NBC News/WSJ Poll: Bernie Sanders In The Lead By Double Digits Ahead Of Nevada | MTP Daily | MSNBC

  1. Chuck Todd: You won't believe it, Sanders is winning even in the head to head match ups…but only because no one has really exploited his age, his heart attack or that he's a socialist

    Us: You couldn't just accept the numbers Chuck. Everyone's exploited those and we don't care.

  2. Call your House Representative
    Call your Senators
    Tell them to pass the

    Preservation of Law & Order Act
    "If an incumbent president loses re-election, he cannot issue pardons after the election. This does NOT affect a president who is at the end of a 2nd term. Only lost re-elections to prevent corrupt or spiteful pardons."

  3. If Trump loses in the next election to Bernie, we are all going to need free stuff from Govt. Get ready for s market crash, job losses throughout the health industry and the highest unemployment rate we have ever seen.

  4. They are so determined to take Bernie's wins from him. Don't pay attention. I have mostly stopped watching MSNBC and Chuck Todd on CNN because of their asinine and unbalanced coverage of Bernie but I got myself fooled this time to give them that view money from Youtube but you won't change my vote, you won't stop me from donating to Bernie. You are scared of losing your sweet corrupt money because other people might actually have a half way decent life if the billionaires make a little less.

  5. Bernie will win the nomination and u will have to vote for him rather u like it or not Democrat’s that’s the only way ur wish Is gonna come true. Getting trump out

  6. HOW can biased Chuck Todd still be one of the interviewers at tonite's debate after Todd defamed Sanders, calling Sanders' supporters "brown shirts" that is Nazis? AND after the Anti-Defamation League issued Todd a reprimand?

  7. Who is this lousy stupid, assaholic advertiser? MUST BE A MEDICAL INSURANCE SUPPORTER. I don't want to see this ad again.

  8. Bloomberg did not really qualify….the DNC changed the rules that everyone else had to live with so he could be there. Get rid of the DNC and get rid of Bloomberg….I'll write in Bernie if they manage to screw him again. I will never vote for Biden or Bloomberg….I don't want to exchange bad candidates for a bad President. For once I want a good President someone I can vote FOR instead of AGAINST.

  9. Donald Trump is getting popular thanks to MSNBC. The more the hate someone like Trump or Bernie, the more people like them

  10. That must have been hard for tod, but cudos for being honest about Bernie, let's face it, Bernie would, will demolish Trump, VOTERS DONT WANT CENTER, THEY WANT BETTER LIVING AND WORKING CONDITIONS, MOST OF THE COUNTRY ISN'T RICH, AND IS STRUGGLING, BERNIE FIGHTS FOR WORKERS, ALWAYS HAS.

  11. Crazy Crony Commie Bernie is holding out for the big bucks from the sawed off Oligarch Doomsberg. No question Bernie will take a dive but not for no stinking lakehouse like in 2016. He wants the big bucks this time. Bernie "Catbird seat" Sanders.

  12. I'm wondering for one why he almost never have a American flag around him in these photos. Cause maybe he's a draft dodger.

  13. You are unsustainable stabbing yourselves and your children survival outcome if you even care (mainstream media!!!?). Wake up MSNBS… the guest is sound and vital to the co-existence of the majority, not anchor members of mainstream media as a puppet show representatives.Thumbs down to you the host, not to the guest. I give an UP for the visitors giving you a DOWN view, and million thumbs down to the host. Why weapons of destruction or a single new jet plane manufacturing requires trillions of dollars research and engineering in a year (by the military industrial complex in bed with other greedy fossil fuel based corporates)? Result of it is to funnel endless wars across the globe… There are more effective and cheaper ways to defend the country from endless wars caused by corporate powers (via mainstream media brainwashing people) over oil in the first place.The answer is simple, from the rich to the poor and the fading middle class, period. That is how it should be paid for like any civilized working system in Europe and developed country. Bernie's proposals aren't even that socialistic compared to Germany and other financially successful developed countries. He just wants to complete and preserve president FDR's legacy such as social security which is far from being up to date.

  14. Sham statistics, biased against Sanders. Also applicable to Bloomberg. Bernie not actually socialist, but has social democratic views. Don't be so visibly hostile against the best chance against t.

  15. what do you call a socialist who stole a million dollars of campaign money by hiding it in a slush fund who is married to some one who was investigated for bank fraud ?   CORUPT

  16. Lmao if for their poll about Bernie's heart attack they included stop and frisk I wonder how much people would support that candidate? That poll just listed Bernie's insignificant flaws, MSNBC/chuck Todd is a joke.

  17. Remind us that Bernie a socialist, but nothing about the Republican now democrat Bloomberg that we really should be scared about.

  18. The establishment was so terribly unprepared for this election. What you have here is Bernie basically sitting back and relaxing while the centrists crowd themselves out of the first spot. 🤦🏽‍♂️ idiots.

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  20. If Elitist Democrats cannot stop Comrade Bernie Sander from winning the nomination, they should vote for Trump in November. However, should they do a 2016 on Comrade Bernie Sanders, his base should retaliate by voting for Trump in the election. This is call a WIN WIN situation for all sides

  21. Bernie Sanders….intelligent and experienced man……great ideas on social and political issues…..but a real danger for America……he is a Communist disguised as a "Democratic" Socialist…..real and proven facts have shown that reality…..his very active leftist militancy since his very young age…..he was caught live on TV during a presidential debate three years ago "glorifying" the Cuban repressive communist regime …..his honeymoon, …not in Australia, Belgium, France, or the UK….but in the former Soviet Union….his very well known communist slogans "Revolution"..!!, "Solidarity"..! etc….and his deep-rooted anti–capitalism among other things makes him a very dangerous candidate for the 2020 presidential election….Beware Americans ….we've had already a couple of sad examples in Latin America …..they all start offering everything to their populations !!!…the moon and the stars !!!…and they end up with totalitarian and repressive political measures to keep them in power…….Political History is very wise …

    " Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it "….. ( Santayana )

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