Neal Katyal: President Donald Trump Tried To Cheat In The 2020 Election | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Seeing how it's 4am in NY, quite a lot of night owls making negative comments, unless they are not really yanks but just pretending to be. You'd never guess where it's midday comrades.

  2. These Russians seem to be very nervous and/or jealous of the United States and our democratic republic, to expend so much effort to interfere in it. Food for thought

  3. Media: The Biden's have every right to sell political influence to corrupt countries– and Trump should be impeached for uncovering it.

  4. Professor Neal Katyal, a very credible constitutional law scholar
    who pointed out a lot of law violations that Trump committed but
    Trump followers blindly refuse to accept the facts they continue
    to support him to the point that if he shoot someone they will still
    support him (he said) wow ! They must be very stupid or having
    a lot of hatred for the Democrats…they have the ISIS mentality in
    them so now you can figure out who the ISIS are. That's all I have
    to say.

  5. Trump's main ambition I think is to demolish the Democracy and install a Dictatorship. And he seems to be doing a good job of it. Russia, North Korea, Turkey etc are raising their glasses in thanks. What a pity for the people of the US

  6. Hillary Clinton campaign cheated against Sanders and helped Trump with the Pied Piper strategy! Both the R and D parties cheated by banning Libertarian and Green nominees from the Presidential debate.
    The USA is destroying itself with it's two party system that nominates the worst and the regime change wars that make destruction the core competency of leadership.

  7. Russian Propaganda In The Internet Age: How To Spot A Russian Troll Online | TIME

  8. I love it. This is the best news money can buy courtesy of our intelligence agencies. The CIA and our complicit lamestream media will be splintered into a thousand pieces and scattered into the winds. – JFK

  9. Sorry, as usual you got all the questions and answers wrong on msnbc. It doesn't matter though because it seems most people don't believe you guys anymore anyway.

  10. What did Trump try to do? Have dead people vote for him, have illegals vote, have people vote multiple times, pay off election officials, have his political party pay for phony documents to smear hi opponent, weaponize the FBI and intelligence agencies, sell our uranium supply to the Russians, add super delegates to assure their candidate wins the primary, resist mandatory voter ID to allow anyone to vote, have the backing of the spread propaganda, spend all of their time and millions of dollars on phony impeachment investigation and not getting any meaningful legislation passed? Is that what he did to help him in the 2020 election?

  11. sad that in 5 years when they stop funding this propaganda engine and nbc doesn't exist anymore, they'll just start putting more money into vice or something (preferably a newer one with a shred of a reputation) and nobody we'll have to discover a whole new set of bs artists.

  12. Trump: “Ukraine, you’re really corrupt, so corrupt that I’m going to withhold aid and insure some of your military dies during a hot war. To prove you’re worthy of the money I need your corrupt government TO INVESTIGATE ITSELF and also investigate my political rival who apparently already has you by the balls because he bribed you before. So yes, I trust you, new President Zelensky, to come in and be a corruption champion and then I’ll give you a WH meeting and military aid.”

    Also Trump: “Oh snap. Well the Democrats found out about my perfectly legal anti-corruption ploy so scratch all of this legal stuff I was planning, I will just give you the money WITHOUT YOU DOING A SINGLE THING THAT I ORIGINALLY REQUESTED.”

    Trump and his supporters are the dumbest creatures on planet earth if you think we’re supposed to buy what Trump is selling. 😂😂

  13. Besides the Ukraine thing.. how about you Democrat’s try to dig up dirt on trump.. you can’t because he’s not doing illegal business such as the Bidens

  14. Fake news! Democrats are resigning, getting fired, reports coming out of true corruption. Trump wasn't joking, he's draining that swamp!

  15. Another book launch ! and some bragging about a useless insecure attorney and a reference to a jacket that’s what this FASCINATING discussion is about

  16. Two critical facts keep getting misconstrued here. Joe Biden being investigated and the 2020 election, which hasn't started yet. It was Hunter Biden and the 2016 election.

  17. i like how every anti trump hating channel has more dislikes.that means theirs enough ppl out their that will vote for him again next year.

  18. Of course Trump tries to cheat. You don't think he has any chance on his own, do you? He's dumber than an unplugged table lamp.

  19. Have yet to see the last Impeachment hearing as of this date. So all I know is that for every witness they brought on they all testified they have no first hand knowledge and they were all giving their personal opinion as to why the series of events occurred… basically it holds as much weight as this opinion piece in this video.


  21. Why participate in a complete joke. Just like cnn this propaganda channel is doing all the work for Trump to win 2020. Keep up the good work left wing media. Real Americans see right through this bs and the only people that fall for this bs are people who aren't even legally able to vote. There will be no impeachment. The only thing that is going to come out of this is the left continually being shown for what they are.

  22. So much fake news trying to create a population biased against Republicans.

    We have to come out to vote so they can't ignore us and just steal the election like they tried to do in 2016. Come out and vote and refuse to be silenced by the Democrats and all the fake news.

  23. So if I get a media job as an news announcer will I get paid by the Net Work and the CIA for being a member of Mocking Bird?

  24. Hello people hello world this system Mississippi Boy here's what they need to do we all know this white supremacist a liar he have told his country down not only Donald J Trump and all the Republicans and the Democrats that stands with these people these people have made United States of America look really bad I just a system is broken our laws are broken it's only put in place for only one race that is white supremacist white nationalist they wear the guns they wear badges they traded in the sheets for them then the Army Navy Marine National Guard Air Force Navy SEAL National Guard Coast Guard doctor tissues lawyers judges they has all over the place but we need to bring these people out get these people out of our country out of our states and let's put them somewhere where they need to be we need to make this America great for all nationalities not for One race we understand that Donald Trump want to be high healer and the Republicans want to stand around and dance at the base of his performance but all of them need to be judged for their actions

  25. Let me say this my brothers and sisters my wife Christian brothers and sisters there is a lot of us out here good people all race not just for one race white power a white supremacist it's time for us to stand together divided we will fall this country as we know it will disappear if we don't get this man out of the office and the Republicans out of their office and the Democrats this dance with these people we are in trouble this world as we know it will end in 2020 it will be a race war

  26. Interesting how some of the Republican folks commenting are so new… and most hiding their about pages, even though some random older folk probably wouldn't know how to do that…

    Their names and the Date they joined I gathered from a youtube channel stat site

    Alan Paulsen Late October

    "Registered Democrat" (Obviously a troll republican) October 24

    john basterson Sep 23

    Patrick Sulley Sep 23

    "Blade Runner" Feb 1

    Rosie Mclafferty April 27

    Joe Carroll literally made 2 DAYS ago as of this comment

    Moving on to others not mentioned above, most, including one or two here, are folks in the "Q" Cult, in the Cult of Evangelicals who believe Trump is salvation/Christ/A sign from god, in the Flat earth society, Has seen and believed the Facebook/Social Media social profiling experimental ads Cambridge Analytica made to influence voters, Followed russian bots or are just some odd older person who fell into the Trump cult following through one of the groups mentioned… Some are innocent folks but have had their views altered by those that filter videos like this to fuel general Republican hatred toward "The others" (Dems/Non-belivers/those "Less intelligent"/Round-Heads/Etc.) while boasting the republicans…

    Watch for bots, they are real, some are actual folks tricking people to believe this stuff (Esspecially those in the Q Cult who share this stuff… I wouldn't be surprised if Q was another group established by a company like Cambridge to see how far they can go to influence people)

    You see the dislikes on this video? It's because its being shared by these groups that rather watch the world burn to get their paycheck… As well as innocent folks who truly believe these altered impressions of Trump even though its proven, even before the presidency, that Trump was a crook (Funny thing is, he flipped sides to gain votes from a majority he probably saw he could manipulate years before he ran… he used to be one of the shady, big-business Democrats, in the same league as the Clintons and Bidens… Both sides have their bad people, neither side is wholly good… Trump registered as a Republican in Manhattan in 1987 and since that time has changed his party affiliation five times. In 1999, Trump changed his party affiliation to Independent. In August 2001, Trump changed his party affiliation to Democratic. In September 2009, Trump changed his party affiliation back to the Republican Party after Obama won. In December 2011, Trump changed to "no party affiliation" (independent). In April 2012, Trump again returned to the Republican Party, a year before Steve Bannon made moves with Robert Mercer to open Cambridge Analytica from its parent company SCL and to start work on Trump's Fake and targeted ads.)

    Point is, Research… don't follow others you don't know online just because they seem to get something right by chance and SEEM like they're telling the truth… The point of this video is to say that from this man's perspective and deduced from the evidence discussed at the impeachment hearings, Trump tried to cheat again, just like with Cambridge and their targeted ads, by bribing Ukraine to make Biden look bad in order to allow him to boost his narrative and gain more support until the primary elections in 2020. You slow momentum enough a few months before, it allows for more chances people pick him over Biden if he gets the nomination, guaranteeing him the win. Ukraine's "Biden's Corrupt, We're looking into it" statement Trump wanted was going to be Hillary's Emails 2.0, but he was caught. SO now they both look bad… and good, cause I don't want either as president… I don't trust either of these men…

  27. What a hack, listen to a proud liberal Alan Dershowitz and he say's there is nothing close to a Impeachment offense committed by Trump and he asks where are liberals who were always worried about civil liberties and the Democrats have made Impeachment like a process crime that Democrats will rue moving forward. This Katyal is such a moron and Trump was looking at 2016, not 2020.

  28. Wow. The Russian trolls are working OT tonight. Vote the draft dodging bone spurs trump out in 2020! Clean out the GOP senate while we are at it!

  29. I'm supposed to look at Lyin Brian for truth and fact? People stay up late for this prevaricating fraud. As far as the headline you are putting the cart before the horse. Tough to "cheat in the 2020 election when it is only 2019." Fake News chomping at the bit is it?

  30. The title of this video is hilarious. The Dems are already the ones trying to cheat by making up a sham impeachment of which the president of Ukraine literally confirmed Trump's innocence. Democrats already cheated in the midterms in 2018 by using the sham Russia investigation (which yielded NOTHING) to influence the amount of votes for the House giving Democrats the majority which led to this sham impeachment in an extremely partisan vote.

  31. Democrats best nominee: Joe Biden says: The children liked to run their hands up leg and feel the hair go curly then straight! I know cockroaches! And the children loved bouncing on my lap and I loved the kids on my lap

  32. Who is paying you to say these things Mr. Neal Katyal ? What Facts ? It is moronic for you to say that Democratic strategy matters rather than what witnesses say !!!?

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