Nontheists Know More About Religion – Pew Survey

the pure forum on religion and public life
indicates that agnostics and eighty as you know more about religion than those who are
part of a major religion like christianity or catholicism i’ll call our supporters you know that people don’t know what’s in
a religion you know and it’s the survey shows a perfectly
he left a simple question was the first book in the bible riled by the government about you know how quiet
on the bus and i was so people redefined really badly you might be surprised by what
senate building only hear what their preacher told over the past or their priests or whatever
the little how ads that jesus allegedly body hates gags not not not that’s not true read the bible revival and the here’s a survey missions that are
not six in a few snow the bible but of the crash is the right l looked at by the way
that makes sense you know why does because they looked at it in and and actually studied it before they rejected exactly a lot of people
who follow these major religions there either born into a or they have traveling members
that believe in it so what don’t go ahead and believe those religions
without questioning it whereas agnostics atheists they wanna understand
the religion so they’ll go and read the bible or they’ll look into the religion in question
and they’ll decide whether or not they’re buying right so yes it does make perfect sense
and i think it’s troublesome that we have a massive population the united states that
falls a religion without knowing at all with the religion stands for it you know it’s a cultural thing for a lot
of people and get it and so ben all on the program all always you say when i went off on religion and faith look a lot of people don’t even know what’s
in it so you’re attacking people for reasons they don’t even understand and so i think i’m in favor of education i’m
in favor of you know what if you would be christian muslim jewish whatever read whatever your tax idea that if you still
buy into it god bless you but debate at least know what you’re talking about because
a lot of people are doing terrible things in your name through that religion right as some people are doing fantastic pics
overhead marla decaying was a deeply religious man so it’s got it’s good it’s bad but you gotta
be familiar with it and and a lot of people are and i’ll tell you my dad and i did the same thing first we read
that peron i_q_ separately at different times and at that by then you’re like and i think this thing doesn’t seem to make
you much sense so then we went back to read the bible both as a new testament and by the end of reading all those books
yet we have the same action not now bite is in a sense why should a sprinkle goat blood
in the middle of the temple walker what why did god the guy didn’t realize
we wouldn’t be doing animal sacrifices later i remember what broke my the camel’s back
for me it was a story that our about it was different story although the shrubs that there was damage that was the right now it looks like this you know it says uh… you shell out while
another man that’s pretty clear but it also says you should need shellfish for reforming north i went through this whole thing i did mob
i was and that there is a tower babble you know you know what happens there a look at your dialog i’m sure most wishes
don’t know what happens right spoke grabs people work together and they built this tower
with our panel and it’s lovely and almost reaches that you know what happens guy gets this andy’s how dairy tried to reach that i have sold much more of a badass annual so it comes a not so that’s out they didn’t do anything wrong you know they weren’t he didn’t build a golden cap they were having
sex with or but the thing about things wrong you know waiting till a later ronny where
they work together dot knocks it down and then says all right i want you guys working together
anymore because then you might because i’m jealous and you might challenge my power so i’m going to have you speak different languages and that’s why babble is like babbling and that’s the story in the bible of how we
all speak different languages this guy dot mad that we might work for you as soon as i read that story by close up the bible and i was and the core of the evidence this week in
other crimes that are booked according to muslims is all test a new test
mazkirah i close them all up type of allied set arm dot and of this okay and bucket a prominent tactic and and you know what i did a little parties
now read from oz about treating i like your partners as somebody get the abeer st present a trip it because if thats god that he’s against ups the profit on for more people working together so i’m not in favor of that read the bought read the corruptly your logistics
and obviously cord to the survey you don’t i don’t know i think there’s a lesson to be
learned from the story apple mhm ok and the story is don’t take shortcuts me update you got it and you got to go through
all the difficult things to make it that you can’t will block the stairs i think the elevators
had yeah back at the head of the great ballet go you know what the figures religious folks
they’ll believe it and they believe other explosions on it was
huber’s in a photo out of bigger reach a goddess identity dublin oh god is so much
stronger than that gotta rector stuff up acacia for the back row which erector star bob maybe things are getting
close to her got paid so that there is a million explanations and
rationalizations for everything but it’s ok has long as you know you read
it in your you know you’ve got knowledge on it and then you wanna make reptiles issues it’s
a free country god bless your heart that interesting fact is how uh… what order did the differently just come in
so it is sitting on six to the best out of thirty two questions they got twenty-one that correct answers in
the questions were in uh… order difficult right interestingly jews enormous came in second
with twenty accurate responses protestants of at the bottom were catholics with fifteen percent probably not too much of the road kitty so just so you know how the orders

  1. If God destroyed the Tower of Babel AND make languages more diverse (and therefore more complicated) because we were reaching a high point in the sky…then why did he/she/it not do anything to NASA when we reached the moon?

  2. Try? You know this is the unproven being known as God we're talking about, right? He/she/it would be able to succeed at anything.
    And you realize that the scientists involved with that command module were could have made a mistake, right?
    Also, three people dying is nowhere near as inconvenient as making it so there are different languages in the world. This doesn't sound like any kind of god at all.

  3. Apparently I did.
    But you can't blame me, when most Christians respond with nonsensical arguments as ridiculous as your prior sarcasm.
    Well, actually, that's a lie. Their arguments make even less sense because you actually cited something true, rather than something that some guy told you or that you pulled out of nowhere.
    Tbh, I really felt weirded out when I was responding to your comment, because it made to much sense to come from a truly faithful Christian.

  4. I'm a Christian but I don't take offense to it at all. A lot of folks my age don't know anything about their religion, better said they don't understand what they know… Not to say I have more understanding…

  5. I spent time in Muslim countries. I've seen the DANGERS of religion. It is not just Christians. It's a problem in many countries.

  6. As someone who was raised a Catholic I can tell you that you are full of shit.

    I have gone to Catholic churches all over the country and the word "Christian" was mentioned several times in all of the sermons.

    The problem is that Protestants don't mention their sects enough and simply get absorbed by "Christian churches" that look like and function like football stadiums.

  7. because "gun control" is ONLY about control.

    Drug cartels in Mexico are having a ball mowing down civilians under the new gun control laws there.

    Germany is talking about banning kitchen knives because of the stabbings.

    Australia is continuing to have more gun violence under their gun ban.

    It is a scam to control law abiding citizens.

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  9. This goes without saying. A lot of people who take even a little time to read up on religions and broaden their understanding of the world and peoples beliefs would have huge doubts about their own. Religions survived in the past because the world was more segregated and people didn't have to mix with other religious groups and ask themselves that all important question, 'why is mine right and there's wrong?'.

  10. This only proves the most ardent Christians dont believe in god at all, if they did they would read the bible every minute of every day till it was memorized, wouldnt you, if you believed the almighty being who created all of existence wrote a book to help you with your life? would you read it? most Christians are too fucking lazy because its hard, because its a long boring book, which proves they dont really deep down believe in anything.

  11. Another funny detail of the tower of babel, is God expressed fear that humans may become too much like him, kind of interesting.

  12. If nontheists know more about religion than religious people… I am petrified with religious people's level of ignorance.

    Why? Because nontheists don't know very much about religion. Just go visit a popular internet atheists hangout spot. Browse Reddit or Digg. Scary ignorance.

    But if religious people are more ignorant than atheist people? That's like being more ignorant than the ignorant. *shudders*

    How scary… how absolutely scary…

  13. Of course, this makes perfect sense. From my understanding, most people really seem to not know the very things they claim to be.

    Republicans don't seem to understand that they are voting contrary to their beliefs.
    Christians & even Atheists don't seem to understand the Christian religion is about Peace, Love, and Charity. Not violent wars in Iraq, glorifying soldiers, southern culture, racism, sexism, and anti-Obama beliefs.

    Culture v. Values

  14. Christianity killed what amounts to basically an entire continent of people. How many native Americans do you know? Jews exterminating Gaza, Saudis flying planes into buildings, hindus raping kashmir.

    Fuck religion. I don't need to get morals from books written by goat herders 3000 years ago. If you need to believe in a god to not do fucked up shit to your fellow man, you are a fucked up, disgusting person.

    Now if you'll excuse me, Jim Baker is trying to sell me some apocalypse food.

  15. Where is there any evidence in that video that he is an agnostic athiest? nowhere does he deney the existence of god. he does repeatedly say that he does not buy in to the god presented in the torah, bible, or koran, but never says that he doesn't believe in god. from the evidence in that clip he could be either agnostic atheist or agnostic theist… the only concrete statement is that he admittedly does not agree with the concept of god presented in those three books.

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  17. Well, I rejected religion after I experienced the whole "Gays shall burn" thing it's got going on. You haven't heard anti-gay statements until you hear a Mormon say that they hate gays for having effeminate voices.

  18. Because one thing does not exclude the other. It's like saying, "why do you say you like pina coladas, when you're clearly a Keynesian economist?"

    Agnostic is not a degree of atheism. Atheism expresses the lack of a deity and Agnosticism the lack of certainty (or, more literally, "knowledge"). When one declares oneself an agnostic, one neither implies NOR rules out also being an atheist.

  19. I say nontheists know too much about religion, too much to the point that they do not believe and see through all the bullshit. Religion is about having faith, and faith is blind belief in something with no proof of validity. Religion is DESIGNED for the ignorant. They want you to not know, that's the point.

  20. @Rege Reget horrible rant, just horrible. did u even watch the video? Smh.. Luckily there's enough brains in this comment section to stir you right

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  22. LOL…Look up the dictionary definition of "Faith". I agree with you, from a philosophical and metaphysical standpoint, God is real to that person who believes. Much like Santa Claus is real to the kid who believes. P.S. when I was losing faith I asked a priest if God existed and he said "God is in the heart" and at that point I knew god wasn't real.

  23. This one girl found out I was atheist and told me I was going to hell and such for angering God. The funniest thing is half the thing she does would go against the Bible… I am not saying theists are bad. Theists who force their beliefs on others and don't even KNOW their beliefs are bad. And atheists who start harassing peaceful theists about god are bad.

  24. Common misconception, atheism and agnostic are not mutually exclusive. They are two different answers to two different questions. Agnotic answers, "do you know there is a god" the answer is either gnostic(claiming to know) or agnostic (not knowing). Atheism answers, "do you BELIEVE in a god?" the answer is either theist(yes) or atheist(no). There is no middle ground. Only two propositions. Either you believe or you don't. When people say agnostic, you might as well say they're atheists.

  25. Lool thats funny. Are you sure you read the Quran??In the Quran God says that he created us differently so we get to know each other and learn from each other.

  26. No science is not faith – just knowing the sun will rise tomorrow requires no faith just knowledge as it goes for more complex things. One may not know a proposition, but knowing what one doesn't know is a start of wisdom and a beginning to gain that knowledge. Its a cop out to claim all is faith so I'll continue to believe the magic man thesis is as valid as science. It's not.

  27. I think that any 'good' person that commits an attrocity is, by definition, a bad person. You could say everyone is born good, but if they do something bad, were they born that way? No- everyone is good until they do something bad, though it's a bit less black and white than that. A persons' religion is not the same as their conscience or morals- otherwise, athiests would have neither.

  28. But religion becomes an excuse to make an atrocity a holy act – thus the Crusades, suicide bombings murdering Drs, going to war, etc and thus inverting wrongs into rights, and immoral acts into moral ones. Bad can be made good and so forth.

  29. Both the crusaders and terrorists are horrible people. People who follow a religion may influence or manipulate other people (maybe by means of a belief system e.g. priests), but the religion doesn't make people do bad things- might as well blame the gun for shooting people.

  30. Or Noah's. Or Adam & Eve's

    God is big on incest, for some weird reason.

    But man lying with a man is an abomination. Ask Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

  31. Well a gun by design is meant to kill people so it's design is violent and influences a culture of violence completing a circle so perhaps some blame is required – just as the religion is formed of violent impulses as well as notions of who belongs or who does not (gods chosen versus the savages). But also many religious texts condone violence against others in ways guns do not!

  32. Hammers aren't 'designed' for killing, but they have the power to augment someone's ability to do harm. The same with guns; having a firearm increases the wielders' potential to inflict injuries, but it takes skill and/or intent to point and shoot. If a person designs a hammer that is sharper, hits harder and can kill people from further away, it is the maker/wielders' fault when it hurts someone. Whether it's to explain the universe or unify a people in blood, don't blame religion- it's a tool.

  33. Of course, yet it is part of a set of cultural baggage that accompanies guns that really makes them violent – they are not made in a vacuum but for a specific purpose ie killing. People that love guns and see them as desirable also see the violent cultural forms that accompany them as desirable.

    Religion is different as it is not a thing, but a set of ideas and a worldview that divides people into groups of us and them, same/different – worth saving/worth killing and enables the acts required.

  34. Thus religion is not a benign tool – it is the part that can make a tool be used for violence – the ideology and worldview and set of behaviours that can justify horrors guised under morality and a warped sense of good. Thus the crusades or suicide bombers.

  35. I don't understand what you're trying to say 'it is the part that can make a tool be used for violence'. If we equate religion to a tool, it's the whole; some pieces may be sharper, but no one part is made to be used for violence. It's the people that use the tool for violence that twist the meaning/purpose of it. The biggest problem with religion is that it can be(or more likely IS) interpreted differently by each person. People with wicked intent will find wicked interpretations to justify it.

  36. I don't think you can equate religion to a tool – its party of what activates tools – ie the culture and worldview. I think the tool analogy fails on multiple accounts.

    My main point is not that the wicked use it to justify vile acts, but it makes good people do wicked things. Jews mutilate their son's genitals, Islam oppresses women, many Christians treat gays and lesbians with revulsion and contempt. And the list goes on.

  37. The analogy's fine. I'm saying that if you were raised believing that bad things were good, then you're bad for doing those things almost as much as your parents are for not having taught you better. Ignorance is not an excuse. Like I said, the 'tool' is obviously not at fault as not all religious people treat gays badly or oppress women even though they're Christian/Muslim etc. A religion is what YOU make of it personally. You can be influenced, but the final decision on how it's used is yours.

  38. Actually most religions try and force what you make out of it. Its not just the individuals choice it limits choice and the texts themselves dictate behaviour.

    And really the analogy sucks as religion is more than one thing, its texts, behaviours, rules etc

  39. Please tell me about all the daughters sold into slavery and disobedient children stoned to death as dictated by the Bible. Yeah, people don't do it because they know it's wrong. Your religion is not the same as your conscience, otherwise atheists wouldn't have one. I honestly do not see where the tool analogy breaks down- I'm just trying to get the point across that it's not the 'tools' fault that people do bad things. You might as well say you killed someone because your tool had a pointy end.

  40. Islam comes from Judeo-Christian tradition. It is inherently peaceful, but extremists like the leader of Iran and the Taliban tarnished its image abroad. Christianity isn't a bowl of cherries either. Look at the Crusades. What good came out of them?

  41. I think you meant intelligent instead of hilarious… religion was created by primitive people for primitive people, belief in god/gods shows a complete lack of intelligence, I also think its hilarious how you could believe in "god", yet not believe in thor, zeus, or fat buddah…. answer one question for me, how smart does this next sentence sound? I'm going to have a telepathic conversation with my invisible dad whom I've never met nor have I seen, religion holds back MAN from PROGRESS

  42. Im not defending Christianity, all belief in religion is stupid… I'm saying Islam is the religion that is practiced with extreme followers today… all Islamic countries are very hateful and controlling to women, have no real idea of justice.. people are STILL stoned for small "crimes" there, children are taught all non muslims are infidels, including different kinds of muslims, and they're against any real education due to fear that intelligent people will realize religion is b.s.,

  43. I honestly don't think this guy ACTUALLY read the entire Bible. Babel was in Chap. 11 of Genesis at the VERY beginning and out of ALL the questions one might have problems with his problem is Babel?!? Hmm God had just killed most of humanity with a flood due to their wickedness and soon enough Noah's descendents were trying to build a tower to give themselves glory and they had a motivation out of pride and sin,God destroyed the tower and confused the language to hold back the depravity of man

  44. No actually nature and morality fully proves God exists with Natural Revelation. The problem is man is fallen and totally depraved and they take that knowledge and suppress it out of ignorance and pride and create false gods in their own image to placate their fears. They think their false religion will placate God and ease their conscience. But everyone knows God exists and without excuse. The problem is not intelligence but a wicked heart that leads to a darkened mind.

  45. your brain doesn't work correctly if you believe in invisible wizards… the problem with the world is that most people (like you) don't use the most intelligent brain nature ever created… and as for the moral argument that religious people always make… i'm much better of a person that all of you.. you don't lie, steal, or kill because a book told you its not right.. I don't do those things because I want to live peacefully with people, my mind and heart gave me my morals.. unlike all of you

  46. The tool analogy fails as a tool is created for a purpose – religions are created for numerous purposes and as a whole are not comparable – they differ in those purposes for which they were created – some are designed for social control, some to explain death, birth etc.

    But most importantly they are what dictates how 'tools' are used. They are what makes tools get used and what tools are created.

    Religions that state death to infidels (etc) overcome peoples natural conscience.

  47. And yet I don't hear any stories about Christians killing their disobedient children or selling their daughters into slavery… A person raised properly- religious or not- will not do what they think is wrong because of their religion. If they do, it will be as an excuse for their actions and not the cause.

  48. Not anymore due to very hard work done by secular humanists during the enlightenment – took a few hundred years though.

  49. you're ignoring Matthew 7, it clearly tells you not to judge others, because you have faults of your own. It quite clearly tells you to fix your own problems instead of worrying about others' problems.

    atheists don't know more about the bible, they nit pick specific phrases and take them out of context.

  50. Speak different languages and cannot work toughether? Hand motions anyone? Try to find a pattern in each language? No? Ok then…

  51. Not knowing doesn't necessarily mean no though. Its more of a refusal to answer the question. An agnostic could still be religious to some extent, while an atheist takes a firmer stance, no?

  52. And if you say, "I don't know what I believe" then congrats, you're an atheist. Being an atheist doesn't mean you're firm in nonbelief. It simple means you don't believe. Nothing less, nothing more.

  53. So then what is an agnostic atheist? I have a friend who claims to be one. I've told people I'm atheist and they always get the impression I'm completely closed-minded to religion.

  54. Umm. Wow. I explained it in my first comment you replied to. Agnostic means you don't claim to know. Atheist means you don't believe. You can be either an agnostic-atheist or a gnostic-atheist. If you say, "I don't know but I don't believe" that means you're an agnostic-atheist. If you say something like, "There is no possible way for a god to exist. I know there isn't a good with a high level of certainty." Then you're a gnostic-atheist. Which is much more rare.

  55. You're wrong. Gnosticism has nothing to do with knowing that God is real. Gnosticism is the belief that through esoteric knowledge, one can free themselves from the material world. This teaching was most famously adopted by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, then Crowley's Ordo Templi Orientis. Plus, reality is only an opinion. Everything is grey and until we realize that we will continue to adhere to our more bestial state.

  56. I'm wrong? Umm, let's see here. *looks up definitions again* Nope, I'm not actually. Thanks for your nonsense comment. Good day.

  57. Gnosis-the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means (according to Gnosis_org) Believe it or not, the main focus of Gnosticism is reaching Gnosis (or a state of). But of course someone who isn't a Gnostic would know SO much more about Gnosticism than one who is. Of course what you believe Gnosticism is is SO much more accurate than what the GD taught or the A.'.A.'. or the OTO or the EGC or any other Gnostic order, even though the OTO practices the Gnostic Mass.

  58. Agnosticism and gnosticism are not stances on religion. They are just stances on how you think about knowledge and information. If you think " There is not enough proof or evidence for me to say one way or the other with absolute certainty whether someting is real or not. thats agnostic". However you can still believe it is or is not real. But you dont claim certainty. It is just a stance on the certainty based off the information and knowledge available. One can even be an agnostic theist.

  59. Gnostic Is saying " there is not evidence one way or the other, so I am going to make a stance for certain." In other words there in no evidence to prove it is true so I am going to say as a certainty that it is false. Or there is no proof it is false so I am going to say with certainty it is true. Agnosticism and gnosticism are just the way you conclude matters based off knowledge. So it has to do with how you processing knowledge, not just religious knowledge but knowledge in general.

  60. Funny. This smug guy claims he knows about religion. He then backs this claim by explaining the story of the Tower of Babel in such a way that a toddler would be ashamed of.

    Let me explain in basic terms the account of the tower of Babel to you my silly friend

    At the beginning of Genesis chapter 9 God blessed Noah to become many and to fill the earth

    In Genesis 10, Nimrod is mentioned as a mighty hunter of people who stood in opposition to God. His kingdom was Babel

    In Genesis 11 it tells of the work of building the tower and keeping the people confined to Babel, thereby not filling the entire earth of free people.

    Hence God introduced the languages ensuring that they would spread out and fill the earth. The account is not hard to understand…

    On a side point do you know why he wanted to build such a tall tower that reached into the heavens? Because if God flooded the earth again, he reasoned he could go up the tower and be safe above the water level.

    On a side point, all the references to the Mosiac law are irrelevant because Jesus did away with the law when he died. Of course you wouldn't understand that either.

  61. I was done with Religion after reading the Bible's sick incest story between Lot and his daughters. Actually I was already disgusted just before in Sodom, as this "honourable believer" offered his own daughter for rape and gang bang to the mob. That's really a fine role model and exemplary religious moral.

    Thanks, but no thanks! My non-religious moral has a higher value than your's.

  62. As a former Christian and now open atheist, I can tell that this matches my experience exactly. There are two basic reasons that I managed to get out of religion, one being that I was not indoctrinated as a child, and the other being that I studied and knew the Bible better than all the believers around me. The better you know the Bible, the more you become acquainted with things that make no sense, and the more you struggle to defend things that are inexcusable, as well as deeply immoral. Whenever I talk to believers now, I challenge them on things from their own Scriptures, and most of the time, they haven't even heard of them.

  63. "This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘I will punish the Amalekites for what they did to Israel when they waylaid them as they came up from Egypt. Now go, attack the Amalekites and totally destroy all that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys." (1 Samuel 15:2-3)

    This is why I am not a Christian

  64. I know a former Christian who says that after he read the Bible, he became convinced that Satan is actually the good guy, and God is the evil one.
    He says that by tempting humanity with the apple (knowledge), Satan was essentially freeing us and God, not wanting humanity to have knowledge (maybe because He thought it would eventually lead to people not believing in Him) threw a fit and kicked them out of Eden.
    Of course, religious people will give their own interpretations of that but, when you look at what is actually written in the Bible, it's very difficult to see God as the good guy.

  65. How many and Atheists use to be religious, until they made more of a effort to read the texts with a realistic mindset, even went to other resources to answer what they were confused about, also studied history behind religions . Even though I believe in a higher power I'm not religious, I respect Atheists for at least thanking for themselves, using common sense, and researching

  66. In the early ages of these religions it was the opposite. The religious people had to spread it the atheists and then they learned of it.

  67. ofcourse, because most of us became athiest through studying it. theists just believe without question, retards

  68. I didn't know Dogan was non theist. It makes sense since Cenk, a non theist known for being secular is his son lol 😉

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