this is BBC News I'm Carol Walker do show me what a proper twerk is right now [Applause] another fundraiser tomorrow night in Los Angeles this time at Clooney's mansion and the price to get into that one will be around 34,000 likely one of those international cities now we'll have the weather forecast in am innocent of course it will be 100% accurate and provide all the detail you could possibly want I've just seen Tom chef Annika preparing for it so I'm on top and then there's a with one mistake that was it now would anyone want their very own where the man will one small village in West Georgia has now got exactly that same essence well I know I'm a normal girl no no no I get normally no it's not funny not funny what if that happened in the middle of a cross [Applause] KTVU has just learned the names of the four pilots who were onboard the flight they are captain some ting Wong we too low holy fook and bang ding ow hold it six inches away from your face at all times to avoid injury okay I'm sorry but someone's being very really man-made extinctions have even happened before I guess we hunted the dildo into extinction but be warned police are on the lookout and if you get a fine it's unlikely you'll do this as we go back down to the south mostly clear huh oh my broom is backwards Oh as on purpose I don't get much practice of being a witch here we go as we scan across deputies say six teenagers used a basketball to break into this house luckily a neighbor was watching and called police I never seen this happen before and by the way Jim Christensen Executive Chef is going to grill us up some salmon with red wine oxtail sauce he only makes that up here on the rooftop at union restaurant and Jonny Michaels mixologist I'm not gonna get in trouble it worked in practice oh my gosh the bull trees oh yeah we've got every time I ask you a question like you said do you smell and I'm like got it yeah what did you think I meant I smell your hairspray mainly that's the most important thing I'm told you forced me into a corner okay mail like it is all about my hair so sorry she's like you don't have any product well please don't ever touch me again most important state in May is the month of Indiana live in North Fort Myers who seen a lesbian excuse me ABC 7 7:02 already this morning just flying by like this week it's Wednesday right I think so yeah we're getting there hopefully we'll have a dry start really Oh standing in front of the net with about eight inches of his shaft in his hand a part of this state now live super Doppler has been indicating locally heavy amounts of rainfall across southwest Iowa Wow microsoft recommends upgrade of Windows 10 what should I do ah don't you love a net positive huh anyway over it I would listen and mother be typhoon love them I miss Marshall – he's actually why don't we go ahead and schedule from when he had back surgery on his herniated disc you specific maghen he's an absolutist monarchy or personality content and cut personality cult looking like a nice day to maybe head outside with your significant other nor whoever you want to hang out but and then the weekends so far so good should be dry but in the forty so it was slow and slutty slutty hahaha steady steady right we knew what you meant yeah all right thanks dick and I thought nothing will ever be as cool as crystal meth pet Pete I can't even believe I'm gonna ask you this but I have to you had sex with a ghost a ghost yeah yeah come on man tell me about it I've moved into this house I bought this mansion in Georgia so this was a really really spooky place but yes one time I woke up and yeah a ghost I was being mounted by a ghost I wasn't high that was my next question who's gonna win this battle from the lumberjack I'm putting on weight of course the LeBron bringing a lot of sex success to Cleveland but just not enough not quite put on space missions astronauts get used to eating freeze-dried foods but today there's something fresh gotta say it seems like a better idea than eating food grown on Uranus let's take a look at the game of the night time once again to get you caught up on your news headlines for that the Hamburglar it's your birthday I let it pass no I want I get you later Daniel charter boat captain said the new restrictions would just be too much but Marine Fisheries can make universe excuse me don't agree the new restrictions would come in the fall I apologize that she can really relax her speaker or whatever that scold is that a sphincter though this is where I went out whatever is relaxing it and McClellan Jim's wife Janet says McCullough says that she for his so that he would get better that period lost for words here and we've been the food truck food truck from the Chanukah whole week long food truck food truck fanatic that's what I meant to say don't high-five lunch truck rain HR line one this you know Amazon is now worth more than the nation's biggest retailer the online store is currently valued at two hundred sixty four billion dollars at last check Walmart was valued at 234 billion you know why because they sell sex toys and Walmart can't or won't sell sex toys Amazon does a friend of mine works in the warehouse he says they sell a ton of them yeah I'm just telling you how it is they're tryna breakfast well yeah but nobody else will tell you this but that's the reason okay Aaron Rodgers has been downright perfect Northern Iowa comes back to win it in dramatic fashion last Saturday the Panthers didn't look very good against Iowa State presidential candidates roaming around like we needed more craziness out here with all the tailgating and all the spirit there is out here but it's it's the same I guess anything goes Fred Hoiberg is still the mayor of Ames no doubt about it did you grab anything when you walk out the door I have nothing but two toys on Totino's pizza I had a refrigerator and my doggie and we left for one thing are you gonna miss your mom police was trying to do a start point the man saying no not today and they began to race behind each other like cats and dogs in Napoli's Khan just twist around like a tornado girl and the Lord just shook it up in the man just got injured his head with the one side and his body went to the other side and girl he hit the pole I was actually born about me a piece of burger from Burger King and I just stopped right in the middle because my hunger just went away he's my favorite liquor conscious as well yeah the kid to get out of here because of that just got a little Oh what is up that's because it's hot outside stuff like that happens was that live where we live I'm Brett Morris he's a dairy farmer and this is his farm that we're on and all right this early in the morning hey we got to make cattle that's right beef and you have a micro mini pony oh look at you how strong you are what is your name hello and I rushed over here from MetLife doing the game with John the Jets bucks game because you guys announced this morning that whoo what other artists are going to be joining Bruno Mars during the halftime show so I'm excited to hear about that hopefully I can meet them and straight next time can you tell me to our little sunscreen this is from Jets box are you joking if I could be so bold if I'm with you here jungle Bob's here I actually stay they come anything goes wrong for Dylan he's here oh okay a very very cool and fibia now here's the Frog so people are afraid of frogs usually not is a huge Raleigh at eight Lake Ozark coming in at nine griffey wants to play and I okay okay hi bud all right we are seeing one okay future temperatures bring highs at least our Southwest Saturday all right 30 20 ounce tonight it'll get a little bit the fake throat work all right let's turn over to the Weather Center here okay cuz because sure she was saying she sounds like a broken record this morning but honestly I feel like it's a broken record this is like the best song play that's on I like calling you daddy thank you hi Morgan okay Liz you and Michelle and Frank would like to tease me when I talk about my Vermont weather stick right it arches up but when high pressures building in and it deflects and falls downward when you have an area of low pressure in the area and it's just going straight out because yesterday we were kind of in between systems so it really does work it does that's our forecast weather okay keep your keep your pictures coming thanks okay now I got it I should have done this at the end of the weather cast the states and alfalfa night at North Vista la temperatura and IBO fling call today huh and fuck that Villa came monisha huh sorry hmm the chill is letting up but the chill is not completely gone no I'm sorry and in the chill it's got a kink in your neck III thought it was just the tight button but everybody listen can we just go to the wood all right pollen count ni mo ii think grass or the air well counted six out of ten three for your high today here's Rob Johnson it is by far not even close to being over yet that's true sinkholes oh there we saw somebody just take a header off a bicycle oh my good night sure what he hit but of course that's what yeah sure great yeah a storm great there I'll bring you on into the temps and we're all doing okay Wow 750 degrees in Gila bin right now and 1,270 in Ahwatukee now I'm not authorized to evacuate Ahwatukee because temperature seems pretty high Kade Creek fountain hills they don't look good either and frankly Wickenburg is a total loss you might as well just get out of anywhere along this 60 years very warm surprise is starting to heat up as well at 1,300 degrees so again the safe spots seem to be Chandler and Mesa Scottsdale is doing okay so far but you know you're sort of surrounded by some pretty intense heat so I'm not your dad but I would get out while you still can I think steel boils at about this temperature so Cave Creek there's probably nothing left up there 526 March Madness is here and the lady dogs are hoping to return to the Big Dance cbs47 7 fester has this morning thank you Carmel if you're using us 31 south bath your average speed is 43 miles per hour good morning France Oh what was that cold – you were talking we were sliding out a little bit I don't know if you saw that Hey is it too early good fish sandwich our next speaker hang on okay this we live whoops hey I've been a car since four o'clock I'm starving I'm just getting something real quick okay hey do I get fish sandwich okay well yeah can I get a fish sandwich breakfast all right give me a Egg McMuffin and a black coffee stay put folks trust me I know we were coming live I'm sorry I really stuck oh yeah there were meat concert in there I mean Santa's a hand-up no sir but like the Henry take a fucking hint a human head for the gutter Han has seen seeing oil or hayseed sakes a vehicle I mean for Hank you thought that came over here and you asked me to take with for the season some girl move ahead in the loser Muscadet off on meeting a Buick escape bolo anyhow dog – melodious sealer shall we you know I'm here one but a movie out this weekend well yeah but the end every way I didn't know what NWA men so so I went to my trusty weather dictionary and it says it means it's a nice morning work and it's Friday that's what it says right there in the weather dictionary you are so down yeah so easy you would be proud finally tonight a brand new way of looking at some very old places hey Lisa who's out there ha ha thud did you ha ha very cool I'm gonna try to ah do I do what make kool-aid uh no I don't make only the only suspect in a sexy cook that sexist all that SDS you will not be charged investigators say Stevenson an 26 year old Michael fleet escaped from Blackburn Correctional Complex Saturday night do you think Snowden's actions were worth that risk I think to cast them out – to make him invalid in society simply because he has scissors for hands I mean that's so strange because I mean people didn't get scared until he started sculpting shrubs into dinosaur shapes and whatnot just because he was created on top of a mountain by Vincent Price and incomplete with such as for hands and no heart Edward Scissorhands is a complete hero to me you know we cast about like we got scared when he poked a hole in a water bed with his scissor finger like that was just unreasonable at times when either they are trying to target civilians because the women blend in with the civilians or when they are trying to change the nature of the profile more over there yeah that's bill maher we'll be back me bum so let me give how do you fall it so nobly in the ringing sounds yeah another one boy

  1. when there's a lion trying to eat a human kid
    just say tranquila, tranquila

    it won't calm down the lion or save the kid's lifes
    but it'll make the situation more exciting 😂

  2. Omg lol the guy doing high temps in weather. He did it so well with a brilliant sense of humor. Love that part!!

  3. 11:36 "I was actually going to go buy me a piece of Burger from Burger King"

    Just a piece of Burger not the whole thing

  4. @1:30 a puma 3 feet away from a baby… what could possibly go wrong? Seriously though, what fucking idiot greenlit that scenario??

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