NAL #48: The Future of Dissident Politics w/Richard Spencer

I like literate [Applause] [Applause] come back to another diction of the no apologies livestream brought to you by NPI radix this is deep technically it's the inaugural return show I'm supposed to have Eric Stryker and Jefferson Lee on last week but I had a pretty gnarly case of food poisoning had to cancel that last minute so hopefully they both agreed to come back on and I would still like to have that conversation and I know a lot of people we're really looking forward to that Stryker is a great guy of course Jefferson Lee is a great guy so that would be fun whenever it happens but tonight I'm joined by Richard Spencer how do you do it tonight I'm doing well I feel good ready to go I like this late-night podcast mmm yeah it's quite late for me but but yeah I like it right around 9:30 p.m. is really where my brain kind of clicks on and I'm not mmm I'm not really capable of doing anything creative or like intellectually stimulating earlier than that which is unfortunate except at a 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titled the future of dissident politics and I want to talk obviously to Richard Spencer about where the movement is where it's going my sense and you know I don't know if I necessarily have my finger on the pulse of the dissident movement but I see to me that people still de-facto view you Richard as the top of the the mountain the king of the hill the most interesting relevant person so I'm not trying to flatter you but yes it doesn't always feel that way or maybe it does feel that way it can be come lonely at the top you seem to become the most hated person in the movement I felt like that many times but but yes I don't I totally disagree with your description well it's funny because whenever I see your tweets invariably there will still be people who were like trapped in I guess 2016-2017 and they just absolutely have to shitpost beneath your tweet like whatever it is though they'll post something mocking Nazis or they'll show the gift bunch or whatever you're still in the brain of of America for better or for worse yeah I think that's true two things first off I I noticed an interesting phenomenon in 2018 where I was being trolled and attacked more by the alt-right than liberals so it wasn't always like that I remember in say early 2017 during the Superbowl when I made some you know kind of boyish outlandish tweets about you know Tom Brady and you know the the Patriots representing the white race or things like that that were clearly done at least partially in jest and this just triggered celebrities it triggered ESPN commentator is it triggered all the Liberals and then if you fast-forward a year I I remember after we really had a you know a learning experience let's say I kind of defeat in Michigan I noticed that most of the people attacking me were actually the alright and I found that rather fascinating and it was it was a very difficult period I don't I see that a lot less now but you still have the occasional you know I don't even know what don't even know if the irony bros exist anymore or you know these am Nath's or whatever it whatever they're doing these days but you'll but it's it struck down considerably and but I I and I think that actually kind of says something about what's going on but you know when we can talk more about that but I would mention this in terms of you know ringing a bell that can't be unrung and entering the conversation I don't remember hearing the term ethno state in popular culture or the political lexicon four years ago it is now there it doesn't even quite need to be explained not not that they fully understand it or whatever it they probably have a caricature vision of it but the fact is it's there and certainly all right has entered the lexicon Kaka's into the lexicon I certainly I did not invent the word cock but I was a kind of early adopter I all of these things I'm not even quite claiming credit for it because it couldn't exist without bright without a broader movement but the the fact that we we entered the world with something that is truly that is dissident and dissident in that in the musical sense you know the politics was being played in c-major and we came in in D flat minor and it really screwed them up they didn't quite know what to make of us they wanted to put us into pigeon holes which they still always want to do but the fact is we changed the key of politics I think and I don't think that's going back and I don't think I'm being I don't think I'm boasting by saying this I the the that emergence of the alright what it was something for the ages and it's going to be talked about and I I do think we're gonna have second and third and fourth acts but we you know we should remember what we've done and and take some pride in it now we are dissidents in the sense that I I don't think people were quite ready for I remember there was a funny tweet where you know people the the term dissident right has been out there I you know for a while some people have adopted it and they've it's slightly different than they all right or just the same thing or whatever but I don't think people were quite ready to actually be dissidents and that was something that we really started to feel in 2017 so you know in 2016 there is this remarkable period where all of the the margins were becoming the mainstream and so all of the people who were kicked out of the conservative movement are never led in the conservative movement who were ignored at best and and it lambasted at worst were the ones winning because we were the ones who were early adopters of Trump we saw something in Trump where the mainstream saw a buffoon or a dangerous figure and so we made this remarkable in drun around things and Trump was this vehicle and we were drunk on winning we had so much winning and a lot of many people join the movement because of that they saw and they were they the kind of all light types wanted to be a part of the movement they wanted to play footsie with us under the table or jump on the bandwagon because we were perceived as winning I in the middle of 2017 and and Charlottesville was obviously a watershed moment but it wasn't the only thing we didn't feel like we were winning we felt like we were dissidence and that was psychologically damaging and it was psychologically damaging to people who were in the movement and I and I think it was kind of you know appalling a revolting to people outside of it where you know if I join if I join the alright if I if I actually I'm edgy you know get a Spencer haircut and you know think Heil Trump is you know badass or whatever if all that stuff is viewed as winning then it's all like you know fun and it's awesome and you know cool rebellion but once it became clear that we were going to be oppressed effectively then it becomes again appalling to people outside and but that is what it is like to be a dissident so I don't look you can use whatever term you want I think you know I think all right is great I actually still think it's great and it's not going away so I think we should use it I've used identitarian for a long time I think that is great has some problems as well white nationalist has some problems has some accuracy I mean I don't can call us whatever you want but I do think perhaps dissident right might be most accurate in the sense that we are treated like dissidents in the Soviet Union or perhaps the Nazi Germany during the 20th century but we're tweet were treated it like a dissident in the way that we'd be treated in the 21st century so we're not being locked up we're not just being shot in the streets or thrown in to insane asylums we we are being oppressed digitally were being oppressed in the legal realm and and certainly some people are being oppressed are literally being locked up and I'm not referring to some you know violent actor who's a school shooter or something I'm that's a whole other you know can of worms I am you know talking about some of these groups that you know got into fights and charlottesville and are now in prison and and so on it you know everyone's feeling it and I this is what it's going to be like for a little bit and I do think they're gonna be second and third and fourth fifth acts but we might there it's gonna be different when we do it again I think they're gonna be a lot of different people who were involved in it and we're gonna be in a different historical situation and so where we are now is that this Bell has been rung and we're there we're in pop culture where someone was actually telling me to go watch the last episode of veep because they're like oh there's some of the some real subtle call-outs or something and I don't doubt it you know there's explicit call-outs on you know CBS the you know a month ago or so about punching a Nazi they're still talking about it and so that Bell has been rung it won't be unrung but you know I think for the time being we we do need to kind of lay low and for the time being also we're just were less immediately relevant we're not the new shiny toy that that people want to look at because they kind of they've learned about us they know about us we've we've been exposed and then in the good sense of the word and and and we are again if you have any principle if you have any level of seriousness you are not hopping on the Trump bandwagon and saying yeehaw tax cuts or or so on no you are highly critical of the regime and so we aren't winning right now this isn't our moment to cheer this is not them time to say hail victory to say the least but this is actually the time to be dissident and critical and and to kind of regroup and rebuild and that is that's where I am personally I think that's where the movement is we might not be making headlines for a little bit but that's okay so long as we're building to something better and I again I haven't sorted everything out in my head but I I do know that we want to push upwards and that we want to be back you know I I loved it when we could make a headline by just showing up someplace I I love I could kind of feed on the attacks in in the mainstream media we I you know I want to be back there I want to be in the arena but it's not the time for that right now and so tons of people are gonna say we're over oh you guys were always a joke trump failed you guys you know you're losers I'm going into my Trump voice and we've got to kind of take that you know we've got a if you can't withstand this period that we're gonna go through then you're not gonna be able to actually achieve something once we get out of it and so I do think a lot of people are going to leave I think a lot of they're going to leave the movement they're gonna become less interested I think a lot of people are gonna cock you could say and just kind of become a you know III don't think successfully but just basically become a conservative or something and that's okay too because you know the good thing about a lot of the infighting and some of the depression is that you learn who your friends really are yeah that's well said there's a lot there and and I different direction I wanted to take this but just to kind of tease out some of the things that you brought up there as far as the am nets are concerned and I want to avoid naming names as much as possible just in the interest of having polite conversation and not starting brush fires on the internet but the am that community seems to have gone neocon and that perhaps was always the trajectory of of that particular segment of the population again without naming names probably people can imagine who I'm talking about fellow streamers things like that but yeah the pop culture still is an all right pop culture Tim Heidecker write songs about you CBS makes television shows about you like you said before the the popular lexicon people who I never would have imagined using effectively internet lingo like cuck or what have you now it's a regular part of their discourse so yeah we well I will say we I wasn't there when it happened but the alt-right movement that this community of people utrs the generation before you like a peanut-brittle o or what have you John Derbyshire assured in this cultural change but yeah it hasn't necessarily produced political capital and I think that's where probably a lot of people are really frustrated and I'm thinking of mark Collett he recently renamed his this is not a call-out just FYI when I named names it's not a call-out but Mark Collett recently changed the name of his weekly program from this week on the alt-right too patriotic weekly review and it seems like the only people oh god I didn't know that well I will neither a second nor not second but but yeah I like this week on y'all read a lot more it seems the only people who are like how do i phrase this who are just a word patriot it's about had kevin michael grace from luke ford's show on here back when we still had heel turn and i said the same thing to him because he was like no we should call ourselves patriots and i said it's like that word calls to mind as many negative connotations as conservative or anything i just in my mind i think like a fat guy with the trucker hat and a rifle and i'm not trying to make fun of fat people or trucker hats or whatever but it just calls to mind like very low IQ drug level kind of rah-rah-sis-boom-bah murica we're gonna bomb iran we're gonna do all these things it's the worst kind of political activity that i think of but differentiation is very important I mean differentiation is very important in economics you you you don't want to be a generic item competing with other generic items I mean I don't know what to say I yeah I mean I look I like Mark Collett I've always enjoyed talking with him I wish I could meet him in person which I wasn't banned in the United Kingdom and it's fine I mean people call their show whatever they want but I I don't think that's the right direction at all and I feel like it's it's I have to say it I feel like he's back in 2018 any isn't kind of where everyone is I mean I I do feel like all of these am Nath's who felt triumphant you know and so on and we're saying oh I'm just an American nationalists or American conservative and we'll blend into the wallpaper and Trump is gonna do all this stuff for us and we're gonna win the midterms and but all these things did not come to pass at all and I feel I I don't know what to say I I think that that time has passed I think a lot of the people promoting that promoting that who did feel that they're riding high in the saddle or are now demoralized and they're now kind of explaining themselves and and so on and yeah I I certainly do not agree with that I think we should be more radical and more interesting and you know in a way there there is a certain luxury to the fact that we're out of the headlines and so on in the sense that we can explore things that are very important but you know kind of a in a way among ourselves among people with ears to hear and we don't have to be running for office in that way you know by you know couching our language and familiar terms and I would say beyond that I when you wouldn't embrace this iconography it's it's not a it's not like a trick you know that you can pull on someone like there's a mask and you pull it off it's like surprise no you become that thing that you are imitating the actor becomes the part and you're saying the words of a playwright that is controlling your your discourse in your mind and so I we disagree with that you know line and also it's been tried before it failed before so yeah years I think there's there's a conventional wisdom to appeal to the normies but every radical revolutionary political movement was not something that was a center movement it was a fringe movement it was always the tiniest of percentages of people who were involved in these kinds of things so as you've already said there's a cooling-off period for people in the all right I still like the name too I don't necessarily publicly self-identify but it's still cool and sexy and I think it does get at generally what the impetus is here but I probably not a perfect analogy but I think of in that period after Trump probably had won the nomination and the the full force of the media came down on him you could no longer publicly say yes I'm voting for Trump I'm a trump supporter I'm a trump republican or a trump nationalist so it forced it forced the whole movement underground and when it popped back up again November 8th or whatever today was it was a shock I think to a lot of people who were I don't know they were drinking the the mainstream kool-aid or they just were not in touch with reality I think in an analogous way that's kind of where the alt-right is now where we're just pushed underground the whole dissident movement is pushed underground and people want to say oh my gosh Richard Spencer failed a charlottesville or these people failed or that people fail tonight I think that's it's an unfair characterization because who's gonna survive the full weight of the state crushing you like I mean Louis in some cases people literally had boots on their throats so I mean I don't it's not like I could be wrong it's not necessarily that if there was the perfect ideology and this is I guess part of the optics I'm gonna revisit that debate but part of like the optics thing was if we look good we sound good then we'll win and the state is hostile to anything that is not part of it so the only thing probably to be expected was violence and and suppression and a lot of people are feeling the pressure of that so if there's anything you want to respond to that if not I do have right I mean in in terms of failure I mean it's like I'm sorry that I was not able to win over the establishment or indeed seize power and install myself as dictator on you know August 12th 2017 I'm sorry I failed on that but that actually was not what I was trying to achieve I was invited to Charles ville as a speaker and I think tons of people came to Charlottesville in order to meet others and network and stand up and just express their excitement that's what it was about and even that was way too much in the sense that we yeah it wasn't just people you know getting manhandled by the police I got manhandled a bit but it was a it was a setup I I don't know of any other word I mean the the the the degree to which the chaos was facilitated by the authorities was remarkable I have not seen I had never seen that before and I've not actually seen it well I kind of have seen a sense I saw glimpses of it in Michigan State but I've not seen it to that scale sense and and and that is that the police did the opposite of their job they didn't maintain the peace they actually inspired chaos they allowed chaos to reign and it's it's terrible what happened and certainly not my intention and and to the to the degree that I understand it not that the intentions of the organizers and again after that there's been the deep platforming there's the law fair there's it's just you know endless and you know people like Graham who again I don't I don't know the full situation so I won't you know issue a definitive opinion but you know the fact is if you were on the all right side you and you you got into some kind of fight whether you were to blame or whether you were actually engaging in self-defense you've paid some a price you might even be in jail right now the degree to which an Tifa is just let off scot-free again it's just completely remarkable these are the kinds of things that we should be talking about the degree to which you know just that that that symbol of people coming together shock to the establishment freaks them out is something that remains remarkable but instead everyone wants to talk about oh we should have had more American flags or something and then the normies would have sympathized with this I just it's it first off it's hindsight and just idle speculation but secondly it's wrong it's obviously wrong but thirdly it's just again just focusing on these demoralizing aspects endlessly and not getting over it and looking looking towards the future and developing our thought and who we are and so on and and so that's that's what I'm about now okay I appreciate that I mean these are things I think need to be said to me it seems so common sense I mean if you're if you profess to be in the political realm and doing passive or active analysis and commentary it seems like these are all statements to make but perhaps those are the statements that need to be made to most forcefully given that we're underground given that as you said we need to cool our jets so to speak seems like a good time to kind of revisit some core axioms and maybe think what are new avenues intellectually to push forward so I want to offer a criticism not a criticism of mine but something I've heard some others say in particular dr. Michael Jones who you had on your show back during the heel turn days mm-hmm Michael Jones dr. Jones will often say disparagingly yeah I'm brought onto these white guy shows and he'll talk about white identity as a negative identity and without getting into my personal feelings about it I think there's a generational issue too involved in his analysis but it the alright as you presented it and correct me if I've got if I miss characterizing this mm-hmm about identity and in you and others made whiteness or racial identity kind of the bedrock of that moving forward is that still the core do we need to expand what our identity our core identity is in order to create a better political body or theory I mean I'll try to say that more simply is being white enough for a political movement it's certainly not enough I I would say that without any hesitation and I think you know yeah one could say overly focusing on the race issue could be a problem if it comes at the expense of understanding politics and political theology and geopolitics and culture and society and so on I actually think this was a big problem with the movement of of the generation before mine and again I I'll use names here just because it's I'm not you know attacking anyone or anything like that I'm I'm offering constructive criticism you know the there was a kind of single issue quality to Jared Taylor and Peter Brit Milah where it was you know it's about genetic reality of race and immigration reform and I don't think any of us really disagree with what's been put forward and I think it's it's right the the history of immigration a kind of you know some somewhat revisionist history of immigration the necessity of thinking about this issue and not just taxes or war and peace and so what I mean I I agree race realism also I I have been convinced by this but I I don't think that single issue focus has ever been enough it was it was all my both of those men presented themselves as kind of agnostic on other issues like we won't talk about abortion or we won't talk about culture concerns or religion etc we'll just talk about this one issue and and I get that and and I think there is definitely a virtue to that but it Minh limiting and it I'm on a number of ways and and I think it even though it claimed agnosticism I I think both of those men presented the movement as we're a kind of supplement to conservatism and so you all because they you know they recognize that the GOP is the white person's party it's kind of the normal party the norm a party and and so will be this supplement so it's kind of conservatism plus here's this new thing that you need to know and there may be was some plausibility to that in say the 90s or something like that you had you know things like the Pat Buchanan campaign you had the paleo conservative ascendancy well very very similar to the all right and and a not in terms of doctrine but in in terms of this you know kind of explosion with the Pat Buchanan campaign and all that kind of stuff where these intellectuals kind of came into the mainstream in a way and that and then had to go back but I I don't think that is enough I I don't think I'm near race realism or mere immigration reform is enough I won't dwell on these too much but I mean immigration reform is I mean becoming really tenuous as a rallying point Trump was a last chance and and I think we all thought that some kind of serious reform was possible the kind of reform that is being put forth by Kushner right now and the raise Act that was put forth in 20 late 2017 is no great reform in my mind I actually think it might very well be worse than what we have right now it is it would be a merit-based immigration reform the original raise act was going to reduce immigration by half which is remarkable the current Kushner Act is not going to reduce immigration it's just going to make it skills and base basically almost a kind of race realism immigration reform a high IQ immigration reform what actually Jason rich wine put forth in his dissertation at Harvard and that is not at all what we want I think people think of that as though it'll be a bunch of Europeans or something like that and well you know you'll they'll come in and actually in red shorts this idea that's not what it's going to be it's gonna be a millions of Indian doctors and and and Asians and and many say Africans or so on who actually are of very high IQ and it's going to increasingly displace the middle class and we're gonna have a society much like Vancouver where you know it's a great city but it is certainly not a Canadian city it's definitely not a white city this is not a great a great reform at all and I the other problem with this sorry I lost my train of thought there for a moment the other problem with this is that immigration reform at least historically comes every once in a while and and they are big paradigm attic shifts that change and then they are locked in for decades the original idea of the United States was effectively as a frontier I mean we didn't really have a immigration policy per se until 1924 the lot of people will say the 1790 Act was the immigration act it wasn't quite immigration was naturalization so we effectively if you got here and you were white you were part of the show and so it wasn't wasn't really immigration but it was naturalization and so we had this concept of America as a great frontier it was in 1924 and which as a culmination of the Progressive Era which we shouldn't forget this was not necessarily a conservative or constitutionalist movement we had the 1924 act which was also racialist whose even more tightly defined it was Nordic it was attempting to go back before something you know some of this great waves of Southern and Eastern European immigration and that was maintained until 1965 then in 1965 we had the concept of family reunification this was in a post-civil rights era immediately post-civil rights and there was this notion that we could no longer discriminate the on the basis of race that that was wicked and so there was this moral change in our political theology there was a new concept of good and evil you could say and that would not have made sense to earlier generations and the that actor originally was actually not radically changing the country because you know the family reunification was was benefiting the people coming here who were you know more or less European but that started to change in the 80s and then really change in the 90s you know where we are now an immigration of family reunification is obviously not in favor of the historic American majority and if if this new change does occur and I think it will occur I think if Trump doesn't install a merit-based act I actually think that the Democrats might install it because this is not again this this doesn't really oppose them high IQ Indian doctors are probably going to vote Democrat you know ditto Asians and Africans etc and you know and anyone else who comes here and so I do think that we're do or maybe overdue for a paradigm change and that paradigm change will be towards high skilled high IQ immigration in America will increasingly become a kind of economic platform for high IQ individuals to come and make a balk and so I I this notion that we're going to you know reduce immigration or something III think Trump was a kind of last shot for that type of right and at the end of the day the whites are going to become a minority in this country very soon and whether it comes in 2050 or 2040 or even earlier which is possible it is pretty much baked in the cake so the idea that we should be focusing on that issue I just think is is is nonsensical in terms of the whole race realism idea I mean again I think that it is true I I think that you know I I would encourage people to understand the genetics base the genetic basis of race and some subsequent sociological things like you know crime and IQ and crime and race and all that kind of stuff it's great but again one could even make a kind of race realist argument in favor of massive non-white immigration as Jason rich wine did in his dissertation which is about a basically IQ test for immigrants right and I think we might actually get something like that and that is not going to benefit the flourishing of our culture that is going to further create the United States again as an economic platform and nothing else and so I I do think that we need to you know learn lessons from you know the the the boomer alright you could say but it really is time to move beyond that and you know moving beyond that is gonna move us into places that are gonna kind of rub people the wrong way we're going to take we're gonna have strong against the grain opinions on society and culture and religion political theology and geopolitics that might very well offend a lot of people we're gonna have to we're gonna trigger conservatives we're gonna trigger white normies but that we're gonna do it out of seriousness and a genuine and authentic search for truth but also a genuine and authentic search for a political answer out of this problem that we are that we don't we read write very well said so if we're gonna move if we're gonna move continually in this IQ nationalist direction as far as immigration and population demographics are concerned if all right 1.0 was a racial identity then all right 2.0 scaffolding up what gets added to the identity cake next the what people who are identity of whatever language when you use identitarian all right yada yada they look at Europe and they see something that is is less is a more clear path forward if you're German well everyone knows what it needs to be a German you're white in so far as is related to the Arab population that's moving in or the north african population that's moving in but they're German more than they are white and that means for them a language that means for them a religious background that means for them you know a history of conquest I mean they can they can trace back their people to fighting Rome they have a centuries-long rich history and identity that's very easy for every generation of German to tap into what would a alright 2.0 offer whites as they become increasingly more of a minority what else do we rally around well first off in the eyes of the Syrian refugees the Germans are more whites than they are a German and how we are viewed by our adversary is extremely important this kind of gets us back to objects or whatever talking about before I mean people can say you know oh I'm not actually all right you know I I'm actually a patriot or whatever it doesn't matter if that is not how you are perceived you can say that all day long and basically people are gonna call you a liar or someone lacking the courage of his convictions and they might be right so in the eyes of the refugee population Germans are white Welsh are white Russians are white it's healthy UNS are white they might they certainly recognize differences they're not blind or dumb but that is the dynamic and the dynamic is not ethnicity and the dynamic is not even the nation-state which of course is is not quite at misdeal that sometimes those things overlap the the dynamic is race I I do think that you know who you think about what this adds what we need to add to the alt-right 2.0 or wherever or whatever oh we're on now you know people 4.0 I don't know I I think there was a tendency you know within the ovie all right before we even had that term for a couple of decades of if we keep allowing in these immigrants they're gonna screw everything up and you know in a corollary of that was something that a problem that that cannot be solved or can I can't cannot easily be solved which is blacks are really bad they just don't do well in school and they're committing crimes and etc so we were just kind of focusing on this we've got something really good here and these Outsiders are about to take it away from us I think we need to recognize a harder truth which is that there are profound problems endemic to America endemic to our theology endemic to our way of being that have led us to this point and that are going to lead us to increasing levels of Hell in the future and and by that I do mean demoralisation and not just our GDP is gonna go down or average test scores or fall I mean the demoralisation of who we are the D legitimization of the white man and we need to recognize these problems within ourselves and within our own societies that have led us here and we need to start thinking about these supposed impossibilities and that that that is a new type of society in the future in which our people can flourish and that's not it's not really about IQ it's not really about crime rates or any of that kind of stuff we need to recognize the world for what it is and understand how we can flourish despite all that we need to also recognize that we are in an increasingly globalized society I think there's this weird nostalgia to go back to some completely isolated and and kind of homos backward unconnected ethno-nationalism where they'll just be these innocent fins ER or poles you know dancing around maypoles and and in only speaking their own language being hostile denne tourists and so on that whether that kind of thing ever really existed is questionable but that is not who we are we are much more deeply connected than we ever were through television the automobile the internet radio the train system I could I could go on Nietzsche was you know recognizing that there there was this increasing in European type in the 19th century through the telegraph trains and things like that you know he never he couldn't even imagine the fact that we're I've streaming over the Internet and that you know we can communicate instantaneously with people we don't even know on Twitter and things like this so yeah there there is a white type that is emerging and I you know it I think a lot of this you know happy homelands kind of thing it is just another version of costume nationalism it is going you know it's putting on you know historical clothes and doing you know these festivals and and and and things like that and and that's all fine and good I don't really have a problem with it I think it might actually not just be ok I think it'd actually be good but it is non-political and it is not a solution and we we cannot escape the problems that are facing us by just retreating into some fantasy of the past we need to recognize that we are white men in a globalized world and so what is that going to look like this is one I guess problem I've I've had with the the concept of identitarian ism is that I I don't I don't know in a way think that identity and I'm rethinking things that even I have said I don't think now that identitarian ism properly understood starts with identity I think it might end with identity and what I mean by that is that if if one's an American identitarian then what does that even mean you know we we were I was born in 1978 and I I'm in the Carter Administration I'm quite old but so many of these people who claim to be american identitarian z– were born in 1990 or the year 2000 or something what does it mean to have an american identity at this point i think it actually literally means having no friends eating big macs going to strip malls being socially isolate being a socially isolated consumer just being a moron I mean I I hate to say it it's not like all of the great historical things have been totally evaporated I can't wait now that the summer is here to go to a rodeo and in in Montana I actually love that stuff and there's something you know again historical and old-fashioned but also heroic and manly about that kinda mean we have these remnants residues you could say of an older world and I think we should cherish them and hold on to them but let's just be honest about who we are we're not like that that that is an exception that is a kind of costume that we put on you know every July it's not who we are and we in and if we start in a lie we're gonna end up in a terrible place we're gonna we're gonna end up in another lie so we have to start where we are I think identity is the end of this movement it's we become radicalized by reckon all recognizing the the trauma of modern society and we're seeking a way out of it we're seeking an identity that doesn't quite exist yet and that's how I understand identitarian ISM now it's kind of in a way the opposite of the way that many people describe it and including myself well you said something very interesting there at the end is it's the opposite of what we think it is so I want to try to put a bunch of things on the table hopefully something coherent will come out of it this is the current state of the white man and woman in America is one of despair and we see this in the drug overdose rate suicide rates a really really tragic suicide statistics girls between 11 and 14 I think I've seen a 400% explosion in in suicide attempts so we're talking was incredible yeah and I'm glad you mentioned that sorry to interject but what one of the think when we hear about the white death and so on we probably rightly or wrongly imagined say middle-aged men people my age who had a half-baked career and it didn't work out and you got divorced and your kids you know are disconnected from you and you just end it all and and I and I think that does actually describe many people but the fact that this kind of demoralization has seeped down to teenage girls that is that that is obviously depressing but it is remarkable and it's something we have to think about this this isn't just about kind of failure or career options going away this is something deeply emotional and psychological yeah I mean there's the meme know no country for old men or no country for old white men it's worse than that isn't it that's almost suggesting there's no world or no place for white people if young people who like literally are just hopping on the conveyor belt are saying this isn't going to go anywhere or this is going in such a horrible direction that I don't I don't even want to get on at all so I guess what what I want to ask you you just said the American identity is that consumerism it's about big macs it's about being a fat idiot which sadly i agree i apologize to the audience nobody wants to hear that I I've resented that characterization of being an American but it's true when I think I had this conversation earlier when I was growing up my conception of being an American and you said this a little bit momentarily a moment before is it's a frontier identity it's about conquest it's about exploring a new world it's about dominating that world and planting your flag on it which was whether you believe in the moon landing or not why that's still such a watershed moment in American history because it was literally just just eating that in there it was literally us planting whether you understand the true meaning of Kant Stanley Kubrick's The Shining film or not we can all agree that that was the white man saying this is mine we achieve something so it is the struggle for identifying what a white person is in the 21st century or struggle of creating a new identity for Americans is that not kind of saying there's the frontier identity either we need to come up with a new frontier or there are new there are no frontiers anymore and so identity has to change right I mean there's the famous Jackson Turner thesis that I was referencing and perhaps you were as well he conceived of he was historian in the 19th century he conceived of the American psychology as that of the frontier you could just keep going it was not about being uh having rooted boundaries like say the the mentality of perhaps oppression or something like that who you know so I had enemies on every side and and had to have a land army you know and and and relied on the state as an existential entity and so no it was not about that it was about going off and a lot relying on yourself as the state and fighting off Indians and so on so there is something deeply rooted to the American mentality that is really different than European then-then-then Europe and and again III think we should recognize that and embrace it recognize its its failings recognize its problems recognize its greatness as well I don't think a movie like this searchers could have been made in Europe that is an American film not just because it's set here the whole impulse behind it is profoundly American but yeah I mean he basically said you know Jackson Turner thought that with the closing of the frontier that there was this there was going to be this problem in the sense that there was no where else to go and I I think you know in a kind of funny way we've the the the frontier mentality kind of expressed itself in in in white flight and suburbia where you know we we abandon these cities and we just started kind of crew juda the do to a large degree due to african-americans and crime and dysfunction and so on but but but also maybe due to our own mentality we just kept going outward in rebuilding cities and and and creating things and I think even that is kind of failing at some point the housing crisis was an expression of that that failure that there's there's no more debt and credit for that kind of stuff there's people recognize the failure of the suburbs and the kind of only that it generates and just the lack of culture and and and people are revolting against that so I yeah I think we keep having these you know frontiers closed on us but yeah we do need a friend here we we need a great goal and a great achievement that only we can achieve and that is something that you know great episodes in white history experienced that you know only again for better and for worse you could say only we can crusade only we can discover a new world only we can go to the moon only we can understand unlock the universe and I I do think we need a superhuman project for our own lives to have meaning and if our own lives merely have meaning through a paycheck or one's ability to come up with the latest snappy meme on social media or or one's ability to you know bang the hottest thought on tinder then why not kill yourself yeah III guess what life doesn't have meaning in itself I you know someone might find that you know profoundly a profoundly disturbing thing to say but no I don't think life is just precious and beautiful no no life is great through great experiences and great goals this idea of dying for something is itself an expression of of life having more meaning you know as a project than as a thing it's about striving it's not merely about being so when I think of what the next frontier could be I automatically things like AI transhumanism Robo everything comes to mind and I've always had for as long as I've been able to think cogently about those kinds of things which is not to say terribly but enough whenever I think about those kinds of things I think well it's an it's an abandoned abandonment of the human project yeah it's if you're if we're saying the next frontier is some weird I don't know if you ever 7 will be spliced with Adrian Brody where if you're brodien is wyfy today they play scientists and they basically make some laboratory monster whatever that kills them both and it's a new species or whatever like what's next for Humanity or the white man and woman is to give birth to something of us but different and ultimately like discontinuous a completely new thing that will supersede us entirely and try to make this concise here that's an abandonment to me of the of the project of humanity and maybe that suggests the the white angst is like a human angst we shredded ourselves all throughout the last century we're in that we're just starting out this new century like a fifth of the way through and rather than people reconsidering what is the essential human nature we're saying of that this is an antiquity we're gonna you know be space people Martian people alien monster people what have you is I mean is it people will say that the the white problem is the spiritual problem and so I guess my question then is is 2.0 of the alt-right is is is it we've kind of got the racial thing down but now there needs to be a spiritual kind of identity and this I think is the hardest nut to crack because yes as we're trying to organize people in this movement there's necessarily fracturing on Beware the Catholics with the Orthodox where the Wotan's odd mists where the you know mark Brahman Apple I don't know how he says Apollo ist's Apollonian right Apollonia yeah yeah is is spirituality without sounding like a fag sorry it's spirituality the next stage of developing that identity and how should we do that if it is yeah I mean these are such huge questions I I wonder if I can answer them I I do think that there is a kind of you know Faustian striving in the the the obsession with technology and AI in Silicon Valley and all that kind of stuff but I I think it's a it's a kind of perverted one and in a in a deeply depressing one at some level I there was a famous quote by Peter teal about you know we thought we were gonna have jetpacks and flying cars and instead we have 140 characters and I think you know with someone like Andrew yang you know a politician I I do admire and I would certainly be willing to vote for and I'm glad he's saying what he's saying but you know his vision of technology technological change is is not very inspiring I mean it's basically we're going to have these robots do work for us and in order to you know because all of our dreams have been vanquished we'll pay off the white people so that they don't you know get their pitchforks and go kill the rich something I mean that if I were to distill the Yang's message into an essence that that might actually be it and so technology isn't taking us into a new world that's not creating a new type of man it's just kind of replacing peons so we don't need any more manual labor and so on because they're going to be robots and Amazon that will deliver our you know consumable goods to us and I so I think in a way technology has failed and in it there was a a Faustian striving to the technological vision whether it was through futurism and fascism or even through the Soviet project that I think has failed I mean one of the messages of Tarkovsky's solaris is that even when we're up there we still are who we are we have not I love that book by the way it's a great book oh that's interesting you mentioned the book yeah I was always thinking about the movie but certainly the book is movie as well yeah I was a student at the University of Chicago and I saw that at the Logan theater which plays a lot of you know classics and that yeah so I have seen it in its original format on the big screen it was really awesome but yeah that is the message of the movie it's a very different one from Kubrick's message that was kind of the Soviet answer to Kubrick and in this ironic way it was almost the conservative like standpoint created by the communists of course which is even when we're up there we are who we are we cannot leave those things from earth behind and they haunt us and I don't you know don't want to spoil the film for anyone who hasn't seen it but that is what it's about and so I and in that you know that movie I think came out when when was that movie coming out 1970 1972 it was around that period but it was also at a point when I think the grand technological dreams of the Soviet Union of the new man a new way of life were fading and they were you know they had their own demoralisation that they were recognizing and so I don't think technology is the answer I'm not against technology but I I don't I I we underestimate biology and spirituality when we look to technology to save us and so on technology can be wonderful can be efficient it can it can replace you know peon labor and that that is a good thing to a very large degree but I I think if anything that we've seen it's that the these grand visions whether it's the Soviet vision or the the fascist futurist vision or the American vision they end up you know with autumn ization and 140 characters and not much more than that so I I do think a new frontier would be spiritual and and this is where I you know the the kind of leftist futurism is also lacking on you know there is a but the person I'm forgetting his name at the moment but he he made a movie about 10 or 12 years ago called zeitgeist I don't know if you ever seen that Peter Joseph Peter Joseph exactly and he did a subsequent film that it had a I forgot what it was I think it was was it called the Gemini project I have to I have to go rewatched is I might want to talk about them on a live stream or write something on them but he basically envisioned a kind of post labor society and you know we don't need to work anymore or if we do need to work it's gonna be just some kind of management task or two hours a day or something at most and but it I think where that kind of technological egalitarianism leads is again towards utter boredom and you know how we live in that type of world really is the question otherwise you know we could live in a kind of star Trak world where you know we have this machine that can generate anything for us food you know toys tools entertainment etc but we're just basically passive consumers of it we are truly the last man as Nietzsche understood it that is the the man that sees nothing of value outside of mindless pleasures and so where we go spiritually really is up to us but I I think we as White's need to say that only we can do this the Chinese are not going to pull us out of this nihilistic abyss the Africans aren't going to pull us out of this nihilistic of this and it and offer us a new future only we can do that and so they're out of this MIDI and hopelessness we have to moralize ourselves and we have to say we are the ones to bring meaning to the earth and we are the ones who must rule yeah there's very well said there are so many issues I think that's part of what makes us such a complex problem White's our diaspora people just on the continent of North America forget about globally I was having a conversation with a friend earlier talked about how her family lived one side of the country her sister moved on the other she moved somewhere in the middle and just trying to triangulate any holiday or social gathering between those three vectors is like well good good luck if we do it once or twice a year you know that that's that's a big win but yeah that's imagine having a girlfriend who doesn't yes I I never really had a long-distance relationship it is quite difficult yes imagine that long hair yeah it's not just kind of how to you know places of residence it kind of drives me crazy at some level yeah so so there's the structural issues at the level there's the biological issues which I think all right 1.0 whatever we're calling it pretty much put to bed that's a done issue there's almost no reason to revisit that yes if spirituality is 2.0 as you were saying the Nietzsche and last man we've looked out at the world enough we need to look inward and kind of you know figure out what's happening internally but that's also a community problem and if we're diaspora people that I think that makes it difficult doing that in isolation you get freaky like Russell Brand guru types or like you just bizarre like effeminate hyper sexual weird out in the ether not really offering anything meaningful and constructive the other thought I was having how much of this is just our spinning our wheels because we're obviously not in power and what could potentially be the solutions to these problems are all being held off from us by a hostile I leave every once in a while and I get irritated reading enough books or listening to enough podcast I like flip the table and like I this is just intellectual horseshit let's just you know we just don't have the hands on the wheel how much of how much of these problems are really just that the elites are not they're not benevolent I remember there's a guy who used to be on Alex Jones he was a historian oh my god I can't remember his name of Marxist historian anyway he basically said we need a benevolent dictatorship which is not totally dissimilar from what you or many people in this movement are saying is the hot we have a benevolent dictatorship I mean a I don't believe in democracy kind of in on multiple levels in the sense that I I don't believe in democracy and a kind of moral I mean again what democracy is that's a big question democracy is rule by the people and how that expresses itself is it remains to be seen what we have now is parliamentarism which is something different than democracy the idea of a presentative who goes to a capital city and acts on your behalf at the half of the Constitution or behalf of the common good we never quite know that is not democracy that is Parliament but in any way you know what again whether you could go to direct democracy of you know actual you know towns having council meetings and making policy that way you you could say quite legitimately that this in embodied in this one man is actually the democracy and that he can stand for the people via a Tribune of the people that is a also a legitimate kind of dictatorship if you will but I don't so I don't believe in democracy and in the sense that I don't necessarily I don't believe that these representatives are the best of us or that you know if you just allowed the people to decide that we'd come up with the best solution and we might just vote for free ice cream or or or vote nuke the country next to us because we don't like the way they pronounce their arse or make their ice or make their tea or something I mean we just I don't believe in in that sense I I do believe that there must be leadership and that in many ways this leadership that the best of us can be embodied and in one man or an elite but on another level I don't believe that we actually live in a democracy you know I don't I don't believe that the will of the people is ever being expressed I mean I think this is one thing that we kind of all agree on whether left or right we're all you know deeply frustrated and claiming that this isn't a democracy and we should maybe again just recognize that fact we have an elite that uses parliamentarism and and a current order of things as a tool for to maintain its power to pacify or suppress perceived threats and and to enrich itself but this is the way of the world you know we we if we were in power we would act the same way now you know structurally speaking now the the question really is you know what is this is there a kind of animating spirit to this elite that is ruling and I I don't I don't quite know what that I it's hard to describe exactly what it is with our elite I think some you know conservatives thinks it's demonic or some you know leftist thinks that it's just all about man adjust the endless accumulation of wealth I I think there's probably truth to both of those things III think it's an elite that doesn't actually quite know how to rule and doesn't have an ultimate end in mind there is no deep conspiracy this isn't actually headed anywhere and I think in in many ways that's a good thing in the sense that this type of elite that we are facing is gonna act like all elites always act and like we would act if we were elites that is to suppress or you know pacify threats to you know maintain order and stability but you know lacking a sense of itself lacking of vision and goals and so on it will go down it will probably commit suicide as opposed to being defeated or being overturned by us but win it fragments and commit suicide there's going to be an amazing opportunity to take power and again it's not going to be about riving up the normies to take their country back it's gonna be a lot more dramatic than that but these there is no no system last forever no moral system no political system no no aesthetic system that and everything has time and so does our release and we might actually be closer to its end than we imagined I agree that sometimes it feels like just nothing can be done I I get really frustrated often I kind of feel like well it will never be back you know and we can't you know we we had this crazy moment and you know we did some good things made some mistakes buh-buh-bah but but you know we that was it that was the last gasp and there's there's never a chance and I I'm moralized by my understanding of the lead which I don't think is wishful thinking but it doesn't have a sense of itself it doesn't have a goal it is not willing to do some things that previous elites were willing to do and that it will it is creating its own destruction and it will fragment and there will be a moment was actually his name that was the name of the guy when Alex Jones the Marxist remember that guy yeah I remember Webster yeah he was a kind of leftist who would go on Alex Jones that was interesting and he went hard harder left after the Occupy Wall Street movement he started the tax wall street party I think he's I have no idea what he's doing nowadays he's kind of morphed into like like a like a Arian Bernie Sanders of some kind but so acknowledging my own bias because I came up through my interest in politics came up through kind of toilet-bowl conspiracy theory so I mean I spent 10 years watching Alex Jones and you know even up to earlier this year I would listen to someone like Jay Dyer who I also you know Tim and you were the two big guys in 2017 that pushed me in this direction so many many many thanks from polar opposite directions obviously mmm-hmm and and their kind of worldview is hostile elite satanic as you pointed out the conservative point of view they're interfacing with the demons right and they're doing all this goofy kind of thing now whether or not that's true I can never know probably people smarter than myself can dispel that rather easily but so there's there's that's true you don't think it or not they're not nearly that interesting really and when we learn about their demonic worship it's it's just kind of a joke you know it's it's spirit cooking it's like an art project or something – is that really what this is too much too many Iowa eyes shut so many people watching Brahimi and Grove documentaries yeah I mean I don't think they're nearly that interesting as to have a spiritual core I think they're actually kind of hollow and boring they're husks yeah so we need to rebase achill ii the institutions are fine we just need to really like satanic ones well Vox Fox they thinks yeah so we just revitalized these dead institutions and then the question becomes how do we do that hmm now you're yeah you're someone who's been very I love stingy or dismissive of the idea of I want to say political action per se but the kind of like retard level we're gonna run GOP vote straight are down the ticket I I believe political action still is the way and I know that you do that especially in light of the very terrible events that have been happening over the last few weeks to two months and clearly we don't want more of that because that just expedites worse outcomes but what kind of political action would you recommend acknowledging that that how do we revitalize these institutions is a massively large question and we can't foresee that whole process if you were say running a seminar for four young bucks who just got their BA in political science they want to go out into the world and do damage I mean what's what's the Richard Spencer 101 what's the what's the step one and two for people who are like alright we need to take these institutions back you know III do have a vision of this and I in a way hesitate to talk about it publicly and I know that sounds like the ultimate cop-out there was a famous you know where it's like Nixon saying I have a secret plan to win the war but I can't tell you about it but I I look I do think that we need to do things publicly in the sense that you know it we we can't just rely on history to kind of unfold and it will inherently go our way or so we might very well lose and we need to enlighten people we need to speak to those who have ears to listen to us so we need to do things publicly and you know again whether that is taking to the streets again or whether that's doing a live stream like this you know much more low risk but maybe more fruitful and maybe actually reaches just as many or more people and touches them in ways that you know going out and holding up a sign simply doesn't so but I do think we need to be public in the sense I mean this is on YouTube this is public but III do think that we're going to have to be patient and we're going to have to wait but I in terms of revitalizing in terms of actually getting power I don't think that's something that we can talk about publicly because it is not going to be about you know voting our or something we're gonna get you know we've seen what we can get with that and Trump was a trump of 2016 was a crazy aberration and you know we he turned into a presidency that is you know Jeb Bush with a base Twitter feed basically so we there there there is a path towards that but I I to be honest I I think it's going to be a secret path and I think it's gonna in many ways be somewhat duplicitous path you know if I recognize someone with talent who wants to do something like what I do I I you know I would say okay you you need to understand how hard this is gonna be you need to you you know sure up your defenses but in some ways these need to go for it and and so on but I do think that there needs to be people who don't act like me in the sense of talk about these things publicly and you know what happened I was funny we were joking about Star Wars you know before beforehand you know after the defeat they had to wait a thousand years before installing the empire so hopefully we won't have to wait that long yeah that would be great we might need to actually follow their path so Palpatine nationalism basically Darth Sidious nationalism is what we need it's if unifying the the galaxy is wrong then I don't want to be right it's again it's funny how watching those movies left as a kid I idolized Luke Skywalker and then I watched those movies with like the complete opposite impression like these guys they're so gay rather be the hooded guy with all the badass powers otherwise it does it does again without going too much into the cinema posting that movie did does like to show you that the impotency of essentially enlightenment kind of liberal values where it's like we're going to be dispassionate we're gonna be objective this is completely farcical constructs that they only feel good in your mind when they're enacted they they create the most havoc more havoc than you could possibly imagine yeah I mean that I I think the it's funny I don't mind talking about this stuff even if we get accused of being nerds because you know this is what art is for it's you know there's history and then there's art I mean history can be great but it can also be dank in the other sense of that word and and musty and you're over laden with facts and arguments and you know in logic and and so on and I think sometimes art can teach us about how history in a different sense of the word unfolds or you know the difference between historiography and history you could say so no I I don't my and I don't mind talking about popular culture as well because you know there are there there are great works but then there there's there must be something to these works that capture the imagination of millions and kind of form a mythos for them for better and for worse so yeah I mean the the Jedi are just ultimately liberals in the sense that they are enslaved to a system a they're enslaved to a means and not an end they need to you know protect the Republic and make sure that the trade laws are enforced and so on so this thing keeps going and this thing that is actually extremely boring and awful and I again I I think we joke about this before I've almost rethought the prequels I was certainly a prequel hater when I first saw them because they didn't equal the original trilogy it just in terms of the the magic of it all on the originality and so on but I think in a way you can kind of read them against the grain like all these things that people didn't like about them were actually the the real message of it and all that everyone hated the fact that everyone you know that you had all these Jedi sitting down and getting in discussions and and you know what was the the world of Khorasan where the massive galactic parliament is is there and people didn't like this because it wasn't about you know saber fights and adventure and things like that but in some ways this is what George Lucas was telling us which was that the Republic was awful and deserved to die and it is you know only the Seth who are in touch with passion and in in touch with their own attachment that can actually animate that system and transform it because they didn't destroy the Republic they transformed it and they didn't just change its name and or take over or something they transformed it spiritually into something obviously greater and so yeah I mean I think there's some lessons to be learned from that and and that is how we need to see the world is something that we need to transform with a with our own ideology we need to engage in a kind of trends evaluation of values we don't need to adopt the values of the system that's destroying us we need to enter it recognize that there are these existing structures that are not going to go away they're just realities that we can't change but we need to add a new spiritual core to them yeah very well said when you look at the sequels the ones that the JJ Abrams or whoever Rianne Johnson the The Good Wife or such total dweebs and losers like I've just I've watched them against my own preference really and this is like can we just crush all of these losers they're all so terrible as much as like even the empty Empire or whatever in the new sequels are also pretty freakin gay it's that they're clearly better okay do we do we know how to check if there are any stream labs or donations or anything like that ah I don't know our producer Kaiser had to step out to go to a party so we might be kind of flying blind here I can look at stream labs why don't you you can talk a little bit and I will check it out sure thing so the another thought I was having before we went into Star Wars land was just on the topic of the benevolent dictator and these kinds of things the idea that these institutions govern ought to govern with the will of the people or their the voice of the people we have these very kind of highfalutin abstract notions of Joe and Jane average being having their will expressed by the leaders and in the very short I wanna say this without being insulting in the very short period of time I've done YouTube you interact with enough people and you realize the will of the people doesn't exist really generally speaking people don't I don't want to sound like some kind of elitist or or what-have-you maybe I am there is no will of the people people's will just kind of goes in a million different directions sometimes all at once and to your point about the secret plan that I can't tell you about I do think that that's that's probably the right idea because you know you don't spill the beans with people who are not capable of understanding any of the any of the mechanisms or how any of this works at all exactly all right I have actually a couple of super chats I can read them okay Mary Smith longtime donor I think Mary Smith might have a crush on me and that's a good thing we've never met what do you think about the idea of having some type of direct communication available for people or so distraught that they feel like they could commit violence such as we've seen in Poway perhaps a message where it's deaf 24/7 by mental health pros yeah you know it's funny I I would agree with Mary general sentiment in the sense that you know a lot of a lot of people look at you know some of these types that might commit violence and and think that they're oh they're just terrible losers or whatever they're they're just awful and yeah maybe there's a kernel of truth to that to be honest but the the answer is always to reach out the answer is not to alienate and cut off and yeah I agree I mean I I think in terms of radicalization I don't think that the all right or me or you are radicalizing people and encouraging them to commit violence I think they are being radicalized I would I I would hope at least that if they find me and listen to this stream that they'll be less likely to go shoot someone but but they're being radicalized by life I mean the the same type of teenagers that are committing suicide at alarming rates are the same types that go unto 4chan and you know type out kill them all there is something yeah I mean they're getting radicalized well if there is something happening and there there was a huge demoralisation and and the way for it is to reach out to them and talk to them the way for it's not to shun them I would say the that last person the the the synagogue shooter of a couple of weeks ago was actually different because if you looked at him you would think that he was it's very sophisticated I mean he was at pianist he was a clearly a smart guy so I think there's you know so some other levels to this but but yeah I think outreaches is definitely the answer okay thank you Mary okay this is what is the great replacement donated $2 Richard what is your opinion of the völkisch movement in Germany during the 20th century well you can go read a book on that that I published by our mean Moeller called the conservative revolution in Germany I published that last year we worked on it for a while is translated by Roger Devlin and edited by my ex-wife it's still a good book but anyway yeah it tells that whole story it's it's a bit it's a bit academic but it definitely does give you a sense of the life of these people it reminds me of the alright in so many ways they're dealing with a lot of the same issues are we petty nationalists are we imperial supranational list are we pagans are we up Apollonian Zoar we vote honest are we Christians are we Catholics or we Protestants it all of these same infighting that that goes on now went on then so it's in some ways shows a little bit of the futility of these you know alternative rights in that sense but it's a great book include some work some new some introduction by Paul Godfried and I'll end up in law so the conservative revolution in Germany okay yes actually I would a radix yeah okay okay the maza to Oh to donate to five hey Josh is there anywhere that I can listen to your music like SoundCloud or Spotify no there just isn't not here this it's it's a it's a complicated situation because if I'm too public with it then my true identity is revealed to me so I'm trying to set up a service to make these available to people while still retaining anonymity and hopefully by the end of the month next month that would be possible but old stuff is locked away because of legal reasons current stuff is locked away because of political reasons so I haven't figured that interesting what's how would you describe your music it's a this is that not that I blame to you this question I hate but it's it's LOM it's contemporary fix to a contemporary audience but it's kind of a throwback to some of my favorite popular art forms of the last thirty years so it's dance music like early 90s house music it's heavy metal heavy metal music like mid 1980s and it's a little bit of that glam and drogyny David Bowie t-rex Queen stuff of the mid to late 1970s specifically the the the the fascist era David Bowie which everyone knows is the best era of David Bowie yeah I feel like we talked about a lot of huge stuff that's it for super chests maybe we should just put a bookmark in it this is a great discussion I'm good for it yeah thanks I really ya know I really enjoyed it myself I I feel like we went really deep actually and but it was real essential and and and so on I think that's a great thing but I think we should do more of these I like talking about politics and so on but I kind of like also letting our hair down so to speak yeah I want to apologize to to Craig Ainsley who I think floated a very similar topic for the next Spencer group a few weeks ago I will say this I had this idea first no one can prove it I don't want Craig to feel like I'm stealing his mojo but we can do it again because whenever you talk to you we need to talk about the same thing at least if you're not just talking and sound bites and that becomes extremely boring but when you talk about something the same thing you don't just reiterate it you you you've lived a little bit longer you've thought more thoughts it you make it new and so you know I could we could do the same exact podcast or live stream I'm still in the mid-2000s as you can tell talking about podcasting which is dead art form but yeah if we did the same livestream tomorrow night it would be completely different I totally agree so yeah to the audience thanks for joining us this is a great conversation I've been looking forward to this since December 2017 when you were talking to Sargon and I I would not have imagined that 18 months later that I would be sharing a YouTube you know channel with you so this has been great I look forward to many more of these to the audience make sure you check out Jefferson Lee on Wednesday for his his second of two weekly shows Friday returning to radix to do the Lance Armstrong and the Nietzschean athletes so that's going on the broken our show for Friday and I have a show Friday night too I don't know who's going to be on it we'll figure that out later but any parting thoughts for the audience Richard no no I think we set it all all right well then I think it's on you to bring us home because we are I will bring us home yeah thank you for inviting me and I will be on your show any time because this this was this was great this really got my juices flowing excellent all right take care folks all right bye

  1. Blah, blah, blah! White men: acheive political self determination or die like a coward on your knees! Thats all you need to know! Blabbering on for hours about philisophical crap is counter productive now. Motivate white people to unify against the current system and order. We can find new directions after we acheive our racial independence from Israel and the jewish diaspora!

  2. There are no political solutions. The empire has to collapse. Cannot be reformed. You can only take power in its ashes

  3. Speaking as an Englishman I think Collett renaming his stream makes sense. "Alt right" here is not a well understood term, and "patriot" is much less commonly used, it calls to mind the so "far right" [sic] but with plausible deniability (much as alt right did in the US). I would say in the British context it is quite edgy and fresh, not overused (not even UKIP regularly use this term), and works.

  4. A fundamantal error of the left is the belief that other races agree with them about race. The Chinese believe they are the best and are taking full advantage of us while we get tangled in out panties.

  5. 1:08:30 or so > Chinese aren't going to moralize us, whites need a challenge to stay moralized, and whites must rule.
    Well I don't know. Having an enemy (the Chinese) is kind of a frontier – lots of uncertainty, innovation, courage, and sacrifice required. Too bad it's probably not a net win for humanity, but, I'd say war, or nation- / race-wide competition 'moralizes', gives purpose, too.

  6. 52:28 > demoralization seeping down to teenage girls
    "Girl explains why she hates being white"

  7. The additional problem is that we wont trade out "low IQ" people for "high IQ" people. Rather, we will get both.

  8. George Bernard Shaw: "The man becomes the mask."
    I totally agree with Richard here. You have to be upfront about your beliefs.

  9. I think E Michael Jones is right to some degree.

    "We are White Men" is kinda assuming the label that your enemy has given you.

  10. Moon Village Association… check out the upcoming events…

  11. Faith Goldy and Richard Spencer are great voices .. are they being prevented from doing a livestream together to discuss ideas because Megan Bobonovich has Dicky on a leash…

  12. The Alt Right Label is effective ( This is why they are attempting to get everyone to drop it ) Stand strong is all we have to do and keep chipping away .

  13. A pro white political party is a must, no matter how small it's beginnings. As time moves forward it will grow organically as multiculturalism continues to displace and disenfranchise whites, who will need somewhere to turn to.

  14. 19:17 this is about where I have to stop to go to sleep but my disappointment is in the lack of commitment and the lack of Drive at the center of any movement of or connected to.
    You mentioned the word cuck. That's all we are seeing out here in the thick of it. No one has a drive no one has the emotion to truly enunciate the issues. You do not allow a fire to burn out before throwing kindling upon it. All I see and hear is save face quote un quote. People who are saving themselves. Just as every politician before them. I have more to say but I will end it here

  15. Even though it's a meme, read the book Siege by James Mason. Every time acceleration to revolution and the power of the current system is covered in it. I like people like Spencer but older NS writings cover what he's already is or is going to say. It's like the alt right is several steps behind the orgional vanguard movements.

  16. The 'something' to the star wars story was the parts Lucas stole from Moebius' 'Arzak' for the 1st film, then the genius sci fi writing of Leigh Brackett who wrote Empire (then sadly died) – the rest is pap and now disney money-squeezers.

  17. As for the comparison to the sith, heres a concept: The Antihero. The antihero is not the villian, but rather fulfills the ultimate goal of the hero. Unlike the hero, however, the antihero is usually unconcerned with wearing the mantle of innocence. He will destroy nations to save his kingdom while the hero would rather die and lose his people than appear to others as "bad". The Antihero is also sometimes called the "Dark Hero", though would be considered either Good or Neutral, rather than Evil.

  18. Also, @stickysocksinhamper666 Im rewarding you 15 internets for having a name that made my day.

  19. As for a "superhuman project": Ive been a Transhumanist (in the real sense) for a long time. Most the people who call themselves "transhumanists" are just wannabe cyborgs looking to trade their flesh for shiny things and and parts that arent of themselves. In my case, I say evolution must come from hard work, discipline and a conscious striver to become greater, rather than replacing yourself with artifice. All we need to do is tweak our behaviour and weve already begun. The difficult part is ensuring enough of our descendants will follow through. I believe true Transhumanism is not about becoming a machine or a sideshow freak, but rather about becoming more than human through conscious evolution.

  20. This "alt right" sphere has shown me that I have brothers and has given me a tangible goal that fits well with my spiritual vision. This is where I belong and I dont care how bleak it seems Im staying here; nothing else would be acceptable.

  21. We could create an actual movement, instead of talking about insane subjects regularly.
    For myself, recruiting, creating an organization feels impossible because right wing and conservative minds are inherently selfish.
    Yes, I've been there and done that to those auto attack replies.

  22. I abso-fakn-lutely LOVED this show. It made sense of every point it was meant to.

    And that last part you spoke of (your music) just informed me that we should collab at some point….;)

  23. They just banned LtCorbis/Soph from uploading. 😢😭 Also, leave a comment if you want your foreskin back. Thanks.

  24. Josh Neal is the best thing that’s happened to the dissident right in the recent past. Unlike many others, he is even-tempered, vanity-free, genuinely curious and fair. A man on a journey of discovery and an excellent guide through our kind of fringe politics and the awful cultural wasteland of the West. Most grateful.

  25. How the Dissident Right can actually win:

    Form a 3rd political party called the National Populist Party (or whatever works best):
    In red states: push a platform of gun rights, traditional values, closed borders, and pro-Christianity
    In blue states: push a platform of anti-war, anti-freetrade, universal healthcare, and enviornmentalism.
    In all states, push a platform of normie-friendly pro-white identity politics. We would win most of the white vote. The more leftwing identitarians (like Eric Stiker) should run in blue states in the Rust Belt. The more rightwing identitarians (like Mike Enoch) should run in red states like in Appalachia. Guys, we would f**king dominate.
    The key is just to go out and actually do it instead of a dozen different podcasts and mental masturbation. The older and more well-known leaders in the movement for white wellbeing need to lead this charge.

  26. Dude Spence. 80% of what you say is right on. But to gloat about Charlottesville? You fools walked right into a Democrat deep state fly trap with fake Nazi feds and the whole circus act..then got played. Is nothing to brag about. If anything you should be asking for forgiveness from the damage you did and the fact that you don't …is a little concerning.

  27. Ur holding the movement back with ur defeatest bs run look at the competitors????? Dont be a chicken shit

  28. Webster Tarpley? He seems like Lyndon LaRouche…whom wikipedia never mentions in its "extensive" 3rd party coverage pages.

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