I'm wiccan and I believe in love but I fucking hate trump

  39. Doesn’t look like either side will get foreign policy through childish & petty name calling; especially with peoples civilized life’s at stake; why are such terrible & disgusting irresponsible humans representing humanity?

  40. Genious Trump – You have put yourself and the USA in this situation that dictator Kim has political leverage over your reelection. 10 year child would see that coming… Mr. Genious. Humanity will pay for a dozen of yours "smart moves" in decades to come.

  41. who gives a shi*??? how the heck is this news all day? hmmm? how? this is just news for the elites rich and famous that is general news as a front for the billionaires club #FakeNews

  42. Yeah, namecalling is a vert nice thing when delling with nuks and psychopaths in charge…it will allways end good, dont you think?

  43. I would prefer to refer to President Trump as "duncel". A term used to describe a useless item aboard a ship.. An appropriate analogy..

  44. result of doing nothing but having photo opps with no real negotiations. North Koreans are calling our bluff and we haven't a clue.

  45. "the relationship is very good"!!! Delusional. US has given everything and NK nothing. Great negotiator!!! once again US president nothing but a softy and easily played as also the case with Putin, the Chinese, and Saudi Arabia.

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