1. Suite life of Zack and Cody/Suite life on deck lasted six seasons and a movie. Two 3 season shows and the movie

  2. CN: Let’s end Teen Titans with season 5 and a movie
    And ever since 2006, we’ve been waiting…

  3. Community Movie Idea-

    There’s a Greendale reunion going on, and the study group returns. There, we find out that Abed is working on his master film, and Troy is funding it with the money Pierce left behind. For the film, Abed sets up a giant paintball match- and that kinda ensues. Then, city college somehow gets involved and stuff- boom. Makes for a good movie

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  6. CN: Ed, Edd n Eddy is planned to conclude with its fourth season-
    Fans: Six seasons and a MOVIE!
    CN: Jesus! Alright, fine, we'll renew it.

  7. There was a supposed trailer for the Community movie attached to The Secret Life of Pets that had Jeff and Abed visiting Mars, then coming across a huge chamber in the middle of the desert. They opened it, causing an explosion that blasted them way backwards, and guess what?
    And after that, a silver lightning bolt appeared, which zoomed in at the camera with a thunder sound effect.
    So it turns out, the trailer is actually the first teaser for the 2017 Power Rangers movie!
    Needless to say, a lot of Community fans were pissed.

  8. I love how Abed approaches Jeff quietly… Especially the little part where he acts like he's swimming ^.^! Danny Pudi may have been my favorite actor, next to Chevy Chase! Character wise- BRITTA FOR THE WIN?!

  9. My idea for a Community movie:

    Jeff and Annie are now together with Jeff now working as vice Dean as Russell Borchard died. The Dean decides to do a big school reunion where even expelled students can come (so Star-burns in able to be there). As the characters are seeing each other again the school is invaded by City Collage who are in league with evil Troy and evil Abed. They challenge the school to a paintball game for the fate of the universe. Pierce is revealed to be alive as it turned out he faked his death to see how they would react to his death as well as to pass off the company to Troy and communicates using one of the tripod devices from S6. So it is up to the group to take down both city Collage and the darkest timeline.

  10. Truly amazing how this simple joke about a completely irrelevant show actually got the studio to renew a show that was barely making a profit multiple times. Spamming this one sentence made Sony (the same corporation that edits and rapes Spider-Man movies for more money) to invest in yet another season, as well as probably a film.

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