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breaking news tonight severe weather hammers the south heavy rain leading to dangerous flooding and desperate rescue efforts with Texas getting more than a month's worth of rain in just five days as a tornado tears across Virginia terrifying moments passengers and crew escaping through smoke and flames after a plane lands without its front wheels on its nose actress Felicity Huffman preparing to plead guilty in court in the College Admission scandal how much time could she spend behind bars a controversial new gun law in Colorado aims to reduce deadly shootings but creates deep divisions pitting Sheriff against Sheriff we just don't agree on on this law a new twist on the traditional preschool story hour but some communities are saying not in our town a son sacrificed to give his mom the ultimate Mother's Day present the gift of life this is NBC Nightly News with Kate snow good evening the rain just hasn't stopped it's already been a record-breaking month from Louisiana Texas and Alabama and tonight that rain outpacing the drainage system in New Orleans where the water stood at knee level in some areas today the severe weather also causing flooding across Mississippi and beyond the dangerous system also spawning tornadoes like this one in Campbell County Virginia on Saturday as it all moves east tonight the storm affecting major cities in the southeast we begin tonight with Tammy Lightner tonight this latest storm system pounding the south from tornadoes to unrelenting rain the system already wreaking havoc across six states with more than a foot of rain from Texas up to Kansas and down to Louisiana bringing record-breaking rainfall to the state in the month of May and dangerous flooding Louisiana declaring a state of emergency overnight dramatic rescues in a neighborhood in Mississippi 15 people trapped in their homes and cars the torrential rain causing several dams and levees to swell and burst in the southern part of the state flash flooding may be to blame for this freight train derailment more than 20 cars toppled but no one injured as strong storms move through the area residents in New Orleans awoke Sunday to flooded streets and submerge cars after several city water pumps lost power the only way for some residents to get around by kayak this storm making the month of May one of the wettest Springs we've seen Tammy Lightner NBC News with a pause in the rain near Houston crews resumed cleanup today in one of the world's busiest shipping channels a collision between an oil tanker and two barges in that Houston Ship Channel Friday spilled thousands of gallons of toxic chemicals used to make gasoline officials say they're monitoring the air and water quality around the clock and they advised against eating fish caught near the site of the spill the estimator will take up to two more days to move the capsized barge now to some terrifying moments at an International Airport today as a plane made an emergency landing without its front wheels in Myanmar and it wasn't the country's first aviation mishap in recent days here's NBC's Ron Allen the frightening moments when a plane carrying 82 passengers and seven crew finally lands at Mandalay International Airport when the front landing gear failed smoke rising in the cabin a frantic effort to get everyone off the anmar national airlines flight ub 103 took off from Yangon for an hour and 20 minute flight to Mandalay in a statement the airline said an emergency warning system went off when the front landing gear wouldn't go down the pilot tried a backup procedure that also failed he circles the tower twice so air-traffic controllers could see whether the nose landing gear was down dumped fuel to reduce the plane's weight then put the plane down landing with no front wheels just last week another landing internet in Myanmar when a Bangladeshi plane skidded and over on a runway in a rainstorm at least five of the 30 passengers injured the aircraft seriously damaged now again today disaster averted the pilot being hailed as a hero for a terrifying emergency landing that ended with everyone aboard safe Ron Allen NBC News at the White House today President Trump bracing for a new round of conflicts with Democrats in Congress pushing back on their demands related to at least 20 investigations into his administration and his personal finances Matt Bradley has more the White House is building another wall this one against a siege of subpoenas and legal demands from mostly House Democrats the Democrats have nothing the president tweeted this morning quoting Republican consultant Edie Rollins they just want to distract from this president the Washington Post listing at least 20 separate investigations with the White House blocking nearly 80 demands for documents testimonies and other evidence including the president's tax returns testimony from his son Donald Jr and an unredacted version of Robert Muller's report into Russian election interference the president's resistance has some Democratic leaders pondering drastic measures if the courts take too long we use our own judicial process within the Congress and look I think if you find someone $25,000 a day to their person until they comply it gets their attention some Democrats even calling for arrests but for some Republicans the legal maneuvers look like pure politics so this is really I think degenerated into partisan politics and the best we can do at this point it's a let's get on with a country's business and the President believes Democrats full-court press will ultimately backfire they want to do investigations instead of investments they want to do what they're doing which looks so foolish and maybe I read it wrong but I think it drives us right on to victory in 2020 these cases could last months or years maybe even past the president's term but at least one could come to a head soon and that's when the president's accounting firm will face a hearing this week Kate Matt let's turn now to the ongoing trade war with China on Friday the u.s. raised tariffs on Chinese goods from ten to twenty five percent today it seemed almost like there was a disconnect between the president and one of his top advisors about who pays for those tariffs yeah that's right Kate you know today the White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow he acknowledged on Fox News that Americans not the Chinese will be paying for those tariffs now that's contradicting mr. Trump's assertion that only China will pay what is in effect attacks Kate all right Matt Bradley at the White House tonight the spotlight is back on Felicity Huffman as she prepares for another high-profile day in Boston federal court tomorrow the actress is expected to enter her guilty plea before a judge in the College Admission scandal NBC's Kathy Park has a preview actress Felicity Huffman is expected back in court tomorrow she's agreed to plead guilty for her part in the College Admission scandal the Desperate Housewives star admitted to paying $15,000 for a proctor to change her daughter's answers on the SATs improving the girls score in a statement she wrote I accept full responsibility for my actions and will accept the consequences that stem from those actions legal experts say her Swift apology may work to her advantage Felicity Huffman is like many white-collar defendants who were in trouble for the first time she's racing the court to plead guilty cooperate with the government get the lowest sentence possible and just move on with her life she's among the dozens of prominent parents charged with paying big bucks in some cases hundreds of thousands of dollars to get their kid into selective schools while some parents have agreed to plead guilty actress Lori Lachlan and her fashion designer husband are not among them this is government prosecution 101 the longer she waits the worse it may be for Lori Laughlin this FBI sting dubbed Operation varsity blues is a storyline made for Hollywood and is already being scripted for a small screen series and Kate after Huffman's plea hearing tomorrow she'll actually be sentenced at a later date and she could be looking at anywhere between four to ten months in prison all right Kathy Park thank you a Texas man has been arrested in connection with the disappearance of a four year old Malia Davis went missing earlier this month and now police have arrested her mother's former fiance Darian Vince charging him with evidence tampering Vince was taking care of Malia while her mother was out of town and then he reported the girl missing in his home investigators found the girl's blood and other evidence they now believe are connected to her disappearance the tense debate over gun laws in this country reignited last week after a deadly shooting at a school in Colorado well that same state is about to enact a controversial law meant to reduce gun violence but the move is pitting Sheriff against Sheriff here Steve Patterson two sheriff's between them more than 60 years in law enforcement but now deeply divided over one law the extreme risk protection orders give judges the power to decide if officers can temporarily take away guns from people thought to be at high risk of harming themselves or others it's been passed in 15 states across the country and it takes effect in Colorado next year we just don't agree on on this law would weld County Colorado Sheriff Steve Reeves is so strongly against enforcing it he's willing to go to jail arguing the law goes against several amendments including those governing unreasonable seizures of property and the right to bear arms and that in your opinion is a violation of the Constitution absolutely that's that turns due process on its head rheems reaction may seem extreme but more than half of Colorado's 60 or counties also opposed to law some even declaring themselves Second Amendment sanctuary counties House bill 1177 is passed the bill was signed last month just weeks before yet another deadly school shooting in a Denver suburb she called me and she was hysterical and she told me that there had been a shooting it's that kind of tragedy coupled with the shooting death of a close colleague that has Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock backing the measure deputies that parish should never happen we knew the individual that shot and killed Zach parish we have been dealing with him for three months sheriff Spurlock says they knew about the shooters erratic behavior before his deputy a father of two was gunned down and that a lot like this could have prevented the tragic ambush is it perfect no it's not I believe that lives will be saved while both chairs say the law is a temporary fix they do agree on a common cause getting to the root of so much violence and pushing for legislation devoted solely to improving mental health Steve Patterson NBC News Denver let's take a turn now to the reality that you've probably noticed at the checkout counter stores with fewer cashiers or maybe none at all last week here in New York Amazon opened its fourth cashier less store no human interaction needed at all but the trend toward convenience comes at what cost here's NBC's Ron Mott it's the future of checking out and experts say they're in to stay I like it it's super convenient it's a faster way to this pay your grocery and get out of there but automated cashiers are beeping and creeping up on people like Jade Lee carpenter a 22 year old single mom whose job working the register at Coventry market in Cleveland is her only source of income I fully depend on my job as a cashier for my son and for myself to support where I live thank you Jade's been a cashier three years and says she has an advantage over machines I do think that I sell more products because I know what they want and I can have it ready for them as soon as they walk up to the counter Amazon has taken a very different approach with this gold stores literally shop and leave no interaction needed in a statement Amazon says we've simply shifted how our associates spend their time so they can focus on the tasks that will make the biggest impact there are more than 3 million cashier jobs 74% of them held by women but in the last five years alone 50,000 jobs have gone offline a trend expected to continue it does worry me because I do believe that these entry-level jobs that are applied in retail and some of the other jobs that are around will ultimately be automated out of existence at Coventry market jade is proud of the skills she's developed I've learned how to interact with people how to count money how to make schedule all adding up to a promotion to assistant manager Ron Mott NBC News still ahead tonight what some say is an innovative way to teach tolerance to kids but not everyone approves also just Megan marques first Mother's Day a brand new picture of the Royal baby with a special tribute to Princess Diana story time at the library or a bookstore it's a tradition for families with young children well now in more than two dozen locations across the country there is a new twist on story hour with a goal of using imagination and play to teach acceptance but as our Kristen Dahlgren reports it is not without controversy across the country protests police lines and petitions all in a battle over books or rather who is reading books to children in a literacy program called drag queens story hour once upon a time Jonathan Hamilton the concept to New York I guess our goal is to make every kid feel comfortable and have a safe space to explore kids can feel safe in a space where they might be feeling different there are now more than 35 chapters nationwide performers with the nonprofit undergo training and in many cases background checks for Jonathan the dramatic flair and the kids curiosity seemed a perfect fit is that your real hair is that your real name are those real nails just like really funny things like is that a wig they know it's dress-up and it's a costume but there's been backlash there kids it is in fact contentious City Council meetings the wickedness even lawsuits some saying not in our town on behalf of God we're asking him to move this totally out of our community others insist it confuses kids still learning about gender identity this is certainly inappropriate this kind of thing for a little bitty child they're too young to comprehend such a thing for Jonathan though the protests are exactly the point making sure the next generation is taught tolerance when they grow up and they see someone different down the street they won't treat them any differently because of how they look or act so far most of the programs are still in place at the end the day we're just reading to kids so we're promoting literacy we're playing games we're having fun kids and drag queens controversial to some but here at least keeping the audience hanging on every word Kristen Dahlgren NBC News New York coming up the mom who is thrilled to be alive thanks to the son she calls her hero check out that bright light streaking across the sky over Chicago Friday night it was a meteor captured on cameras around the region lasting only a few seconds and stunning folks around the Windy City it burned out quickly breaking apart before it could ever make impact next to the shooting star lighting up the Internet today the newest member of the royal family the Duke and Duchess of Sussex released this cute little photo of baby Archie's little feet as Megan Markel celebrates her first Mother's Day the Royals paying tribute to all moms including Prince Harry's mother Princess Diana's favorite flowers you see them there forget-me-nots there in the background on purpose when we come back a son sacrifice to save his mother's life finally tonight on this Mother's Day a son in Utah recently showed his mother just how much he loved her by giving her the priceless gift of life Molly hunter has their story the decision to save his mother's life was the easy part I was very willing because I loved my mom but for Brandon Finlayson convincing his mom Gwen was harder it took days to get her to finally even think about the idea Gwen had been sick for nearly three decades five years after she was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis she developed cirrhosis of the liver and was told she needed a liver transplant within three years but she pushed on refusing to seek a transplant donor I didn't want to take a liver away from somebody else in between hospital visits there were weddings and family vacations with her four children and 21 grandchildren but last year doctors forced her to sign up for a transplant waiting list at her age you know they told us they were upfront and said this is her only chance her children now all grown up came to terms with just how sick their mother really was and her only chance was Brandon 37 years ago Brandon was in the NICU for days then Gwen taking care of him the fact that we were all worried about her and she wasn't the one that could be the caregiver really bothered her I'm not sure I have the words to describe how I feel about my son that he would risk his life for another human being didn't have to be his mother but it was his mother and now both are recovering three months after their surgeries just in time for Mother's Day I don't have to buy her a present now right Molly Hunter NBC News and Gwen says instead of dreading her future she now sees it as one full of hope that is NBC Nightly News on this Sunday tomorrow Lester sits down with the men who were branded as the Central Park five and Ava Duvernay on her series that sheds new light on their wrongful conviction I'm Kate snow happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the moms out there for all of us at NBC News have a great night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

  1. I have read books to children many times, just like many others have, and we didn’t have to dress in costumes to do so. That doesn’t teach kids tolerance; parents are to teach children how to treat other people. Some teach them the right way, some don’t and others don’t teach their children anything. This sounds like it confuses kids.

  2. At the rate they’re making acquisitions and implementing automation, Amazon is going to collapse our economy. This is how giant corporations siphon wealth out of the middle class and prevent start-up companies from entering a market with the resources to effectively compete, let alone grow.

  3. I like Kate Snow's reporting better than M-F Lester Holt. She's more personable and down 2 earth…

  4. What a Big Lie, the newsmedia is trying to link a barge that is not capsized, with that Iranian shipping sabotage mystery fueling the propaganda machine over Iran. NBC seems a bit incoherent as to where did this story come from? Having fun with all your video overlays and powerful video editing mixing consoles NBC? It almost looks like a flight simulator on steroids with still image edits and passenger overlays and half a dozen other disasters. If so in either case maintenance would be the first place to look, if that one wasn't a downdraft, otherwise excellent easing of the flaps and nose as the plane slows.

  5. What behavior won't the Democrats accept. Is nothing off limits to their children? This is such a small minority that is being blown up like its mainstream and it is not.

  6. The "Red Flag" gun law is a Violation of Due Process. If Luciferians plan to Victimize you, they simply wyne ahead of time to disarm you. And that's what seems to be Happening with "HOMELAND SECURITY" FF operations involving many SATURN WORSHIPING LUCIFERIAN JEWS.
    If they talk like Jews, they should act like Israel with a mandatory 3 years Military Service for ALL Citizens.
    There were Rarely any School Shootings before ROTC moved Military Recruiting Headquarters into our Children's Schools.
    Seems to be part of the "Common Core" Communist Indoctrination.
    BRAVO Sanctuary Counties for upholding the Constitution and our 2nd Amendment.
    It's Past Time that the Illegal Luciferians are the only Sanctuaries in the USA.

  7. The red flag law where they can confiscate guns is completely unconstitutional so say your neighbor or family member or ex wife or girlfriend If they say O you have guns and you seem dangerous they can come into your house and take All of your weapons and ammunition not just guns with no due process That breaks multiple amendments in the Constitution If the government keeps pushing this people won't take it anymore lying down we're not a bunch of ostridges just stick our heads in the ground we will fight back for what is right

  8. You know you have a dumb lazy kid when all the money in the world won't hire enough quality tutors or specialist educators to get them into a University on merit alone. Mind you, other people have kids who worked hard enough to earn a spot at those schools regardless of their family's money and without those extra benefits. I only had an extra SAT class, but even that helped my score.

  9. No only is Amazon and Jeff Bezos eliminating social interaction and jobs, the profit he's making he's putting into building space toys not trying to solve the problem his invocations are creating.  As much as I like my Amazon stock, I feel like this is being socially irresponsible and we are all contributing to it based on our selfish obsession with tech.

  10. You put trannys in your (owned) institutional educations you force us to take our children too! How low can you go! World family shut them down. This is what they're plan is for us. Shut down the banks, grocery stores, shops, gas stations, schools, companies, no more work, stay at home, hospitals, markets, Wal Mart, Washington. They've deceived all of us! TRANNYS RUN THIS PLANE. Androgynous. They worship the Baphomet. The Devil. Shut them down! America, it's just a wicket Khazarian racist Jew-wish company.

  11. Schiff sucks. Plain and simple – these people are disgusting. Power mongers are doing nothing for the problems the world is facing. Soon, climate changes will destroy us all, so don't worry about political B.S.


  13. How can anyone believe anything coming from Trump's mouth? If you put tariffs on imported goods, the only way the price can go is up.
    On the matter of cashier-less stores and businesses, this may be alright when things are going good but how about when these machines malfunction?
    I am also in support of those people who oppose the drag queens in their city; this should not be tolerated anywhere. Homosexuals always want to be up in your face nowadays and I am not opposed to them socializing among themselves but I totally abhor these people anywhere in my space.

  14. God is very angry with us right now his wrath is like no other🙏🙏🙏 a small screen series are you kidding me they're going to make this into God does not like ugly

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