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breaking news tonight a dangerous near miss on the high seas US and Russian warships nearly collide as the Russian destroyer gets so close the Americans were forced to take sudden evasive action to get out of the way tonight the blame game from a near catastrophe caught on camera a critical deadline in president Trump's trade war those threats of new tariffs on goods from Mexico that would cost you more money for everything from food and clothes to TVs and cars the stunning word from NASA tonight allowing tourists to take 30 day vacations to the International Space Station amateur astronauts on board for the first time and the cost out of this world she thought she was going to die that video that left so many jaws dropping we are now hearing for the first time what it was like for that 74 year-old woman hanging from a rescue helicopter spending more than 170 times as her husband watched from the ground in horror I didn't know if you dead or alive tonight how she's doing now and groceries delivered not only to your door but brought into your house and placed in your fridge a major new move tonight as supermarkets fight for your money this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening I'm Peter Alexander in tonight for Lester we begin this evening with a dangerously close call on the high seas between a Russian destroyer and a u.s. warship those ships coming within feet of one another forcing the Americans to take drastic action to avoid a disastrous collision tonight both sides are trading blame that near-miss echoing the days of the Cold War with much of the drama caught on tape NBC's Hans Nichols has the very latest tonight this image capturing just how close the ships came to a catastrophic collision as little as 50 feet according to the US Navy this video from the deck of the USS Chancellorsville showing the Russian destroyer was so close you could see Russian sailors sunbathing on the deck the US Navy says the Russian ship accelerated and closed to an unsafe distance the US Cruiser had to execute all engines back full to avoid collision at the Pentagon sharp words for professional will have military-to-military conversations with depression but Russia's Navy is accusing the u.s. Cruiser of crossing in front of their ship and is filing a protest but today's close call is not the first by Russia back in 2016 Russian fighters buzzed the USS Donald cook but there were fewer unsafe encounters or intercepts for most of 2018 the risk of miscalculation is enormous because these are major military operations conducted so close to each other the u.s. plans to issue a formal diplomatic protest to Russia saying that they are violating well-established international norms Peter Hans Nichols thank you with the deadline fast approaching president Trump is leaving Americans guessing whether he will follow through on his threat to slap tariffs on Mexico a possible trade war that would affect the price you pay for everything from food to close to cars NBC's Kristen Welker is at the White House tonight President Trump back from the D Day celebrations now facing his self-imposed diplomatic deadline to slap Mexico with tariffs tonight saying quote there is a good chance they'll make a deal but if there's no agreement Mexico will begin paying tariffs at the 5% level on Monday the president made the tariff threat arguing Mexico has not done enough to stem the growing flow of migrants just last month more than a hundred and forty-four thousand migrants crossed the southern border a 13-year high they shouldn't be allowing people to come through their country from Central from Honduras and Guatemala El Salvador many Republicans have argued against the tariffs which could raise prices for American consumers on everything from cars to groceries today negotiators from the US and Mexico engaged in a third straight day of marathon talks administration officials say there is significant progress but still no deal and the president fighting on another front she's a nasty vindictive horrible person escalating his attacks against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi she went after him earlier this week behind closed doors telling Democrats I don't want to see him impeached I want to see him in prison mr. Trump tweeting today nervous Nancy Pelosi is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement especially since I was with foreign leaders overseas and Kristen joins us now Kristen we also got the new jobs numbers today well Peter that's right the u.s. gained 75,000 jobs last month that's less than expected and wages continued to grow but at a slower rate one bright spot the unemployment rate remains at three point six percent that's the lowest in decades all of it stoking fears the economy could be softening just as the president is escalating trade tensions with China and Mexico but the White House argues it's the strongest economy in years Peter Kristen Welker at the White House for us tonight Kristen thank you very much tonight a college student from New York City is behind bars charged with threatening to stage an attack in one of the busiest tourist areas in this country Times Square the FBI says the man was an admirer of overseas terror groups we get the details from our justice correspondent Pete Williams the FBI says tonight that this is a spot in Times Square that a 22 year old from Queens repeatedly talked about wanting to attack agents arrested a Schickel alam a green card holder from bangladesh late thursday after he bought two handguns like this from someone he thought was like-minded but who turned out to be an FBI undercover operative agents had alum under close surveillance for the past nine months sometimes meeting him where he lived a neighbor says he was an angry young man he talked to them he says yeah investigators say he talked about all kinds of other targets maybe a military base or a political figure in Washington or a gathering of gay people and they say he spoke approvingly of al-qaeda and Isis and watched propaganda videos investigators say Allah never formulated any actual plot his lawyer asked that he be released on bail saying he had no prior criminal record but the judge refused Peter all right Pete Williams thank you very much tonight we have learned the name of the West Point cadet who lost his life in a tragic accident he's identified as Christopher J Morgan of West Orange New Jersey Morgan was killed yesterday when a military vehicle overturned and rolled down an embankment at the US military Academy's training area he was 22 a standout wrestler due to graduate next year a dramatic and emotional day in court as a former Minneapolis police officer was sentenced to 12 and a half years in prison for fatally shooting a bride-to-be who had called 9-1-1 for help in 2017 NBC's Ron Mott was inside the courtroom I apologize in person for taking the life of such a perfect person a tearful apology for Mohammed nor I knew in an instant that I was wrong the former Minneapolis Police Officer who two summers ago shot and killed Justine Roos chick Damon an unarmed yoga teacher from Australia good people sometimes do bad things the judge was firmed sticking to Sentencing Guidelines sending noir to prison for more than a dozen years while he is clearly saddened by miss restricts death he does not take personal responsibility body cam footage revealed confusion after Damon called police to report a suspected sexual assault in her neighborhood Noor testified that Damon approached his squad car that he heard a bang and thinking she was a threat shot her today Somali community protesters argued that Noor who'd been on the force two years has been treated unfairly because he's a Muslim American officer who shot a white woman no charges notably half the jurors in Norris trial were people of color since 2005 there have been roughly 100 officers arrested for fatal shootings Rallo and duty and just three other murder convictions I miss you so much every day Damon's fiance told the court he feels guilty for telling her to call the police that night I don't understand how such a thing could happen to you and to us the ending of a tragic case bringing no closure to this community Ron Mott NBC News Minneapolis messages of support are pouring in tonight for country music star Granger Smith after his three-year-old son tragically drowned at the family's home NBC's Morgan Chesky has the heartbreaking story and a warning tonight for parents it's the photo of a smiling father and son that tonight brings unthinkable anguish country music singer Granger Smith shared the loss of his youngest son river riding our families devastated and heartbroken a rep for Smith a rising star in country music says river drown at the family's Texas home the couple choosing to donate the young boy's organs okay get on there on YouTube the Smiths capturing their adventurous three-year-old on his own custom tractor just weeks before his death it's a tragic reminder especially this time of year fatal child drownings are on the rise it's the leading cause of accidental deaths in children ages 1 to 4 as a mom I want other parents to know how fast drowning can happen after losing their own daughter Emmy – drowning last year Olympic skier bode miller and his wife Morgan are now sharing her story to save others upon hearing about River Morgan sending her support to the Smith family posting my heart breaks another baby gone too soon you got to go way out tonight for the Smiths their family videos now even more precious Morgan Chesky NBC News there are new developments on that mystery in Paradise tonight more families are coming forward to raise questions about the hotel chain where three Americans were found dead in the Dominican Republic here's NBC's Gabe Gutierrez for kalyan Cano and her boyfriend a dream vacation to the Dominican Republic last June turned into a nightmare gut wrenching pains in our stomach sweating galore the drooling the eyes watering weeks later the Colorado couple sued to Baia príncipe hotel after they say a strong smell of chemicals in their room cause cramps dizziness and shortness of breath the recent deaths of three Americans in five days at sister ho tells made her think oh my gosh those are the same symptoms we were having felicia Nieves says her sister Yvette also visited the dr last june and stayed at a different hotel owned by the same chain in punta cana she drank from the minibar took a shower and wanted to retire for the evening her family says Yvette later died of a heart attack and tonight a will de Montes of New York tells NBC News she vomited blood after drinking from a minibar soda bottle at the same hotel chain last year my mouth was burning it was on fire Montez says she sought treatment from the hotel's on-site medic the hotel group has not returned our request for comment on these latest allegations but in a new statement said inaccurate and false information has been spread the company previously said there were no indications of any correlation between the three most recent deaths and then established security protocols were followed authorities in the VR are promising a full investigation but for some families that can't come soon enough Gabe Gutierrez NBC News now to that stunning announcement from NASA today for the first time allowing commercial companies and tourists to join astronauts aboard the International Space Station but those vacations come with an out-of-this-world price tag to mash are Tom Costello explains ISS has you loud and clear welcome on board for all the wannabe astronauts out there the space station is suddenly within reach a cool 50 million dollars just to get there for a 30 day visit but then there's the nightly room rate it will be roughly about thirty-five thousand dollars a night per astronaut but it won't come with any Hilton Marriott points already two companies are buying up seats on SpaceX Rockets expected to fly there next year while son private astronauts might be space tourists others are expected to conduct research or work on projects as corporations look to turn a profit it's now up to you to use your creativity your ingenuity and figure out how you can generate potentially revenue from these these pieces the commercial trips will help raise much-needed cash for NASA to pay for bigger missions returning to the moon in just five years and eventually landing humans on Mars today President Trump questioned that strategy tweeting NASA should not be talking about going to the moon we did that 50 years ago they should be focused on Mars though just last month he was all for it to be going to the moon will be going to Mars very soon it's very exciting what had been a day to lay out NASA's new mission instead ended in confusion Tom Costello NBC News Washington just hope you don't get a middle seat right and there is more drama tonight between the US and Russia but this time it's over a TV show the HBO miniseries about the Chernobyl nuclear disaster popular with viewers and with critics but not with Russia which is now apparently planning to tell its own version of the story here's NBC's Richard Engel tonight Russian television is producing its own show about Chernobyl after this new HBO miniseries became an instant hit the car exploded telling the story of the explosion at the number 4 reactor and the workers who battled to save it and now the realtor Nobel site is seeing its own tourist boom locals say since the mini series started airing tourism is up 40 percent it's very surreal being here it's such a sobering place but for like from the eyes or hands it's a beautiful place officials say radiation levels are now low enough that visiting is safe even though no one has been allowed to live here for decades the radiation is always in the back of your heads but I wanted to see this all so badly that it was a risk I was willing to take that Soviet nuclear disaster is probably the worst in history the nuclear plant exploded back in 1986 hundreds of thousands were relocated by the Soviets the UN says 20,000 cases of thyroid cancer can be traced to the radiation and while the HBO series highlights critical mistakes by plant operators and the government it's come under fire from some in Russia the new Russian show will reportedly blame the disaster on CIA sabotage Richard Engel NBC News just ahead the rescue gone wrong the husband of an injured hiker spun out of control during an airlift speaks out about her frightening ordeal also the price you pay Walmart taking on Amazon with a new way to deliver groceries right into your fridge what better place to be than at the movies stay with us next the chopper rescue that went terribly wrong for the first time we are hearing from the husband of the hiker trapped and spinning stretcher about her harrowing scare here's Miguel Almaguer they hate to see this for the Phoenix Fire Department it was a typical rescue that quickly spun out of control that's just really going fast now inside that hoist basket picking up speed was 74 year old Catalan Metro the injured hiker suddenly on a rescue ride that her husband thought could cost her her life I didn't know who that are alive watching from the ground with stunned firefighters Jorge metros wife spun at least a hundred and fifty times for two minutes her husband says she fought to stay conscious as crew struggled to slow the basket he said no what was happening everything was spinning so fast the blood was going through her head into her eyeballs now recovering at a local hospital the metros had gone on a hike outside Phoenix when kattiline fell injuring her leg crews decided to airlift the senior citizen but she became stuck spinning in the rotor wash we've done literally hundreds of voices in the last six years both operationally on these incidents as well as in training maybe two times that we've seen this type of a spin event she was happy to see me only first thing she said I'm glad I'm alive because she thought she was gonna die tonight kattiline Metro back on the ground after the rescue ride of a lifetime Miguel Almaguer NBC News up next groceries delivered straight to your fridge back now with the price you pay for groceries and a major move as supermarkets fight for your money Walmart now battling Amazon by preparing to offer groceries delivered right to your fridge here's ngati schwartz and here we are in the home grocery delivery wars promising a future of robots and drones and self-driving cars a big move by brick-and-mortar giant wal-mart that might have pushed the finish line past your curb past your front door and straight into your refrigerator the idea is you order online and if you're not home you can watch a live video stream a Walmart employee coming into your house opening up your fridge and stocking your shelves a counter punch – amazon same-day delivery network now experimenting with new drones and a delivery service that can leave packages inside your garage the trunk of your car or just past your front door but for Walmart it might all come down to capitalizing on their nearly 5,000 stores in big cities and small towns acting as delivery hubs from a cost perspective not all that different from delivering it direct to somebody's door because that we're able to actually batch the orders but skeptics say the biggest hurdle will be addressing privacy and security are they gonna be perfect every single time it only takes one incident to make this really a dangerous or spooky or weird experience Walmart says their employees will be trained extensively ready to roll out testing in three cities this fall starting their pilot program by offering it to nearly a million of their customers Goti Schwartz NBC News that should got you to clean your fridge up next the new movie-going experience for dogs ever humans finally tonight as the summer blockbuster season heats up there's a theater that knows movies are always better with your best friend here's Kevin Tibbles in Texas the movies have gone to the dogs is the world's first-ever dog friendly movie theater Erik Langford started canine cinema as a unique place for people and pooches best friend Bear is his partner of course my heart is overwhelmed with joy because I did this to make me happy and I was making other people happy everybody six nights a week for 15 bucks and five for Sparky you can see a flick and enjoy a bottomless glass of wine whining dogs why bring your dog movies vary from modern hits to classics maybe even a dog's journey from time to time he loves just coming here because he gets to play with all the other dogs to the candy counters even stopped with doggie treats for dogs no one's ever been busted for smooching in the dark but some nuzzling goes on for the most part the pups sit stay and watch and here's a doggone good idea local shelters often on hand with pets for adoption a date night with your dog now that's something to wag your tail about Kevin Tibbles NBC News Plano Texas I guess that's a different kind of date night that is nightly news for this Friday I'm Peter Alexander thank you for watching and have a great weekend hey NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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