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hello and welcome to News fire I'm either Omer the al-aqsa mosque in Jerusalem has been a site of strife in chaos once again some 1,400 members of the Israeli forces in ultra nationalist Jews have entered the al-aqsa compound on Jerusalem day a day the day that Israelis celebrate as the anniversary of their illegal occupation of East Jerusalem at the end of the 1967 arab-israeli war five Palestinians so far have lost their lives in this onslaught of violence that followed and the police had no explanation as to why they permitted Jews from entering in the first place the al-aqsa mosque located inside the 35 acre compound is referred to as the al Haram al-sharif or the noble sanctuary by Muslims and as the Temple Mount by Jews now the area has always been closed to Jews during the last 10 days of Ramadan as Muslim worshippers gather their large numbers the last time in Jerusalem they coincided with the end of Ramzan was in 1988 and then to the al-aqsa mosque compound was closed to Jews Omer al khazzani the al-aqsa mosque director said Israel has violated an agreement that it will not allow such visits during the last days arrest an Israel state comptroller's office also published a report on Sunday that underscored serious shortcomings by Jerusalem city hall they said from public squalor and failure to protect historic buildings to severe neglect of the city's Palestinian residents was this an attempt by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing party to advance politically especially after planning on dissolving the Knesset or there are other reasons to explore this and more we have with us our guest let me introduce the first of all I'd like to introduce dr. Bassam name is a spokesperson for the Hamas a based in Gaza also we have with us mr. Jaffer Remini journalist right now based out of London welcome to both of you two news via let me start with you dr. Bassam what is your tape on the events that have just pulled unfolded it was obvious and deliberate act of creating mayhem on out of the police and it wasn't the first time thank you very much and Ramadan Cloncurry for you one for you one for all your audience in Pakistan I have to say this is this is not related to any ceremonies or an events on the Israeli side this is a continuous plan since years the are trying slowly slowly gradually to give the way for dividing the mosque at the level of place under the level of time and they are using some time to tourists as a cover to allow settlers today is especially a right-wing settlers to enter the mosque and to perform their prayers inside the most they have we have the same experience three decades ago when they have done will be have a committee they have the same policy in a lab Rahim a mosque an Italian and now a laburnum a mosque is really divided between Muslims and Jews I think we have an international law which is clear here that this the Jews have nothing to CH here in analogue Simoes and in a lexicon bound but this part of this they are not respecting the start school they are not respecting the international law what happened in the last few days was clearly that they were located by seeing around 500,000 Palestinians from everywhere performing their prayers and lailatul father and other holy days and holy terms and at the end of Ramadan this was clear for a clear message that Palestinians will not accept the three-day plans to divide the mosque or to take any inch out of this mosque for the surreally or for the Jews Jewish plans right so mr. Jaffer there was obviously a very clear rule there that they said that there was going to be no marching into the Muslim quarters for the Jews on DT last 10 days of Ramadan yet that happened do you think that the political scenario in his has anything to do with this as Francis said this is an ongoing policy of Israel successive Israeli governments are Judaizing Jerusalem is not just a large la mosque Jerusalem has been under intense assault and ethnic cleansing since 1967 war what the Israel is called the unification day which was the 2nd of June the assault in Jerusalem has been more than on just the worshippers in Jerusalem there are the settlements the Jewish only settlements around Jerusalem and cut it off from the rest of Palestine there is the separation separation war which is thin meters high there are the checkpoints that makes the visitors of Jerusalem that makes their life impossible there is the change of demography that ie expelling Palestinians indigenous Jerusalemites from Jerusalem and bringing in Jewish settlers only last week the Israeli Knesset approved a new 800 unit Jewish only housing units in Jerusalem this is a total assault on Jerusalem is the total assault on Palestine and Palestinians they deny our very existence and they look upon us as at best cockroaches and feral beasts that should be crushed they are trying and will they keep trying and unfortunately the Ahram and the Muslim world and the international community look the other way and if I may say something to my friend to my compassionate organza happy Ramadan my friend and I hope that the people of Gaza will have a modicum of happiness on the head and for God's sake extend the hand to your brothers in the West Bank and in this division that is killing all of Palestine we will get into what the political sort of this integration between the Palestinian cells is causing in terms of the cause of Palestine but first let's focus a little on what is happening here in the Aqsa Mosque I understand both of you are saying this is not unprecedented this is pretty much the Israeli agenda the Zionist agenda here but let's not put aside what is just happen in Israel the Knesset has essentially been dissolved because they couldn't come together to form a government yet Netanyahu has not said anything on the latest escalations in aqsa this happened just like you said on 14th may also do you think dr. Bassam he's also trying to rally the hardline sort of factions behind them by not objecting to what has just transpired when we say that this is a Zionist agenda since decades since 1967 Devin it doesn't mean that it is fully disconnected with the daily political activity in the soil I think yes – if the I think Netanyahu is trying to achieve two balls first of all to divert the attention from his dilemma in forming a new government in estill this was a big failure for him it was the bearing himself to fly to Bahrain as the prime minister as the king of Israel and he failed second yes he is trying to send strong messages to the right when Israelis and settlers that he is serious in implementing the plans of the authorization of Jerusalem of dividing the mosque of of expelling Palestinians and as my friend said what they are preparing since he is the ethnic cleansing of Palestine and by the way they are beeping the way by by taking not only practical steps but also by releasing laws we have here that in September Mara next this year they might not allow Anwar which is responsible for nearly 800,000 refugees here to work in Jerusalem which means these Palestinians will be will lose their political and legal cover as the residence of of the city I mean as refugees therefore it is true he is trying to send political messages to to his colleagues and ethnicity but we have always not to forget that it was the successive policies of the Israeli government regardless of the political evils their daily events by the way only in April this year I mean they have committed 130 aggressions against Palestinian inside the mosque and outside the mosque in everywhere in Jerusalem yes the incidents continued to a man even earlier this month they had issued permits the Israeli forces had placed restrictions on Palestinians who could attend and there were age restrictions and there were no stipulations as to who could get through but just considerations that put a lot of anger in the Palestinians entering this mosque but mr. Jaffer let me also ask you here this is like doctor bar Simoes who said unprecedented what you've seen the OIC summit and they've recently come together and brought up the issue of Gaza very vociferously do you feel any confidence that Gaza Palestinians is finally getting some attention from the Muslim Ummah words yes we always giving lip service about nothing tangible nothing that will change the status quo if I might just add there is an agreement between Jordan and Israel known as the word Arabic greement of 1994 that stipulates clearly the Jordan and the wolf are in charge of the holy places in Jerusalem and this what they do continuously allow this fellow the settlers to go in an attitude of the al-aqsa compound and at 12 is in violation of the spirit of the Arabic with all the heart of agreement what the Muslim and Arab Ummah is doing by meeting in Mecca is not to come to the rescue of Palestine or Jerusalem or al-aqsa mosque they are doing their to demonize another Muslim country I either Islamic Republic of Iran Jerusalem and al-aqsa mosque is not exclusively for the Palestinian Muslims to protect it's for all Muslim to protect and it's about time they have done something about it okay so stay with us mr. John dr. Bassam here I'd like to also welcome dr. ray a little he's a former associate professor at the Islamic University of Gaza and a politician and humanitarian activist joining us from London dr. Wraith you heard our guests talking about it it is not just an issue of Palestinian Muslims protecting al-aqsa mosque what is just unfolded on Sunday is not a new event it has continued to happen it's Pedro events have taken place where Palestinian Muslims have been completely under threat and abused by Jewish settlers well the question really is do you think a Jordan's foreign minister coming out and warning the Israelis of dangerous consequences if it did not stop this provocative in what they call repulsive escalatory Israeli tactics will that make any difference American actually there is no any difference we have witnessed the government taxes out of government activated they have done nothing but lenient is just like yesterday polity 16 years was short as we try to enter the Almaty the Luksa on Friday Abdullah raised from hyper on the sniper just shot him in his check direct to the heart yesterday we have seen witness also Palestinian women safeguarding Islamic solid shite Alex ah most mornings from being invaded by a fanatical do with colonizers assisted by a brutal tourists Israel army so we have like continuously this is happening continuously we have something every day in our you just to remind you that 25 Palestine lost their lives on in Ramadan this month this holy monk Palestinians are Muslim worshippers of war face to face yesterday when occupation police tried to rape the holy al-aqsa mosque they imagined that people in health on people in Bethlehem to come out go to pray and in al-aqsa mosque even in Ramadan this is Israeli policy he's just like discrimination and ethnic extermination and the whole world the international community they are just watching they have done nothing for that even the Arab government the only reason that the whole world is watching and not doing anything is because there is in undying unrelenting support from the US for Israel yes yes exactly we have we have this issue we have like us Israel and some Arab countries they are allied together against the Palestinian issue the Palestinian case so without the Arab support without the government support without the international community to act immediately we cannot stop these look at Gaza now Gaza under the pitch from 2006 people are dying every day in Gaza because we had even have medication didn't they come up go to probably education outside because travel people dying because of the council because of the mutation of us because of producing water the according to the UN report in 2020 people in Kabul they will not find any printable water the pollution if you where in Gaza so the international community has to ask people a government in Pakistan government in India government is it where they have to ask immediately if you have to influence the International for us that's a good good point it's it's something that activists have been saying all across the board all across the world but dr. Barr said hey I think you were to answer this better how is the Muslim am I supposed to come together when within itself there are so many factions let's just look at the Palestinian Authority how Hamas but the Palestinian Islamic Jihad the Palestinian Authority can't come on the same piece how can they be peace when the own their own are divided first of all we have said it many times with you and with other TVs that we consider this division is a harmful thing for our course and we have to do our maximum to end this division as soon as possible but at the same time this is not an excuse for the Arabs or Muslims not to teach actions reason for Hamas and the PA not coming together on this what is the what let's not let's separate the rest of the Muslims right now and just focus on how to close those divisions within its own political factions you know first of all I need the real a very much longer term to talk about we here we have said it many times we are ready to go anywhere at any time to sit together with our brothers in Ramallah to end this division if we cannot do this at least we can come together and put a plan to face this these dangers coming through this what so-called century plan it is very complicated on the ground because of external interferences from Arabic countries from some international bars mainly us but I think our topic today is to concentrate on the duty of Arabs and Muslims and Palestinians well asinus are paying the price every day they are paying definitely all the Muslims to come together but I mean but I mean one minute but I mean what what what is the excuse for the Ummah for the Arabs for the Muslims around the world not to take actions not to go to the streets not to stop normalization with the Israeli governments we we see there at the same at the the Palestinians kilt and al-aqsa mosque or in Jerusalem or in Gaza we see the Israelis visiting Arabic countries and that'll be capitalized we're running out of time I want to get everyone's point of view thank you for being part of this program but let's move to you a mr. Jaffer Remini that's a really good point he's red yes there are political divisions but the OIC summit like you said was just lip service then how does one move forward there surely some kind of positions that they can take to unite against not just the US here but also Israel you find territories as well well it is it is a true statement a Muslim Arab is being killed by Muslim Arabs in the Yemen in Syria in Iraq in Libya and we leave israel roaming around palestine at 12 without any resistance the the international community I agree with with your guest from London I'm sorry I didn't get your name say you are divided so what do you expect us whom do we speak to and one correction if I may please the division is not between fact Hamas and the PA the divisions between Fatah and Hamas am i Palestinian I'm a Muslim I'm nonpartisan and I put Jerusalem and Palestine before any religion before any affiliation to any country in the world and the sooner we the Palestinians put our house in order the better is no good we are accepting delegations from Jerusalem Cairo to come to to Gaza two days ago a delegation from Fatah went toe to toe Gaza and we hear nothing there has been so many agreements there is a saying that says where there is a will there is a way the part of Fatah and Hamas to end this division absolutely now we like to welcome here another guest who's joining us from Rochester UK mr. Emeth Ali all glue he's a analyst so welcome to the show mr. emmett you've heard our guests speak here about how there are divisions not just within the political factions of the Palestinians but the Muslim Ummah the OIC summit just took place analyst view this as just lip service nothing concrete is going to come out of it the Jordanian foreign minister was very vocal on the escalation that is taking place and the Palestinians that have died in Alice Alex Hamas but let me ask you this his Jordan's anger towards Israel right now could also be reflective of the fact that they've been pretty much kept out of Jared Kushner's economic and peace plan for Israel and Palestine that essentially also includes maybe Alex Hamas coming under the authority of Israel well the situation is absolutely sophisticated the now they all I see as you bloated in your question is presided by the Saudis and it seems from their track record that they're willing to give serious consistence to the Israelis and the Americans in order to compact or help them combat Iran hegemony in the region so the the coast of the pellet or BB the the price that the Palestinians will be paying is very high in terms of the deal you've also alluded to the conference on the 26th 25th of this month in Bahrain and it seems that this is going to be the economic side now Mahmoud Abbas the Palestinian president and the Jordanian King they are not willing to attend such a conference because they know the intentions that they're not going to be any good for the Palestinian Coast they're not going to be any good for Jerusalem in particular that's why King Abdullah of Jordan told a judge Kushner Troms son-in-law that the Palestinians need to have an independent sovereign state but the the Americans are not listening they're not anymore fur and just or trustable partial important point you've raised here that it might become a technology of Israel is surely a very contentious issue that could blow up and might bring the Muslim Ummah together a doctor right they do have any hopes that some extreme event like that even though the international law the international community does not recognize East Jerusalem does not recognize West Bank as anything but occupied territories but do you think that this could possibly happen actually talk about the division first the decision I believe the decision between Hamada but there is not because it's not the mayor is indecision is just an international decision Hamas and Fatah they have been divided on 2006 what about before to double it we have never been okay even from 1948 so we begin between Hamas and Fatah he just is just a minor reason for what is happening so if even Hamas a father if it be United nothing will happen and this is Israeli policy this is something like supported by international community by some international forces like us so I believe in term of of Jerusalem we come back to Jerusalem I believe that if Palestinian leaders Palestinian leaders on the ground they refuse the the plan for technology return as the one is paid off as a capital of Israel nothing would happen but Jerusalem will be the capital of I'm sorry I'm gonna drop you doctor idea I just want to quickly clarify one point you mentioned that even if Fatah and Hamas come together nothing is going on here but you you did hear them and basically reject the Kushner plan saying that we don't want to have anything to do with it because there's already a bias to as Palestine Palestine yeah but but but this is as I said this is what international policy is what must was the situation before this position the same invasion every two years and the father of discrimination ethnic extermination of the same situation so even even the United I mean unity is an international decision become up is not there station it not Hamas to decide okay we come back we are going to denied it's not such as to decide about this unity this is international decision and how much effect adjust tools on the ground they just like everybody has his benefit this is benefit the benefit policy come with a doctor course with the International beneficial session of Falls there suppose for Elizabeth so nothing to do with the relation with a decision so this is life when we have to do when we talk about the decision is like the hunger from other countries from our government okay how much about our divided we cannot do anything you might first then we can act but this is a lie is a big lie nothing to do with the decision then what other fact this is something out of big control then what is the reality if you could summarize for us doctor rate what are you trying to get at what I'm trying to say is this is really policy from 1948 right to discriminate to exterminate the Palestinian from there to uproot you know I have read some labels today in just one area in Wadi karna they are not just uprooted the only people Palestinian people they also opposed the trees the olive trees the a polluted upon that doctor that's not on debate right now what the Israeli agenda is this is something that we obviously know the entire history since 1967 has been on the same track to divide and conquer and rule and essentially get rid of the Palestinian settlement what the question really is K is that if they can the Muslim community if the political factions can't unite can the Muslim community could not let me ask you this mr. Jaffa when King Salman Abdulaziz in the OIC came out and gave this statement that the Palestinian cause represents a core issue for the body and that the Kingdom refuses any measures that touch the historical and legal position of East Jerusalem does that mean anything in terms or maybe there is going to be a change and there is going to be Muslim unity behind this it means nothing look I just I was just to tell you Amador's talking before me what do you mean the division doesn't play into the hands of Israel haven't you heard of the saying that the house divided in the house easily conquered the Arab world have abandoned Palestine for a long time the PLO has done a lot of mistakes wherever they found themselves in Jordan or in Lebanon or in Tunis and since the creation of the puppet state the DA which I have always called as a subcontractor to the occupation the division within the Palestinian house has enlarged there was no Hamas before 1987 because the pillow was United the Arab world were behind the PLO and then Yasser Arafat God rest his soul decided in 1974 to exchange the gun for the olive branch and look where that took us thank you so much your valuable insight into this ongoing violence that is taking place on the al-aqsa mosque 1,400 Israeli Defense Forces members and also extreme hardline Jewish had a barricaded entered force their way through in the Alaska Mosca causing a lot of mayhem and with that we've come to the end of this segment stay with us we're going to take a quick short break we'll be right back welcome back to newswire I'm Isaac amar now Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan delivered his maiden speech at the 14th organisation of Islamic Cooperation summit the OIC met Saudi Arabia right after two emergency meetings that took place of Arab countries in trees in Mecca over Iran's influence in Syria Iraq Lebanon what was also discussed among the Muslim leaders was a spike in tensions in the Persian Gulf the Palestinian statehood the plight of Rohingya Muslims and the growing threat of Islamophobia across the world let's talk to our panel of experts and analysts on their take on the 14th oh I see summit we have with us mr. Shahid Karim Allah former ambassador to Saudi Arabia also on the line we have the former ambassador is mr. Samir Akram with us and welcome to newswire I'd like to start with you mr. Schad if I may for some analysts one way to read the Makkah summit is the playing lip service to the Palestinian cause and the Jerusalem issue without doing anything do you agree so quite some extent I do agree this thing because this hearing Imran Khan I was really impressed why because I have attended a number of Hawaii meeting but at the same time foreign affairs the foreign ministers level level I had attended was true but never a summit the head of the state was president or a prime minister was president this is the first time that I heard the Prime Minister being so bold in a statement well you feel the pass I have heard the double whoever went and spoke for Pakistan it mostly it was India specific or defending allegation on Pakistan all confined to Kashmir a maximum to one Islam relation but this is the first time when he is spoken as a true Muslim leader let me start it with the blasphemy he started with the howdy we compared it with the narrative that Jews have for Holocaust then he talked about the Islam linked to terrorism especially after 9/11 which very nice and politely he had mentioned the problem 9/11 was planned to get this llama phobia attempt to implement up then he talked about the Muslim world that it should be introduced to technology we have the wherewithal but attention is not being given enough to go and the resources not being given enough to foreign technology and Muslims and one of the reasons of Muslim world being behind other is technology and the last issue as you said was the Palestinian issue where he talked about two-state goal on high two-state Golan Heights return Kashmir should we talk about but I was anxious to hear something about the present American held up against Iran okay but hold let me quickly bring mr. Zamir in here also other pretty much the key points of a Prime Minister Imran Khan's speech here but misses a mere one thing that our guest forgot to mention is that miss that Prime Minister Imran Khan categorically said that the OIC summit he didn't seem to have he implied much confidence in this platform as it didn't unify the Muslim Ummah which is right now do you feel the biggest issue facing all these Muslim majority countries that the Prime Minister is absolutely correct and this is something that's been happening for several years now that Muslim were not only ineffective but also totally disunited some years ago we witnessed the expulsion of Syria from the OIC and there has been this perennial problem that has been going on with Iran on the other hand and some of Iran's allies in Syria for instance Bashir al-assad and in Lebanon as well is bola so these are all issues which are undermining the ability of the OIC to really make a difference and to address some of the issues that the Muslim world like the Palestinian problem all the Kashmiri dispute so I think he the PM was absolutely right in highlighting the need for community okay so when we talk about greater unity and the lack thereof amongst the Muslim Ummah and mr. Chou mr. Shia this is a question for you do you feel that maybe there is a sort of Western influence on these Muslim countries that might come in the way of them of unifying on the one front I agree with you absolutely you're right it is always the influence for example when I was in oh I see then I don't know what at the straight now I don't think it has much changed in the OECD used to be groupings grouping means that one was the Middle East one was the North Africa group one was Far East one was subcontinent group and and they had the own interest and really every group was influenced by the West and that is the reason why you see even now I didn't talk nothing much about the escalation between America and the relation of Iran and they did mention about Iran and they said that we would like that this escalation should reduce and come down but at the same time themselves are providing the support and logistic support and all that to America so this is a hypocrisy that the I would say President Musharraf was very right when he said get this oh I see is nothing but it's an hypocrite forum so hip hypocrite forum that's a pretty big statement there and also mr. Zamir another thing that Prime Ron had highlighted before I move on to expanding a little on how the Western influence gets in the way of Muslim unity he also talked about education he put a lot of tension on that also on science and technology saying in almost some countries this is one thing that is lacking and we need to work on it but it comes at a time that doesn't reflect well because back at home he has announced budget cuts and the Higher Education Commission is looking at budget cuts development cuts recurrent expenditure card started ranging from ten to fifteen percent that is pretty huge well I mean those are our domestic compulsions budgetary compulsions but that does not in my view at least detract from the fact that the Muslim countries in the long run have to and must focus on capacity building and and human development we need to move towards intellectual development of our youth in new technologies etc so I think the Prime Minister is right and as you probably know that we have the Oasis Science and Technology organization based here in Pakistan and Pakistan can play a major role in this regard so I think that it's it's important to focus on on this aspect well that's a really good point you raised but let me also highlight here and these these are statements that the ACAC has given themselves that a 50% cut in development expended if spend ature will essentially mean that the plans for almost all new programs will have to be postponed or canceled they throw forward existing development schemes also out of the windows so this includes the science university and its plans for expanding or developing its own academic programs but you know like I said I'm not fully privy to what national is behind all this but yes on the surface I read that money spent on education is much more important there are many other kinds of expenditure then you have involved in so I think that this would be wrong if if you are cutting money from very key areas of Science and Technology and education ok thank you so much there mr. Shahid is talking also a little more about the Kashmir issue was highlighted in fact a delegation was made an NY was appointed by a Saudi Arabian and Roy was appointed to investigate in a sort of look into the Kashmir issue any sort of comments on that if you hope that it will transpire into something more effective yes you see in the past also they had made committees they had made groups that would be sent to India and to Kashmir Indian Occupied Kashmir but it had never come through because India never gave them the permission okay but this time also I won't know I can't say what will be achieved it normally happens you know at the end of the summit they give this statement they form these committees and I so far I have not seen any committees getting anything positive all right so let me welcome former ambassadors high-level was also Jo so joining newswire after the show mister Holub we were talking about how saudi arabia's yusuf aldo ba has been appointed as oh I see special envoy on Jammu and Kashmir and this is when they have all been reiterating support for the less timet right of self-determination of Kashmiri people according to the UN resolutions my question essentially to us and you feel that there is any hope but the new end boy in place considering that bilateral trade between Riyadh in New Delhi currently stands at 28 billion dollars I believe that the initiative is good but the backing behind this initiative is probably not that strong that it would yield any positive results for the people of Kashmir and for the peace in the region because oh I see over the years has not been able to evolve itself in the way that he should have been it hasn't gathered that strength whereby they can call the shots in the world they have not been able to direct the course of events and international politics in a way that they should have been so Kashmir I think optically probably this is going to be okay but I do not see that there is going to be any positive result coming out of the whole thing so the question of Muslim unity was raised by Prime Minister Imran Khan he highlighted that this forum needs to do more and can do more how would you see the OIC strengthening his position on global a political stage and what measures could be taken to strengthen his position I think primarily the first thing is that we need to understand that the Muslim Ummah should work as a bloc it should have one common goal and the goal should be to ensure that the people living in the Muslim countries are educated well trained well and they are able to compete with the international market all over so that economically barring the oil produce by the Muslim country they should be able to compete in the world with the Western countries also number two Pakistan and the Islamic Ummah they need to understand one thing very clearly that without a strong military force they will not be able to call the shots in international politics so the international world we have different kinds of forces we have the military force the combined Allied Force and all types of forces all over the world for the Muslim countries but I think that the Islamic world needs to come up and make this a more solid support for their political objectives we have not been able to achieve either political objectives or economic objectives and socially we still live in our cocoons do you think it is a realist do you think there is a possibility that the Muslim community right now is also divided over its reliance over the Western community of the vessel superpowers do you think and of course numbers play a big role here money is a major factor oil resources and a major factor but let's not forget the majority of the sources of oil and what fuels the economy in the world is right now coming from the Muslim community could there be a bilateral trade sort of development amongst all of these countries to improve that situation where they rely less on the West I'll give you a very simple example IMF while extending loan to a country like Pakistan can dictate terms why can't the Muslim Ummah while extending the oil facility dictate terms it's a very a little question why not know the things we need to know because we are unaware of our own strength do you really think that's a reason let me bring in mr. a shy of curry Mia do you really think that's the reason that we are not away strength that we can actually dictate terms while sitting on the world's largest reserve of oil friend of mine we have been in the service together and I totally agree with him the problem is you know who would bail the cat that is a major problem and when it comes to that bailing the cat at the Muslim oh my all disunited okay all right well we've come to the end of the shorter e there's so much more to discuss but we've run out of time I'd like to thank you there mr. Ashe I'd carambola and also mr. Holly epic pal for your wonderful insight on the OIC summit that just concluded and with that we've come to the end of the show we'll see you next time till then goodbye

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