1. They just won't give up and admit Bernie is sweeping all the states…
    and then at the end they will steal it from him with super delegates .
    Corporate Media sucks….

  2. WOW!!! Why am I surprised? Meanwhile over at ABC “news” they have a camera in Biden’s headquarters or side room , focused on Joe with head down and the room deadly quiet and still. I left before any reporters started calling Joe Biden, Rocketman for surging from last to second.
    “We’re here reporting with Joe Rocketman Biden to congratulate him on this great result. How does it feel to have pulled this off Mr Biden?”


  4. Russia Russia Russia >
    Bill Binney wrote the governments mass Surveillance spyware program and he can't find even 1 data packet proving the Russians hacked our elections…. Search Bill Binney… The FBI illegally entered his home and aimed assault rifles at him

  5. MSNBC is a JOKE!!!! These idiots think they're fooling everyone by posting a voter demographic pie chart trying to obscure the obvious popular vote.

  6. Another whis (tle) blower self deleted near his car. This guy was from DHS. Pub. stated he was getting married, loved god, and that they would try and END him. Not a peep from MSM, why???

  7. If Pete had given the slightest indication of being in the lead, they’d be proclaiming him as leader and future president all over the news. But if Bernie wins in a landslide: “Nice, but did he really win?”. MSM is a total joke.

  8. I'd 🥰 to have the Sandman delivered to you dry folks ..-.. haha. Whatta complete abject democratic carbon waste…PS: don't forget the spf-grade purpose/ longevity vitamin D

  9. Americans in Europe we unfortunately know that to impose socialism its ultimate goal is dictatorship unemployment socialists love the poor so much that there are more and more in Europe Sanders is a Marxist your country will be a dictatorship unemployment will be higher and higher Sanders wants to make the rich pay it will not benefit the poor Sanders is a liar an enemy of freedom Americans you want a "Brezhnev" Sanders will do the trick Ask him where he will build his Gulag MADE IN USA

  10. Why did bernie let hilary win and hilary let trump win? Still no ghilane Maxwell subpoena testimony from the house and Senate?
    Epstein and ghilane Maxwell 1985-2040!!!!!!

  11. take the


  12. Americans if you vote Sanders it will be a disaster for your country in France in 5 years of socialism 600,000 more unemployed (for 65 million inhabitants) the taxation of companies that no longer hired, the rich paid but especially the middle classes 9 million poor dramatic insecurity a laxity which plunged our country into recession the Marxists like Sanders promise all but most serious it is your freedoms which will be hampered the States which will not vote for this STALINIAN will have to declare their INDEPENDENCIES

  13. Too early too call? Every other network has called it, saying Bernie has won! Why are you guys so biased. Sad, you’re making Trump look right… fake news

  14. Your car is your rifle in this peaceful revolution. Get everyone you know who may not vote to the polls and drive them home.

  15. Lol …you guys cut it off right before Kornacki showed that Sanders not only won with “liberal” Democrats but that he won the majority of “moderate/conservative” Democrats as well ……what hacks you are.

  16. These results should be no surprise, the Russians are very good at what they do, and VEGAS is a hotbed for Russian mafia

  17. MSNBC is completely against Sanders and the will of the people! They have anchors comparing a Sanders to Nazis! It is truly disgusting. Sander family fled the Nazis and moved to America! Some of your people should be fired!

  18. I encourage everyone to seek out a documentary from the 2000s called Outfoxed . It's key prediction that it would lead to the "Foxification" of the entire news media landscape has come to pass. This is clutching at straws is embarrassing for MSNBC.

  19. Weird how long it takes to count the votes this election. I wonder if it had been this slow if Biden was at 46%…

  20. Sure, they are crying and moaning and groaning! And all leftist and righters and all sick and all healthy people. All who have born of women. Republican 🇺🇸 Abraham Lincoln, when presented with a Bible by a Colored Delegation from Baltimore, stated Sept7, 1864: "In regard to this Great Book, I have but to say, it is the best gift God has given to men … ✝️ But for it we could not know right from wrong."

    True: Right(wing) from Wrong Commies, Trump from traitors Hussein and Brennan, marriage from 74 ‘genders’, godly, honest, transparent people from sneaky, demonic, arrogance leftist bureaucrats.

  21. Trump will hammer down "socialism-more taxes to the middle-class" and win the what was the "blue states" again. Sanders is a fighter for the MC, though. Just out of the blue, FIRE PEREZ immediately.

  22. This is proof that their Bias has their brains on lock. But also this is the Peter Principle mix with Noam Chomsky show of manufacturing consent. They aren't Competent they were chosen by the elite because they believe in these falsities and nepotism pushed them to get over paid to be stenographers. Now that reality doesn't fit their script its like watching a computer error

  23. MSNBC is trying to get Trump reelected. Chris Matthews is a disgusting pig. Crying cause he may have to pay some taxes for once. Do not buy anything advertising on MSNBC.

  24. You guys have 2,38 Mio. subscribers but this video has 65.307 views. It seems that no one cares about your opinion on this topic. Hmm, maybe because biased??

  25. Why does MSNBC use the term Very Liberal in their entrance polls? Who uses that term to self-describe? Progressive is the proper term. Progressive is how folks self-describe. It is more accurate and would lead to more accurate polling. This is not rocket science folks.

  26. Democrats want to keep the house? And win the senate and presidency? Explain your ideas without all the bull republican talking points, tell the people what it actually means

  27. Elections are important in a Constitutional Republic… That's what the United States of America is!

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  28. Can't you try to be a little more subtle in your bias? You're like those people who play stealth video games without hiding.

  29. Oh my. this is really disappointing. Huhuhuhuhu. Trash MSNBC is now telling the truth and no more spin and lies, no more public deception. What's happening MSNBC — did you all accidentally taken a drug of sorts? Or maybe you're cooking something big — the strategy for now is to tell the truth but behind all this is a sinister plan to steal everything from Bernie later on. #MSNBCistrash

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