News 6 political expert discusses child-separation immigration policy

tonight pressure is building over the Trump administration’s quote zero tolerance policy when it comes to immigration a policy that has resulted in more than 2000 children being separated from their parents since May so news six political expert Jim Clark joins us now to take a closer look at how we got here and first Jim we understand that this policy actually at least part of this policy began back in the Bush administration but it is dramatically different on some fronts yes it’s almost like being stopped for speeding the officer can let you go and say slow down you can get a warning ticket you can get a real ticket or the officer can take you to jail well in the past the Bush administration the Obama administration have leaned towards the giving ticket solution Trump is within his rights to treat this as criminal activity once you arrest someone on a crime you obviously have to do something with their child so that’s what’s spurring all this and it’s turned into a major disaster I think so that just answered the question because a lot of people are saying is this even legal can he actually do that and you just answered yes he has the power to do this under the Bush administration law it’s just that no one has done it before over the weekend the president was interviewed and said this is the Democrats fault it’s a law Congress needs to come together and take you know action to try and solve this he wants to blame Congress for this is this the Democrats fault no actually it was passed under a Republican administration originally the Obama administration did nothing to change it and now President Trump is enforcing it with the full power of the federal government and you say no one else has done this before him why do you think that is because of the situation I don’t think anyone wanted as strongly as Trump to build the wall a lot of people think this is an effort to maneuver Congress and to building the wall as kind of a compromise or passing legislation that he supports that there is some end game here for President Trump the optics certainly are terrible when you see children really what are being described as pens little children former first lady Laura Bush saying that federal employees have been instructed not to pickup or comfort these children who’ve been taken away from their parents she is calling on the president to make changes is this having any sort of effect or how long is this going to go on that’s an open question and I think the administration first of all is gonna have to decide how to deal with all this I mean this cannot go on for years and end up with hundreds of thousands of kids in the Walmart in Texas you were just saying earlier it could go on for years because these sort of immigration proceedings can take a very long time right these are legal proceedings very much like being accused of any crime you can go to court if you lose you can appeal it so the parents may be tied up for a year two years three years and what do you do with a two-year-old child is there any way though to just take the politics out of this and just maybe put the humanity back into it well I think we’re seeing that first of all attorney General Sessions injected the Bible last week citing Romans 13 which very seldom gets cited but saying hey you should have made the law and that has brought tremendous interest from religious groups you had the Southern Baptists weighing in critical of the president reaching Graham Franklin Graham calling it disgraceful neither Franklin Graham is one of his strongest supporters you had the National Council of evangelicals weighing in just today the Presbyterian Church issued a very strong statement so somehow it has become more of a moral and religious issue than a legal issue it’s heartbreaking to see these terrified kids Jim Clark thank you so much for joining us if you’d like to read more about this we’ve posted reaction from lawmakers on both sides as well as what the Department of Homeland Security Secretary has to say about this policy you can find the story on the homepage of click Orlando com

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