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breaking news tonight the heartbreaking new images from the border drawings from detained migrant children depicting themselves in cages as outrage grows over dangerous conditions found inside these facilities by government investigators doctors now issuing dire warnings the psychological effect that it will take on these children is you can't even explain and tonight the urgent search for a two-year-old girl swept away from her mother as they cross the Rio Grande the Navy SEAL walking free after a bombshell verdict acquitting him of murder this sentence handed down for the one count he was convicted on and President Trump tweeting him congratulations the police officer who found during the worst mass shooting in US history now off the force body cam video showing him hesitate in the hotel hallway as a gunman murdered 58 people in Las Vegas travel nightmare a garbage truck falls over an overpass snarling traffic on a major roadway as millions hit the road for this record-breaking July 4th holiday and are spectacular inside look taking you behind the scenes of the biggest 4th of July celebration of the mall this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening I'm Kristen Welker infra Lester we begin tonight with the growing outrage over the conditions at those migrant detention facilities at the southern border we've seen the images from inside these centers and tonight these are the heartbreaking drawings by the children themselves some of the depictions showing kids and crowded cages side-by-side and now the head of Homeland Security has launched an investigation into what he calls disturbing social media posts allegedly made by Border Patrol agents are Gabe Gutierrez starts us off from El Paso tonight these images of overcrowded migrant detention centers are fueling more outrage government investigators say eighty eight men were crammed in this cell with a capacity of just 41 one migrant held up a sign with the word help writing he'd been in custody for 40 days the report from Homeland Security's Inspector General says children had limited access to a change of clothes and to facilities had not provided children access to hot meals now these drawings paint a heartbreaking picture the American Academy of Pediatrics says they come from 10 and 11 year old kids after they were released from the custody of Customs and Border Protection what do these pictures tell you it's horrible but I can guarantee you that within the next few years the psychological effect that it will take on these children is you can't even explain dr. Carlos Gutierrez is a pediatrician who's volunteered to treat minors after they're released from CBP custody but he's frustrated by the lack of access to border patrol facilities you don't believe that children should be in detention centers at all absolutely not today acting homeland security secretary Kevin McHale inan announced an immediate investigation after a report that highlighted disturbing and inexcusable social media activity that allegedly includes active Border Patrol personnel according to ProPublica the private facebook group included crude and sexist jokes that mocked migrants we don't even know that all of those people that MA our agents or officers so we but we certainly don't condone that it's not the way we act John Monahan is the CBP union president in El Paso and census members are overworked and overwhelmed by the flood of migrants 144,000 apprehended crossing the border in May alone still despite the inspector general's report on the conditions inside micro detention facilities I have never seen unsanitary or unlivable conditions I don't believe that they're being mistreated but another reminder of the high stakes in this crisis tonight border agents are still searching for a two year old migrant girl swept away our mother tried to cross the Rio Grande and Gabe joins us now Gabe president Trump waited on all of this late today so what is he saying yes Chris and the president tweeting late today our Border Patrol people are not hospital workers doctors or nurses say migrants are living far better now than where they came from and in far safer conditions meanwhile House Democrats are planning to hold congressional hearing next week about these detention centers and they plan to call top DHS officials to testify Kristin gutierrez thank you and there is more breaking news at the war crimes trial of a decorated Navy SEAL in San Diego Chief Edward Gallagher walking free today after learning his sentence following his acquittal on all but one charge NBC's Steve Patterson is at the courthouse tonight Chief Edward Gallagher is a free man ok savetti Gallagher is finally concluded after being found not guilty of murder but guilty of posing for a photo with a dead body the Navy SEAL was sentenced to four months confinement but because of time served Gallagher will return home today for that single uniform code violation he is being demoted in rank and will be forced to take two months of reduced pay we were certainly hoping for a different sentence the trial began when the decorated Navy chief was accused of killing a wounded Iraqi prisoner and shooting at unarmed civilians during his deployment in 2017 over the two-week trial prosecutors called mem Gallagher's own SEAL team who described him as unhinged testifying they saw him stabbed the young Isis fighter this small group of seals that decided to concoct this story in no way shape or form represent Dixon to the community that I've you know loved and gave my soul to President Trump a vocal supporter congratulated the seal tweeting glad I could help referencing a pre-trial order that Gallagher be moved to less restrictive confinement I want to say thank you to congressman Duncan Hunter and congressman Ralph Norman and also to president Truong for intervening when he did attorneys for Gallagher concede today was not a complete victory but Gallagher did address the court saying I bounced back from my mistakes and I'm prepared to bounce back from this Kristen Steve Patterson reporting from San Diego Steve thank you for that and tonight a Las Vegas police officer is out of a job after he was caught on body cam freezing up during the 2017 massacre in Las Vegas the worst mass shooting in modern US history we get details now from NBC's Miguel Almaguer as a reign of gunfire showered into the crowded music festival officer Cordell Hendrix arrived on the 31st floor of the Mandalay Bay with a trainee and armed security guards for nearly five minutes Hendrix held his position taking cover by a door as hundreds of rounds were fired from one floor a bomb with 58 people killed officer Hendrix was terminated by the Las Vegas Metro Police Department for performance of his duties Mike Kronk survived the shooting I believe if this guy would have reacted there would have been a lot fewer deaths and a lot less you know casualties fired 18 months after the massacre during a review Hendrix admitted he was terrified and froze it comes as for officers in Florida were fired for inaction after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high deputy Scott Peterson was criminally charged the Las Vegas police union says Hendricks should not have been fired all these so-called experts and retired officers that say oh I would have done this I would have done that he's a coward you don't know until you're faced with that type of situation tonight one officer terminated for not answering the call of duty while so many other officers did Miguel Almaguer NBC News and final preparations are underway for tomorrow's fourth of July celebration in Washington DC complete with tanks and fighter jets at the National Mall but president Trump is facing backlash for the millions of dollars in extra costs for the event NBC's Hallie Jackson has the details the scene now set ready for rehearsals with military vehicles in place on the National Mall moving through the city overnight last-minute prep that comes with a cost if their demonstrations and protests those are additional police cost as well so we don't know what our total costs are yet according to the Washington Post the National Park Service is diverting two and a half million dollars from entry fees to help pay for the president's plan to beef up the July 4th festivities with flyovers the Army Band and those tanks in a show of military muscle and that's only part of the total bill when the president is down playing he's tweeting today the cost of our great salute to America tomorrow will be very little compared to what it's worth on the mall today a mixed reaction we have military capabilities in America and I think you shouldn't be ashamed of showing that I think it's unfair for the military to have to be here to be politicized like this Hallie joins us now Hallie another headline out of the White House involves that controversial citizenship question on the 2020 census that the Supreme Court blocked just last week what's the latest there well Kristen the census forms are now getting printed without that question but given the president's intense interest in this and his tweet today pushing to move forward with the legal fight the Justice Department is now working to see if they can find a way to include it that said hopes are not high Kristen Hallie Jackson covering all the angles from the White House Hallie thank you and now to the escalating war of words with Iran Iran's president today threatening to further enrich uranium a violation of the new President Trump walked away from its a move that could bring Iran closer to a nuclear weapon in response President Trump warned Iran the threats could quote come back to bite you like nobody has been bitten before while a sea of blue line the streets in New York City today as thousands paid a powerful tribute to a 911 first responder who spent his dying days fighting for others like him here's NBC's Stephanie Gosk in Queens this morning they celebrated a life of service a man who served defended protected till his last dying day NYPD veteran Luis Alvarez used his final days his last remaining energy to make sure those suffering from 911 related illnesses would get the support they needed from hospice he sent a handwritten note to the Senate Majority Leader days after his moving testimony on Capitol Hill never forget to take care of the 911 responders today David Alvarez of his dad's courage and commitment before he became an American Hero he was mine Alvarez joined the US Marines at the age of 18 it's that kind of camaraderie he said he felt during his 20 years with the NYPD he and his fellow officers worked for months shoulder-to-shoulder at Ground Zero the night before he died the 53 year old couldn't sleep exhausted he said from walking in his dreams a nurse asked him where he was going my brother responded I was walking to find first responders to make sure they get help the service today ending with the sons promise I promise to be the man you inspired me to be his father's bravery and selflessness have inspired us all Stephanie Gosk NBC News New York remembering a true American Hero while also outside New York today a travel nightmare just as millions hit the road for the holiday rush this garbage truck shot off an overpass and landed on the busy highway that leads into the Lincoln Tunnel injuring several people including a 15 year old girl and it's going to be a hot and humid fourth with the threat of severe storms for millions of Americans meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is tracking it all Dylan a lot of people traveling this weekend good evening Kristin if you are traveling on Thursday keep in mind that we will see popup showers and storms especially up and down the East Coast so that could lead to some slowdowns on the roads most of the country will just be dealing with the heat and the humidity temperatures will be very summer-like in the 90s it'll feel like it's in the mid to upper 90s we should see most of the afternoon thunderstorms fizzle out in time for fireworks Thursday evening but the best chance of seeing some of the heavier rain will be across the Upper Midwest and then if you're traveling Friday Florida and the southeast has the best chance of heavy rain Kristin Dylan thank you for that and today we're remembering Lee Iacocca the iconic American CEO died yesterday at 94 he led two of the three big American automakers and our Joe fryer has more on his legacy as a captain of industry and man of the people he was known as father of the flashy Ford Mustang and promoter of the less than flashy minivan Lee Iacocca if you can find a better car buy it a larger-than-life auto executive who could not be confined to the boardroom in this business you lead follow or get out of the way he was president of Ford for eight years before he was suddenly fired but Iacocca quickly rebounded going on to run Chrysler he didn't just rescue the company from near bankruptcy he became its persistent pitchman no cars are perfect but these come pretty close so revered was Iacocca he once flirted with running for president but decided otherwise I know that I wouldn't fit I I'm from a different world he served in other ways like leading the effort to save the crumbling Statue of Liberty then in 1992 Iacocca hit the brakes well a chair time for me to step down retire as chairman of Chrysler but he always remained an auto icon even appearing in a commercial with Snoop Dogg if the ride is multiply then you must buy that's what I hear a visionary with relentless Drive Joe fryer NBC News take a look at these jaw-dropping images tonight this is off the Italian coast a volcano erupting on the tiny island of Stromboli sending tourists running for their lives officials say at least one person was killed while hike on the volcano up next behind the scenes of the most spectacular July 4th celebration of the mall finally tonight we're counting down to the nation's biggest 4th of July celebration going behind the scenes of a spectacular fireworks display here's Gotti Schwartz we're gonna begin the show deep in the California desert a lucky few watch a secret preview of what will be the nation's largest display of fireworks from three-year-old Gabriel's face that this will be one to remember his mom is Susan to cerro executive producer to over a hundred people planning and prepping for the Macy's fourth of July fireworks extravaganza and she can't wait to see skyrockets over the Brooklyn Bridge it's such an iconic place in New York and it's something that everybody's going to really love and recognize the colors the duration Gary and Jim Sousa are the brothers in charge of pyro spectaculars packing fireworks at their warehouse in California and what they're most excited about this year the soundtrack featuring Hollywood's greatest hits it looks like a intergalactic battle yes x-wing fighters it gets up and then they start swirling and this is called a swimming stars shell all those fireworks have finally made their way to New York City and now it's just a matter of placing them all over this bridge the show promising an astounding three thousand shells a minute and placement alone is a feat in itself there's over seventy thousand aerial shells and effects that have over a hundred and fifty different firing locations now they kept down begins to a show bigger than last year's celebrating our nation's independence now about that view it doesn't matter if you're in Manhattan or across the river as long as you have a full view of the Brooklyn Bridge you will be treated to twenty five minutes of non-stop fireworks and a soundtrack that will give you a goosebumps and of course if you're not here to watch it in person you can always watch it on NBC Kristen back to you guys Schwartz just spectacular we hope you enjoy the fireworks wherever you watch and have a great holiday that is Nightly News for this Wednesday I'm Kristen Welker for all of us at NBC News thank you for watching and have a great night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


  2. I have drawings and notes from a 24 Hrs jail stay for assault for defense purposes only. Can I show that on here? Where is my sympathy? Anyway I agree with Trumpy on this one they are VERY well taken care of in there "carcels". Long hard lessons have to be learned. Glad they cleared the Chief. It is sad when you are in trouble for fighting the enemy… SMH.

  3. Maybe illegals and refugees and migrants will learn not to come here. I do not care what happens to them.

  4. Lock the government and their families up like that and see how they feel..lock your President up this is evil pure evil they are still human beings…coming from Bermuda 😠😡

  5. Can someone explain to me why the UN does not vote to invade the island, and set up some kind of democracy so that the people will be safe on their own island, and wouldn't have to leave their own homes. This would save more lives, more sufferings, more time, and more money. Or maybe there's some things that I'm just not aware of. Please help me understand!

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  7. It's not our place to take care of those kids. Everyone that is crying and whining over the conditions needs to look at AMERICAN CHILDREN that's living in horrible conditions. It's not OUR place to take care of ANYONE at the Border whether it be kids or children. The parents are at fault by dragging them up to the Border with them. This is getting old hearing about this. It's also the Democrats fault by not passing anything that Trump has tried to do concerning the Border Patrol including the WALL.

  8. They should have got a job in Mexico. Asylum offered and refused. Rent is cheap in Mexico. Beg them to take you back.

  9. Andrew Jackson didn't comply with a Supreme Court ruling resulting in the "Trail of Tears" for the Cherokee Nation. Cam we expect as much from Trump?

  10. 3:49 is the face of a man that would have happily worked at bergen-belsen and never batted an eye. We need to lock up all of these nazis.

  11. America is heading for big trouble Karma is about to come around and bite her with a vengeance. The people he is holding captive are the real Jews spoken of in the Bible, the tribe of Issachar America is making a mockery of the real Jews. They have been killing and attacking the real Jews for hundreds of years including African Americans tribe of Judah and Benjamin. Revelation 21:12 “And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel:”

  12. How do you not freeze up when faced with that situation?! Isnt that a natural response? Was he going to face all those automatic weapons with one handgun? These new actions are unhuman.

  13. Donald Trump is tainting the birth of the nation and turning it into an event about himself. He is scum.

  14. The heartbreaking news from the border BLA BLA BLA CNN with NBC Supports and promotes ANTIFA with Sleepy Joe Biden referred to ANTIFA in the past as "Courageous" as "ANTIFA" now take to beating news reporters bloody in roving packs violently attacking a conservative journalist last weekend.
    They are so

    Courageous behind there masks clubs bats pipes body armor. They are Extremist Terrorist Organization

  15. Is a cop a doctor? No! But he/she officer has to perform medical procedures in case of an emergency. There's plenty of videos on YouTube where cops and firefighters save lives. So any law enforcement agents must know at least certain medical procedures.

  16. Border patrol been telling us for over a year there was a crisis but, Congress told us no crisis at the border fix the Asylum laws and it would not happen

  17. BOYCOTT — Trump's vanity party, parade and speech ! — This is America's celebration — NOT Trumps's birthday ego event

  18. I agree with the doctor in that the children should not be in the Detention Center. They should have been put ibus and sent back to Mexico immediately.

  19. How Dare the President have a 4'th of July parade. We should give the money to Iran + another 1.8 BILLION

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  24. Those who caged children like animals must face Justice and go to prison.
    They are the same as Nazis who worked in concentration camps
    Absolutely no difference

  25. All while the Orange stain spends millions in tax dollars on his parade.And for what it's worth? Aren't children's lives worth something?

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