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tonight a community shattered by mass murder the rampage by a gunman in Virginia Beach this is my home you touched my heart when you touch it the people of our city a longtime city employee opening fire on fellow workers killing 12 people closed church members the victims now identify details of the gunman and his weapons now emerging as the city comes together in shock and grief after the country's latest mass killing the flooding emergency in the central part of the country as rivers rise to historic levels putting hundreds of desperate communities at risk a breakthrough in the fight against advanced and breast cancer a new treatment that slows the progression of the disease that helps some women live longer the apology was more than two weeks in a forest in Hawaii now admitting she was irresponsible this is NBC Nightly News with Jose diaz-balart good evening from Virginia Beach they were civil servants working in the building behind me people doing their jobs for this city many of them giving decades of service until one of their co-workers armed with two guns cut their lives short tonight the city is mourning the loss of 12 people it has become the latest epicenter of grief in a country that has gone through this so many times before today we learned who the victims were and how the gunman carried out his attack we have it all covered tonight including the investigation and the political reaction we start with Ron Allen here in Virginia Beach Ron evening Jose it was an extremely tough day here as everyone learned who the victims of this unspeakable tragedy are they were public workers civil servants people who showed up for work one day and just never made it home today the horror of what happened consume Virginia Beach a huge outpouring of grief and sorrow as the community learned the identities of who had been lost look here see brown who works in Public Works for over four and a half years eleven city employees some with decades of public service and a private contractor gunned down in their offices by a co-worker I lost friends and family close church members our prayer is that we're able to move forward and be able to trust again investigators say the first call came in just after 4:00 p.m. it was a lady understand unconscious neither either know what happened the gunman identified as Duane Craddock a 40 year old civil engineer with 15 years on the job police refused to speculate about his motive at 4:19 an officer was shot the officer survived because of a bulletproof vest the gunman and police engaged in what authorities say was a lengthy battle the victims bodies discovered on each of the buildings three floors this is a largest scale crime scene it's a horrific crime scene and please understand it takes not only a physical emotional and psychological toll on everyone today as residents paid their respects to a burgeoning memorial the officers who confronted the gunman being hailed as heroes who saved many lives while those who lost loved ones struggle to understand why Ron Allen NBC News Virginia Beach I'm Hans Nichols as this city grapples with inexplicable loss today we all grieve city officials held an emotional news conference announcing the deaths of their own colleagues they leave a void that we will never be able to fill all but one of the 12 killed worked for the city of Virginia Beach with 41 years of service in the Public Utilities Department Bobby Williams was the longest-serving employee Christopher Rapp at only eleven months was the newest he found friends playing the bagpipes for the tide water piping drums it's walking into a band practice wearing his work clothes and changing in the bathrooms ready to start sweating with the rest of us blowing pipes and beating drums Josh Hardy works for the city for four and a half years the world truly needs more Joshua's people who are ready to receive your problem and help you with it Richard Middleton worked on the city's bike and trail plan rich worked in public utilities for over 28 years served with me as a lieutenant in Germany and the 130th Engineer Brigade Missy Langer lakita Brown Tara Gallagher Mary Gayle Alexander Gusev Katherine Nixon and Ryan Cox all serving the city that now mourns them Burt snow was the only non city employee who was killed a contractor trying to fill a permit for victims remain in hospitals one's injuries described as devastating and as much as Virginia Beach's as a city having a vigil here at a local church they are honoring the dead and praying for those still fighting for their lives Nichols thank you very much and now to the investigation and a closer look at what we know about the shooter the guns he used and how he carried out the attack here's justice correspondent Pete Williams law enforcement officials say Wendy Wayne Craddock entered the building where he worked Friday he was heavily armed his pass gave him access to all floors and police say he fired indiscriminately everywhere but the basement Craddock was a civil engineer working in the Virginia Beach Public Utilities Department his phone message was still working Saturday hey Dwayne credit please leave a message as for what may have set him off the police chief says Craddock was still actively employed Friday but city officials declined to say whether his job was in jeopardy or if he'd recently been disciplined police say he used two weapons like this in the rampage 45 caliber handgun semi-automatic meaning they fired once each time the trigger was pulled he also had several extended magazines or clips like these that can hold dozens of rounds allowing more shots to be fired before reloading at least one of the guns was fitted with a silencer like this to muffle the sound of gunfire they're legal in most states including Virginia but must be federally registered officials aren't saying whether Craddock registered his gun control advocates say they're dangerous because they reduce sound law enforcing can tell where the shots are coming from and as far as being a potential victim you know where the shooter is how far away they are how close they are to you but ATF says their popularity is growing with nearly one and a half million now legally registered police tonight are interviewing kradic's coworkers and searching through his emails workspace and home looking for clues about why he did this and how long he'd been planning to kill his fellow employees six of the victims worked in the very same department that he did Jose P Williams in Washington thank you president Trump offered condolences to this community today but some of the Democrats running for president had a lot more to say Mike McAra has that part of the story my good evening good evening Jose president Trump spent roughly five hours at his Northern Virginia golf course on a sunny Saturday here in Washington before he left the president tweeted about the mass shooting writing spoke to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam last night and the mayor and vice mayor of Virginia Beach this morning to offer condolences to that great community for their part many of the Democratic candidates for president expressed horror over the violence and empathy for the victims virtually all of the candidates called for Congress to do something about gun violence we know it's not the last time this is gonna happen in Washington's failure for this country finally to do what the American people wanted not is common sense gun safety legislation but enough is enough how many more of these tragedies do we have to see earlier this year the democratically controlled House passed two bills that would expand background checks for gun purchases but president Trump threatened to veto and the measures have gone nowhere in the Senate Jose Mike McAra at the White House thank you turning now to some of the day's other news and what's become an epic battle in the middle of the country as rivers continue to rise to historic levels prompting flood warnings for hundreds of communities Gabe Gutierrez reports from Arkansas tonight the Arkansas River is creeping closer swallowing farmland threatening roads and homes margaret by/packed which you could cram in her car before heading out she has no flood insurance how hard is it to know that you know in a couple of hours this neighborhood could potentially be under water I know that that's what I'm right now the rush is on to protect these neighborhoods these workers right now are building a makeshift levee today a dawning realization the river here was rising again a day after it breached this levee it's crazy dardanelles mayor Jimmy Witt says the water's coming quickly it's relentless it just keeps pounding and pushing and that's what happens to your levees to the West in Fort Smith more homes are inundated after two weeks of severe weather the Arkansas Missouri and Mississippi rivers are swelling to historic levels more than 300 river gages across several states are flooded including in Iowa were late today a barrier holding back the rising Mississippi River failed sending water than you buy Burlington in Tulsa Oklahoma as the water slowly recede this 20-foot sinkhole opened up back in Gardner Arkansas is everything that we're saying right now is the story residents are bracing for this river to crest tomorrow the current here in the Arkansas River has been picking up throughout the day that light post sits on top of a baseball field and the mayor estimates it's under about 18 feet of water even after these rivers crest communities expect to be dealing with record flooding into next week hoes a game of tetris thank you as they deal with all of that water in the central part of the country today is also the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season and for people on one part of the Florida coast what happened last year is still very much part of their lives Kerry Sanders has more on that ever since Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida Panhandle last October Karen Morris says life has become a daily struggle her family lives in just one room of their damaged trailer in Panama City no electricity no running water there's nowhere else you know or a big family we have five people we need at least a three-bedroom like others who survived that storm Karen's family is still trying to piece their lives back together the National Hurricane Center recently recalculated Michael a category 5 hurricane despite President Trump's recent vowed to allocate more federal aid he got hit with a little hurricane called Michael political gridlock has kept other relief money tied up money that Bay County Commissioner Phillip Griffith says they desperately need the damage estimates we have in our County are around six hundred and sixty one million dollars 380 million is debris hauls along FEMA says in a statement it is working to assist hurricane Michael survivors and adds recovery in the Panhandle will take years and it will continue supporting communities and the state throughout the process some say it isn't enough I feel lost I feel left behind I feel forgotten neglected people don't care Rutherford High School now houses six grades crammed into just one building I have students that don't have home that are living with other people I have students that don't have roofs we've seen an increase in mental health issues we've seen an increase in just basic need the Morris family says FEMA has been their biggest post hurricane challenge miss deadlines leaving them with almost no federal aid any help that I hear about I'm down there turning in all the paperwork I'm on waiting lists it's hurry up and wait waiting for salvation as the start of the 2019 hurricane season has just begun Kerry Sanders NBC News some breaking news on the health front tonight the big advance just announced in treating late stage breast cancer and some women our medical correspondent dr. Don tortoise has that story Bernadette Martino Brewer is looking forward to spending more time with her family this summer something that seemed unlikely just a few years ago I was scared I think anyone that hears those words cancer is fearful am I going to be living and I gonna see my daughter grow up but she survived thanks to what doctors are calling a breakthrough treatment for the most common form of advanced breast cancer they're living significantly longer and that's pretty phenomenal when we see that kind of result the metastatic breast cancer setting the findings presented today at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology in Chicago our collaboration between UCLA and MD Anderson Cancer Center the researchers studied more than 600 premenopausal late stage breast cancer patients under age 59 and found that those who took a combination of hormone therapy and a daily dose of the pill ribose I club were more likely to be alive three and a half years after diagnosis than women who got only hormone therapy the drugs work together to limit the growth of cancer cells and slow disease progression it's something we can treat the way that we treat diabetes or HIV but the hope for longer survival especially with data like this is actually a reality Jose it's important to note that the combo is not considered a cure but it is promising for patients like Bernadette who are now living longer with cancer so doctor what's next well the next step is to tested in patients at earlier stages of the disease and in women over the age of 59 with hopefully similar life-saving results dr. John Torres thank you very much the US Navy is now acknowledging that a request was made to keep the USS John S McCain out of sight during President Trump's recent visit to Japan just to that request came from is unclear the president has denied that he had anything to do with it but said whoever did the request was well-meaning mr. Trump was a fierce critic of the late senator from Arizona we are hearing more tonight from that hiker in Hawaii who spent more than two weeks lost in the woods before she was rescued she now admits she was irresponsible and has apologized in a video statement NBC's Molly hunter as Aditi a week after her daring rescue from the Maui jungle tonight Amanda eller is speaking out again this time with an apology I want to apologize for putting anybody in harm's way eller opening up in a video posted on Facebook I was irresponsible I should have had my cell phone with me should have had some water with me and hoping to clear the air that day I never intended to go on any kind of spiritual journey spiritual experience it was simply just a hike through the woods that hike got her lost for 17 grueling days eating berries surviving on river water the helicopters are passing over and I'm standing on rocks and waving them down and they're passing over and they're not seeing me I'm invisible a mammoth rescue effort until finally they spotted her now eller is trying to move forward you chose life every day of that journey what do you want now my priority is just to get back to my life and tonight another note of thanks I am an all in gratitude for all of the love and word that I received Mollie hunter NBC News next week the world will mark the 75th anniversary of d-day which altered the course of World War two part of the success of the Allied invasion was a complicated web of decoys deception and espionage and for the first time historians have revealed an important royal connection to that effort Steve Patterson has more it's one of history's boldest operations the Allied invasion of nazi-occupied France would ultimately lead to the liberation of Hitler's Europe but its success hinged on trickery and a secret story finally being revealed some seventy-five years later for the first time historians are shedding light on the unlikely espionage of the man who fooled Hitler none other than King George the sixth this is an orchestra of deception but the king is the most important pomp the Royal specifically recruited by Britain security service mi5 he's often thought of as a figurehead someone whose ceremonial but here we actually involved in work with mi5 and taking significant personal risk what appeared to be the King making random visits to raise troop morale was actually part of an elaborate plot the king's visits in the next few months could assist the elaborate cover scheme whereby we are endeavouring to bamboozle the German intelligence this was all about drip feeding the Germans information and make them think like they were piecing together the secret plan for d-day but pulling it off required significant risk to the royal family one of the king's most dangerous missions came in May 1944 a trip to the Orkney Isles in waters dominated by German u-boats and skies infested with German fighters is essential to do this operation because it suggests that the British might not invade France at all they might involve Norway it paid off On June 6 1944 Allied forces invaded the beaches in Normandy encountering German defenses that should have been far stronger but weren't because they were fooled the King played a key part and probably saved thousands of Allied lives both British and American a legendary marriage of cloak dagger and crown Steve Patterson NBC News London we are back from Virginia Beach's City grappling with the aftermath of yesterday's horrific attack yesterday it occurred and today I spoke with some longtime members of this community who articulated with so many here are thinking and feeling moments like that it's you see it on the news played out in front of your eyes and it becomes like a movie or something that's in the distant but when it hits home like this it's real what prompted you to come here today this is our city this is why I'm a pastor and a law enforcement officer this is my home you touched my heart when you touch the people of our city this should not happen in Virginia Beach it shouldn't happen in any city in the United States of America sadly it does I believe that there are some things that you can't do from a distance it's personal we have to be here we have to we have to wrap our arms around physically around people who are weeping it's just knowing that somebody's life you know lives were snuffed out prematurely you know senseless from senseless act of violence he'll bring us to you yeah yeah what are you thinking what do you feel where's that pain what are you thinking about thinking about those that lost their loved ones and church and yet lost their parents grandparents yes power in prayer we will continue to pray tonight the mayor Virginia Beach says we will not be defined by this horror we are a city of resiliency and resolve that's NBC Nightly News for this Saturday I'm Jose Diaz will are reporting from Virginia Beach Virginia thank you for the privilege of your time good night hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

  1. Bilderberg must be elated about VB shooting…another 14 of their 7.2billion deplorable human waste reduction…….if you fall for this false-flag broken heart gun-grab by the socialists

  2. I think what you meant to say, is that McCain was a fierce critic of President Trump, or perhaps, that the two were critical of each other.

  3. Those demoncrats are absolute shitmen, trying to score political points off a mass shooting. Those demorats have no shame, they are absolute pond scum

  4. Certain people with financial interests are restricting news stations from reporting what type of weapon was used in a (now commonplace) shooting like this. They are not to mention automatic weapons.

  5. The French issue their citizens yellow vests. We need to issue bullet proof vests and head gear to every U.S. citizen. as this has become practically a weekly event.

  6. When they trick the people into handing in their guns? Then the people will get what they deserve because of their ignorance.

  7. If you are non white or a sexually degenerate white
    the corporate (((media))) will go quickly into "gun control now!" mode.
    Straight white male? "End white supreeeemacy!", new resolutions, congress holds hearings, endless coverage 24/7

    Only good white people left, are those who are not afraid to be called nazis.

  8. What was the motive ? I am so sorry for those who provided service to the Virginia Beach area and had their lives snuffed out. It is coming to a place where we will need security like we go thru at the Airport to enter any bldg. Prayers for the families. I am so sorry.

  9. To many FF's most turn out to be, so in the beginning, I give out my condolences, sad who would actually do something like this, and the answer is always take away the guns from the law-abiding citizens. There are Evil forces against what makes America what it has always been Free, our Freedom is at the center they are trying to chip away at our rights and responsibilities and there lies the biggest turn the people away from the 2nd make it look as though that is the problem, So many Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Las Vegas, Newtown. etc…Every time they pull another they put adds out for Crisis Actors, therein lies the next town, Money is what they all get, Newtown houses around Sandy hook, Mortgages were paid in full on Christmas Day, nobody knows how banks were closed only houses around that old closed school was paid in full. This is Evil, WAke up!..

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