Netanyahu Urges Unity Government with Gantz  – TV7 Israel News 19.09.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcasting to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempts to form a right-wing-religious bloc to negotiate
a unity government with the emerging winner of Israel’s national elections, Blue and
White Chairman Benny Gantz. Two deadly bombardments devastate Iranian-backed
militant positions near the Syrian border with Iraq. U.S. President Donald Trump announced his
decision to ratchet-up economic pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran, following evidence
that the Revolutionary Guards Corps was behind the attacks on two major oil plants in Saudi
Arabia. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
addressed members of his Likud party yesterday, during which he announced a unanimous decision
by the heads of a so-called bloc of right-wing and ultra-orthodox factions, to advance negotiations
toward the establishment of the next government under his leadership. That said, during the post-election meeting
of his long-time ruling Likud party, Netanyahu gave no indication on how he intends to overcome
its current lack of a majority support within the Knesset. Instead, the Israeli leader declared, that
it is now “imperative” to thwart any government comprised of Arab, anti-Zionist parties – especially
in these times of “tremendous security challenges.” “After we established a right-wing bloc, only
two options are left – either a government under my leadership, or a dangerous government
dependent on the Arab parties. At this time, more than ever, especially with
the tremendous security challenges we face, a government reliant on the Arab, anti-Zionist
parties must not be formed. We will make every effort to prevent the creation
of this dangerous government.” While Netanyahu described the right-wing bloc
as ‘an accomplished fact,’ the Prime Minister’s so-called “natural coalition partners”
insisted that negotiations will have to satisfy their apparent lack of confidence. One of those faction heads, Bezalel Smotrich,
emphasized this morning that binding agreements must be formulated to avoid a situation in
which the right-wing parties gave their support to Netanyahu after which he would ultimately
join Blue and White Chairman Benny Gantz to form a unity government without them. During consultations with the Prime Minister
at his residence in Jerusalem this morning, the leaders of his prospective ‘right-wing
alliance’ reportedly discussed the creation of a union as part of the coalition-building
process. They are also believed to have provided the
Premier with a list of their demands in exchange for their support as well as their recommendation
that he be assigned with the task of forming the next government by Israeli President Reuven
Rivlin. In spite of these efforts, and in light of
an announcement by the Central Elections Committee that with 96.5 percent of the votes in, the
Blue and White faction has attained an additional mandate at the expense of the Likud party
– Netanyahu released a video, in which he called on the rival faction’s Chairman,
Benny Gantz, to form a wide unity government to avert an unnecessary third round of elections. “During the election I called for the establishment
of a right-wing government. But to my regret, the election results show
that this is impossible. The people did not determine between the two
blocks. This is why we have no choice but to form
a broad unity government, as broad as possible, comprising all of those elements which are
about the state of Israel. Yesterday I met my friends at the right-wing
parties and we have decided to enter negotiations as one block with one representation. I now call you, Knesset member Benny Gantz:
Benny, we must set up a broad unity government, as soon as today. The nation expects us, both of us, to demonstrate
responsibility and that we pursue cooperation. This is why I call you, Benny, let’s meet
today, at any time, to start this move, which is the need of the hour. We must not, and there is no reason for us
to get to third elections. I oppose this. The need of the hour is a broad unity government,
as soon as today.” Senior Blue and White officials responded
to Netanyahu’s call by underlining that no matter the circumstances, former IDF Chief
of Staff Gantz – who received the largest amount of mandates from the Israeli public
– will serve at the helm of any future government. In regional news;
U.S. President Donald Trump announced his decision to ratchet up economic pressure against
Iran even further, after emerging evidence that the Islamic Republic’s Revolutionary
Guards Corps was behind the attacks on two major oil plants in Saudi Arabia September
14th. Speaking alongside his newly appointed National
Security Advisor Robert O’Brien, President Trump said he will announce the latest list
of sanctions in the next two days, although he refused to comment on a possible military
response to the Iranian-orchestrated attack. Reporter: “Mr. President, did you raise
more sanctions on Iran today? Did you announce more sanctions?” Trump:
“I did. We’ll be adding some very significant sanctions
onto Iran.” Reporter: “And what will they include, sir?” Trump: “We’ll be announcing it over the
next 48 hours.” Reporter: “And when you’re saying there
will be a further announcement on Iran, are you looking at a military strike?” Trump:
“We’ll see what happens.” Reporter: “And what are the options, Mr.
President, that you’re considering? You just said there were some very bad things
you’re thinking about.” TRUMP: “Well there are many options as you
know Phil; there are many options. And there’s the ultimate option and there
are options a lot less than that. And we’ll see. We’re in a very powerful position.” Reporter: “Are you considering a nuclear…” TRUMP: “Right now, we’re in a very, very
powerful position.” Reporter: “When you say the ultimate option,
are you saying…” TRUMP: “No, I’m saying the ultimate option
meaning go in– war.” According to a spokesman from Saudi Arabia’s
Defense Ministry, the Islamic Republic made a failed attempt to conceal its involvement
in the strikes. “We know the capability for the previous information
that we have recovered from a previous attack. The Iranian regime and the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary
Guard Corps), they are trying to hide any evidence from the component and with the technology
they are mistaken. We do have a lot of evidence against the IRGC
and we will provide it to the United Nations and through the right channel according to
the international law.” Responding to these allegations, Iranian President
Hassan Rouhani condemned both the Washington and Riyadh – for what Tehran perceives as
– joint efforts to exacerbate the situation into an all-out regional war. In a televised address from Tehran, President
Rouhani also claimed that Israel, the United Arab Emirates and certain European countries
were to blame for the apparent escalation. “It was Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, America,
certain European countries and the Zionist regime, which started the war in this region.” Echoing Rouhani’s effort to evade blame
for the Saudi oil strikes, Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami claimed that the accusations
against his country were false – insisting that there is no proof of the Islamic Republic’s
involvement. ”The issue is completely clear and these
claims and accusations are firstly completely, seriously, and decisively rejected, and on
the other hand, I believe they would not work anyway, because no reason, no evidence, and
no document is provided (to prove it). But it is just a claim, and you may accuse
anyone under any circumstances and provide no reason for it.” The comments by Iranian leaders came after
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – who is currently visiting Riyadh – labelled the
attack as a blatant ‘act of war.’ Now to Israel’s northern neighbor, Syria,
where; Two separate bombardments targeted Iranian-backed,
militant positions near the Arab Republic’s border with Iraq. The first strike occurred yesterday afternoon
by unidentified aircraft against an Iranian position in the city of Al Bukamal, near one-of-the-three
most strategic border-crossings between Syria and Iraq. According to an informed source, ‘five militants
were killed in the first attack and another nine were reportedly injured.’ The source identified the first target as
a Hezbollah military base, and insisted that it had been carried out by an Unmanned Aerial
Vehicle – which he maintained belonged to Israel or the ‘U.S.-led International Military
Coalition.’ It is important to note that the Al Bukamal
border-crossing has been identified by Western intelligence officials as one of the main
logistical passageways for Iranian weapons and equipment from Iraq into Syria – and
as such, the location has been subjected to multiple attacks. For more information on Israel and its region
visit our website at WWW.TV7ISRAELNEWS.COM

  1. Long live Israel and netanyahu ♥️🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱♥️🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳♥️

  2. Praying this alliance works. PEACE in Israel 🙏 EVEN SO COME LORD JESUS ❣️ 🙏😇🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  3. Unity govt betrays the voters. And then an anti israel arab leads opposition and has access to security cabinet as opposition head from largest opposition party. Like a spy in security meetings.sorry bibi but call for unity govt is grosely irrespinsible. You must get liberman or new elections. Civil marriage opens door to homo marriage. Compromise on legal masorti marriage and haredi draft shelved for couple years.

  4. BB netanyahu is a highly experienced person Israel requires today. may BB's wish be fulfilled to form a unity govt, which is very essential to combat terrorism. May god bless Israel and it's people & Benjamin Netanyahu & protect the Jewish state.

  5. I bet the Iranian leaders breath stinks cause everything he says is crap. They cause the deaths of so many. They supply hummas and others so they can attack Israel which causes Israel to attack back and i say Irans hands have the blood of every life lost on both sides. They will be Judged!

  6. Unfortunately, Israel will get what they voted for. We all knew this day would come. Sad that they will give up security just to remove Bibi. Iran and their proxies are all in celebration. Prophecy will continue. I am praying for the safety of you Israel.

  7. Shalom everyone,
    Thanks Ma'Ayan for the news God bless you and your family as well as the entire team of TV7, you are really doing a great job keep it up

  8. Yeshua is the Messiah ❤️ “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.” Zechariah 12:10

  9. We continue to pray for the peace of Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, God bless Israel and God Trump God bless P.M Netanyahu
    I also take my appreciation to everyone partnering with TV7 God bless you,

  10. PM Netanyahu is a real leader.
    May the G-d of Israel keep our PM strong and determined.
    Blessings on Am Yisroel wherever you are. …

  11. PM. Netanyahu is the man of the hour. He is the man for the job. Israel doesn't need to weak leader in such a time like this. Benny Gantz was the Ground Forces Commander in 2006 Lebanon war and Because of his poor judgement, this is what causing Hezbollah to keep on saying what he is saying now. Say no to Gantz

  12. Unity is the quality for our secure and powerful developments . If unity divided it will be chance for enemies . People's only the wealth for the nation . And political is limited but government hope is unlimited . You are the honest . Confuse the enemies for construct the powerful developments . From 🇮🇳 peaceful country forever 🇮🇱

  13. This new leadership (with yair lapid) will bring new laws to israel, enforce curriculum into religious schools who deprive their students and communities, help the religious get into colleges and end free money

  14. I never liked Netanyahu but then I've always resisted electing likely criminals and extremists to office. Netanyahu is an extremist, and his efforts to form an extremist coalition merely demonstrates just how extreme he is. Oppose extremism in all its forms. He's facing 8nd8ctment of several criminal charges and as long as he us PM he is protected. Unfortunately, criminality doesn't appear to concern some folks. I'm not Israeli, so it's not for me to express much more than support and hope for a broad coalition that would hopefully exclude the current PM.

  15. Netanyahu is disgusting. zNow, his desperation shows wih his scare tactics… like he's irreplacable. Blue & White, Yes! FOR ALL ISRAELIS.

  16. Neither Pharaoh nor the Red Sea or the enemies they encountered enroute to Canaan could stand between the Israelites and their promise… We Serve a wonderful God. Shalom.

  17. Benjamin Netanyahu needs to call for another election this one was rigged by IRAN they rigged this to get him out so they can have there two state BS with Palestine mark my words this was treason …..

  18. We have been praying all around the world for Bibi, Israel, and the Lord's will to be done. Thank you for your channel that we can trust to give us the true news. Much love and prayers from New Zealand.

  19. Iran's Regime has so many enemies that they have created and anyone of these Enemies can strike their own Terrorists Proxies at any given time.

    Iran's Regime won't even know who to blame, with the EU Countries, United Arab Emirates, America, and ISRAEL all Against Iran's Regime Islamic Republic Shite Muslim's Terrorists , Anyone of them can Strikes Iran's Regime ,Hamas, Hizbollah, Jihadist , and the Rest of Iran's Regime Terrorists Groups and Proxies Terrorists Members.
    Iran's Regime has caused this for Themselves .

  20. The Israel leadership crisis is written in the minor prophecy.
    Micah 4:9" NOW why do you cry aloud? IS there NO king among you?Has your counselor perished;that pain has taken you like a woman in labor?

  21. so irans response was.. after findings were shown it was iran behind the attacks.. for iran to blame european countrys for the escalation… oh.. and that it was just a false claim with no evidence.. despite the lots filled with their equipment and debri shown quite openly to the public that were captured.

  22. Hello Mrs. Hessen & Team: Thank you for the news. My wish is that Israel will get a wise government that takes care of all Israeli and your Holy Land. The light for the world will , at long last, come from your Holy City Jerusalem. Shalom to all of you.

  23. God will give a nation to the state of Israel as He told me, the nation of the Spirit of God, because God will never permit Israel to have peace as a nation, because there are high name to be honored as the name of a nation "Spirit of God"

  24. A lot of big egos. Not willing to compromise and unite for the sake of the country. Behaving very irresponsible during this significant days.

  25. Jesus is coming and I am praying for Israel to recognise they're savior. Any sacrifice of animals to God is abhorrent when the Savior shed his blood for the sins of the world, by sacrificing an animal they reject Jesus, Jacobs trouble will begin. I pray for their safety too.

  26. VERY sadly I cannot EVEN convey PM Netanyahu is VERY MUCH INDEED needs n good for Isreal n Isreal SHOULD follow German model Chancellor Angela Merkel who stats in PM FOREVER should be the SAME for PM Netanyahu indeed! That being said, my VERY helpful points to SOMEWHAT "spoiled" due to reasonably good life compared to most of Arabs, Those SO ungrateful scm bags LIKE Mr. Liberman is SPEECH_LESSS indeed! PM Netanyahu gave him, SO IMPORTANT post LIKE DM; yet, NOW Mr. Liberman is the WORST attacker of his ex-boss who GAVE HIM a gift of political life or national notoriety in Isreal public of being mighty Defense Minister! As is the case, many human beings are FAR, far, FAR worse than "animals indeed!" Looooook at EVEN born to killer Lion even gratful for its former master raised n embrace with so enthusiam n grafulness as seen from TRUE fact documentary, but OH NO NOT human scm bags, lot so them amongest us, n LOOK at Liberman attacking vicious attack LIKE Cobra! Wow? How could PM Netanyahu know SO-dam ungrateful wolf-with-human-face-Mr? Liberman {I am indeed being quite generous give Mr. title to Liberan deserves NOTHING!" In short, Isreal needs strong leader, more stonger stand is needed, LIKE current PM Natanyahu and very very very SADLY miserable some of morons Isrealis dismally failed to see they need strong leader LIKE PM Natanyahu to chatter very dangrous uncharted current n like FOREVER Isreal's existance LIKE biggest n the MOST deadly King Cobra head Iran is READY 2 BITE Isreal any time in "ideal condition" that was NOT avaible as long as someone LIKE PM Natahyahu n "quite envious n petty minded scm bag Isreal so call Attoreny Gerneral recommand corruption charge on "minor arros, assuing it was, errors that lack merit to so call prosecute your Priminister? Those so call prosecutors scm bag of the earth, LIKE SOUTH KOREA, are the one should be "hanged" and stone to death, but their wielding power under the name of MIGHTY weight LAW, it is only as good as there is unbised and with strong merit not fabricated, twisted to make bigger like moutain out of morehill, and it is SAD majority, except SO ungreaful Arab Isreal asols n beaches should have been expelled in the first place from Isreal n do NOT give Isreal citizenship but ONLY residence, n I urge Isreal leader HOW the worst kinds of treatment Japan is giving to Korean Japanese who kidnapped during WW2 working in facory with essentially free of labor to aid Japanese vicious and cruel ww-2! Fact! NO Korean ancestroy can be TEACHER in ANY Japanese shool HOW about that dum bas leadship of Isreal toooo generous to Arab Isrealis, huh? NO Korean ancestry can be Officer in Japanse so call self-defense force! NO Korean anceerty will be automatically Japanes citizen EVEN being after 6-7 decades how about that? NO Koran ancestory can be CEO in any major Japanese corporations, unwritten law in this case, but 100 percern implemented! SHOULD I continue? IN closing, it is SUCH unfortunate that soo many "moron heads Isreal voters, like German voters who keep electing FOREVER dictator Angela Merkel is speechless, to put it mildly indeed(!), and Isreal NEEDS strong and being "assertive leader LIKE" Mr. Natanyahu, but some political circle petty-minded NO GOOD despicable asols n beaches are against Natanyu because he was boring in the US, without admitting their evil minds and likely NEVER admit their NO good petty rotten to the core jealousy and envy, etc. Well, this much I can spend time for Isreal's well bing and voters are too spoild to apprecate excellent lider LIKE Mr. Natanyahu for Isreal! CA, USA

  27. As a prayer for Israel Ministry I fully support Benjamin Netanyahu, may YHWH GOD of Israel be in control. Let YHWH'S will be done on earth as it is heaven. Shalom from NEW ZEALAND/SAMOA/AUSTRALIA

  28. I think that if the two parties were to join together-Israel could be united and it would be a great example to all other countries around the world.

  29. "The first strike against Iranian-based and Iranian targets by unknown aircraft, which we are showing you gunsight video from…" Yeah? From the unknown aircraft?

  30. It amazes me how Iranian high ranking people are lying 🤥 including religious leaders, they should be completely ignored by the world. I feel really sorry for the local people to be living under a government like that, but by the end of the day, they elected them in Government.

  31. Amir Hatami has such a cool hat. It looks like a large mushroom. And we know what it takes to grow large mushrooms. His means he may be well cultivated

  32. God is in control, regardless of what happens. In his timing, Iran will be delt with. Praise God, the God of Abraham, the creator of all the Universe! Praise Jesus, savior of all who believe!

  33. Putin and Russians think they can stop Israel's operations against terrorist around the Jewish state, impossible.

    Israel will defend her country under any circumstance, terrorist take note.

  34. Benny Gantz is a nut, know army knowledge other than that , complete nut, look like downstream rider. Arabs love him, just to get vote.

  35. Love this show here in the States. Wonderful to get the news right from the center of the world Jerusalem. All we ever get here is Democrat vs. Republican . Thanks so much.

  36. P-L-E-A-S-E Israel listen: the United States of America is the biggest producer of oil NOW IN THE WORLD. Why are you taking oil from the Arab countries and not from America your best ally?

  37. It’s high time iran 🇮🇷 should be stop 🛑 I repeat iran should be stop 🛑 for how long is this going to continue stop nuclear weapons iran and between Ganz and Benjamin Nathan Nyahu should not bring divisions among the Israelite but should focus on how to fight a common enemies I pray for peace israel 🇮🇱 and jerusalem amen shalom from Nigeria 🇳🇬

  38. Iran's terrorism Revolutionary gard terrorism Regime's cultures of Terror attacks against israelites around the World’s also andres islamic terrorism Regime's jihad against israelites Hamas's terror groups IS-terrorism Regime's, Palestinian islamic terror attacks on the border of Israel, Hezbulla terror tunnels missile Project in Lebanon today.

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