Nancy Pelosi: Government Watchdog ‘Confirmed’ Withholding Aid From Ukraine Was Illegal | MSNBC

  1. So what is it that Biden did we he he EXTORTED UKRAINIAN BY threatening to WITHHOLD A BILLION DOLLARS IN HUMANITARIAN AID????

  2. Madam speaker, I suggest that you put bars on all of the doors and windows in you mansion so you can get used to the view!!!

  3. Why does Nancy Pelosi look like a kindergartener playing with as many pens as possible in order to officiate this facetious document? It's like play time. Then she passes them out like some priest at holy communion, despicable.

    She has been "making her own movie" for quite some time now. She's all about Nancy making it into the history books; she will as the most forgettable person and moment in history. Legacy …laughable legacy. Childish methods being passed off as adult procedure.

  4. I can't help but notice that most comments that are negative on Pilosi cant be commented on
    They can only be reported .. If that's not censorship I don't know what is !!!!!🤔

  5. What a joke. My CO workers dont care for Trump and they even know this is ridiculous. They said it makes them embarrassed to be apart of the party. That's bad.

  6. By holding onto the articles for weeks and delaying the Senate trial, Nancy Pelosi has stuck it to Bernie Sanders, ensuring he’s in Washington and not out on the campaign trail.

  7. You ignorant woman they didn't break the law he broke the code I broke a rule you don't know what law is and haven't practiced it you're a traitor and we can see right through your fake words

  8. Hey Hypocrite lying Corrupt pelosi your WRAP UP SMEAR has FAILED MISERABLY and u and your demonrats took the BAIT. TRAP SET and like Q and Trump said THESE PEOPLE ARE STUPID and u didn't read the Q drops now did u just like u didn't read the transcript. MILITARY TRIBUNALS ARE COMING.Its Called TREASON AND SEDITION against a sitting president of the United States is what u people did.

  9. Remember when "The Chosen One" lied saying “The whistleblower defrauded our country, because the whistleblower wrote something that was totally untrue" even though The whistleblower report is correct on key details about the call between Trump and Zelensky?

  10. Nacu Pelosi, you are accountable to GOD…let the process do its have shown to be without not only lie to the people, BUT to the Lord God….

  11. So it has been confirmed this act by Trump was illegal and against the law! Therefore an actual crime and not a hoax as trump has claimed many times with nothing to state it was a hoax.

  12. Lay off the pills and booze lady makes you look sick, coming from a recovering addicts point of view.

  13. The fact that they keep having to tell you they have a serious case means exactly the opposite.
    Consent would not need to be manufactured if clear incriminating evidence existed.

    But yeah trolls 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. NANCY PELOSI have proven herself to be nothing more than an OLD, DEMENTED, DESPERATE woman who should have retired years ago

  15. Oh what tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive. (Sir Walter Scott – 1808)

    212 years later and still as applicable as ever.

  16. This Pelosi is just a distraction. If you are really the President I don’t think you can handle most of the issues that is happening now. So, move away let the capable one handle it.

  17. Why am I receiving adverts for gum goop to hold loose dentures AND adult incontinent diapers on the top right here trying to watch this?

  18. Pelosi " Everyday we find more incriminating evidence"

    Pelosi. " Just this last evening we found out President Trump had Russian dressing on his salad, and withheld this from me, Congress as well as the American public…I'm sure Putin is behind this!"…

  19. The delay in handover of the impeachment article is indeed a greater offence committed by Pelosi. By delaying she probably was buying time to create more fake story and time to buy over and bribe the Republicans. If not why delay in delivering the article? But now she is questioning instead the delay in giving aid?? Was there a delay or a pause? And isn't it good that all consideration and care must be taken before giving aid? Who actually benefitted in the kick back for fast approval of the aid? Who gain from the the aid?


  21. Yonder stands your orphan with his gun, crying like a fire in the sun. Look out the saints are coming thru , it's all over now baby blue!

  22. Pelosi lives for herself and has lied along to save herself. The only criminal here is Pelosi! The DAO never said what she has stated she has change the rules and language. Pelosi has violated the Constitution.

  23. MSNBC? CNN? Keep believing ur boolshite. This is a republic. U anti Americans will feel the full effect of the constitution & the rule of law when my President, Mr. Trump finally cleans the rest of the cesspool by this time next year, buh bye asswipe leftist shites

  24. I wonder who paid her to torpedo Berni and Warren chances of primary campaigning. Hmmm. Guess we know who is friends with the Bidens.

  25. Oh and your tangled web Nancy is oh so tangled and I feel sorry for your soul when you face God face to face.

  26. Not just illegal but morally and ethically wrong. Trump doesn't care. Supporters, wise up. Trump is a no good SOB. He's an awful president, a terrible role model, a horrible human being. He just doesn't care about anything but himself. Sad and disgusting.

  27. Man the republican trolls are out in force, one guy even claims attempting to steal a car is not a crime, so i guess attempted murder is not a crime, attempted extortion is not a crime as well, i guess all those people in prison for attempting to break the law should be release, because you know Attempting to do something illegal is not a crime.

  28. Over 600 people took the time to watch and dislike someone telling the truth about their president, the crook who keeps criming. Education is a real problem.

  29. 🍆🍆Blah blah blah THE OLD WOMAN WHO CRIED WOLF BLAH BLAH🤡🤡🤡👽 when she was in grade school California was a shining star 🌟 not a shiny 💩 turd!

  30. Pelosi just looks and sounds like a person who really needs help…..she is a sad foolish lady.
    TRUMP 2020. Keep winning !!!!!!!!!

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