Newcomer Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Beats Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley In Primary | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. The Democrats SHOULD get the message here – one would think. Yet they seem so desperate to undermine themselves that they make me think of Soviet apparatchiks in the 80s and early 90s, politically blowing their own brains out. At least the Republicans have the dignity to try and take the whole country down with them.

  2. it is not a democrat, it is a Communist. In 20 years, the US will be different, everyone will only want support and no one will want to work. Rich, hardworking people will be afraid of what awaits them for the future. Europe is lost – Russia beats Europe with the help of Germany and France – Immigrants, the US will never be as it was. It is sad

  3. She has more and more knowledge than Trump " I have to tell you " I am not saying that because I hate trump " that's true

  4. If you wanna believe what I say " listen to her when she's talking and listen to Trump when he's talking and you'll judge them !

  5. Her utopian ideals will fall apart like a house of cards, meanwhile, she'll increase her own wealth by a factor of 10 at a minimum.

  6. Crowley lost by 12 points, showing up to that debate wouldn't have changed things in fact it could have made it worse

  7. I am tired of the narrative that more progressive politics will make it harder to earn votes. Clinton already tried the route of moderate politics and that didn't exactly went well now, did it?
    A progressive agenda is the way forward. Show people that you are willing to change how things are, show them a possibility to make things better.

  8. What bothers me is that I spent 30 years of my life working to pay off my education, sometimes with no health care. I am now starting to sow the benefits of a lifetime of hard work…. acreage in Connecticut, a large family, a nice house. Now…. with these socialist ideals its take from me and give to the young and poor. I am perceived as the rich guy, absolutely not a crap is given about the time I already put in. I ALREADY paid my share as a veteran, 10 years working as a well driller, and another 16 working for a major municipality. My body is absolutely shot… I used it up working to get where I am. Its called sacrifice and hard work…. something that is lost on the younger generation.

  9. Alexandria won because she decided to run on compassion, morality, and democracy. Caring more about what the people want and less about money. These are the people we need in our government in order to live in a humane society. Please everyone go out and look for your local Progressive and get the word out & vote for them!

    I am HUMAN…….

    H uman Rights
    U niversal Healthcare
    M oney out of politics
    A ffordable education

    ……are you?

  10. None of them speak about the fact the Cortez won with public small donor funding against Crowleys big money.

  11. Hard left??? How about ACTUAL LEFT. Brian is so accustomed to corporate neoliberals masquerading as Democrats.

  12. Well I don't agree with her political beliefs but I'm glad she's getting one of the entrenched liars out

  13. The New Democratic platform, Socialism. How Did America Forget What ‘Socialist’ Means? Communism decorated with candy…
    it’s time to remind ourselves of the evils of socialism. Illegals got this PIG elected… You are brainwashed and as evil as Marx himself

  14. He had 18 times more campaign money to spend. She, Bernie, and many others show that you don't need corporate/influence money to win elections and that these days you'll probably lose if you accept corporate money!

  15. Apparently, Joe Crowley made the mistake of taking his seat for granted. If enough loons like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get into office, this country is doomed. Get out there and vote, folks.

  16. That's a hard left to your corporate shilling jaw, MSNBC. Also, cry no tears for Crowley his political afterlife will most assuredly be spent in Lobbyist Heaven. But keep pretending you're not part of the problem, MSNBC. Your faithful viewers still believe you.

  17. I think the average American voter (you know, the ones that are not insane Liberals) looks at all this and think 'no way am I voting for socialism.' Take a look at Venezuela. The people there are fighting in the street for food and eating dogs because they are starving under socialism. Meanwhile, Liberal hipsters in NYC and LA think socialism is edgy and cool. This all plays into Trump's support – which is growing hourly. The ideology of the left has become tarnished with race-baiting old fools like Maxine Waters, and denture-sucking morons like Nancy Pelosi – the self-proclaimed 'face of The Resistance.' Good luck in November running on 'everyone I disagree with is a Nazi.' And Ocasio-Cortez hasn't started a movement. Her anti-Capitalism/anti-Israel/Pro-Palestinian brand of socialism won't spread beyond Queens.

  18. The people have been coming to get their country back for some time.
    It's nothing to do with race or gender! It's because she isn't corrupt and she cares about the people!!!

    MSNBC has been super slow in covering the things that people actually care about because their interests to date have run counter to the interests of the people!
    Get ready for a progressive takeover, the people are here and we speak loud and clear!

  19. Lets pretend it wasn't because her district is 50% Latino, and something like 15% white.. She may mean well, but she is not qualified.. This country is a Republic and people have forgotten that is precisely the reason why it was successful and will be again.. Socialism is the death nell to wealth production, once you start to redistribute it, instead of focusing on how it is created you are on your way down.. And most people go down with it.. Like Venezuela..
    I would love to hear her thoughts on how she would have handled the crisis there.. When there is no food being produced, there is none to redistribute…

  20. yes and msnbc take note for i see the writing is on the wall for news outlets just likr urs crowley to stupid to see it and i think so are you

  21. The media loves this stuff, right up until the time when socialists come knocking on their door. Here comes Elizabeth Warren’s marauding bands, have fun.

  22. not one mention of corporate cash. How crowley outspent her 10 to 1. Medicare for all, Free College, or any of her other issues. This is so called "news".

  23. Sneaky only mentioning she wants to dismantle ICE and that it’s “music to our ears.” Frankly a lot of progressives think it needs to be reformed not dismantled.

    Our main issue is an economic one we are focusing on at the moment.

  24. Congratulations Mrs. Cortez. We are all happy you unseated Mr. Crowley. It's too bad you had to choose such Leftist policies to be heard. President Trump will go down in history as one of the finest presidents in this country. You will be lucky to have you name in a footnote.

  25. These clowns have it wrong. She didn’t win because of her ethnicity, it was her message. She stated the issue is of class and she is of them to represent them. She said in her ad that she shouldn’t be running, I disagree. She’s perfect because even armed with a college degree, she faced the common injustices of the majority of americans. Her competitor had money, but she had votes!

  26. Otra pendeja que usa el nombre "latino" cuando le conviene, pero que no debe saber ni una palabra en castellano.

  27. i'ma share this for sure I hit the studio often link up with my videos I'm stuck on the idea that believing is the first step to achieving lemme know what you like listening to

  28. If it works so well in these other countries, why don't people pack their bags and go there then

  29. MSNBC must here is in fits….not one paragraph in and it's "hard left" labelling. The histrionics, voice tone bias, and constant qualification here is appalling.
    Can't get Clintonbot campaign ad money from progressives MSNBC, you shitstain on journalism.
    Free media is going to burn you to the ground for being obvious DNC/DCCC shills.

  30. The best demonstration of how The Law of Attraction works.Have a program, stay totally focused on it, don't pay attention to distractions. Well done, Alexandria. Adriano Rosso, author, "Your Life is a Garden. Cultivate It!"

  31. Alexandria is like "a breath of fresh air" in a political season that reeks of lies and coruption.
    Do me a favor, get a felt-tipped pen, and write "PSALM 82 = JESUS' PSALM". This Psalm was once quoted by Jesus, and it stands for everything the Statue of Liberty does: FREEDOM from AUTHORITARIAN REGIMES, from those whio trust in the powers of darkness (read Psalm 11), men who commit murder and then say they've done "nothing" (Jeremiah 5:12).
    It's a pity that the U.S. President never studied the same bible he had his hand on when sworn in on — he needs to uphold its values, as "In God We Trust" is also written on our coinage.
    The bible teaches us to "beware" those who say "Peace, peace" to men who HATE & DESPISE GOD (Jeremiah 23:17-22), so take care, you evangelicals — and also carefully compare
    Mark 5:38 (where Jesus said "asleep" meaning "unconscious" and not really dead, with
    John 11:11-13 (where an early editorial inswrtion tries to say that Jesus meant just the opposite; I submit one seeking truth cannot have it BOTH WAYS, sir, and so I choose to follow that righteous Jew a.k.a. "Jesus "…

  32. I am waiting for President Trump to say "If they quote the bible, LET THEM GO". Who know, even Chairman Kim may even grab a copy and start reading (start with Psalm 73, "Pride is their necklace…and they always increase in wealth"). Heh-heh.

  33. Tax all the money from the rich and provide all free education, healthcare, etc to all people. It's the way to go. This is the only way that I don't have to work. I 100% support social democracy. Change is coming, hold on to your money while you can, it will be gone soon. We will tax you to death! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for the President! 2020 🙂

  34. Why don't you ask the venezuelans how their rabbit meat tastes? That's the true face of socialism. Killing every moving thing on your property (before the gov't seizes it) just to survive.

  35. look at history. socialism has never worked. if this nieve child forces us to be socialest, our nation will turn into a third world country

  36. This Evil PIG was put in by the Elites to forward thier Agendas,.
    And you can bet your bottom dollar,
    Not a single one of them benefit YOU.

  37. The idea of the government being responsible for more of what we desire will expand the opportunity for some of us to impress their beliefs on the rest of us. Separation of church and state that is meant to guard against a group impressing their beliefs on the rest of us. I will posit that a minimal and limited government in itself limits the degree to which a political class may impress their beliefs on the rest of us. Our pursuit of government taking charge of ever an ever larger portion of the national income is a direction that has the government impressing on all the beliefs of a politic. I'll also posit the contentious divide we experience is based on the importance of political control of our country's government's charge of a large portion of the national income. We would all rest easier if our government would relinquish its great control of the national income. Our government shouldn't be involved in providing prosperity as a politician or bureaucrat understands it. Our government should go back to ensuring that we may pursue prosperity.

  38. this woman is the real wonder woman,,i love her ,a true hero,, her victory speech

  39. LOL hard left, you mean joining the rest of the 1st world countries with universal health care which polls at 70% & is $5.1 trillion more cost effective.

  40. AOC is the stupidest "politician" I have seen in a long time. She needs to spend some time in Venezuela so she can see what real socialism looks like. Her ideas are the ideas of a MORON.

  41. Get rid of your guns open the borders and just bend right over and say goodbye to ever thing our forefathers fought for

  42. AOC did not have the overwhelming support of the so called left wing press in America. Nobody knew who she was until this election win. That was level of media coverage she was afforded.
    Of course, now, those same media ( like MSNBC) can’t get enough of AOC !

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