No, MORE Millennials Should Be Communists (Debunking TheBurgerKrieg)

hello apologies for not responding to comments and being away for so long I've just been very very busy over the past couple of months and as a result I haven't had much time to really write many scripts or make any new videos but I'm trying to change that bit by bit so yeah here's the thing in this video some things are almost constantly recommended to me on YouTube and this was one of them after seeing just how many views it had I think it deserved a response now YouTube has its fair share of enlightened centrists but I've never heard of this particular one to be honest I'm glad I haven't as he's put out other masterpieces such as anarcho-capitalists and communists are the same thing yes now I don't want to talk too much so let's get started I realised midway through making this video that um maybe didn't really deserve a response cuz it's very lazily put together but like the script is written so I hope you enjoy this if you're not a millennial and you're looking at this generation there might be one thought that is particularly prevalent in your head what's with all the communism right off the bat that's a strange thing to say every generation has had loads of Marxists many of which got into politics at much younger ages – particularly in the global South assuming that you're referring to their presence on the internet however well that just has to do with the fact that young people are more tech savvy and you'd probably be right to ask that there are an awful lot of an ironic communists in this generation thank God and it might look a little weird from an outside perspective little difficult to understand but I as of millennial myself do have a little bit of insight into why my fellow youngsters of this day and age dusting off their the old hammer and sickle you'll see a lot of this long video a lot of past tense and implying antique nests as if it's something old and gone that time I've just picked up again after many years of it being abandoned I don't know where you've been but communists around again particularly in the global south this isn't some idea that died and came back this is an idea that continues to gather momentum despite numerous setbacks and all the odds stacked against it just to make this clear I'm not a communist I think communism is a terrible idea as evidenced by you know every single country that's ever tried it should we pull out the stats I'm so tired always a lot the stats alright then I've covered this in another video mine titled socialism gives a better quality of life which I really do need to remake since its kind of old and the audio quality is not so good on that one but go and see that for all the details but I can run through this pretty quickly in this study covered by that video it was shown that at the same level of economic development the socialist country showed way more favorable outcomes than the Capitol's countries in all measures the more favorable performance of the socialist countries was evidenced in all the comparisons that could be made within each level of Economic Development the socialist countries had infant mortality in child death rates approximately two to three times lower than the capitalist countries similar relationships emerge for life expectancy socialist countries consistently showed higher numbers of health professionals per population than capitalist countries at equivalent levels of economic development the ratio of population per physician in lower middle income and upper middle income socialist countries was similar or even higher than that of high-income capitalist countries socialist countries consistently showed equal or higher levels of enrollment in educational institutions not only that but they provided high-quality educational facilities to the whole population regardless of race religion language ethnicity to quote the article even in the wealthier capitalist countries public health and educational policies have not achieved equitable access for low-income groups racial minorities and geographically isolated communities in addition socialist countries provided a higher daily per capita calorie supply as a percentage of requirement than did the capitalist countries at a seminal level of development nutritional supply of all socialist countries exceeded the hundred percent requirement for healthy life and growth unlike in the capitalist countries in all three comparisons within given levels of development socialist countries achieved a much higher physical quality of life and every single measure middle-income socialist countries either closely paralleled or surpassed high-income capitalist countries if these vast differences can convince you that socialism disappeared to capitalism then you're either deluded or in denial socialism took Tsarist Russia which was a semi-feudal backwater where peasants still used wooden ploughs and within a few decades turned into a nuclear-powered superpower rivaling and in some cases far surpassing the US and the rest of the Western world it was the power that launched us into the space age for God's sake if this was your criteria for failure that I wish there was a whole lot more of it in the world upon reviewing the evidence it would show that socialism worked extremely well despite all the sanctions and wars sabotage internal meddling and constant threats and nuclear holocaust by the US and company had adherents in academia long before the first communist regimes and now or even long after the fall of the Soviet Union they're still there um as a matter of fact I think universities might be the work place that has the most gainfully employed armed communists of any workplace at all really uh the old right-wing trope that somehow communists dominate academia despite the fact that no statistic has ever proven that anyone who has attended university particularly in the West but also elsewhere can testify to how anti-communist professors were undeniably some of the greatest thinkers of the modern world have been socialists and Marxists and hence not studying them would be a crime against humanity's knowledge but that doesn't mean Marxism rules over universities a much more accurate statement would be that liberals both of the right variety and the left quote/unquote left dominate universities and that would be correct keep in mind that Marxists aren't particularly fond of liberals and Marxists are not liberals also have you ever been to a mine a factory well even an old cubicle type office where there are workers there are communists simple as that I'd argue that universities have a relatively low number of marks SS staff by the way if you really want to look into this further then look up the book by apparentiy titled academic repression reflections from the academic industrial complex and you can just see how loving universities are towards socialism this is of course because things have a way of working in academia like they don't in the real world that's what capitalism is taught at economics and business courses as a brilliant mutually beneficial system for all rather than how it is in the real world an exploitative and destructive system bent on commodification of everything for further and further pursuit a profit no matter the cost of people or the environment and that is completely all right I mean after all we pay these people to think about complex hypotheticals and weird mental constructs and generally just philosophy stew and many good things come of them doing what they do they're just not as often as readily applicable or as obviously applicable as advances in engineering or medical science but like engineering occasionally the academic ideas are tested against the real world and then they result in gulags oh boy here we go the spooky word gulag it sounds foreign and strange so must be evil no there were simply prisons where inmates did labor until their sentence was finished wouldn't you say that's better than having prisoners sit around wasting decade's worth of tax money it's already been proven time and time again that gulags were nothing less than prisons with the vast majority of inmates being the usual murderers and thieves and rapists and like they did labor for a maximum sentence of 10 years were rehabilitated and then left back into society even the rabid anti-communist Solzhenitsyn got complete treatment first cancer while in these horrible gulags researchers like Thurston have written extensively on this topic hell I'll even throw in a link where you can review dozens of sources from even the biggest ant economies such as conquest that testify against the hellhole gulag trope the Finnish Bolshevik also has excellent videos covering how Western countries also had gulag far worse than the Soviet Union need I remind you that the US has the highest prison population in the world need I remind you of all the rape humilation and torture that goes on in American prisons need I remind you of all the people thrown n mass into prisons on trumped-up charges on minor offenses all in the interests of profit so even make the point it shows that you're either a hypocrite or ignorant and you would expect these academics to go well that didn't work and then just move on and some did and do but unfortunately the same human nature the term the Soviet Union into a cesspit of misery is holding these people back from adopting new ideas oh for God's sake one will you guys get your arguments really the human nature nonsense is I could tell you to go read mutual aid but Kropotkin or really any book on anthropology but I'll do even better the human beings are a naturally cooperating species that's the only way we managed to get this far I don't think that's a particularly contravention controversial statement to make the only way anyone can get anywhere is through cooperation whether you like it or not capitalism has existed for at most 400 years of human history primitive society which we call primitive communism in economic terms existed for tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years you tell me what do you really think guys human nature a few centuries or all of human history also I could mention the relationship of economic base to superstructure and talk about how people's perceptions ideas etc are shaped by their socio-economic environment but that you can easily look up on your own it's hilarious how he's saying that these imaginary academics are holding on to these outdated ideas so strongly when he himself is clinging to the weakest possible arguments that the simplest google research would debunk you can construct your own world in your mind it's easy to rationalize the shit away right it's you can just say well communism wasn't done right all the times it didn't work and if it was done like exactly this way that I have in mind and just everyone stuck together and helped each other and and you know pulled the same way then it would work for sure except there are established theories and rules that govern political economy this isn't something people just conjure up in their mind this is based on accumulated human experience and rigorous research also another outdated and thoroughly debunked argument the not real communism bullshit makes a showing lovely the fact is that no Marxist makes these arguments socialism was wildly successful even with all the odds stacked against it to be honest I've never met any Marxist say not real communism I only see anti-communist pretending like some make this argument in reality it's usually these same anti-communists who'll say things like not real capitalism or corporatism to try and hide the fact that capitalism is a horrific system Jesus I'm only three minutes in if only humanity were a little less human then communism would work that's why you have a lot of academics who were communists at universities but what the fuck does that have to do with Millennials well I'll tell you most of these millennial communists come from university academia where communists ideology has been taught for decades really has ever seen any educational institutes speak of ideology or history as always capitalism is amazing communism is horrible repeated over and over from elementary school till the post graduate level open any school history book like a high school book for example you'll see the obvious obscuring of facts and the constant lying about socialism even I remember the nossas these to tell us when I was in high school for God's sake also all commies are first world white college students is a silly and ignorant cold warrior trope that has no grounding in reality in every generation of students there were some that fell for it right they they then became communist academics themselves and passed the torch and made sure that the teachings went on but despite all the many many different packaging's that it has tried communism never really caught on with the general student body ever heard of 1968 but now we have the sudden explosion of Communists and all over the West in all the universities right everybody's buying fucking fur hats and Kalashnikovs if fur hats are pink hair dye and Kalashnikovs or iPhones uh here's where he's going with this mohair cw's buddy those aren't communists pick up a book and learn about the thing you're criticizing before you open your mouth that way you don't come off as an arrogant and ignorant douche they have stolen the mantle of the actually quite noble idea of social justice and turned it into full-blown fuckin Marxism packaged as you know something that is generally considered to be a good thing and well let's just say some like that does not happen in a vacuum you'll know this happened because communism hit fertile soil with the millennial generation communists hit fertile soil with the proletariat everywhere across all generations again the fact that you don't know this shows just how little you've researched this were you trying to capitalize on some extra right-wing bend you took was on for like a month or something right the limited life experience that they do have has led them to the conclusion that Marx is their best option to advance into the future ah the usual ha ha you just kids you have no idea what you're talking about line said by those that lack the intellectual capacity to form a coherent argument so they resort to the schoolboy s crease s line of well I'm older so I'm right again actually engage with the material you're trying to criticize before talking out of your ass it'll save you the humiliation I promise oftentimes the explanation is that Millennials are just spoiled and lazy and they want the government to give them everything for free but that's not really the true reason imagine for a moment being a millennial right you weren't born to rich parents because let's be fucking honest here few people are right you just have a normal regular old middle-class background you're not super rich but you've also never had to experience hunger at this point I'm assuming he's talking only about those in the West are you fucking thick or something middle class never experienced hunger have you ever looked at poverty stats in the US the UK even just cuz you were one of those decently well-off doesn't mean everyone is buddy you've spent all your life in a terrible school system that has taught you nothing about anything and was generally just creativity strangling conformity training right there's the mundane behaviors were helicoptered over and then medicated but really nobody actually cared about you because your parents were much too busy making money so their lives wouldn't be ruined now he's arguing for socialism without even realizing it yes alienation is a horrible thing and is a direct result of capitalism if you want to get rid of it you need to get rid of capitalism not exactly a hard concept to grasp and now that you're fresh out of high school you need to make an impossible financial commitment to knowing what you're going to do for the rest of your entire life which is something you haven't had the time to think about because you were too busy memorizing useless information in high school now that you've made this decision based upon your non-existent life experience welcome to the nightmare that is high school 2.0 or as most people like to call it college because no university life is not all about frat parties and weed bro it's actually a lot of hard work and dedication paired with heartbreak and malnourishment because getting a degree any degree or at least most of them has become so much tougher over the past 30 years right you have to put in more hours in the day of work you have to perform to much higher levels you have to tread lightly with what you say because of you know somewhat unrelated reasons right it's the point is free time is generally not something that students have it's just not something that happens for them it's it doesn't exist but wait there's more if you apply to our college now you'll also get to work at a shitty job that pays next to nothing because that's the only way you'll be able to afford top ramen at the end of the month so you don't fucking starve to death your parents can't help you they need all their dwindling cash to make sure they have enough money for retirement and also to ensure that the bank doesn't foreclose on their fucking house again arguing for socialism seriously man we're on the same page if I repackage some socialist rhetoric to avoid any obvious political connotations you'd be fully on board in fact the vast majority of the population usually is but instead you're letting the ruling class do the thinking for you telling you what to like and what to vehemently dislike despite it being in your best interest you can't be at uni have a job to pay the bills and to be anything outside that it just doesn't work everything pays less everything costs more and everything is more difficult to do and when you leave college you are now settled with such a monumental debt than it is so much negative money that you could buy an anti mansion from it right in in in anti Beverly Hills that's how much anti money that is and unless you have a really rich daddy or mommy you're not going to be starting a business because when you have incredible amounts of debt you are not going to gamble on your new startup idea and no matter how fucking brilliant it is and that angel investor that's going to save you and you know increase his wealth a little bit while making you fabulously rich with your hard work is not coming along those people do not exist and before you go well you didn't have to buy that college education you've purchased a product and now you must pay its cost try try being a millennial and and getting a job that is better than Walmart without having gone to university try that and then we'll talk no graduates have to become wage slaves because what other options do they have really and even that can be incredibly difficult the days of hey I went to college give me a job over its desert it's gone it doesn't happen anymore you can't live like that right in addition to your degree you need years of work experience to get even an entry-level job right and you can't get years of experience because you can't get a job right and when you could of course get those years of experience by working for free which is called an internship but really that's only something you should do if you're willing to live on the streets and scour garbage bins for food on your free time and even if you do get a job against all these odds well have fun earning about ten thousand dollars adjusted for inflation less than people did 30 years ago with entry-level jobs and also have fun owning about half is what baby boomers did in their early 20s and also you're in huge fuckin I agree with everything he's saying it's all true and hence why more Millennials should be communists not less look the only reason things were better for baby boomers was because Europe was destroyed post-war and the u.s. had free reign to capitalize on those destroyed markets along with the fact that there was eight massive and modern socialist superpower right next door that provided their citizens with practically everything they would need plus quote unquote luxuries such as completely free education all levels excellent universal health care cultural houses and festivals a strong sense of belonging and so much more the u.s. knew it needed to compete in order to not lose for the Communists providing all this was a must for human happiness for the capitalist it was an unpleasant necessity in order to protect their interests once the USSR was illegally dissolved the capitalists realized they didn't need to do this anymore and then gain the crippling austerity then gained the horrifying debt plummeting Social Services and shitty pay if you can even find employment that is even though you work more hours there is no job security you'll never be able to buy a house or retire that's that's not an option that's ever going to be on the table for you right because the meager earnings that you do get you have to spend those on staying alive and paying your debts there's nothing else there it just isn't anything else you can do with it basically you're looking at a life of modern-day slavery which was sold to you as well your that you have the freedom to do whatever you want so long as you do want one of these few things that you can actually realistically do in the system that we have pushed you into right can you not understand that some Millennials would just go yeah no this is why Millennials are turning to Marx for answers this is why all of humanity has across every single culture and nationality and religion turned to Marx at one point or another that's because his analysis is the most profound and his solutions make the most sense no one would ever believe in trickle-down economics and other sort of nonsense when they've read even the simplest of Marx's works because Marx breaks all these illusions they have borne the brunt of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression and yes many people lost many things but Millennials in general just lost their entire future that's what they paid for even though they had nothing to do with creating this crisis and the next crisis is just around the corner because governments are bought and paid for by banks or exactly the boom and bust cycles are inherent part of capitalism if you want to end these horrific depressions that ruin millions of people's lives every few years you need to end capitalism there isn't any way of getting around it so the overpriced education they got is worth nothing but also it's not optional they see that all this great economic growth that's happened over the past few decades it's all gone 2.5 percent of people the rest of them cut got scraps like the middle class where their parents come from the life they'll never have it's disappearing and it's not disappearing upward that's not what's happening and they also see that none of this is going to change because the older generations just go yeah this is uh this is completely ok I'll be dead soon anyway so what do I care I have money so Millennials think to themselves hey how about instead of me being a slave to this system I did not create I try building this utopia I found in a book oh geez and we're back to this nonsense first of all read socialism utopian and scientific by angles to clear this up Marx and Engels spent their lives differentiating themselves from utopian socialists so read what they have said to claim that Marx advocates for a utopian world is beyond ridiculous do your research people for the millionth time if you're going to criticize something learn what the thing is first I promise you just look into Marx's works he makes a lot of sense he's not some spooky boogeyman all right he's just a guy who's tried to analyze capitalism and his analysis proved to be incredibly profound what could possibly go wrong I don't know I have never experienced any of it they don't know about the horrors of communism like free excellent quality education universal health care how zero homelessness is your unemployment 100% literacy rates at the breaking of barriers between different races and religions economic and employment security early retirement with full pensions a strong and organized country to be proud of immense public infrastructure spending the elimination of famines that were endemic to those regions of the world full public representation or direct participation in the political process democratically governing their own workplaces full ability to persecute corrupt managers or bosses or overseers and so so much more they've never had to live under its oppressive thumb they weren't alive back then and neither were you so stop talking out of your ass people who did though all want it back they learned about the horrors that the right-wing committed because Nazis are fairly present in high school education but day to day life in the Soviet Union isn't really a major part of the educational curriculum in the West and maybe it wasn't in yours it was wholly present in mine I went and asked a few people I know from Germany Sweden France the u.s. Italy Jordan Japan and Mexico and every single one of them told me they were thoroughly taught about the quote/unquote horrors of communism the ruling class is very interested in making socialism look like an evil thing because it is the only thing that challenges their power that's why liberals across every time period have sighs sided with fascists against communists they know just because you don't doesn't change the fact I mean I remind you that the whole Third Reich happened because of the Great Depression right Germany was in in shambles following Black Friday and in all that accompanied that whole debacle right that's how the Nazis could sell sell the Germans on the Jews being the problem because of all the banker Jews as London said fascism is capitalism in decay when the capitalists can't keep their power through covert liberal and pseudo democratic means they resort to fascism that's why behind Mussolini and Hitler were the largest industrialists of Italy and Germany the Nazi ideology was just in the right place at the right time much like communism is today with social justice and helping the poor so is this a thinly veiled attenti that horseshoe nonsense fascism wasn't at the right place at the right time it was a carefully planned response to the heightened level of class struggle in Europe after World War one by his logic of social justice and helping the poor calm ISM would then be right for every single population at every single point in time which is pretty much true really they're a bit like reluctant Trump supporters right they thought well I could vote for this corporate shit candidate that is literally the worst person to live in this day and age in America Trump was no worse than Obama or Bush he was just not as well-spoken as Obama otherwise the wars the tax cuts the rich the drone strikes declining quality of infrastructure and health care and education and every other failure of capitals in America continues and as ever or I could go with the wild card who could either be the best thing ever or the worst thing ever so why not why not go out swinging instead of taking your it up the ass right and also much like a these reluctant Trump supporters or at least many of them they have fallen victim to the Ben Franklin effect where they eventually started thinking that because they decided for this system it has to be the best most flawless system ever to exist in all of history and any anything that attacks it is fundamentally evil and the opposite of good if you don't like the rules change the game and if we don't fix the aforementioned problems because do understand that these are the problems that are making communism happen in the West well the same thing that happened with the Nazis might happen again only with the Communists what is he saying mass extermination of whole populations this is a ridiculous point that makes very little sense and please know this if they win this time they will win for good you can no longer go into the woods and build some sort of secret resistance it doesn't work they have fucking drones with thermal vision you can't do it they will win for good resistance is never outdated there will always be ways to fight the power so to speak that's how even now their guerrilla bands and people's armies throughout the third world fighting through the liberation of their people either way those former capitalists landowners and fascists the usual groups as shown by history that fight socialism in order to regain the power to oppress deserve whatever comes to them it was that very same oppression of capitalists and landowners and fascists by the USSR that prevented the fifth column within the Soviet Union from destroying the country and allowing the Nazis to roll right in like the fifth columns throughout Europe for example France had done thank you very much for watching I do hope you go a little bit of insight into the Millennial mine said I really do because I need people to understand this I need people to understand that this isn't just something that came out of nowhere this is something that came from very real things and very real problems that Millennials have right you can't tell a millennial well I added worse in my day because first of all that's not fucking true and second of all the fact that you that we have iPhones doesn't mean our lives are not shit because iPhones do not make you happy also I don't I don't even have an iPhone I'm I'm an I'm an Android user so that's probably why I'll have all the downloads at the video bottom there they will they will be there because it's because of because of my android usage yeah not because of the extreme and that's that pointless video there on the end manages to pretty convincingly argue for socialism mixed in with typical anti-communist tropes that the whole no wait so in the end I'm glad this video got nearly 400,000 views you did a good job comrade again I'm I'm sorry for being so bad with putting out videos and not responding to comments and all that stuff I've just been very very busy I'll see if I'll have time to make more videos I always want to make more videos but I'll see if I have more time in the near future and oh and if you want to talk to me sometime or just catch me in some voice chat or something then I am on the Finnish bolsheviks discord server I do come on every once in a while so get on that and that's it I'll see you guys later

  1. Sorry I'm really tired and haven't proof-watched the video. Lemme know if there are any editing issues or something. Also, apologies for not responding to comments, I've just been really busy as usual. I'll see you in the next video!

  2. Communism always fails and the countries that are communist are like mass graveyards and you’ll actually grow out of it soon.

  3. His appearance and his voice do not match. He looks like he should be exceptionally well groomed with a moustache, monocle and top hat.

    Seeing a pseudo grunge 20 something just seems wrong. Also, he sounds so pompous. He needs to be twirling that nonexistent moustache, and adjusting the also nonexistent monocle. 🧐

  4. So according to the study, socialism is great… as long as you don't mind remaining poor.  Oh and lets not forget having no rights and a good chance you can get hauled off to slave labor or executed.  And lets look at what those countries have done since 1980s… China has somewhat improved… as long as you don't live in the country (abject poverty) or the city (smog).  Cuba still has on average 50,000 people in slave labor, a weekly income of $190, and free health care… if the power is on (which is only a few hours a day).  And North Korea on the list states it has better life expectancy and higher calorie supply than South Korea… and yet North Korea had half of its population die due to starvation while South Korea had its population increase.  Hmmm, I wonder if the "researchers" were biased or used "government data" (we all know accurate the Communist governments were (pst, look up Kyshtym)…  it is almost as if the writers just attempted to create propaganda.

  5. This IS a lazy response, I'm glad you admit it. Most of your """refutations""" points are nitpicky and the rest are either poorly informed or entirely smug faced smearing . I'd bet my bottom dollar you're a limp wristed college student.

  6. This guy clearly has a learning disability. You shouldn't be trying to argue him. I was able to grasp the ideals if anarchism, communism, and veganism when I was 12.
    If this almost 30 year old who talks as if he is drunk and intoxicated honestly seeks to talk intelligently….. I don't know he needs to differentiate between that which he probably would want to say to a therapist. If his own toxic behaviors would even allow. Instead he turns these subjects that would be great to complain to someone about into politics.. Lol

  7. I love how these capitalists go hard against college higher education, yet they all have degrees. I'm 37 years old. I wish i had the resources to get through the financial firewall to get a real degree. But because i wasnt born to rich parents i didn't. So while i would love to do so many different things that i have no accreditations for, im stuck in a dead-end job that ill probably be doing 10 years after i die. YEAH CAPITALISM!!😆

  8. You can add Norway. We're built on socialist ideals, but it has all crumbled so much over the years that even if we're social fucking democratic, for some reason the US is fetishized in textbooks about the fight against big scary communism, with it's doomed to fail it's oppressive terror.

  9. Congratulations
    Hakim: This is the best treatment on, "dumb sht the propagndized ALL say," on YouTube! Liked commented, and subscribed.

  10. @10:29 God bless you, you never met a "left" communist? They ARE these academic types and the DO say that ALL of our projects have been, "not real communism/marxism." and then there's the Trotskyists who affirm the Paris Commune and the October Revolution, but everything after that was bad.

  11. LMFAO, I didn't know there were still people from the UK who talked like this. I keep thinking this is the voice from some type of period piece and some American revolutionary is about to shoot him. So memeable. Too bad this isn't Twitter!

  12. Also your studies are completely cherry picked and anecdotal at best. Try out providing some general truths not just Hail Mary communist propaganda champ. You’re being intellectually dishonest throughout your video. You seem to use lazy, slanderous labels like “right wing” as rebuttals for whole talking points. Try interacting with these people on an equal level and drop your condescending tone maybe you will have a chance to find common ground.

  13. This guy should get a talk with an undercover marxist, that would only reveal at the end of the conversation that all of the ideas he actually agreed with (because that man probably would) were in fact communism.

    He's the stereotypical american dude whose knowledge of socialism stops after "gulag stalin the rich are bad", but wouldn't be able to quote any actual part of a socialist political program.

    In France the radical left has made a huge breakthrough in 2017 when they let aside some of the traditional symbolism and imagery for their campaign and focusing instead on the program, and "rallying the people" as a whole, not just enlisted leftists. People do not reject socialism, they're just afraid of the word.

  14. Why didn’t you link the original video so people can have the option to hear the guys ideas without the editorializing.
    You ARE using his content to make your content.
    It’s only right isn’t it?

  15. I cannot believe this guy think he can pull off shitting on communism when in his video he is literally criticizing capitalism and doesn’t even know it 🤦‍♂️

  16. Is videos total shit , should I pull up stats I'm tired of pulling out the stats people in Venezuela are eating their dogs and cats because of Marxist bullshit.
    And how many people died in Asia and Eastern Europe due to Communist bullshit.

  17. Socialist countries are paid for by the free market of those countries. Socialist countries don’t innovate, but let’s be more precise. Socialist ideologies certainly don’t innovate. This is the typical my side is best your side is bad. Of course capitalist take advantage when possible, so do the socialist and the Marxist. People take advantage, people do not handle power well. It’s almost as people were never supposed to have these types of powers. To say socialism or capitalism is the end all be all is simply absurd. The only way to create a socialist system is to have a free market. People never have or never will, willingly give their efforts away to take care of others. Much less vote for it. The successful so called socialist countries are more so just heavily paid into welfare systems, they still have enormous companies with virtually free rain in their particular industries. No one has ever driven a car made in soviet Russia other than a Russian, And those were stolen or gifted designs from Asia and western designs. The soviet war machines and nuclear weapons were all propped by western/nazi designs and material shipped their through the Marshall plan. Somewhat their space crafts as well. The system is inferior in almost every facet, my wife’s family escaped soviet Russia and described it as a living hell where everyone was made to snitch on one another to gain some clout or simply save their own skull from a bullet. Murder on a whim by the state with no trial or repercussions. That’s not to say that the capitalist haven’t created death and destruction all over the world and kept entire nations at one another’s throat. Plus the fact that they have funded and supplied almost every Marxist or true socialist nation simply to corner arms and manufacturing markets. The world is so much more complicated than you make it out to be. The real solution for the suffering and struggle of the masses won’t be solved by some absurd notion like communism. Nor the capitalist notions. The people who benefit from all this are neither and both, they aren’t loyal to the nations or ideologies unless convenient and profitable. If they need to prop communist they send money, if they need money, they exploit the market. And at the same time pit the two against one another because fear is extremely profitable, especially when arms are involved. And if the other side is evil and your side is benevolent why wouldn’t you need nuclear weapons.

  18. Wow, they're still claiming this "millenials don't have life experience" BS… I'm in my thirties.
    If a was an actress I would already have my whole movie career behind me.

  19. To the millennium's who don't like working how would you like it when the police show up to make sure you go to work that's communism

  20. I've read Karl Marx books he is not profound His books were terrifying to anybody who actually understood what he was saying

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