Navarro: Trump is making sure China is dealt with

  1. "I was wrong about the 'quiet resistance' inside the Trump administration. Unelected bureaucrats and cabinet appointees were never going to steer Donald Trump the right direction in the long run, or refine his malignant management style. He is who he is." -excerpt from "A Warning" by Anonymous

  2. Lol, no he's not! He's getting a bunch of illegal trademarks and patents from China. He's paying Chinese workers $1/hr to make his garbage😆

  3. China refuses to do anything about intellectual property theft and technology theft. Trump caved and China won the trade war.

  4. The US economy is in the tank. On the verge of collapse. The Stock Market high is a Central Bank illusion. The REAL statistics do not lie. That is the job of politicians and MSM. This Trish talking head is just so bought and paid for.

  5. no deals with communist China or any communist countries. we are enabling communism to spread throughout the entire world let them go It Alone without financial support or support of our agriculture Technologies military equipment Etc

  6. I completed 2 contracts in China. The Chinese are liars, cheats and thieves. They’re also racists. China should have sanctions for decades of criminal and illegal activities. China is a huge threat to global security and stability.

  7. I don't agree with trump on much but China is where I can agree. I want their economy hit as bad as ours has been. Tariff anyone who buys from them too.

  8. Confucius once said: a man should (1) feed his family, then (2) protect this neighbors/country, and finally (3) intermingle with foreign countries.

    Most American Presidents: do 3 > 2 > 1.
    American: why the U.S become a $hit show?

  9. Trump’s the only one with the balls to take on China, trade, the media, the swamp, illegal immigration, the CIA, & the FBI

  10. Two warmongering arrogant idiots talking nonsense supported by their fellow idiot ignorant ameriCUNTS… LOL…

  11. Hey look I threw BILLIONS and BILLIONS of us tax dollars at US farmers and they still had 24% more bankruptcies than last year. LOSERS! They are such CRYBABIES!

  12. China killed babies with formula, they killed pets with foods, vaping that's harming worse than cigarettes, fentanyl killing youth, gave us so much plastic we swim in it. Now tell us what China has done that's good for life.

  13. This is the strongest patriot President in my lifetime! 62 yrs. Navarro has done a fabulous job.
    Down with illicit fake Parasitic media!!!
    See John Mark cold civil war

  14. I took truckers per diem write offs away. They went from tax returns to tax bills. So no buying new trucks! I STILL HAVE THEIR VOTE! You can no longer deducted My people can still deduct all their private jet and yacht expenses.MAGA!

  15. Trump can't even crush Huawei as a company and this idiot want to push China! Dream on! If Trump economy is so great why federal deficit goes out of control! Explain that to me!

  16. Danske Bank советовал богатым россиянам способы по скрытию активов, – Bloomberg

  17. China has a new Law coming into effect Jan 2020. All businesses inside China will have to give up any data the Communist Party wants from them, all data. Imagine how many will want to do business there and if they are there why, especially if they are American Companies.

  18. I wish him luck 2, I know it's difficult. I do hope he truly does he helps the middle class and below. His buddies and the folks up in the mansions have had enough help ☮️

  19. Donald Trump has to cut a deal before the 2020 election it’s mandatory for him since he will be wounded politically from the impeachment and when his taxes get released.

  20. This veteran and his wife were sent to prison for keeping my oath to uphold and defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and "domestic"……….the deep state agencies are all domestic enemies. Exposing their corruption will get you in prison fast.

  21. We have China by the balls, the ppl there are bein robbed of their pensions n other activities are suspended for them in their bank accounts. That's communism, socialism too. Nuthin is yours

  22. Trump is a Belial.
    A lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Trump would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven as we can see.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  23. What an absolutely fantastic President!! I hope he does a second and third term in office. The clean up he is doing with draining the swamp and the unity he is bringing to the country and the world is outstanding.

  24. Huge challenges like China don't resolve themselves overnight. Nor do they get fixed without sacrifice or cost.
    To many others have allowed this to quietly slip on down to the next President. Not willing to take on the challenge. GO GET EM!!!! President Donald Trump.

  25. Glad this President deals with China peacefully. But never do a deal with these As*holes. When Trump gets re-elected, these thieves will be at the doorstep wanting a deal. They will stroke Trumps ego, but never give these cheaters an inch. We are far better off being totally separate from this communist cancer. We should continue to grow our own production and never buy crap from China again.

  26. Trump sure is dealing with China; Ivanka is still receiving trademarks from China while her daddy turns the tariff faucet on and off.

  27. I actually disagree with Trish. The stock market hit a new high because of bubble. If you watch the war zone, Hong Kong, the stock is actually rising no matter how bad the situation is. It is rigged.
    Trump administration is carefully restraining its actions against China. Otherwise the stock market will collapse.
    If Trump cares about the stock market this much, he will never win against CCP.

  28. FOX NEWS is just scheming here to aid a lying president and his failing to make any viable policies for America.
    Trump is a liar. There is no proof after all these weeks of any kind of Phase 1China agreement! NONE!
    Wall Street is running on Trump's stupid lies and not one real plan ever put out by Trump! NONE!
    Impeaching Trump for his lies should be plenty to get it done this week!!
    Putin's most useful fool is destroying this nation!

  29. China is evil, not the people, just the government that is running things, much like in any country around the world, the population is made up of good, hard working people, but the government is full of lies and theft. We don't need to be propping up China anymore with our business. Dump China now, don't give them another dime. The communist party is made up of sick control freaks and are as far away from the way Americans think, or used to think, as can be.

  30. Chinese is the strongest nation in the planet. She is a real dragon. America is a paper tiger. Big fight big win. China is always the winner.

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