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tonight millions on edge in Southern California after a day of relentless aftershocks more than 4,000 earthquakes in just three days residents now living in fear it´ll members feel the same again I don't know if any of us will ever feel safe here again tonight new images from the moments of impact a state of emergency in effect as residents comb through the damage the search for answers in that massive explosion at a shopping mall that injured nearly two dozen the blast demolishing a restaurant and blanketing an entire parking lot with debris the latest on the investigation into what set it off starbucks under fire six police officers outraged after they say employees kicked them out on the 4th of july the company now in face-to-face meetings with the police department trying to quiet the firestorm this is NBC Nightly News with Kate snow good evening it's been a long anxiety-filled weekend for residents in Southern California the ground rattling over and over again after that 7.1 magnitude quake Friday night near Ridgecrest many there are still without electricity or running water and throughout Southern California people are worried about the possibility of more large quakes to come scientists said today as many as 30,000 aftershocks may rock the town's near the epicenter in the next year the governor has dispatched 200 National Guard troops to help relief efforts with temperatures expected to hit triple digits in the coming days or Miguel Almaguer is inside one of those damaged buildings in Ridgecrest Miguel how are things tonight ok good evening over the last several hours and overnight we continued to feel those powerful aftershocks that's doing very little to calm nerves here just as they began to assess the damage at this laundry Mount while this ceiling was coming down people were ducking to cover and scrambling to get out of the building that is the new reality here go tonight seismologist confirmed some four thousand earthquakes have rocked the region near Ridgecrest after five a seven point one tremor oh my god and Thursdays six point for today sizable aftershocks are rattling nerves leaving many on edge out here we feel a little bit safer Bridget Cunningham's family won't sleep under their roof instead living in a tent it's more scary to think about the roof caving in on us and not being able to make it out or even make it to our kids with the governor declaring a state of emergency in the area you have to go over the huge night cracks and crevices in the road April Rodriguez had left the shake zone but today she returns for the first time to piece together her life it'll never feel the same again I don't know if any of us will ever feel safe here again with the large tremors cutting power to thousands sparking fires and buckling some homes many are now rebuilding what they can the big worry here is infrastructure while cracks like these can be repaired in a few days it's what engineers don't see that worries them most at the 4-square church the foundation is too damaged to hold Sunday services it's just a building you know the real churches for people so today in the church parking lot a sermon and giving free food and water for those in need anytime that we can you know go through a 7-point very quickly you're not reported fatality a major injury I want to say that's a blessing and a miracle tonight the road to recovery while many are still living in fear of what could come next tomorrow at buildings and businesses like this one inspectors will be out here to assess the damage it's not just the roofs that are giving inspectors so many problems but also the foundations all those aftershocks certainly aren't helping either Kate lots of look at Miguel Almaguer thank you another major story were following tonight the mystery over what caused the explosion that tore through a shopping mall and injured more than 20 people NBC's Morgan Chesky is live on the scene and Plantation Florida Morgan what's the latest on those injured yeah I can't good evening when rescuers arrived here yesterday they found 23 people wounded from pieces of glass metal and debris thrown hundreds of yards in every direction tonight all but two are out of your nearby hospitals as investigators try to zero in on what caused this blast tonight new images captured the astounding aftermath a South Florida shopping center unrecognizable building afloat from a blast many couldn't believe they survived the windows are shattering and falling a lot of dust all over the place the fire sprinklers are coming on fire alarm is going off people are running everywhere fire crews arrived to find the wounded walking through a massive debris field a scary deja vu for deputy chief Joel Gordon you're a New York guy when you roll upon this did you have a deeper fear I had a few flashbacks how they've been to that Gordon says it appears the explosion centered around a pizza shop that's been closed for months the same area where a worker noticed the sin of gas just minutes before the blast I had told the manager about it and he came over he said he didn't smell guys when he started to smell guys know what's causing it then is when the explosion despite finding ruptured gas lines investigators say the cause is still unknown crews spent today combing through debris searching for anything that could lead to answers is there any evidence that would show this was intentional right now at this point it's too early to tell too early to tell with any of that tonight two of the 23 people injured remain in nearby hospitals seriously hurt but both expected to survive our hearts go out to them but what it could have potentially been would have been much much worse so it's nothing short of a miracle that we walked away with as few injuries as we have and tonight the cleanup process hasn't even begun and investigators do tell me that is by design as any piece of debris could bring them closer to finding the cause Kate Morgan Chesky thank you tonight a billionaire once connected with some of the most powerful figures in the world arrested after flying in from Paris expected to face federal charges related to sex trafficking law enforcement officials say Jeffrey Epstein abused dozens of girls some as young as 14 NBC's Kathy Park has details Jeffrey Epstein made his millions on Wall Street counting among his high-powered friends Britain's Prince Andrew former President Bill Clinton even rubbing shoulders in the 90s with Donald Trump tonight law enforcement officials say Epstein is expected to be charged with two federal counts related to sex trafficking his alleged crimes taking place from 2002 to 2005 against dozens of underaged girls at his New York City and Palm Beach Florida homes these young girls who were at 13 14 and 15 thought essentially that they were gonna be going there to get paid to give him a massage and instead what he did was he pressed them further and further each time to have sexual and intimate relations with him and and by the way with other people Epstein's attorney declined to comment the Miami Herald has reported in depth on the case with some of Epstein's alleged victims going on the record I'm really really sad that I brought other girls my age and even younger into a world that they should have never been introduced to Epstein avoided federal sex trafficking charges and a possible life sentence after a controversial 2008 plea deal instead he served 13 months and registered as a sex offender after pleading guilty in state court to soliciting a single underage victim that deal was put together by Epstein's lawyers and former Miami US Attorney Alexander Acosta who is now president Trump's Labor Secretary and has previously defended his decision secretary Acosta has not responded to NBC News inquiries the Labor Department referred us in the Department of Justice which had no comment tomorrow the 66 year old Epstein is expected to appear in federal court Kathy Park NBC News New York president Trump issued a new warning to Iran late today after officials there told the world they have taken a major step that could bring Iran closer to developing a nuclear weapon alia rusie got rare access in I Doron and brings us this report at a press conference today Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister said they will enrich uranium to whatever levels they want and would reach those levels before the end of the day Iran says they need the increase to run civilian nuclear power plants the US and allies say it puts them one step closer to a nuclear bomb president Trump today warning Tehran again the Pentagon has already moved in additional thousand troops to the region and it was just two weeks ago the president Trump ordered then canceled unlimited strike on Iran in response to their downing of a US drone on the streets of Tehran there is a real fear of war we are very worried about war and the future looks very bleak this man says and also real anxiety as a result of crippling sanctions not even drug stores have been immune from effective sanctions there is lack of medications all sorts of medicines and even if they find it the price is very expensive people are suffering and dying okay Iran is saying it's willing to return to the negotiating table if all sanctions are dropped but there are no signs that the Trump administration is willing to do that alia rusy reporting for us from inside Iran Ali thank you and new diplomatic drama today between the u.s. and one of its closest allies after secret messages from the British ambassador to the United States were leaked with some scathing words for the Trump administration NBC's Hans Nichols joins us now from the president's Bedminster Golf Club in New Jersey where mr. Trump spent the weekend the leak first published by the Daily Mail and not confirmed by NBC News may cause some diplomatic damage between the two special relationship allies that's because there's some unflattering comments about President Donald Trump dating back to 2017 up to present day and one of those early cables the United Kingdom ambassador to the US Sir Kim dark suggested that President Trump might be in debt to dodgy Russians he warned that President Trump was quote inept and insecure now the British Foreign Office hasn't explicitly confirmed the content of these cables but they are trying to distance themselves from them and they've confirmed to NBC News that there is an investigation that will be initiated late this afternoon President Trump weighed in on the controversy the president also congratulated the US Women's National Team on their world cup victory and is now back at the White House Kate just ahead the new controversy brewing for Starbucks the incident involving police officers that has the coffee giant is showing an apology back now with severe weather threat as millions of Americans make their way home this holiday weekend a storm is on the move in the mid-atlantic with some 16 million people under a flash flood watch Saturday a rare tornado in New Jersey was caught on camera it's powerful force flipping a car with winds up to 70 miles an hour tonight there is new controversy for Starbucks the company meeting with police in Tempe Arizona seeking to make amends after an uncomfortable confrontation between an employee and several police officers at a store there on the fourth of July we get details from NBC's Candace Gibson tonight Starbucks is apologizing publicly and in person the meeting between Tempe police and company officials set to go into a second day tomorrow the company moving quickly to quiet the controversy that has lit up social media with the hashtag dumped Starbucks it all started on July 4th when six Tempe police officers were enjoying their drinks at this Starbucks that's when one of the employees said that a customer was uncomfortable with their present and asked them to move from their line of sight the cops instead deciding to leave nobody should be asked to leave if all they're doing is just having a cup of coffee I think it's valid to a degree to be afraid because you don't know who's good and who's not the Tempe officers Association at first called the situation disheartening and offensive but today saying they hope this can be a learning opportunity we can move forward and connect to our community and hopefully people will feel safe around law enforcement because that's why we got into this job it's not the first time the company has come under fire in this 2018 viral video police handcuffed two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks igniting protests and sit-ins from people accusing the coffee giant of racial profiling and prompting Starbucks to temporarily close thousands of stores nationwide for mandatory anti bias training in a statement tonight Starbucks calling the Tempe incident completely on accept' and say they are already taking the necessary steps to ensure this doesn't happen again in the future Candace Gibson NBC News a dramatic rescue caught on body cam video outside Atlanta firefighters formed a human ladder to get inside this burning home and pull a man through a window to safety the man was taken to the hospital and police say he's made a full recovery two officers did suffer minor injuries up next the inventors on a mission to keep their your campsite finally tonight caught on camera a bear opening up a minivan all on its own and crawling inside in Tennessee and if you want to avoid a wild encounter with a bear on your next camping trip you might want to bring something that has passed the ultimate wilderness test here's NBC's Gatti Schwartz at the Grizzly & wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone Montana something smells fishy so this is a peanut butter and jelly and fish and dog dog food salmon locked and loaded this is the moment that Holly and Jim Gillette have been waiting for after inventing what they hope is a grizzly proof canister for backpackers like themselves are you a little nervous we've been working on this for about a year the number of bear human encounters has grown in recent years bears in pools home stores and a big part of the problem says bear expert Randi Gravette they're incredible sense of smell their sense of smell is the greatest that they have a bear can smell up to 18 miles away that's why the center started the bear product testing companies that make everything from coolers to garbage cans to backpacks pay to see if their products are bear resistant within minutes the Bears start getting nosy this has to be one of the only places in the world where you do product testing in front of a live audience over there sadly a lot of times they root for the bearer so you got the money on the bear that can fit on the bear yeah so they're rooting for the Bears if a product lasts more than an hour without breaking a grizzly proof certification but this grizzly the bearer of bad news cracking the canister one of his friends snacks on our lens those bear testers all brought here from the wild after too many close calls with humans once a bear gets that easy food reward they're gonna come back each and every time the hope is more bear proof products will mean fewer dangerous encounters and with one remaining prototype to be tested Holli and Jim hold their breath you passed by about three seconds the couple overjoyed after their final canister just barely passes the test Gary Schwartz NBC News West Yellowstone oh that is NBC Nightly News on a Sunday night Lester Holt we'll be back with you tomorrow I'm Kate snow for all of us at NBC News have a great night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over 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  1. Yeah, trump and Clinton had some fun at the Epstein House. What!?There billionaires. So when is it law the 12-14 year old girls give massages. Oohh! I almost forgot! It's mom and dad idea! Lol! So those girls lied about there age. Did any of the girls every say, "I'm 13!"? Think not. Why? Because the girls will lose their chance for thousands of dollars. Think of a 13 with $3,000! That's like $1,000,000 in their mind. I'm done. Not taking sides. Just know a bunch of grown up kids is struggling too. And they need more money.

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  10. The real problem is that bad cops have made people feel uncomfortable around all police, which is sad. It is up to the police departments around the country to restore the valor and honor of the institution of the police.

  11. The real problem is that bad cops have made people feel uncomfortable around all police, which is sad. It is up to the police departments around the country to restore the valor and honor of the institution of the police.

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