Newsroom Fight Caught On Tape!

this is an attic newsroom fight at that i'm not going to allow jake to take
charge of the story at f i'm gonna guess one of these people we've been talking
about here uh… now it's just that it an italian
acres to and in the story and something out funny happens in the newsroom behind ever there was a beautiful mother that
he is trying to hold you in a budget and four thousand stated also forty yahoo
dot com fattening up everybody running about jimmy and of the standoff fiat mall one of them they're going to
let the boys that i had to get you know if they did it you buses are what's this pocket elective part of it when he just you he turns around and you're thinking
is it in utah and easy to make it to be the newscasters unit now he's got that that eliminates no but he looks scared i was the body
vis-a-vis was sick but what's going on here i've got to get outta here thank you just chill out for like half a
second inaccurate jumped out and grab you okay walkway calmly you're on campus than myself but i think they were part
is like in the beginning when the guys are going to get a lot of it donna head of the and of course we think that that i read is the rats live in categorizing this is a great video this
is indeed happen it also seems like keys hook for ever to figure out what was
going on behind like when she noticed that a lot student like at this point
wouldn't you can see here went to hear the wrestling uh… japanese even edited as they do it on a
knotted up the paper this is an area with the court's panic
and a lot every uh… this producer or cameraman
said hey like too sappy look behind birthday triplicate let's wrap this
thing up go to a commercial break at that but the fact that it doesn't go unmet
though the background so it would be absolutely i don't know why questionable
points out a bit because look at the spring now that i don't know how to
uh… all the of it and another go victims
that that wildlife book uh… and that is up there comes a restless i didn't notice
about what you know for the city but that's still violence was this we got to get her probably and approved is that the expect the paper it but worry that's it that's all there is
to it this is an athlete uh… news report

  1. This is what happens when the workaholic you work with blocks your porn on your office computer………..

  2. Maybe I'm a dork but this shit is hilarious! You can tell something serious is going on, and it seems like someones using their keyword as a weapon… but you can't really make it out. The mystery and intensity of it makes it funny.

  3. @dannyboyinxs well im not america,and i have been in fights with americas,but at least americas dont fight like fucking little bitches

  4. what… and americans don't fight? Please, at least italians make a laugh or two out of it, instead of looking like complete fools all their lives.

    But that's just america being its usual, arrogant, condescending self again…

  5. The newsman should have gotten up on top of the table and jumped off with a macho man randy savage flying elbow. Now that would have been funny. lol

  6. @LT1HILLINGHOE If your going to base your arguments around bold-faced lies without a shred of truth to them, then Goodbye. I don't argue with people living in a fantasy world.

  7. @Ocelllian2 Quote…."K then why are they the largest internet news show in the world?"

    Answer…..hahahahahahaha they aren't. Although, that ugly fat boy may be the largest one in the world of Uranus.

    Anything else, limpwrister?

  8. These people totally killed this video for me. They didn't have to analyze every single thing that happened. I mean we can see what's happening, we have eyes you know. Just over the top, mainly the guy, really gay!

  9. personally i would have turned around, watched for maybe 5 minutes (assuming it lasts that long) then just turn around and continue doing the news

  10. if I had recognized this video as a "young Turks" video, I wouldn't have watched it. This guy is always such a fucking cheezy geek, devoid of humor, and the ditzy chick just keeps repeating the obvious. As a bonus, I agree that the fight is a total farse.

  11. The news reporter is reporting about violent conflicts in some country and behind him a conflict is already going as violent as it can be…violence can happen in any part of the world not only in Africa, even in the tv-studio 😉

  12. I think the video speaks for itself. There's no need for you to over analyze it again—–and again—-and again.

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