Nick Clegg’s New Year message

Vince Cable: And I therefore declare that Nick Clegg is elected Leader of the Liberal Democrats. 2008 will be a momentous year for the Liberal Democrats. We have before us an unparalleled opportunity. We can reach out to the millions of voters who share our values and want to make Britain a better place. Putting British families back in control of their everyday lives. In control of their time, not fighting to make space for familiy life between the demands of work and the burden of bills. In control of what their children are exposed to, not constantly struggling to protect toddlers from the influence of TV advertising. In control of their own privacy, not forced to submit personal information to a massive government identity database. Giving power and responsibilities back to families – of every shape and size and of every background – is the only way to make sure everyone has a fair chance in life. We need investment in education so every child gets the best start. I will campaign relentlessly for the “pupil premium” giving the poorest children more money, up to the same level as children in the fee-paying sector. We need to cut taxes for low and middle income families and reform tax credits so that no family is ever again plunged into debt by crippling repayments enforced by an incompetent government bureaucracy. We all know the Conservatives don’t have the answers. They would block opportunity, not promote it. The Liberal Democrats are different. Under my leadership, we will campaign for opportunity for everyone, with people, families, and communities in control of their destinies. So we will campaign for flexible working, shared parental leave, and flexible benefits for all families. We will campaign for sensible restrictions on advertising aimed at toddlers. Protecting very young children from unwanted commercial intrusion into their lives is part of the same instinct as wishing to protect the privacy of adults from unwanted state intrusion into their lives. The Identity Card scheme must be stopped. The child benefit and learner driver data scandals mean there is a looming crisis of public confidence in the government’s capacity to look after our personal data. So let 2008 be the year we bring down the Identity Cards scheme. I urge you to join with me to make this happen: so we can truly give British families control over their own lives. Together, we can make Britain the liberal country the British people want it to be.

  1. Nick Clegg knows what its like to be poor. Labour with their time in power, seem to have forgotten it. How can poor people afford something like ID Cards, for instance. Labour have already trebled the price of passports.

  2. The LibDems are campaigning for a referendum on our membership of the EU, and would campaign wholehartedly to remain in. The people campaigning for a referendum on thr Lisbon Treaty are hiding behind their desire to leave the EU.

  3. Congratulations on your win, Nick. Splendid video and great 'New Year Message'. All excellent points and I'm sure you and the party will make clear the stance on the issues raised by other correspondents as and when time needs/permits. 2008 will be an undoubted year of opportunity for the party and under Nick's leadership we will make the most of it.

  4. There can't be a "relationship" between the UK and EU because we ARE the EU. And since when has there been fake reluctance? We've always been strongly pro-EU as far as I'm aware.
    The relationship with the US must remain strong – which i'm sure the LibDems are promoting.
    Sir Menzies Campbell was a strong supporter of the UN but believed it needed to develop new mechanisms for dealing with humanitarian crises.

  5. Loved it great message, as id expect. But can we PLEASE move away from this late 70's 'were broadcasting in living colour!' music at the start and end. It makes us look amateurish and small time. Still good work nick!

  6. Britain is not as anti-EU as it seems. Eurosceptics are far more vocal because they disapprove of our membership. Only 30% want to leave the EU.

    The relationship with the US needs reform, the one-way "special" relationship clearly isn't working; however cutting ties with the single-biggest economy in the world would be the maddest thing possible.

    I would much prefer an active role in Europe than the puppet of Bush, but cutting ties would be stupid.

  7. I completely agree that US intervention in world politics has done far more damage than good. I would certainly favour an anti-western party ruling middle-eastern states democratically than a pro-western dictatorship hated by its citizens. Then those countries can decide for themselves how to run, and when those states infringe upon the liberties of its citizens, invades another country or sponsors terrorism, then international intervantion via the UN should occur.

  8. It's a major issue only for the 9% of the electorate who say it is and care. Surely you would rather the Lib Dems cared more about far more important issues: the NHS, schooling, the environment and social mobility rather than this stupid eurosceptic nonsense which too many people obsess about. We're all citizens of the world, and the freedom to live, work and travel in any EU country is one of the greatest achievements of the 20th century.

  9. Music sounded like an 80's game show; effect was to make the message tacky and unsympathetic.
    There's much more to YouTube videos!
    Can't you get rid of that horrible background that the Lib. Dem. Conference room: it's 90s style is dull & lacks cleanliness.
    'Hand moving' smacks of Blair: I personally get distracted and feel it detracts from the message.
    You'd have done better to have spent more time preparing with footage and a voiceover. Sure, you have to get his face known but this is boring.

  10. As much as I support immigration, I doubt that we will be an islamic state in "a few decades". The current muslim population is just 2.2%. Hopefully we will be a secular country in the future – not a "Muslim" country, nor a "Christian" country.


    I've actually just changed my stance on this party. Stephen Lloyd Eastbourne is a good guy. He might get my vote now. But the actual party has shown it's true colours. It's not liberal. Ming was liberal.

  12. that music was so cheesy. its like some joke 80's cop show. shame they got rid of ming, he was the person that liberal people wanted to vote for, instead they vote in clegg, who is a completely artificial leader in my eyes.

  13. I wouldn't be so quick to judge, anything could happen between now and the next election.

    I agree with you on Charles Kennedy. I would certainly have voted for him.

  14. If anyone is interested, Nick Clegg is on TalkSport tonight (28.01.2008) from 22:00 on the James Whale show. Should be interesting.

  15. As I said, we do need to know what you intend to do about the secret trials and imprisonments via the family courts in Britain.

    No more secret imprisonments! No more secret trials! And no more secret forced adoptions of babies!

  16. The 2/3 of the electorate who don't bother to vote don't get to complain about the NHS, about potholes in their local roads, about foreign policy or the economy. It's the only thing the states asks of you, in exchange for which they educate and house you in addition to giving you massively subsidised health care and allowing you to choose your own government.

    Stop whingeing.

  17. The LibDems do want a referendum on our EU membership and would campaign to remain in. What in particular do you oppose about the EU? It has been Europe's biggest stabiliser in history and as long as we remain in I will continue to make use of my increased freedom.

  18. Oh and also, the issue of the EU is largely ceremonial that only a small number of people (including you by the sounds of it) obsess about. Which chapter in the Lisbon Treaty do you disagree with? Reforming schools and the NHS is far more important to most people.

  19. No the EU is anything but ceremonial. The EU affects everything to do with your life. 80% of law in this country now comes from Brussels. Yeah people are stupid, they dont realise that the EU can legislate in every area which you mentioned, and all the others. The EU will ultimatley be unacceptable to people. It will also lead to tyranny

  20. Who says that 80% of our law comes from Brussels? The only area where the majority of legislation comes from Brussels is on the environment, which needs international legislation otherwise our carbon savings would be offset by another country. We're actually becoming less eurosceptic and 80% of my generation think it's a good thing.

  21. In order for a democracy to be as healthy as possible, you should vote for the third largest party.

    This is because the parties who do not win are the ones which monitor and stop the existing government from failing us as citizens – so vote for them so they can have more seats, and better protect us!

  22. All these parties work the new world order. Please research the truth. This country is falling apart and people have been conditioned to ignor seriours ishues. The vaccines are poisoned, the water is poisoned. They are constantly launching criminal wars and taking are liberties away by the day. wake up

  23. Subtitles please!
    You did this during the leadership hustings
    Please make it POLICY that every You Tube video by the Lib Dems is subtitled!

  24. are the Liberal Democrats going to play nicely in Parliament now after they through their rattles out of there pram yesterday

  25. What a waste of the House's time having a especially bad speech by Ed Davey, just trying to hide the fact your party were trying to crawl out of the manifesto promise on a referendum on the EU treaty. hope you don't mind we will be bagging the drum at the next election that your party lied last time especially in all those maginal seats in the south like eastleigh mind clegg would happy if huhne lost his seat

  26. "True English ppl cant speak no more because we just get called racist just for speaking out are concerns on loosing are heritage"

    Ha ha! I couldn't have said it better myself 😉

  27. consrevatives are conservatives labour are conservatives . who is for the working man only this man . you think its bad now if conservatives gain power watch the houses get boarded up one by one

  28. Fuckin lies Bullshit on and on we go in a out of debt non of it caused by british working people. Britian has one of the best work forces /creatives/ inventors ect … in the world, we are a tiny island you cant tell me anymore that the public have to pay
    Parliments days are numbered if itv was a management team in any Buisnes they would have all been fired by now.

  29. This guy has lost so much credibility, anything he says now will never be taken seriously. Your party is f*cked.

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