Noam Chomsky - The Rise of Right-wing Populism

take say Austria we're about 50% of the population are supporting a kind of a neo-nazi party Austria one has some memories of Austria or take Germany where a right-wing ultra nationalist party is now winning not winning but coming in local elections ahead of Merkel's party okay I'm old enough to remember listening to Hitler speeches over the radio I didn't understand the words but the meaning was significant actually my first article I wrote was in February 1939 and it was about Barcelona it was about the fall of Barcelona two fascist forces and the picture that my own fear at the time ten year old not very sophisticated was that the spread this evil spread of fascism over the world was unstoppable what are we here now in Europe echos are the same thing that's pretty serious not suggesting that we're on the verge of a return to Nazism but it's pretty serious now let's go back to the United States it's also serious though not at this level and I think if you look at the sources it's pretty similar in both there are plenty of differences but there's somewhat similar in the United States and Europe part of it is simply racism Europe in my opinion has always been much more racist than the United States and Europe homogeneous societies could suppress their fear of any contamination by a small number of different people so as long as everybody's blonde and blue in Denmark we're not racist but as soon as a small percentage of others come in it all blows up we're seeing this all over Europe the United States has a history of horrible racism but nevertheless it is something of a melting pot familiar terms you stand on a street corner in New York you see every imaginable kind of person race class gender and nobody pays any attention it's bad enough in the United States but possibly worse in Europe another factor is the neoliberal programs of the past generation both in the United States and Europe in Europe it took the severe and destructive form of the austerity programs after 2008 the effect of these programs has been to cast aside large numbers of people who have so in the United States for example the wages for male workers are about what they were in the 1960s I mean while benefits have declined the hope for the future is declined they see themselves ignored suppressed the similar phenomena in Europe and one result has been contempt for institutions political institutions financial institutions almost all of them and the collapse of centrist political parties striking in Europe and the Trump phenomenon and indeed the Sanders phenomenon are a more promising case are signs of the same thing in the United States so I think it's not hard to find the sources of these developments which are very serious ones that we're facing imminent crisis the migrant crisis in my opinion is essentially a moral crisis of the West but there could be a really huge my current crisis as the effects of global warming increase of course in the case of possible nuclear war the other major shadow there's no migrant crisis nobody's left to talk about but no time to really go into it deeply but I think we can see somewhat similar phenomena and roots in the United States words on the front pages right now and in Europe where it's constant

  1. The world's biggest racist are Jewish supremacists like Chomsky. Look at Israel where they have passed a law that says only ethnic Jews may become citizens. And the Israelis are deporting black African immigrants. Everywhere other than Israel the Jews are demanding multiculturalism. And how does multiculturalism benefit white society? Not one bit. In fact it is just the opposite – it fragments our societies, uproots our traditions, and threatens to replace us in our own countries with low IQ third world people who's only advantage is that they have far more babies.

  2. I find both extreme right and left are both equally no good and spread hate intolerance….
    Both anti semitic. In fact Leftist seem to curse us more.

  3. Every couple of decades when the older generations dies and the younger generation will repeat the mistakes of their grandparents

  4. In short: "everyone I disagree with is far-right / neonazi / fascist", which is the same narrative of mainstream media. It's also sad that this man openly supports a convicted left-wing criminal from my country whose government plan literally uses the term "ethno-racial" when talking about exclusive social policies. He seems to be motivated by feelings rather than reason. I wanted to see rational arguments from intelligent left-wing people, but everyone is so polarized these days. Most people just believe everything the media and close-knit academic circles tell them.

  5. Not sure if it is a rise-i think they have always been there, they just never had a voice before. And of course they should not have had one- calling hate speech "free speech" is a vile corruption. They were cowered underground for decades after WW2, but now the right has monopoly's on the media, government, and corporations we TRULY HAVE THE "PERFECT STORM" of fascism. GREED is stopped by only by death(all other afflictions are curtailed by old age, sickness…) but not greed.

  6. Politicians are supposed to represent the people who elect them, not the corporate globalized world. If politicians use that excuse every time they give in to lobbyists then the working class / the people will no longer have any political representation anywhere in the world.
    Who gives a shit about racism. You can't use that excuse anymore because we have nothing to lose.
    We, the people want representation. And we want what the elites stole from us / our lives back.

  7. that he calls the austrian freedom party a neo-nazi party shows how little he knows about europé. sure east europé is more extrem (not neo nazi) due to their fear of communism

  8. "Contempt for institutions" yeah, except when those institutions align with their racist bullshit. For example, there is broad support among right wingers of all stripes – from Trumpers, to conservatives and even libertarians – for the republican party, which is one such institution. It's just full-of-shitism. Nothing more.

  9. When I was in college I read so many books by this man and he was one of the first harbingers of my tin foil hat wearing self and despising of imperialism American I'll be at any other imperialism

  10. Agree with second reason and not with the first. Europe is much less racist than the rest of the world, especially countries like Israel, Japan, Zimbabwe or Saudi Arabia. But the leftists slamming them with accusations of racism and xenophobia for having a country of their own has what has led to rise of so called neo Nazis (which incidentally have many minorities as members). No one has the right to settle down in any country. Foreigners came in my country too to leach off our economic system. But some xenophobes like Gandhi got them to leave after much struggle. Patriotism is not evil!

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