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breaking news millions under a severe weather threat tonight after a strong system made its way across the country giving us a rare look inside a dangerous tornado and more storms are on the way we'll have a live forecast the suspect who brought a shotgun to his Portland high school is identified as the relieved community hails the coach who wrestled the student to the ground an eight year old world kidnapped as her desperate mother tries to pull her out of a speeding car how authorities were able to track her daughter down a controversial program to get gang members off the street and into the classroom is paying them to learn the right solution shocking attack Arnold Schwarzenegger kicked from behind at an event how the former governor is responding tonight and what a commencement speaker said today that made the graduates at Morehouse College react like this this is NBC Nightly News with Kate snow good evening across the plains tonight what could be the largest severe weather outbreak so far this year 19 million Americans bracing for violent weather torrential rain and the threat of tornadoes after another system tore through the region over the weekend downing trees and flattening homes in all 67 reports of tornadoes across Texas Oklahoma Louisiana Kansas and Nebraska one of them shown in this video a rare look inside a powerful tornado that hit southern Nebraska on Friday it packed winds of just 135 miles an hour and the storms are not over yet more on the way as we head into the beginning of the week let's get right to W NBC's Dave price for more Dave what are we expecting well Kate let's answer that question in two parts first the southern plains clearing rather quickly now we do see some squalls but they're in the Gulf at this point all eyes at this hour on the Midwest and interior sections of the Northeast we have severe thunderstorm watches and even some tornado warnings but all this beginning to shift offshore as we head through the next several hours the big concern is Monday and the setup is perfect a southerly flow moist air dew points in the 70s clear skies and ground temperatures in the 80s and 90s these are the perfect ingredients for dangerous weather and as you mentioned millions of people under that threat I think this area of red which we rarely see could stretch up to Kansas City and as far back as Dodge City a very rough Monday for millions of Americans after what was a devastating weekend for so many others Kate do not like the looks of that map Dave price Thank You Tornado Alley as we say certainly living up to its name one veteran storm chaser got caught right in the middle of a twister this weekend NBC's Tammy Lightner has his incredible video tonight a rare look inside an ef-2 tornado with winds up to 135 miles an hour hit Friday night in McCook Nebraska AccuWeather storm chaser Reed Timmer got caught in the middle form so quickly that I was actually on foot outside of the armored vehicle remarkably no one injured but the ferocious winds pushed this semi off the highway dozens of violent twisters were reported across the southern plains this weekend from Texas up through Nebraska in Geronimo Oklahoma a tornado hit Saturday morning flattening homes and ripping up trees devastating for families in the area it was quick in Abilene Texas major damage there to the community torn apart by a twister the mayor signing a disaster declaration lightning kale and clipping rain also battered the area 80 miles away in San Angelo flooding where another tornado hit winds more than 100 miles an hour ripped apart at least 10 homes a dangerous weekend as twisters roared across Tornado Alley with the southern plains not yet out of the storm's path Tami Lightner NBC News the student accused of pulling out a shotgun at his high school in Portland Oregon on Friday has been identified and is due in court tomorrow tonight we're learning more about the school football coach who's being hailed as a hero after tackling the armed student to the ground Molly hunter has more tonight police have released a photo of the Parkrose high school student who brought this shotgun to school Friday possibly gonna be an active shooter now at Parker's high school near our cars but he never opened fire and no one was hurt she saw me I walk into the classroom with a shotgun setting the struggling with security officers the attack thwarted when Kenan lo a football coach and security guard tackled the 18-year old suspect low also a former star wide receiver for the University of Oregon says he lunged for the student wrestled the gun away handing it off to another teacher in that moment I was called upon and and I just reacted and like I said instincts kicked in today low tweeted I had no idea that I would one day have to put my life on the line like I did yesterday for my students adding I'm blessed to be alive and extremely happy that the students are safe you never think it's gonna happen to you it's just a way to close and last night the school's junior senior prom went on as planned we're still a community we're so here for each other and we're here to have fun together and show that even though it was a really better bet like we're still like we're still Park rows we're still strong and classes will resume as normal tomorrow at Parc Rose high school the school says there will be additional counseling and enhanced security on campus also Monday that 18-year old suspect will be in court kate molly hunter thank you now to Washington where talk of impeachment is heating up again tonight that's because a Republican congressman is breaking ranks becoming the party's first lawmaker to accuse President Trump of impeachable conduct NBC's Matt Bradley has the president's fiery response the president firing back slamming the first Republican lawmaker to call for his impeachment calling congressman Justin Amash a total lightweight accusing him of courting publicity if he actually read the biased Mullah report he would see that it was nevertheless strong on no collusion and ultimately no obstruction but Amash said he had read the 448 page report in a 13 tweet thread the Michigan lawmaker argued Special Counsel Robert Muller's report into Russian interference documented impeachable conduct by the president and accused Attorney General William bar of having deliberately misrepresented the report when he summarized it in March contrary to bars portrayal Miller's report reveals the president engaged in specific actions and a pattern of behavior that meet the threshold for impeachment the congressman wrote he even accused his fellow Republicans of not having read the report Amash is a member of the freedom caucus a right-leaning group who typically backs Trump but he's always blazed his own trail frequently criticizing the president and fellow Republicans Mitt Romney says Amash reached a different conclusion than he did on impeachment I respect him I think it's a courageous statement but I believe that to make a case for obstruction of justice you just don't have the elements that are evidenced in this document but Amash still standing apart from his party Democrats are divided on pushing impeachment but Speaker Nancy Pelosi has signaled she may now be open to it as a means of forcing administration officials to comply with the subpoenas of those six House committees investigating mr. Trump's conduct so far the White House is stonewalling any attempts by Democrats to hear from some witnesses or receive documents related to the Russia investigation okay Matt Bradley tonight Matt thank you there's a lot of relief in Fort Worth Texas tonight a young girl was found after she was kidnapped right in front of her mother on Saturday police arrested a suspect and now two community members are being called heroes for helping crack the case NBC's Kathy Park has the latest a parent's worst nightmare playing out on a neighbor's doorbell camera her daughter kidnapped right in front of her gym slug running outside when I heard the screams you know who thinks something like this happening in the middle of broad daylight is shocking you would shock its david shock anyone anywhere right eight-year-old salem Sobotka was walking with her mother in their Fort Worth neighborhood when police say 51 year old Michael Webb pulled the girl into his car then fled her mother tried jumping into the moving car but was pushed out an Amber Alert with the girls photo and the suspects gray sedan quickly circulated to Good Samaritan spotted the car parked outside this hotel and that assistant is one there are heroes tonight I'll tell you that eight hours after the kidnapping authorities broke through the hotel door finding Sobotka with Webb put a huge smile on my face and it took a lot of darkness off my heart just knowing that this young girl is gonna be okay a child back with her family tonight as her alleged kidnapper faces a first-degree felony charge it's a shocking story and police are saying that the suspect actually didn't know the girl or the the mother and they also said that officers found the girl actually to be in good condition but she was later taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation credible so glad she's safe at least tonight Cathy thank you in Egypt today a roadside bomb hit a tourist bus near the Giza pyramids officials say the blast wounded at least 17 people many of them tourists from South Africa the US Embassy in Cairo said no Americans are among the injured back here at home as gang-related violence and other crimes rise the dire need to keep gang members off the streets is a challenge so one group in Boston is taking an innovative but controversial approach to solve the problem Steve Patterson has more Giovanni Morris is doing something he never could have imagined just a few years ago he's in college he's enrolled at Boston's Bunker Hill Community College hoping to one day work with at-risk kids surprising because this former gang member spent time behind bars I said do a little stupid stuff now Morris and dozens more caught in a cycle of violence and poverty are getting a second chance they're part of a program called Boston on Corner a nonprofit focused on getting gang members off the streets and into the classroom in part by paying them to do it founder mark Cullerton admits it's a controversial idea we pay young people four hundred dollars a week about $20,000 per year to give them the opportunity to make the choices that we believe and we know that they want to make I still think you're gonna have people watch this and say hold on a minute you guys are paying criminals it's not enough to say come and get in there you couldn't be great you need a way to focus on education you need a way to get out of the crew and the gang and the activities you're involved in the stipend is funded mostly through private donations and continues as long as it takes for students to pass their high school equivalency exams enroll in and graduate from college and they get support from college readiness advisors all former gang members like Luis Rodriguez I really got tired of all the fools he was shot ten times and spent eleven years behind bars now he's working to change lives you feel like you're making a difference there absolutely the goal for this bold initiative a gang free Boston in five years I'm doing this for my family people who set up couldn't do it for guys like Morris it's a rare chance for change did you ever think people will be referring to you possibly as mr. college grad and those was it just sounds like it's like winning the lottery a winning idea and hope for a brighter future Steve Patterson NBC News Boston while we're on the subject of college and education the class of 2019 at Morehouse College got some stunning news at their graduation today the historically black college counts dr. Martin Luther King among its alumni and now the school's newly minted alums have a whole lot to celebrate on behalf of the eight generations of my family who have been in this country we're going to put a little fuel in your bus the surprise of a lifetime after receiving an honorary Doctorate the commencement speaker billionaire philanthropist Robert Smith shocking the graduates with an unexpected gift my family is making a grant to eliminate their student loans paying off every penny of debt for the nearly 400 graduates cheers for the 40 million dollar lifeline for him to lift that burden off our shoulders off our parents shoulders off our Guardian shoulders like we're at a loss of words right now in 2018 Forbes listed his net worth at 4.4 billion dollars making him the world's richest african-american and his generosity is much needed the student debt crisis hit record levels in 2018 a Wall Street Journal investigation found the average federal debt for graduates of historically black colleges and universities was more than 30 percent higher than students at other public and nonprofit 4-year schools Robert Smith has set an example that others will follow not just for Morehouse but for other historically black colleges and universities a time for celebration and a reminder to pay it forward Robert Smith said he knows those students will pay his gift forward and allow others to have the American dream much more ahead tonight including what Arnold Schwarzenegger is saying after he was attacked overseas also the hidden emotional those were often the last responders to a community tragedy earlier tonight we told you about a potential school shooting thwarted in Portland Oregon but not all communities obviously are so fortunate yesterday marked one year since a student opened fire at his high school in Santa Fe Texas last night hundreds gathered at a candlelight vigil to honor the eight students and two teachers killed there in that community the heartbreak really lingers and while we often hear about the first responders in school shootings tonight we're going to hear from the last responders the medical examiners in Santa Fe who cared for the victims Kristen Dahlgren has their emotional story in any mass shooting there are the first responders and there are the last cause of death gunshot wounds manner of death homicide identification I am a medical examiner those professionals tasked with the unthinkable the aftermath on a day to day basis our primary job is to perform autopsy examinations but for forensic specialists like these this was no ordinary day in Galveston County Texas the medical examiner's responded when a school shooter took ten lives last May I walk into the school there were chairs knocked over backwards kids had run out of their shoes I had to remind myself that this was my job this is what I had trained for but they say they can never really train for the emotional toll caring for the bodies of young people who'd been gunned down I promised myself that I would not while I was there think about my own kids or think about the parents but the kids that were dead and so they did their jobs that day but each still carries that burden probably a family member of a victim would wonder I wonder what the injuries were you know I wonder if they suffered or you know where they were in the school for example so those are all things that I actually know I wake up in the morning thinking about it because I still have nightmares I don't get to grieve because those were my kids I feel like the world is moving on and forgetting about what happened already indeed since then there have been scores of other mass shootings other teams called too horrific new scenes and while the public may seem to move on quickly now for more and more of the last responders there is no reprieve Kristen Dahlgren NBC News we remember when we come back changing the status quo in Hollywood how queen latifa actor and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said today he is not pressing charges against the man who assaulted him at a Sports Festival in South Africa yesterday difficult to watch Schwarzenegger was watching children jump rope and streaming a snapchat video when that happened suddenly kicked from behind by a man in the crowd he stayed on his feet while security grabbed the attacker the 71 year old says he is fine and he wants to spotlight the young athletes instead in Pennsylvania today a 21 story building was demolished in a powerful implosion as a former steel town attempts to move on the former Bethlehem Steel headquarters came tumbling down in just 16 seconds the tower was a showpiece when it opened in 1972 but has been vacant for a dozen years since the steel maker went out of business a two hundred million dollar development including medical offices retail stores and a hotel will be built in its place finally tonight in our spotlight Queen Latifah and her passion project to create more opportunities for women in Hollywood Haley Elizabeth Anderson and bemoan a share a dream of directing movies I caught the filmmaking bug probably when I was four years old when I got into NYU I was just like oh my god the film gods must have you know come down and really like giving me this sign made short films but the odds of them directing features and television are slimmer we're really seeing an inclusion crisis behind the camera when it comes to females in general but in particular women of color the USC Annenberg inclusion initiative analyzed the 1200 most popular films from 2007 to twenty eighteen and found that just four percent were directed by women less than one percent by women of color everyone is so excited about diversity and inclusion but it's like how many people are actually putting steps forward to say am i hiring folks of color behind the camera in every department enter Queen Latifah she partnered with Procter and Gamble and the Tribeca Film Festival to accelerate gender and racial equality behind the camera through the Queen collective she's mentored these budding directors helping them with production financing and distribution why do you think so many filmmakers are not women I think it's because of the status quo people are used to doing things the way they're used to doing that change can be uncomfortable until the change happens when women are calling the shots she says it changes everything these women directors get to hire women DPS they get to hire women grips they get to hire women who score they get to hire women who operate cameras to do a movie it takes about 150 people so you talk about 150 jobs that could be a hundred fifty women in those 150 jobs and for these two young directors help from the Queen has opened doors now I can say I have a film on Hulu the last few months I've been working in a different way I've been feeling more empowered acting Queen Latifah's own stories pretty incredible you can see more of that on my series the drink it's at slash the drink that is NBC Nightly News on this Sunday Lester Holt will be with you tomorrow when NBC News kicks off a new initiative kids under pressure an important look at the mental health crisis affecting so many children I'm Kate snow for all of us here at NBC News have a great night hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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