New poll names Bloomberg as Trump’s biggest 2020 competition

  1. Bloomberg has put out advertisements that have nothing but big fat bold face lies in every single one of them it is absolutely disgusting and people actually believe it it’s just like the twilight zone🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

  2. Mr Bloomberg will be 79 years old one month after inauguration should he get elected. A younger VP should be a focus in anticipation to failing mental and physical health.

  3. You watch Bloomberg adds, he cured cancer ,stop global warming,put everyone to work ,stopped all gun crime by taking away guns and made New York the greatest place to live. Apologize for stop and frisk, putting criminals in jail. He should be a saint and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you.

  4. Ha bumberg is a chump, who actually participates in these bs polls, come on fox, there was a time when we was overseas fighting the fight we actually trusted you, now not so much…

  5. Oh, so because he's spending the most that makes him the biggest competition? He has to win the primaries first, and he won't. I can think of much better things he could do with his money.

  6. Centrist democrats might support Bloomberg, but far left democrats won't. I think he is in this in case the Biden corruption is brought to the surface. I think in that case they will go to a brokered convention, and name Bloomberg the nominee. That will further devide the party, and give them no chance of winning.

  7. This man wants to model America after California and he wants take away our guns. I don't see him doing well with most Americans.

  8. If he is so smart why don't he fix his water problem. Just take Pennsylvania's water. He can stay the hell out of my state and the other jerks to.

  9. Say this Bloomberg multi billionaire guy were to win the presidency. That would go to once again prove the already
    well known notion for a uttered fact confirmed;
    Money + Who controls the most of it = power. Power to control nations on a global scale.

  10. Bloomberg is an anti-constitutional anti-American that is trying to buy his way into the White House. So he can overturn America's sovereignty and push us further on a path to a global dictatorship where no man woman or child has any right to life unless they deem it so.

  11. It's the effect he's going to have on the house and Senate we need to worry about. If we don't win the house and keep the Senate your kids and grandkids are doomed. KAG 2020

  12. Bloomberg is another Ross parole and he destroyed everything that Giuliani did New York Bloomberg is a Socialist Communist Pig and if anybody vote for him get ready to live underneath communist and socialist law

  13. If you think buying ads on ads is going to get votes… you really got Americans twisted. At least the ones paying attention.

  14. But if democrats all hate rich people then how are they going to vote for a billionaire ? Oh that's right … It's all the fault of those other rich people .

  15. Not a chance in hell , this man will ban everything and what was his words it is good to tax the poor it will make them make better choices and they will live longer, if a person votes for mike you are a moron and should be taxed .. say no to Bloomberg say no to taxing the poor say no to mike taking away your big gulp! Your guns your free speech and much more

  16. That old fool Bloomberg is shameless. He thinks people will choose him over Pres. Trump, the best president ever!! This old gizzard is apologizing for being WHITE, what abt. apologize for BEING STUPID!!! Money can't buy everything.

  17. Trump used his hustle to get priceless amounts of free advertising, Bloomberg isn't using hustle. Who do you want as president? A person who can hustle or a person who just writes a fat check for whatever he wants?

  18. 😂🤣😂🤣Mini Mike Bloomberg 🤣😂🤣😂 is not/never going to beat President Trump!

  19. The prob here is: bloombake join wrong crowds. If reporters still would not listen, DeMocRats have diminished they image for being liberal hacks, socialist, tax king increased. Bloombake can use all his moneys and still he will lose it. He is another garbage. Talking garbage, speak garbage. Never associate with dems. Its cursed.

  20. So, getting the Bloomberg message out there huh? Well I'll tell you what message I'm seeing. And that is, if Bloomberg really, actually, like for real wanted to make a difference. He could do way more to help people with the billions of dollars he easily has no problem with wasting on some election campaign. Plus more than he ever could probably even if he was president.

  21. This man isn't even campaigning, apparently he is above us. How does he knows what the the American People want! He is an American Taxpayer Thief….

  22. Another rich, old white man? Isn't this exactly what they left hates? They should renounce him immediately! 😁👍🏻

  23. I don't believe it! Polls aren't even close to accurate! Who in their right mind would vote for a communist? Bloomberg is a luciferian!

  24. That would happen about as likely as SOROS WINNING
    President! NOT! He spreads dirty money just as much if not more than soros

  25. He's trying to buy the presidency, so he can be a dictator, so he can force you to drink a small soft drink, and bring back stop and frisk, raise taxes so he can make his money back, spend a billion, to make $400.000, wow, TRUMP 2020.

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