Newt Gingrich: Democrats have a ‘very weak’ impeachment case

  1. I´m a natural OPTIMIST !! But is it to premature, to say BYE BYE demoNcrat traitors, from the House in 2020? TRUMP2020 !!

  2. Yeh very weak. Those DEMS must be really stupid to do this, to actually get to this stage of an impeachment. What a pack of dummies. Wow, how did any of them get elected? How did they win the House back in a landslide in 2018? Yeh, without any impeachment evidence…. we watch/believe only FOX; me not stupid…..

  3. I am expecting a plot twist in ADAM family’s witch hunt. A seismic SHIFT will wipe out the Swamp creatures and TRUMP will emerge victorious. Be ready for Dems Crying Season 2.

  4. Let's see how Jerry handles his opening, his speech in 1998 clearly states IMPEACHMENT is very serious and needs the majority of the people to agree before proceeding! Which according to polls the majority of the American people are against this Congressional scham!

  5. I predict the social media companies will greatly influence the election and so will illegal voting and voting fraud, inc voting machine software being hacked to help dems. I think it will be closer than people think because of this fraud, and hopefully, Trump still wins with both houses. People are going to have to ve VERY vigilant when it comes to voting fraud…

  6. It’s never been about impeachment. It is Congress running a tax payer funded presidential campaign. It will last until the election. Why is it not being reported this way?

  7. Could Democrats committing political suicide with Trump impeachment with every good thing about Trump putting America first. Voting Republican/Trump 2020

  8. I would love to see the senate bring in Schiff and Nadler! Now that would be funny . . . . .Lindsey is waiting . . . .

  9. Very weak and very made up….right…..hand crafted bias procedures…? Such things alliw and present…..😅😅😅😅😅…..oh Lord Lord….what a story telling Adam shiftty schiff…..I need to pee…

  10. Yes Sir Newt Gingrich, you put it so simple and perfect…..Dems are scared to looe their power yet they can not admit that they don't know how to run the country in common sense….

  11. It's not a good idea to go "full steam ahead" when in dangerous waters…didn't the Titanic teach these Democrats anything?

  12. 12/04 STOP giving any AID! NO NATO! Clean up America first! Homeless, Drugs, Deturationg roads, Landfills. Impeachment what a foolish waste of time! Time we can never recover.

  13. It's really simple and Pelosi said it herself, it needs to be clear and bipartisan. Not part of the left's 3 year temper tantrum.

  14. Standing as I do, with my hand upon this staff, and under the folds of the American flag,
    I ask you to stand by me so long as I stand by it. Abraham Lincoln

  15. The way things are looking right now, this BS impeachment process is going to be a very nice Christmas present for Trump and the United States as well. It will finally decimate the American Socialist Democrat Party, and also their Socialist propagandist handlers in the media. Thank you Speaker Pelosi. Thank you Google-eyes Adam Schiff.

  16. Newt brought us an impeachment over a blow job. That was a threat to national security. These clown,s have no creditability, why are we still listening to this fool.

  17. Constitutional scholar Turley's testimony speech about the dangerous precedent of a baseless impeachment was truly sublime.

  18. stop impeachment trial give the 40 million dollars back and going back to business cuz every president has to do politics.

  19. Why do they keep spending our We The People monies for a Sham impeachment get over she lost and he won Prayers for Our Duly Elected President Donald J Trump and Patriots

  20. 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 Yes, President Trump is the best President of United States ❤️🙏❤️🙏 Trump for America & Trump for American's voice👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸America is under attack from the Socialist Left & Deep State and the Fake News Media. It’s no secret. Democrats can’t hide any longer their socialism dream!! Democrats become a dictatorial Communist Government. Drain all the swamp in Washington these dirty corrupted politicians they ruin America for 30 years from now!! President Trump he is American’s Voice. And that is the reason why they are trying to take him down, they wants to get him out of the White House, because President Trump taking care American people!! Wake Up American people!! Wake Up America!! Freedom is not Free!! God Bless America 👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸 President Donald J Trump & His Family  👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸

  21. Pelosi is "very smart " ? , Newt , what are you saying , she is about as Dumb as a Bag of Hammers , Newt you can do better than that . get out of the Swamp

  22. Delusional DemonRats have lost their minds!! As many laws as the Obama administration had broken but yet trying to remove President Trump b4 he even he even took over the Office on 1/20/17! Disgraceful DemonRats!,

  23. "The COUNTRY is TOTALLY outraged-END this NOW!!- "Adam Schiff-"Nadler" & Pelosi–> throw them out of office ASAP->& *"Leave OUR PRESIDENT ALONE!!"

  24. What we're seeing from the Demonrats is just part and parcel of their delusional policies, they exist in some kind of dream world that fits between a communist unicorn and a fascist frog!!! Long live Kekistan!!!

  25. OMG! Newt Gringrich still dares
    To show his face in public?! I guess being thoroughly disgraced and sanctioned didn’t teach him or the Republicons a thing!

  26. Come on…. the case was made before this started. The problem is the Republican Party doesn’t have the 🏀 s to do the right thing. Keep defending the indefensible. This Senate will go in history’s the 🏀 less men of the Republican Party. Some like you have never seen before.Greenwich used to be on the floor by himself in front of cameras speaking hard about democrats when no one was around and he will go on CSPAN, people though he was being hard on democrats until he was caught. Deceiver… when the recession hits we will see how much people love the president…

  27. The harrassment that President Trump has endured from before he was elected by the lying left is sickening. Because they do not like him they have made up horrible things to hurt him.
    The demonrats have not gotten anything completed in years because they are so consumed by the hatred of President Trump and their evil agents.

  28. The Dems do not have a "weak Hand" Newt, they have no hand at all ! Newt has always been a traitor to the Republican Party.

  29. The Dodo bird dems are working very hard all the time and effort to impeach to bad they didn't work as hard for American people agenda in the people's house getting things done

  30. Does Newt Gingrich own
    Fox News!?
    Good gravy!
    This guy's Mug
    is on the Screen
    more often than Hannity!!
    Actually, it's:

    1. Newt "You're a [Seen] one,
    Mr.", Gingrinch
    2. Carl "Don't call me Shill" "Now, Where the Hell's my Chart!?", Rove
    3.Sean "Don't Doubt the Hair!",

  31. Look at the situation Democrats only have hear say while the Republicans have substantial facts in a timeline and affidavits from Trump's lawyers who are being spied on gag ordered by Adam Schiff.

  32. The dems are running scared now. The last thing they wanna see is a trial in the Senate, where the Republicans chair committees and get to call their own witnesses. They will tear apart this flimsy load of crap as it well deserves. What if the American people are watching it? "My God, we will be exposed as the lying dirtbags we are in front of everyone!" They will become the laughing stock of the entire country and will be guaranteed a humiliating defeat in 2020. Yeah, send it to the Senate. This ought to be entertaining for awhile. It's about time.

  33. The democrats don't even have a case or even a Judge, so shifty had to be them all. The show must go on. Now it's nutty buddy Nadler's turn.

  34. "Very, very weak" ? This longtime registered Independent feels they have NO CASE. NONE. ZIP, NADA, ZILCH. And I feel it more will every additional hearing. It feels as though deep, deep down they know it as well–but don't care or can't rise above it.

  35. Can't help but notice that CA and NY Democrats are leading this coupe. Thank God for the electoral college otherwise these corrupt politicians would tax the prosperity out of the country and inflict their failed policies on the rest of us. I happen to like my non street bathroom.

  36. The only ones who are abusing their power is the demon Democrats. They know they don't have anything on president Trump this is why they are constantly moving the goalpost. The American people are smarter than they think they are. WWG1WGA Trump 2Q2Q

  37. It's really a shame that some Americans are so extremely stupid that they allow themselves to be totally programmed to swallow this trash hook, line and sinker. And I mean BOTH SIDES. If you support Republicans, good – but support them because they're right, not because all you can do is parrot the talking heads on radio and TV – Try to identify what makes them worthy of your support, and put that into your own words. If you support Democrats, you're just plain dumb, and pathetic, and you're Bolshevik trash.

  38. Thx New,t, but the foundation on your face is coming down on the right side..You need to order some cement.

  39. The DEMONRATS are trying to remove a duly elected President, who is doing a wonderful job, getting things done, and working for the American people, while the DEMONRATS are doing absolutely nothing. SMH. . . . . .

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