[Nat’l/Politics] Moon orders thorough checks on all entrants coming from Chinese city of Wuhan

stay here Indonesian president moon
jaein has ordered a thorough inspection of all passengers entering South Korea
from the Chinese city of Wuhan to prevent the new kernel virus from
spreading any further in this country during a meeting with the senior aides
on Monday the South Korean leader stressed the importance of taking
pre-emptive measures and call for all-out efforts as the nation confirmed
its fourth case in a 55 year old man who had recently visited Wuhan President
moon has instructed his aides to closely monitor the potential economic impact of
the coronal virus to which the government announced that finance
minister whom he will chair an emergency economic ministers meeting Tuesday
morning the South Korean leader added all information related to the disease
should be thoroughly communicated to the Korean people as transparently as
transparency rather is key at such a time the country is also reportedly
considering the possibility of flying in chartered plane to Wuhan to evacuate
some 500 Korean citizens

  1. If someone carrying the virus can go through a symptom-free incubation period of up to 2 weeks and still be contagious at that point, then how are "thorough checks" going to be implemented on people who are coming into the country? Do we just use the honor code and expect a questionnaire and an obsolete temperature reading to classify potential carriers of this virus?

  2. They need to ban all flights and ships to and from China. Anybody coming in from China must be quarantined until they are cleared. Also they need to stop importing products from China until this virus is stopped.

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