News Wrap: DOJ report finds political bias did not affect FBI’s Russia probe

JUDY WOODRUFF: President Trump says he doesn’t
expect to be impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives, but would welcome a trial
in the Republican-controlled Senate. He said today that Republicans got nothing
from two weeks of congressional hearings. In fact, multiple witnesses testified that
he withheld military aid to try to pressure Ukraine’s leader for personal political gain. But the president had his own take at the
White House. DONALD TRUMP, President of the United States:
I think we had a tremendous week with the hoax, you know, the great hoax. They call it the impeachment hoax. And that’s really worked out incredibly well. And we have tremendous support. JUDY WOODRUFF: We will take a closer look
at where all of this stands, and where it is headed, after the news summary. A Justice Department report, internal report,
concludes that political bias did not affect the FBI’s probe of links between the 2016
Trump campaign and Russia. The Washington Post, The New York Times and
others say the department’s inspector general makes that finding in a forthcoming There’s word that a former FBI lawyer allegedly
altered a document on surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, in 2016. The Washington Post, CNN and others report
the Justice Department’s inspector general makes that finding in a forthcoming report. He does find that an FBI lawyer altered a
document on surveillance of a campaign adviser, but he says the surveillance still had a solid
legal basis. In Iraq, four more protesters were killed
in a second day of fighting near a key bridge in Baghdad. In all, 14 have died in the unrest in the
last 24 hours. Today, security forces opened fire again,
as protesters burned tires. At least 90 were wounded from live fire and
tear gas rounds. Iran says that it has stifled protests over
gas prices and arrested some 100 protest leaders. That news came as people in Tehran walked
past burned-out banks and gas stations today and Internet access was slowly being restored. Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo
asked Iranians for videos of abuses, so that the U.S. can publicize them. Vast crowds in Algeria marked a 40th straight
Friday of mass protests today, demanding honest elections. Many thousands flooded the streets of Algiers,
waving flags and holding banners. They rejected next month’s planned presidential
vote, over fears that it will be rigged. NABILA, Protester (through translator): It’s
a peaceful protest. We came out to say no to the electoral mockery
they want to impose to us. People are right. We will keep protesting, and we refuse the
election with the same regime which destroyed Algeria. JUDY WOODRUFF: Demonstrators forced out longtime
President Abdelaziz Bouteflika last April. Since then, they have called for the rest
of the regime to quit. Tens of thousands of protesters also rallied
in Lebanon, marking the country’s independence day. Politicians attended a brief military parade. But the protesters held their own event, carrying
flags, singing the national anthem, and demanding that the ruling elite step aside. China’s President Xi Jinping injected a bit
of optimism today into trade talks with the U.S. He told a business forum in Beijing that China
does want an agreement. But he also said that his government would
fight back, if need be. Later, President Trump said that an accord
is — quote — “potentially very close,” but that it would have to favor the U.S. The president also confirmed today that Vice
President Mike Pence will be his running mate again next year. In a FOX News interview, Mr. Trump referred
to the vice president as — quote — “my friend” and said that he has done a — quote — “phenomenal
job.” A major donor to the president’s 2017 inaugural
will face new federal charges, including obstruction and failing to register as a foreign agent. Court papers say the case against Imaad Zuberi
is being filed in New York. He was already accused of campaign finance
violations and tax evasion in Los Angeles. Over the years, Zuberi has donated to both
major parties. And on Wall Street, stocks managed a modest
rally after three days of losses. The Dow Jones industrial average gained 109
points to close at 27875. The Nasdaq rose 13 points, and the S&P 500
added six. Still to come on the “NewsHour”: after two
weeks of hearings, what happens next in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump;
the White House weighs what to do on vaping — will they reach a deal?; Mark Shields and
David Brooks break down all the week’s political news; and much more.

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