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  1. That student "smacked " that teacher first ? Her "special needs" gives her the right to get what she got…azz whipped !!!

  2. I don't know what set that teacher off but I hear Texas and I question what probably what was said to make her go off. Not touching it as most to some ppl don't care for other ppl kids as minorities so I'm leaving this subject alone. This might be ingnorant of me but texas I a funny play where things are truly all black and white even for outsiders. SMH. The especiallysouth is a cruel place as I dont know what to make of the ppl their as it seems everybody pibolar. 😲💣

  3. I'm extremely confused! Golden Sachs played an instrumental part in the 2008 Financial Crisis and admitted to defrauding investors in 2007! In 2019, Apple decides to team up with them for a CREDIT CARD!? The co-founder of APPLE is begging for a higher CREDIT limit when America is TRILLIONS of dollars in debt!!!!

  4. A teacher going Mike Tyson on a handicap student, and it's like your eight story. This reminds me of your coverage of when the Chicago group tortured a handicap person live on Facebook. How is the media not the enemy of the people?

  5. To the teacher you acted appropriately. What the video DOESN'T show is the student hit her first. And im sure this goes for anyone if someone hits you what you going to do?

  6. Colleges should lay down some rules for fraternities to operate. Apparently, even college frat students do stupid things like they still in high school. Lawsuits can be avoided too. As for that teacher that fought the student, she never heard of RINCILES OFFICE?

  7. Life in prison for that teacher no words to describe the anger I feel inside for that poor special needs student she deserves justice , I hope they get her good in prison !!!!

  8. YOU TOOK HIS WORDS OUT OF CONTEXT, he said, "THE GOVERNMENT SAID THEY MADE A MISTAKE." He didn't say, "Uber made a mistake as related to the murder. He said, Uber make mistakes as with SELF DRIVING CAR ACCIDENTS. Who put you all up to that MISQUOTE? IT'S NOT ABOUT UBER IS IT? IT ABOUT THEIR CONNECTION TO SAUDI ARABIA! You all are SNEAKY AND DECEITFUL!

  9. I was told that the schoolgirl "slapped" the "substitute teacher," first. The sub. teacher should have just "left the classroom," or she should have gotten ahold of a school administrator…or another teacher nearby for help, instead. 👀

  10. Elizabeth Warren, stop looking at the edited phone videos and start looking at the actual behaviour of these 'students.' There are some schools that CAN'T find teachers because teachers are terrified of their own students. When you see a big, burly security guard or even a teacher using physical force on a student, look behind the outcome to see what caused it. No, that is not appropriate treatment of a student, but you really need to examine what caused that person to snap and exert that force. Then multiply that behaviour by the number of students in the school. Those teachers and guards deserve combat pay. I went to public school in Chicago back in the day, and there were a lot of rough kids there – gangbangers, thugs, or just plain jerks – but they never EVER laid hands on, or even sassed back a teacher. The school system needs to reestablish discipline within the walls of the schools. Period.

  11. Soviet Doctrine was always to attempt to launch a Guerrilla Assault, out of severe disabling weather event, During political unrest in the enemies homeland, & preferably when Military not at highest readiness for America's Major Holidays. The terrorists learned Strategy & tactics at the knee of Soviet instructors. Probably the most concerned about Thanksgiving week since 2001.

  12. You need to learn what a "hero" is. A hero helps out those in danger, not surviving. you are not a hero, teenager or not.

  13. Warren doesn't stand a chance. If the rich could've taxed don't u think it would've happened forever ago? Lol. Be quiet Warren, it's all talk with you, like many politicians.

  14. Schools MUST fully investigate all applications for employment in the schools! I hope the special needs student is going to be ok.

  15. I hope that every single solitary media person who interviewed the teenaged survivor feels good after making the little man go thru it all over again, just so you sh*tbirds could get a story.


  17. If Warren becomes President. Republicans are going to eat her up! They’re gonna go to radical means whatever the case. The Nation is going to go into an uproar when elections are counted and a Democrat wins office. I hope the country’s Policing units are prepared.

  18. These Mexican cartels and these American Mormons have been at war for decades…Don’t be fooled into thinking this was a case of mistaken identity… it was not

  19. Wait, so if there is evidence then why execute him? So now two lives taken in vain? I guess two wrongs do make a right 🤷🏾‍♂️.

    How much more sanctions is left on Iran? Just turn the power off 🤷🏾‍♂️

    I don’t believe people are becoming of what society is saying you are…I think that people should stop allowing programming to hold their destiny. It is silly to believe that the rules in the suburbs are the same in the city. Until
    The rules are the same, you will never see things equally.

  20. odd that people live in northern climates and say the snow was unexpected. Typical USA person, they build in a fire prone forest, or a flood plain, then when mother nature ruins them they blame Trump. Yes, sir not your fault. Do no wear your winter jacket, you'll be ok.

  21. why was Biden in Ukraine, a high ranking former politician and his son, what were they doing? Biden is not the vice president so what is he doing in Ukraine?

  22. The best punishment for that substitute teacher is death penalty. People who maltreat vulnerable individuals should be put to death. They don't deserve oxygen if you can be that wicked

  23. said you had new info? ok which cartel is it? for days everybody blaming the cartels, ok now you made some arrests which one was it? i think you all don't have a clue what happened. Coulda been a rival Mormon kilque setting up a "false flag" attack cause USA will believe anything. These people like the Branch Davidians of WACO, for real. They believe some guy is JC, idk. i just think nobody knows and just wants to blame somebody irregardless of actual facts.

  24. sad to say they wore out their welcome. They was grigos, just like white people when non-white people move in they get mad and want them out. Can't say non-white people ain't gonna return the favor. BTW: i'm white but i treat everyone equal, you never know when i might need a favor from you.

  25. not a democrat but Elizabeth Warren is right, shut down the "school to prison" pipeline. But you won't, the police own us, will we never cut their salary. No school nurse, no this, no that but you got police that will run away when an active shooting situation occurs. Makes me laugh after years of drug war. Everybody loses. Good

  26. That screwed up teacher wailing on that kid and even stomping on her head ! The poor girl already had epilepsy and now probably has brain damage .

  27. Wow she went full WWF !!! on that girl ! At that point you minus well do a pile driver or put on a skull cap as you toss the teen like a rag across the room. You re gonna be sewed. Yer life is over.

  28. I'll say it, was punching bag white? I never heard a racist remark from NBC. Flip the script and rewrite for good ole Lester HA!

  29. How about parents being accountable and given hefty fines for raising their child wrong. What ever happened to teaching your child boundaries and respecting your elders. These kids now a days talk way too back. You wonder if they will ever be able to hold down a job in the future.

  30. No adult should put their hands on a child. But parents need to teach their children respect. Ive seen too much in 15 years in education. Its disgraceful. No family values at all.

  31. NBC became culpable when they chose to be silent about about treason. It is called the Conspiracy to Cover up Treason–lot of journalists in trouble!!!! Barr isn't clowning around!!! The 1st Amendment won't save you this time!!! You will be made examples of !!!

  32. People voted trump in and they should be the ones to determine if he should be impeach. Not congress so congress saying people are not acquit to vote.

  33. Brain altering weed, the goverments agenda. You ain't seen nothing yet. Teacher, cop, doctor, lawyers. This dam world is being turned up side down, repent.

  34. I wish they'd stop calling it "Medicare For All." I meet people all the time who don't realize that Medicare isn't free, even after paying into it for decades. There are deductibles, co-payments, and many treatments aren't covered at all. We also pay a monthly premium out of our Soc Sec checks for Part B (doctors, X-rays, outpatient services) and another one for Part D (prescription drugs)

  35. Elizabeth Warren will never get near the White House. She is going to New Mexico to live live out her life in a tee-pee.

  36. That teacher needs to be jailed 4 life. Those cartel's that murdered that innocent family, need to be fed to great white sharks & watch them die slowly…no mercy on those that killed that family!….evil demonic world we are living out! Almighty God has to so disguisted with mankind. Unbelievable. 😢

  37. You know if that teacher was white and the student was black, the teacher would be in jail and this incident would be headline news. Most people won't give a crap by tomorrow.

  38. Shut down all the fraternity houses! Today's news is just showing my family and I that the U.S. is only getting worse! Down with American society! What did our family, friends and citizens die for? The U.S. government and police need to be removed! And the big banks and corporations need to be put in check. With violence if necessary!

  39. "Quid pro quo" can be perfectly fine, it just means "this for that", which is the essence of any barter system: "I'll trade you my Willie Mays for your Hank Aaron."
    No, "this for that" has very little to do with what the Pig did, which was actually likely motivated by his pro-Russian attitude. The contention is that the Pig (Trump) and/ or Giuliani, et al, committed attempted extortion, which, by definition, is a form of bribery. It's an effort to get somebody to give or do something they don't want to otherwise do or give, often because it's illegal. If they don't do or give it, they'll be hurt, lose something of value, have to receive something bad.
    The Pig blocked the transfer of funds with which to pay for the Javelin anti-tank missiles for several months after Congress appropriated the funds. The blockage was said by some D o D spokespeople to have gone on so long past Congress' appropriation, it was illegal. (Incidentally, this blockage of lethal defensive weapons funding paralleled the Pig's refusal to fully implement sanctions on Russian oligarchs imposed by unanimous vote of both houses pursuant to Russia's seizure of Crimea, an eastern portion of Ukraine. Both actions seem to be motivated by the Pig's inexplicable attitude of favoring Russian international crimes. The Pig's supporters claim that the Pig, but not Obama, was behind sending lethal weapons to Ukraine. This is a half-truth. Obama attempted to constrain all out war until late '16, when Russian regular troops were found supporting pro Russian Ukranians. The foreign affairs committees of both houses then passed bipartisan legislation funding the Javelins. This was not a Trump initiative. The fuller truth is that Obama moved up arms shipments to Poland which was also being threatened because he was convinced Trump would delay them. He made sure they shipped prior to his leaving office.)
    Ukraine's president was told he had to announce he was opening a corruption investigation into Biden and into Ukraine's alleged interference in the '16 American presidential election, or else he would not receive either a) the Javelin missiles Congress appropriated for Ukraine to fight off Russian attacks, or b) a visit with POTUS at the WH, which he had also been promised. He did not want to open any investigations, but finally agreed to do so, and agreed to announce that he was going to do so on Fareed Zakaria's globally favored show, GPS. Zakaria announced the scheduled appearance. Two days before the scheduled appearance and announcement of opening these unwanted (by Ukraine) investigations, BuzzFeed and WaPo published articles on how Trump was holding up the transfer and had been for months, illegally since Congress had appropriated them, until and unless Ukraine announced they were opening the investigations.

    The Pig's backers say that because the Pig let the money (missiles) flow, it is not a quid pro quo, not a bribery. Correct. It is attempted bribery. The planned bribery did not succeed because it was revealed by what the Pig calls "fake news", leaving him the laternative of shipping the arms as fast as possible, lest he be caught continuing the block, or removing it only after Ukraine's extorted announcement. If the news media had not published the true stories, the Pig would have simply let Ukraine go ahead and get extorted, i.e., go on world news and say they were starting up these investigations.
    The Pig was behind false claims that Joe Biden, the Pig's most likely opponent in the 2020 general presidential election, as Obama's V-P and in charge of US' efforts to stop Ukranian corruption under the pro-Russian dictator had backed corrupt prosecutor pal of the pro-Russian dictator. Both Bidens had already been cleared by Ukraine govt of any alleged corrupt or illegal activities. The Pig was clearly trying to get Ukraine to re-open a corruption investigation into Joe Biden as V-P in order to smear him in the 2020 election.
    (It's true that Biden's son was given a position on a gas company board for exhorbitant salary, but investigations into that matter showed no laws had been broken, taht the salary had no corrosive effect on his votes as board member, and most important that Joe Biden, Sr., had aimed all his efforts at getting rid of the corrupt prosecutor. Moreover, even if both Bidens had been totally slime, that in no way justifies nor has any thing to do the Pig's extortion.)
    Giuliani and Trump were pushing a debunked conspiracy theory that the Ukranians, not the Russians, had hacked Demo emails in the run up to the '16 presidential election. The Pig hoped his claims about Biden's corruption and Russia's innocence in the '16 elections would confuse voters enough to turn his 2020 run into a victory, since he's so low in the election polls. No, in fact the Pig's entire effort was not only bribery, but clearly abuse of his power, the power he has to negotiate directly with allies and foes. Usually, this is done through the State Dept, but our diplomats are dedicated non-partisan servants of the American people, and they courageously put their jobs and careers on the line when they saw how the Pig was abusing his power.

  40. Ms. Tiffany, the substitute teacher, went off so violently and inexplicably, I'm fairly confident we don't yet have the full story. Not saying at all that she's innocent or justified, just saying this is so monstrous, I would bet we don't yet have the full story. I really want to know what the blazes happened.

  41. Surely the real victim in the Lehman High School attack is the poor innocent woman who has been gratuitously attacked by the violent, alt right misogynistic white heterosexual male media who jump to conclusions. "How dare they", shame on them.
    (i hope you see the sarcasm).
    I would not be surprised to see this story turned around in the next few days.

  42. What about AOC and global warming? If Trump is not impeached then all democrats need to leave office and retire with no pensions. This is 3 years of nonsense and a waste of money.

  43. I have always said that they should not use Quid Pro Quo as a term, the correct word is EXTORTION for what tried on The Ukraine

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