Nat’l Assembly passes 89 bills including better conditions for firefighters

with less than a month left before the
last regular session of the 20th National Assembly ends rival Party
lawmakers today passed nearly 90 pending bills related to the economy and the
livelihoods of the people those include a legislation to improve
the working conditions of firefighters and to support local companies that
return to South Korea our Kim bo-gyung at the Parliament with more in Tuesday’s
plenary session rival Party lawmakers gave the green light to a total of 89
bills one of the highlights was a bill to improve the working conditions of
firefighters by changing their status from local government official to
national public official beginning in April 2020 since 1973
firefighters have been classified as local government officials meaning their
working conditions have depended on the financial situation of the local
government they worked for with the new law firefighters will now be treated as
public servants who get equal support from the central government in terms of
equipment and wages another key bill passed was to amend state support for
the descendants of Korea’s independence fighters now if the child of an
independence fighter never received the financial assistance they were due it
can be given to a grandchild lawmakers also passed a so-called u-turn bill that
aims to help local companies that bring their overseas business back to South
Korea by financially supporting their purchase of land and factories however
one of the most anticipated bills aimed at easing regulations on the use of
personal information to develop a big data economy did not make it to the
plenary session due to a lack of time to review it in the public administration
and Security Committee rival parties have managed to get dozens of bills off
their plates but they’re still at odds over key pieces of legislation such as
those on prosecutorial and electoral reform for the next three weeks heated
debate is expected on those before the last regular session of the 20th
National Assembly ends on December 10th Kim Morgan Arirang news

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