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  1. Beyond Meat is overrated. It’s no better than Boca Burgers, but costs 10 times more and uses a much higher proportion of packaging material.

  2. Kid been here for 30 years, still doesn't speak English well, and never applied for citizenship. Yep that's a keeper

  3. abortion is always brought up when there is something going on in politics. I don't think they even know or care a little bit about it. they just use it.

  4. There is nothing positive about abortion, no matter how a man looks at it. Abortion is the killing of a lifestream ability to come into this world.

  5. Awesome news about the little boy found alive and safe.
    How was he able to just wander off? Who was watching him?

  6. Even if the student didn't know about the bribes(which I doubt), unfortunately there are consequences to actions.
    Did he not see his own application which portrayed him as a tennis star?

  7. Would Trump's current wife and in-laws pass the civics test?
    Melania got an "Einstein visa", can anybody advise what exceptional skill she possessed to get an Einstein visa?

  8. Women's healthcare is NOT under attack. Abortion is an ELECTIVE PROCEDURE that is not necessary to the health of a woman except in extreme circumstances, no more than brain surgery is necessary. That is #REALITY.

  9. Legal immigration. What is so hard about understanding the word “legal”. Kick out all illegals. If I got arrested because I broke a law, I don’t get to have my loved ones with me, and I definitely don’t receive a free ride all the way home. Start charging a fee to the originating Countries! That might make a difference.

  10. I think 8 weeks is fine past 2nd semmester its not fine i agree in abortion but to a certain point

  11. So much for separation of church and state. Let's see if this gets thrown under the bus too. I try to give the South some credit, but now I'm trying to figure out why.

  12. Actual Collusion = Obama, Hillary and Kerry with the Islamic Republic of Iran to assure them of an eventual nuke-armed ICBM program capable of destroying the US and Israel; and in the last weeks before Trump was sworn in gave them a cash bonus of $150 billion from US taxpayers that is likely being utilized now to fund Jihadist terrorism worldwide while Trump is the US Commander-in-Chief?

  13. Actual science deniers (Biology 101) refuse to see a live baby in a sonogram (ultrasound); but demands everyone see more than two genders in a DNA test?

  14. Commandment # 6: "You shall not murder."- God (Exodus 20). "Life begins at conception of a son or daughter in the mother's womb."- David (Psalm 139:13).

  15. Why don't those who love abortion abort themselves first?????? 💩💩💩💩💩😈😈💩💩💩💩💩

  16. Adversity score.??!! WTF???!!
    That's b.s.!!! You either get in with grants or scholarships cause of hard work…period. Not special b.s. cause of "out of your hands" reasons.

  17. Je-sus….this country just loves war doesn't it…
    Don't like that particular country??!! Just stir up some ridiculous fake intelligence info..send in a fleet to provoke and encourage a incident….

    F'ing ridiculous…war..war..war…

  18. Underground railroad to sneak southern women to northern states so they can have abortions…

    Pain in the a$$ "SOUTH" ,at it again.

  19. Women are not the property of the US government. Women must stand up and protect their constitutional human rights. When government listens to the church, you know something is very wrong.
    And you know who's enabling all this, "president" trump. Vote him and pence out !!!!!!

  20. Good thing the missing 22month old was found before he wandered into Cuomo's New York where he surely would be killed by feminists

  21. Seperation of church and state is for mortal reasons. religious facists are dangerous. Spanish inqusition? Burning women alive because some 2000 year old magical thinking religious cult calls you one? Killing in the name of god? christians are hypocrites.

  22. abortion is wrong, women are twisted now. where is the motherly instinct? Men why are you allowing your child to be murdered, you have a voice as well. It isnt a womans body, it is a baby, regardless of your "opinion", it is not your right to murder, regardless of an illegal law. The baby has a right to live. Pro choice is pro abortion, humanity is at risk, do you people not see the evil pushing you women to do this? Pray people.

  23. Take a look at the graphic at 6:00 . Tell me they are not subtly pushing Joe Biden as a candidate.

  24. I’m just don’t understand how ppl can be so protective of life b4 it arrives but yet will execute and with hold medical services and let u die in the street in a snap?!

  25. New abortion laws are smoke screen GOP got everybody hyped up bet the same laws have attachments giving something to election campaign donor's better go after dark money Billionaire class behind this.

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